heys lex!hmm..ah mei's exam coming lerr..starting on the 23rd of Oct and i'm suppose to tutor her science, however she has no interest in studying..lols..even when i went to ah ma's hse today..she played this finding comp. game with me..lols..hmm..now..i am also in-charge of tutoring TAN XU YING during the dec holidays.zzz..tutor him math and sci to get him ready for his sec2 life..zz..my mom made me though..so i didnt have much of a choice..as for ah hao..now his PSLE over ler..so all he does is play play play..but i saw an act of filial from him today and it really touched me alot.we were eating dinner halfway and when he saw ah ma carrying this bucket of clothes to bring it into a room to hang dry he actually rose from his seat, stopped eating, took the bucket from ah ma and carried into the room and he even told ah ma that next time if she needs anything heavy carried she should tell him.very guaii right??looks like he's getting much more sensible and mature..time he grew up MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY as well..lols..hope he grows taller during his sec schl life...anyway..uu take care alrights?x)


lexx..these photos are taken during my grandma's birthday and during uu & lev's trip to sg..well..ii really miss those 2 pestering fellas and their angel sister!x) as usual..ah hao is being a total asshole at restaurants by doing stoopid things..really dunno whats up with him and we are all worried for his PSLE score..he always play play play nia..dun lile to study..tutoring him is a complete deduction of 10 years of my life..but this little godbro can be a good little angels at times and a horrid devil.zz..wonder which nerve in him has gone wrong..ah mei[ah hui] lehhs??doing her best to be pretty and presentable at all times..lols..still as smart as ever..and hardworking!lols..yingg arr....still that comp freak..lucky he still can cope with his studies too..or he is soo dead..lols..hmm..he's getting more man everyday due to his volleyball training..and heard that many many gurls like him in his schl..lols..but the one he likes is erm....dots...lols..shuqi is getting braver by the day..when my dad did acupuncture on her due to her high fever she didnt even cry or anything..still smiled happily..quite an amazement..shuxian is coping with her pri. schl life well..she's getting more sensible alreadii..i think she'll realli grow up to be a small pretty lady..x) ah ma and ah gong are doing prefectly finee so dun worry alrights? they are blessed pple and the whole family will always watch over them..everyone is doing fine..jessica's baby is great and so is zi feng's toddler..he's 1 years old alreadii..well..uu all try to come to sg again alrights? missing u all every single dayy..take care lexx, lev & elisa~