The Old Malaya Cafe

Quick food entry today because this is an eatery that is easy to locate, especially for those living in the area of Tampines.


I know I owe you girls a blog entry on the slimming patches which I have mentioned about in one of my previous post (Click 'here' to read it!) and that entry is on its way!! I am terribly sorry for the delay!

I am currently having my clinical attachment and next week is my last week! (THANK GOD FOR THAT!) I can't wait to get back to blogging on a more frequent basis!

My clinical attachment has been usurping my time like nobody's business. Going for a clinical attachment is like school + work at the same time! Double the stress, triple the fatigue!

To make up for the delay, I have a couple more goody slimming tips and tricks to share with you girls! So just hang in there and give me another week, ok? (:


Back to my food entry, I wanted to share this because I quite like this eatery, and it is not too bad a place to have a quick meal?

I rate this place 7/10

The Old Malaya Cafe

Because I was starving, I decided to order an appetiser before my main meal was served.

I settled my mind on Kueh Pie Tee - a popular Peranakan dish.

The cup that is used to fill the yummy ingredients within it, is made out of flour and then deep-fried. Although it looks really simple and plain, it is the crux of this dish as without it, it just wouldn't taste the same.

The filling is usually a sweet mixture of shredded Chinese turnips and carrots, and blanched prawns.

I have eaten before, Kueh Pie Tee which have a dash of peanuts, therefore if you have an allergy of peanuts, do check with the staff if they add peanuts in their Kueh Pie Tee. If they do, you can request for them to not add peanuts into your order, and usually they will oblige to your request.

This one does not have peanuts, so people with peanut allergy, you can eat in peace!

As you can see from the picture, two of the Kueh Pie Tee in the background are lacking of prawns!!! That's because Rod is allergic to prawns, hence I ate it for him. More prawns for me! Yay!

They added a bit of chilli for their Kueh Pie Tee and I didn't quite like it. Probably because I'm not a chilli person.

In my opinion, the chilli paste was a tad too overpowering and I suppose the dish would taste better without the chilli. For me, original is the way to go!

Next up, we have Pontian Wanton noodles!

I'm a picky eater when it comes to wanton noodles! Be it with soup, or without. My preference would be having my noodles dry because I fancy savoury tastes.

For me, a good bowl of wanton noodles would mean the perfect blend of sauces, the noodles not being soft and mushy, the wanton does not have the overpowering taste of flour and the filling is generous and has been marinated well.

I hate it when I order wanton noodles and then I've got to pick on which kind of wanton I want, deep-fried or boiled. I'm like, "Why do you have to make me choose?!!"

If I pick one, then I get to miss out on trying how the other tastes like! URRGH!

Old Malaya Cafe is awesome, it gave me both options without even asking me! #imahappygirl #imagluttonsowhat

For that I rate this bowl of wanton noodles, 9/10. It is one of the better wanton noodles that I've ever eaten.

Lastly, Chicken Macaroni soup.

This is for the healthy people who want a healthier option. I know that the sight of fried shallots screams "UNHEALTHY"!!! Hence, if you don't want it, just ask the staff not to add it in.

This chicken macaroni soup is not too shabby itself. A good chicken broth, with supple, tender, juicy bits of chicken added in, and a generous portion of macaroni given, it makes a fine meal that is sure to fill your tummy!

I rate this, 8/10.


This is just a really short food entry that I have been composing for weeks but haven't ever had the time to finish writing it because of the total lack of time and that I have so many other blog entries lined up which are waiting to be shared with all of you!

The other blog entries which will be uploaded subsequently over the next few weeks include the topics on food, beauty products (such as cosmetics and slimming tricks) and apparels!

As compared to my blog, I am a tad more active on instagram so if anything, just find me there! I am contemplating on creating an account on because it would be so much easier for any of you to ask me questions on any of my blog entries (if you have any) or to simply just reach out to me (I promise that I am really friendly and I don't bite!)

So let me know on what you think!

Cya next week! XOXO

Black is GOOD!

Sponsored post

Today, I introduce to you.. MISSHA Black Ghassoul Set

In this set, you will be expecting 3 babies:
1) Black Ghassoul Cleansing Bar
2) Black Ghassoul Peel-Off Nose Pack
3) Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask

Ghassoul (otherwise known as "rhassoul") is a natural mineral clay obtained from the beds from under the Atlas Mountains near the city of Fès, in the country Morocco.

If you must know, Ghassoul contains..
Silicon, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, and other trace elements

That is obviously too much Chemistry for some beauty products!
Won't you agree with me, Einstein?

In Morocco, Ghassoul is combined with water to clean the body and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries to care for their skin and hair.

Ghassoul is a mineral-rich clay full of wonderful benefits such as softening of skin, reducing sebum secretion, regeneration of the skin by removing dead cells and the rebalance of the skin by tightening the pores.

That is an awfully good lot of goodness in one type of clay!

This first product is one which I would highly recommend if you are troubled by oily skin..
MISSHA Black Ghassoul Cleansing Bar

This piece of charcoal black soap works wonders in removing excessive sebum. I rate it 9/10!

Now I bet you are going to ask me, what is the difference between this piece of black soap and the Handmade Organic Soap from my previous post?

In my opinion...

If you are plagued by acne problems then the Handmade Organic Soap would be the key solution to your problems.

However if you are constantly troubled by oily skin and you can soak up a piece of oil blotter just 15-30 minutes after you step out of your house, then the Black Ghassoul Cleansing Bar from MISSHA would be a better choice to keep your facial oil in check!

This Black Ghassoul Cleansing Bar has been wonderful in keeping my face matte and oil-free, for several hours after I've washed my face with it!

Matte and oil-free!

Now, some of you are going to ask me.. but I have both acne problems and oily skin!

Let me share with you my trick to having an oil-free, acne-free face!

My sister shared this trick with me... and initially I refused to believe it but after having tried it, it worked like a charm and I have been applying this trick for the past 2 years (going 3)!

As most of us know, our skin is the largest organ in our body. Our facial skin is part of that BIG organ...

Now, if our other organs can get immune to a substance that is exposed to for a prolonged period of time, then why not our skin?

Have you ever wondered, why is it that when you use a new tube/tub/bottle of facial cleanser for the very first time, you are able to feel the full effects of the product?

You think that hey the product works and it is the best thing that you've ever bought and it is also the best thing in your life because now your face feels just so good!

However when you are left with about 1/3 of the product, you start to realise that hey.. this product isn't as effective as when you first tried it. You don't really feel its effect any more and it feels like any other soap that you have tried before.

The explanation for that occurrence is that your face has gotten immune to the product.

Because you use it consecutively on a daily basis, it is HARD for your skin cells to NOT get immune to it.

Therefore the simple solution to that problem would be to simply get 2-3 facial cleansers and use them alternatively!

Make sure that the cleanser that you used the previous time when you washed your face, is not the same one as what you will be using to wash your face now!

Thus if you have acne issues + oily skin, my suggestion would be that you can get both soaps and use them alternatively, that way you can reap all the benefits from both types of soap! #ididthat #itworkedforme #youtryittoo

The second product is:
Black Ghassoul Peel-Off Nose Pack

Now, I don't quite like this product because it didn't really work for me!

It failed to remove my blackheads and whiteheads, however I am still going to rate this product 6.5/10 because it helped to minimise the pores on my nose and it smells really really good!

It smelled like... black sesame paste! (Oh and, it looks like it too! :/)

You'll be applying me to your nose...?
(Picture credits goes to whomever it may belong to)


Work with a clean face and keep your hair out of the way!

Oh and, check out my tee says! LOL

I got it at a flea held in school some time last sem. I bought it on an impulse because it was ridiculously cheap (2 for $10 I think? My homie shared the cost with me) and Rod was obsessed with working out back then.

Squeeze some of the goodness on clean fingers

The viscosity of this product!!

Please ignore the expression on my face, I don't know how my "amazed" face turned out looking like I was horrified ._.

I definitely need drama/acting classes..

Apply on nose

STEP 4: Wait for the product to dry

It's about 15-30 minutes, depending on the amount that you've applied. If you've applied it thick, wait longer for it to dry thoroughly!

Do something you like in the meanwhile... Such as...

Playing the guitar?

(Side note: Actually I have no idea how to play the guitar LOL. I snatched Rod's guitar over and posed #likeaboss! WEET WEET!)

Play with your fluffies!

Rod cracked a joke at me while taking this picture for me, saying that I should simply paint my face yellow too so I'll look like the pooh that I'm holding -_-|||

It smells so darn yummy!!!!

Time to remove!

My cheap $2 Daiso mirror and I

Thank you MISSHA Black Ghassoul Peel-Off Nose Pack!

The next and last product in the set is my favourite out of the lot.
MISSHA Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask. I rate it 9.7/10.

This baby contains Moroccan Ghassoul (duh!) and pure charcoal ingredients which absorb sebums and makes oily skin, soft and sleek.

It also contains patent ingredients derived from Lotus flower, Geranium and Cinnamon which prevents excessive sebum secretions while firming pores.

It is rich in mineral and Magnesium, which helps to make the skin firm and moisturised while tightening loose pores!

This darling works wonders and I can't tell you how much I love it!
How it looks like in the tub

If you are currently frowning at this product because you have LONG NAILS... don't fret! MISSHA took your worries into consideration and has included a clear plastic spatula which you can use to pick up the product and then smear it onto your face!

It has been cleverly designed in a curve manner so as to allow easy application when you are working around the round edges of your face!


Open the lid. #sayingtheobvious #duh

Scoop a decent amount of product with the spatula

Smear on desired area of face

I applied on my cheeks as I have big pores there which needs to be minimised!!

Now that you're done, be patient and wait for all the yummy minerals to seep into your skin!

And after 15 minutes...
It's time to wash off!

And tadah!
I have small pores now and my cheeks are baby-smooth!

This product gives a slight tingling sensation upon application and although I've never had the chance to measure it and prove that it does have this effect, but I reckon that it has face slimming effects too as I have seen my face get significantly slimmer each time after I've applied this face mask on.

Nonetheless this is something which I have observed and I cannot be definitely sure for have I no actual proof other than what I saw for the past couple of times that I have tried the face mask.

Hence, I'm pretty sure that you can now understand why this product is my favourite out of the lot!


Here is how you can get these products:
To order, kindly email with this order format:


All messages will be replied within 48 hours.

*Please note all items are pre-order unless otherwise stated*
**Only CONFIRMED BUYERS are attended to!**

Alternatively, you can view the order form here or if you are keen to know what other products there are, you can view it at Blogshop Queenie's webstore (Click 'here' to view webstore)!