well.. i promised amanda
that there would be STH to do
when she came to my blog.
i decided to input this video
whenever i came to post
so she wouldnt just be reading WORDS!
lazy panda. ><
i saw this video from my little cuz [xuhui]
she was sitting there watching these while
her brothers were playing audi.
i sort of got attracted to it
and started watching.
the funny thing was that,
after a few of the videos,
she said
"i let you watch one more then i wan play audition."
i said okay.
but then,
she got so caught up with it,
that after the video,
she said
"i'll let you watch just one more."
so it went on & on & on,
till i watch finish the whole series.
hahas. she can really be very cute SOMETIMES.
but when she's bound to make you mad,
trust me, you'll call her a brat. =X
so.. this video is to you AMANDA,
and to you XUHUI for introducing this to me....

backk from msia.

i took e song from genn.
it was on her blog the very day i went to see her blog.
let's just say that it attracted me alot
and i've been stuck to it ever since =x
nw, i'm introducing it to the rest of you.
hope you all like it too.
many have said that this is a nice song.
the melody, the lyrics.
appreciation is what everyone deserves to have.

Teardrops On My Guitar

Teardrops On My Guitar
by: Taylor Swift

Drew looks at me.
I fake a smile so he won't see.
What I want and need
And everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful.
That girl he talks about,
and she's got everything that
that I have to live without
Drew talks to me
I laugh 'cuz its so damn funny
But I can't even see anyone
when he's with me
He says he's so in love,
he's finally got it right.
I wonder if he knows he's all
I think about at night.
He's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar.
The only thing that keeps me
wishing on a wishing star.
He's the song in the car
I keep singing,
don't know why I do.
Drew walks by me.
Can he tell that I can't breathe
And there he goes,
so perfectly.
The kind of flawless I wish I could be.
She better hold him tight,
give him all her love,
look in those beautiful eyes
and know she's lucky 'cuz..
He's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me
wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing,
Don't know why I do.
So I drive home one night,
as I turn out the light,
I'll put his picture down and
maybe get some sleep tonight.
Cause he's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar.
The only one that's got enough of me to break my heart.
He's the song in the car I keep singing,
don't know why I do.
He's the time taken up,
but there's never enough.
And he's all that I need to fall into.
Drew looks at me
I fake a smile so he won't see.

colours of the wind.

it's 2.30 am and i cant get to sleep.
so i am now chatting away with wj on msn while looking for new songs for my blog.
apparently, this song is nt new.
i'm suddenly into retro songs. l0ls.
colours of the wind.
i can play this song on the piano.
and levin graded me "you can play this better than lexus"
hahas. quite an honor to win someone who learns piano and take exams.
compared to a piano cum music notes noob.
hahas. this song very relaxing.
that time me and sinhui also presented this song for our music project.
i wanted to play it on the piano.
but i screwed the song up.
so in e end we depended mainly on our midi.
hahas. oops.
i love listening to this song.
soothe all my nerves.
audi shld have this song too.
hope mimi doesnt see this or she'll kill me.
i can imagine her saying.
typical mimi. lols.
a song with a bpm of 120 is still nt enough for her.
but i still love her though.
i love my clones!
and of cos my GENN. :)
enjoy the song!

MY IQ IS 142!

hohoho.. was playing around friendster when ii saw this free-iq test on GENN's friendster. when to try, and found out that my iq is 142! hohohoho. actually, i kinda cheated. most of it is eeney mineey moe! l0ls. but i had fun. got alot of weird weird questions that i've never seen before. but after all, the test is kinda cute! go try it if you have time. find out how much ur iq is? this is a challenge from me to YOU!
hohohohohoho. i'm up for more test now. will place more so you all can try too!
love ya alls specially my GENN! :)


the t-shirt for TWINS. :)
comments on it please!
we can use some advise and corrections to our design.
hmm.. these few days i've been buzzing my ass off over TWINS.
from outside it looks like a perfect guild with no problems at all,
but upon entering i guess i was all wrong.
in my first hour of being recruited in,
problems started arising already.
had my first sight of an argument in TWINS. very nasty. not enjoyable at all.
i guess its because my first impression was very good.
and ever since i saw korkor in this guild,
i guessed it liked it alot too.
always hoped to be recruited in and i finally did! :)
well.. at least now they're clearing up the problem and
making adjustment which is a good thing!
been busy doing e t-shirt for TWINS with Genn..
really hope we can win this competition cause we 2 are completely exhausted already.
she woke up early just to finish the design,
and i work late into the night to complete the presentation of the t-shirt.
we finally finished the front of the tee[phew]
but we have no more inspiration for the back of the tee.
use until no more juice already.
lucky Ezra was "kind-hearted" enough to postpone the deadline
all the way till january.
what ii meant by kind-hearted was that
me and Genn had to conference with him
and persuade him to postpone the deadline all e way till january.
now, me and Genn also relax abit more and planning to slowly do the design.
been rushing like nuts cause we 2 were given only 2 days to complete.
but now since deadline extended..
BREAK TIME! our minds are set on the Member Check list.
seriously, some of the TWINS member are very not co-operative.
cant see the seriousness of the Member Check. RAWRS!
hope everything goes well and according to plan,
cause i'm leaving SG for my vacation lerrs.
hope to leave with a peace mind.



我不配 by jay zhou [周杰伦]

这感觉 已经不对 
是我忽略 你不过要人陪

i love this song lots. influenced by my sis. she kept replaying it again and again. just when iie was gonna be sick of it. i caught a glimpse of the lyrics. iie guess thats what attracted me so much to this song. ohh.. and my sis is a person who seldom replay songs. if she really kept replaying it must mean the song is really vert nice so can always trust her judgement :) hope you all enjoy this song too.

*NEW blogskin!

oh yeahh..ii finally changed my blogskin lerr.though sth is wrong.ii have zero idea what is wrong with the javascript but definitely its nuts.if not, its my comp. or more specifically the internet explorer cos my sis updated it and its so much more high security! its suppose to be good but its kinda irritating cos everything is like prevented?!?! arrgh..gonna find some way to get my hands on another comp to test things out. if it still doesnt work, ii shall let my improvisation get to work! time to test my creativity! l0ls. anyway, if you all find sth wrong just leave me a message at my tagboard and let my know! thanks! :)

blogging for pearl

ahem..this is blogg is not deadd...just that i got nth to post and i am in no mood to post nowadays lor pearlie!! dont say me lerr..your blogg oso dead der sometimes.rawr!! haiish..these few days really no mood larr..but for you pearlie i shall blog today.hmm...i just took my O lvl cl paper on wednesday 31st was pretty finee..not too tough..quite easy..perhaps its becos i got put in hard work for this paper!x) go comp..sleep..wake pokemon comics..went into bed..cannot sleep..sms ho sung and disturb him..snore[zz..] yeapp..that was my day yesterday..pretty boring after a review..but thats what i called relaxation..[ahh...]hahas.todayy..very unlucky..187 came late..then went to school late.before i even reach school a whole bunch of pple got caught for being late alreadi..including 3E4's guaiguai prefect, Andrew [ he sat the same bus as me =.= ] among all the latecomers..[as usual] 3E4 got the most amount of lecture from mdm tang for bout 15mins..go back to class..mdm zainab wasnt really very please with all of us.didnt say anything at first till valmia michelle amalina faizah came 45mins late.she refused to re-teach thus she didnt let them into the class till bout a few mins later she soften up and went to call them in. then she started teaching bout industries[ blah blah blah..] class ended.30mins canteen break. then extended by 15mins by Mr.Lim so SS started at 11.15. combine class with 3E3. as usual 3E4 got scolded by Mr Lim for making too much noise and not showing an interest in listening [ not me.i was listening! ] then went to serve dc with a few of the rest [ as usual bb & gang skip dc ] sat outside HOD for 30 mins doing homeworkthen saw habib sailesh & madan. had lunch with them while waiting for rahman to serve finish his dc. talk to habib while waiting for the rest to come back[ they went to help their tamil teacher paste some stickers O_o?? ] hmm..felt much better after being able to talk to someone. very long time hadnt been able to really talk with someone. always got this person to busy to listen to me, another alreadi got problems, another cannot trust, another wouldnt understand, another merely scold after listening. haiish..anyway..finally managed to say out some things and it made me really much better after that. [ thank you bib! ] then went home. got scolded by dad for going late to schl [ cos mdm tang called parents ] apologised to him. hug dad. change clothes then sit in front of comp. went to my blog saw pearl complain my blog is dead then started typing for her. and here is the entry! see pearlie..ii got blogg ar. x)
tc pple!

p.s if the song plays only 30 secs pls refresh this page.its suppose to play the whole song! tq :D


heys lex!hmm..ah mei's exam coming lerr..starting on the 23rd of Oct and i'm suppose to tutor her science, however she has no interest in studying..lols..even when i went to ah ma's hse today..she played this finding comp. game with am also in-charge of tutoring TAN XU YING during the dec holidays.zzz..tutor him math and sci to get him ready for his sec2 mom made me i didnt have much of a for ah his PSLE over all he does is play play play..but i saw an act of filial from him today and it really touched me alot.we were eating dinner halfway and when he saw ah ma carrying this bucket of clothes to bring it into a room to hang dry he actually rose from his seat, stopped eating, took the bucket from ah ma and carried into the room and he even told ah ma that next time if she needs anything heavy carried she should tell him.very guaii right??looks like he's getting much more sensible and mature..time he grew up MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY as well..lols..hope he grows taller during his sec schl life...anyway..uu take care alrights?x)


lexx..these photos are taken during my grandma's birthday and during uu & lev's trip to sg..well..ii really miss those 2 pestering fellas and their angel sister!x) as usual..ah hao is being a total asshole at restaurants by doing stoopid things..really dunno whats up with him and we are all worried for his PSLE score..he always play play play nia..dun lile to study..tutoring him is a complete deduction of 10 years of my life..but this little godbro can be a good little angels at times and a horrid devil.zz..wonder which nerve in him has gone wrong..ah mei[ah hui] lehhs??doing her best to be pretty and presentable at all times..lols..still as smart as ever..and hardworking!lols..yingg arr....still that comp freak..lucky he still can cope with his studies too..or he is soo dead..lols..hmm..he's getting more man everyday due to his volleyball training..and heard that many many gurls like him in his schl..lols..but the one he likes is erm....dots...lols..shuqi is getting braver by the day..when my dad did acupuncture on her due to her high fever she didnt even cry or anything..still smiled happily..quite an amazement..shuxian is coping with her pri. schl life well..she's getting more sensible alreadii..i think she'll realli grow up to be a small pretty lady..x) ah ma and ah gong are doing prefectly finee so dun worry alrights? they are blessed pple and the whole family will always watch over them..everyone is doing fine..jessica's baby is great and so is zi feng's toddler..he's 1 years old alreadii..well..uu all try to come to sg again alrights? missing u all every single dayy..take care lexx, lev & elisa~

temporary CLOSE DOWN!cos need study for exams marr..hehes..after exams..GUARANTEE!many many posts PLUS photos!


kor..ii dont disagree with you falling in love with her..ii noe you cant help falling in love with case you didnt noe..ii always supported you secretly and when you told me that you liked her..ii actually feared that you might get hurt.when you were hurt..ii was there for you as you noe.loving her is not a sin but to go to an extend like that is really kinda scolded me a freak just cos of that?!?!its really kinda too much for you didnt say sorry..perhaps i'm just sensitive to words so you neednt care much..but dont hate that guy for being the reason she said no..if you really knew him he isnt a guy that bad..and you also said..she got a new stead right??i apologise to you now for me being too fiery-minded just now..hope you can forgive me..but like what ii got to set your limits right..all is for your best..ii have only your best interest at heart..take care..


HERE II AM BLOGGING!!lols..since my darling pearlie requested it..HERE IT IS!!hahas..for the aerobics dance video..ii apologise..ii tried getting it uploaded on my blogg but ii think the file is really too big cos it really takes ages so i'm saving it in a thumbdrive and passing it to those who wan the videos to copy and paste!kk..ii need go rest lerr..sick todayy..had acupuncture..6 NEEDLES IN MY HEAD~1 each on my hand..zzz..must tctc worrhs people!

math remedial..e hist remedial..what a "WONDERFUL" day..

Damen posing for the camera!~

what are you people looking at?

illegal gathering..

during math remedial..

michelle loves the camera!
during e hist while mr lim is away..

our beloved MS YEO and her dancers..

the koon koon dancers!

the day started off with maths remedial..though ms yeo came late..some people in class were still later then her..some even came AFTER the remedial..lols..skip the math remedial..tsk tsk tsk..chester and shaun still came in the class with a few orders of sardine puffs from the class..wish ii took that shot..lols..after math..there was a half an hour break before the elective hist. remedial..most people went out that time..and naturally..several came after the start of lesson though mr [samuel] lim came lim merely went thru the contents of what our e hist file should have..gave us homework..instructed us to complete it by today and hand in before we went home and ZOOM..he oso went off saying he had a sore throat..ii manage to take a few pics of the class in its "peaceful" scene..lols..we were suppose to have ONE HOUR of lunch break before social studies but mr seng just cut short and started classes at 1.45pm instead of 2.30..zz...the class was still making fun of ANDREW & GERMAINE..haiish..when would you people grow up and stop creating chaos in class??ii think the answer is never..oh well..ii guess this is why we are 3E4!

p.s lazy to write essay-long entries..sorry!

Worst Learning Journey EVER in scss history

Michelle Valmia Weiqing


KiatHwee JiaHao

Qiumei Michelle

Zhenzi Jingkuang

okay..its Teachers' day tml and i HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE CARDS!!xuete..4 cards have been completed alreadi..YEAH!!so later i have to CHIONG CHIONG CHIONG!!!might not be able to do all 8..sorry 3E4..i'll try but ii cant guarantee.. we were suppose to go visit the SAF Army Open House at Pasir Laba Camp..15mins before our lunch dismissal time at started pouring heavily during Physics lesson..lightning was striking very near our classroom and the thunder was shockingly loud.once, the lightning striked so close and the thunder clapped so loud that YuanShiow jumped from her seat and she threw her pen that she was holding caused quite a commotion in class..wish ii could have taken down that scene.lols..
later..we were proceeding to a dunno what place for a security screening check and to wait for a bus to fetch us to take a ferry to the Campsite at Pasir Laba..however..very sadly..we never managed to take the bus and the ferry was even much more needless to say..we waited at a stoopid hall for bout an hour and more and when it was our turn to board the bus was time for us to go..
the fun thing was that while waiting in the hall..there was this powerpoint/video presentation thingy and then there was a sms most of the scss students started sending sms to post a first we thought that it was a complete scam as we saw a no. of repetitions of a few sms.we were quite dejected as money was lost.however..after about 5mins..kaishi[3E1] suddenly shouted out loud as the sms she had sent previously to the sms shout out had actually been shown on the screen.then it was really time for all the scss students to go crazy.after every few could see an sms from a scss was either a dedication or a wish.most of it was plainly saying happy teachers' day or that their form teacher rawks.of course some people from 3E4 sent an sms..some of the smses were saying happy teachers' day to ms yeo..some were saying ms yeo rawks..others were completely nonsensical was really quite fun at first to see the initials of swiss[scss] appearing on the screen frequently among with the other classes or teacher's got bored pretty soon and nobody really cared after that.
on the return journey back to school..the bus was in complete chaos as one of the nonsensical smses was that andrew confessed that he loved germaine..but it was really quite impossible for this confession as Andrew did not bring his HP..must be a prank..anyway..Damen kept making of fun of germaine and andrew after that and he refused to let germaine out of his reach..but as usual..the fun was only temporary..well..while waiting for the bus to go back to school..ii started snapping photos of the class on the bus and ii recorded a video..the photos are updated and so is the video..
and the conclusion of this Learning Journey is..WAITING SUCKS!especially when after waiting for a very long still end up with zero thing after all..



yeah!!ii managed to change my blogskin without any help from wj or pearlie this time..x)) normally when ii put my new blogskin de code always got this and that trouble..this time dont have worrhs!!wakakaka~so lucky!!my dearr junior lijun..ii update ur blog add need spam me derr..x)) whats up in scss now??
well..the ACES day aerobic routine..guess which class is the champion??should be quite obvious lerr bahhs..3E4 LORRHS!!x)) hahas..yesh ii noe the routine is abit..embarrassing to do..but if euu realli put in the mood to do its quite fun..and ii cant wait for teacher's day now!!which is on the....31st of August..THE WHOLE SCHOOL IS GONNA DO THE TOXICATED AEROBIC ROUTINE!!hahas..even ms tay[principal] is gonna do it!!lols..its gonna be sooo cute..still cant believe that our class won..WAY TO GO 3E4!!must realli thank those guys [damen jiakang chester shaun jingkuang jiahao kiathwee zhenzi] for their brilliant work..realli brought glory to e class..and like what ms susan lim brought glory to 3e4 but not ms they must DEDICATE it then can..hmm..hope they realli rmb to dedicate it to ms yeo that day or we will be seen as UNGRATEFUL troublemakers..lols..ii better go work on that BIG TEACHER'S DAY CARD for e whole class now or no time liaos..sians..ii onli wanted to do 4 teacher's and they say do 8!!2-times e workload..zz..wish me luck! =))


I AM SO SORRY!!ii did forget about my blog for ps larrhs..another reason was it wasnt really the right time to do posting..not saying reason so forget bout asking!hmm..ii was supposed to wake pearlie up this morning but sadly ii ii hoped she woke up..xp if she didnt.ii promise ii wont kill her when ii go for CIP later..lols..speaking of CIP..PPLE!!BUY BEARS FROM US PLEASE!!!lols..must reach our impossible target of earning so please help!!really hope that can get all ur my dear juniors..DONT SLACK LARR...ask euu all go sell euu all slack..later when ii get down to there..ii see euu all slack..beat all ur pigu arrh..grr...x) of ur luck to all the sellings and SUPPORT please!!


dont bother bout what hj say..dont even care...CASE CLOSED!!he is a responsible guy who is merely going through some rough times and lots of pressure but it would be over soon and meanwhile..ii will be there with him to go through these hard times..ii dont worry le alrights??AND SMILE MORE IN CLASS HOR HJ!!!!!dont make me worried..ii got complains that euu dont smile much in class anymore and is mostly gloomy and sad all e time..dont be like that..makes me worried okayy??CHEERS!x)


LEXY IS FINALLY HERE!!WOOTS!!! this timing he is still sleeping and ii havent gotten a chance to see him yet..ii did tell my mom to wake me up when they're here but apparently didnt and ii couldnt get angry soo....yeah..wait till morning..but this guy is still sleeping..*snore*completely bored out here so decided to blog..hmm..maybe i'll try to get a pic of him sleeping sometime then post on my blog..WAHAHAHAHAAHA~ poor room..gone liiaos..can onli see it door..II MISS MY ROOM!!but..fate is just like that..if mom says no room ii got to face room..sob sob..nvm..onli for a few days and i'm gonna get it back..meanwhile..ii will LEARN how to love my new room..hahas..lexy arrhs..WAKE UP pig lehhs..still sleeping..ii gonna be bored to death and euu still sleeping..wan whack euu lerrhs..hahas..
well..this paragraph is to hj..weii..ii'm realli sorrie okayy?those 2 things my mom gave me was nothing larrhs..have euu and everything will be fine..let time pass and nature takes it course..ii mean what ii say..and dont euu forget e promises euu have to mii arrhs..for now..throw everything behind and live life as it is..very long nv see euu smile nv see euu laugh lerrhs..even when euu walk pass me to go to the gents or to refill the waterbottle..ii dont ever see euu smiling.even if euu do..ii realise that whenever euu come u're smiling but once euu notice me..its gone..are euu trying to tell me to get out of eur life so euu can smile euu use to..that big radiant fascinating smile??if euu realli wan me to shoo..just say..ii will do anything just for you 'cause...ii just wan to see you happy and smiling..and 'cause..j'taime..
hmm..lets talk a little about school life..on friday.[20/07/2007].it was RACIAL HARMONY CELEBRATION DAY!!!soo..ii was suppose to wear an ethnic costume with pearlie..but....ii forgot to call nurmatha to bring it for oh well..[P.S.LEXUS IS FINALLY AWAKE!!!!AND HE IS FREAKING TALL..OMGGGGGGGG..currently in bathroom..]anyway..pearlie was wearing a malay ethnic costume..she was wearing habib's younger sister's one..and she look PRETTY..ii mean part was also because the costume was very beautiful..purple with beads of jewel 'fake' crystals..nicee!!!but..there was one bad part bout had DIRTY STAINS on it..once ii saw it..ii immdiately ask bib how can he let her wear such a costume..he said that it was his sis fault not so...yarrhs..but what kind of reply is that arrhs??stoopid bib..zzz...almost everyone around me was in ethnic costume and ii was like..err...LUCKILY..ting and naomi wasnt in ethnic costume so they pei wo..and the odd one out was none other that class..damen wore a japanese guy costume and he insisted to be called none other than HITACHI on that was really a fun thing..during chem tan call damen can you tell me the ans for this qn?then he didnt tan said again..damen??then damen finally name is not name is HITACHI!!!lols..made our whole class including ms tan roaring in laughter..then after tan kept calling damen and damen was also making a din in class..he kept..MY NAME IS HITACHI!!!lols..rather ridiculous..we were doing redox reaction for chem at that time so ms tan ask me for the ans of the counts of the oxidation..then for some he gave the wrong one[cos he calculated wrongly] so the whole class was tan corrected it and say " looks like hitachi cant calculate after all! "lols..well..ii better stop here..later then continue.............................


okayokay..ii noe ii changed e song again..ii cant help it..first dance floor anthem then wodecuo and finally ii ended up with waitforyou!this song got BIG BIG memory for mii..was listening to it most of e time when ii was in malaysia holiday-ing during june reminded mii of hj and..bahhs..out of point..
anyway..LEXY IS COMING IN 6 DAYS!!WOOTS~~~ii noe he'd be super hyper when he write this sentence.hahas..he was super hype up when he read e previous entry bout him..hahas..well..u're certainly my dearest cuzzy lexy.hahas..but one point..just becos there is now a 7-eleven at the shell petrol station right below my row of terrace..I AM STILL NOT BUYING THAT MAPLE PPC FOR EUU.bleahs..waste of money lorrhs..hmm..about e schedule..ii not so sure..i'm up to my neck with work undone..but..I WILL TRY TO SPEND TIME WITH EUU alrights sweets?x)
hmm..ii agree with hj bout e harry potter movie..totally YUCKS!no climax at all..or ii should probably say..we dint even watch much of it..oops..hahas..realli sucky larrhs..soo ii kinda fell "asleep" in the cinema..hahas..but e main point is..the new director sucks to be taken out he dont which should remain in he go take out..make the story to a complete mess..dont even understand it liiaos lorrhs..zzz....but ii LOVE the book..hahas..cheers to all harry potter fans!
after eating alot at the food festival yest at sun plaza with hj..ii learn one thing..NV EVER EVEN THINK OF TRYING STH EUU CANT EAT!!!the spicy and sour scallop soup looked very yummy everytime ii see it so this time ii couldnt stop my temptation so ii decided to try mouth of it and ii regretted..the sour was still fine..the spicyness was the one ii cannot tahan..especially the fact there was so much chilli oil in it..can taste it lorrhs..ii drink till bout half ii cannot take it then push to hj ask him finish liiaos..hahas!but one weird thing..ii drink 1/4 gonna die of spicyness..he drink finish whole thing still say got no feeling of spicyness de lehhs..zzz...ii am realli very lousy at eating or drinking anything e fact that when we bought e shark fin soup..mine is add nth at all..original is my type..while his one is add everything[vinegar and pepper]..hahas..different in taste but our thinking is still very much the e thing is he is quite a mind-reader..very scary..before ii can tell him what ii'm thinking..he say it out lerrhs..yesterday when we meet up at 10am at cck mrt..ii didnt have time to take breakfast and when ii saw him..he was holding this hatchbrown he bought from macdonalds and said eat it..ii noe euu nv eat breakfast.hahas..scary mind-reader..noes my actions and everythings..hahas..well..ii guess its becos of this fact that ii fell in love with him..hahas..e one and only perfect guy for me forever..^^
j'aime hj..


okay..ii just change my flashbox..ii can no longer tahan using slim..find it very mafan..xtal still easier..hahas~
cant help being a lazy pig.x) even change my song to....GLAMOROUS~hahas..currently my no.1 rated song..mwahaahhaaha~and twinbro[hosung] AS IF EUU WONT THAT MUSHY WHEN EUU HAD A GF!bleahs..dont come and say mii lorrhs..hj..this time euu cannot scold me lerrhs..cos he was nagging me on wednesday lorrhs..hehes..back to e main point..
today 12 JULY 2007..ii am NOW [8.30PM] waiting for hj to finish his math tuition with Jo[our math tuition teacher] in like half an hour's time and i am seriously..bored to complete death and is rotting here..and am admitting that ii for once will need his help for my coordinate geometry cos i am LOUSY at BRAINLESS QUESTION such as COORDINATE simply bores me out..ii am not surprise half e class fell asleep when ms yeo was teaching coordinate geometry and flew into a temper when she had to walk round e whole class to wake almost everybody up.i meanwhile DID NOT ii manage to see her walk around and hear her knocking e desk of people and then falling into a rage and start to get super angry cos some people was taking their own sweet time in the she gave out new MATH worksheets on [FINALLY SOME BRAIN QUESTIONS]..TRIGNOMETRY!its a whole new chapter and after reading thru the notes and attempting a few questions..ii really realise that its finally battletime against math again after months of boring math~
trignometry may seem somewhat like coordinate geometry but is realli far more interesting..all bout TOA CAH SOH..about opposite adjacent hypotenuse..ii hope ms yeo wont be angry tml so she can faster teach and ii can no longer need to draw and doodle on recycled paper and fall asleep in her class..its realli been a very very very long time since ii last pay LOTS of attention in math lessons..even nurmatha cant stand the coordinate geometry lesson ms ee oso very cute.after school..while waiting for ms yeo to come for math ee walk and asked the people in class [ me nurmatha weeleong zhaorong tionghan vernon norman joshua terence aqil khairul kaijie] if we saw jonathan tham's english comprehension paper anywhere..we were all like huh??what paper??then before we said anything..she came and started searching herself on the teacher's desk..when she found it..she was like..ahh..there it is..then just as she step out she stop at the door and turn around and said..
" if i die one day, its not because of my obesity but its gonna be because of jonathan tham!"
then she walked away briskly.. we were all like nobody asked you of ur death or anything..but most of us were busy laughing at her admitting of her speak e truth..ii admire the way ms ee actually admitted her obesity..if it was me..ii think ii would rather die then speak of it..HA!typical mii..
tml 13/07/2007 there is gonna be guides..and ii am PLANNING IT!!woots~however..till now..ii have ZERO IDEA of wht to do..its either OUTDOOR COOKING..which involves digging a pit or MOVIE-SCREENING..however..its impossible to get a ITR or a COMP LAB..doing it in a classroom dont seem nice at all..completely clueless now on what to do..any suggestion??doubt there is time for any a few more mins after ii end this post..ii am gonna call YANLAM!!our most famous girl in guides for her..ahem..better not say..impolite..=) oh yarr..havent call kasturi to tell her that the stupid BENEDICT wans all cip leaders to go to 3e1 for a YMCA-meeting..hmm..BB didnt even get in and he said they did..they did onli cos of ERIC SAW lorrhs..dunno proud of what..oso not their eric saw's doing lorrhs..even if they sent proposal ii doubt can get in lorrhs..bleahs..anyway..time running out so ii am cutting short this..


haiish..ii wan to break down lerrhs..ii realli dunno wht ii did wrong this time..hj keep getting angry at me..ii realli going nuts going mad come he affects me so much??when he smiles..ii feel full of warmth and joy..but when he's angry or sad..ii feel like dying..haiish..being in love is realli very very tough..this is the first time someone else's emotions affects me so much..realli wish he'd stop getting mad or let me noe e reason..finding life hard to go on sometimes..

my sis derrhs bf you laii lerrhs..this time still bring a bouquet of roses..her smile is so wide that she looks like a geek.hahas..very jealous of her..though ii shldnt be..cos ii oso got a loving bf what..x)
ii realli dunno how often euu come to read my posts but this if for euu hj..
ii realli didnt mean to make euu angry derrhs okay?ii think my mom de thinking of euu change lerrs so dont keep holding onto that memory okay?try to forget it or it'll be a black mark for the both of us.this incident is realli very dangerous as it always make our love at danger try to forget it or tell me wht u're thinking..ii noe u're hiding sth from mi but whenever ii ask euu wont say..ii realli wanna noe..besides..ii'm ur gf..hiding it from me and always saying nvm or euu dun understand wont help the both of us in either way..i'll be right here waiting if euu need me..ii wont leave or go away..always waiting here for euu alrights?

11more days till lexus is here..cant wait for him to come siah..finally after so many years..he's coming back to SG from AUS..onli for like 8DAYS?!?!haiish..lucky he staying at my can spend more time with him..its time we 2 cousins go crazy again..hahas..ii still rmb the days before he migrated to AUS..everytime there was a family gathering..we 2 would be like superglued to each other..can always find us together derrhs..we share everything with each other..we were just like twins..however..after he migrated..ii find some of the family gathering abit weird..though i have 26cousins..ii still feel kinda weird without lex around me.but realli very GLAD he's coming back..woots~
jingting pearlie and naomi are all anxious to see how he looks like though ii just say he is from AUS.euu girls are realli mad over cute boys especially those coming from western countries ehhs?lols..well..just make sure euu girls dun fall head over heels cos this guy is onli here for 8DAYS!!not very short ii agree but not long for falling in euu girls better have ur limits and noe what u're doing alrights?hahas..long time no see lex on msn lerrhs..haven told him bout this blog yet..ii think he's gonna start spaming once he noes..hahas..but ii dont mind cos he is my dear cuz!lols..
well..i'm signing off alreadii.would write again soon..x)


hmm..yesterday nite..ii made hj angry lerrs.. stoopid wj der ideas..volunteer go watch movie with me when hj cannot make it.. then say if ii tell hj that he would get jealous then CONFIRM go watch with me derrs.. in e end..hj got jealous..but..VERY VERY ANGRY oso..wan kill wj lorrs..
ur crap idea almost got me in trouble lorrs..later ii tell euur secret out then euu noes..hahas..
but very lucky..hj not angry lerrs..woots~~
got soo many project on YMCA still ic for guides cookie e way..ANYONE INTERESTED?? choco cream..choco mint..and white choco with macademia and raisins worrhs.. very nice derrs..not joking..ii eat every flavor liaos..hahas..greedy horrs? ii cant help loving to eat eat eat larhhs..must try every flavor then noe mahhs..if not..
a guide dont noe e taste of e cookies very weird lehhs..hahas..anyone want order from mii..hehes..
or any guide larrhs..just make sure must buy..hahas..

new bloggie*

arlows everyone!! moii new blog worrhs~~
hehes..ii suddenly in mood to create it is.. whoever that come in must rmb to tag okayys?tyty~
have fun!