I have red and blonde hair highlights

I am done with the challenge. I have failed to complete it, both the challenge and the mission of completing it within the time limit. You can't imagine how sickening it is to do something which irritates you rather than keep you anticipated. It turned my hobby — blogging — into a dreaded chore. I can't say how glad I am to finally get it off my hands. Now, on to more serious business.

Here I am typing away on my keyboard while waiting for Drop Dead Diva to load. It's 3AM at the moment, which means that I will most probably be late for my brunch appointment with Joey later on in the day. *coughs* Let's hope that I wouldn't love the idea of sleeping more than shopping when I wake up.

So, I got myself some red and blonde highlights. The colours are pretty dark for now, I'm hoping that with a couple of washes it'll become lighter. I have made my mind that the next time I go to the salon, I'm gonna keep my fringe long rather than to keep slicing it again and again. Which means that I have to keep my weight in check as according to a discussion that I had with Sin Hui, people with chubby cheeks aren't suitable to have long fringes. Did I mention that I always hated it when people asked me the question "How do you lose all that weight?", well if I haven't, I just have. Reason behind that? What sort of shitting answer was I suppose to give them?! Anyway now I have an answer for whoever that asks me that goddamn question: "I traded it with my life." Ha! I can't wait to see their reactions when they hear it!

It's 3:24AM and my show has got a couple more of minutes to load, so I might as well make use of the time and upload some of the pictures taken when I went to Taiwan in May with my sister and my cousin. Oh by the way, I'm going abroad again in less than 2 weeks, yay! I love holidays.

First stop in Taiwan: Bubble Tea!!! Afterall, it is where the drink originated from!

Went to one of Taiwan's amusement park/zoo.

After having been to USS, I find this theme park to be an epic fail. (I hereby apologise for my honesty but not for my frankness)

Tried one of their water rides with my sister.

I've always been a spectator for such water rides as I never had the guts to go for one and also because I can never stand walking around the rest of the park drenched and dripping water all over. I thank my mother for forcing my sister and I to pack those yellow Prudential raincoats into our luggage. Although they were used for the wrong purposes (they were meant to keep us dry should we ever meet the typhoon and the horrific weather that it'll bring) but I suppose that it is much better than lying at the bottom of our bags, being tagged as 'useless' yeah?

We bought 5 pairs of shoes on our very 1st night there. Heehee!

Went to have dinner at Mr. J's restaurant on our 2nd night

To the best pasta that I've ever had! It is now officially my favourite! I doubt I'll ever forget its taste!


Heading off to Tainan on our 3rd day.

It felt absolutely stupid dragging my luggage across the streets of Taipei. Nonetheless, I was still a total sport and flashed a brilliant smile when my sister insisted on taking pictures to note such a memorable experience.

Damn right memorable it was. Especially when I had to lull my heavy luggage up 3 flights of stairs. I swore I could have strangled my sister and my cousin for having come up with the incredulous idea. My desire doubled when after I had finally succeeded in dragging my luggage all the way up those stairs, I turned around and saw that my sister had received help from an old uncle who helped her carry her luggage up the stairs. Lucky rabbit, roar!

To the best donut in the world! Mister Donut! I hope they bring it to Singapore!

To the best to-go milk tea ever drunk!

On the High Speed Rail to Tainan

Reached Tainan. Went to an eatery near the hotel to have some lunch.

If your motive for going Taiwan is for their food, you've got to go Tainan. Apparently that is where all their snacks originate from, so the best food is usually found there. I've been to Taipei, Tainan and Kaohsiung, and I must agree that the best food that I've had during those days were all from Tainan! They were superb!

Visited a nearby fortress after lunch

Went to Da Dong night market

I went to 4 night markets and out of the 4, Da Dong night market was the best. Even my sisters said so too. It served the best snacks and the clothes and accessories were a total bargain as well. I'm guessing that another reason why we rated it the best is also because it was the only night market which truly seemed like a night market. The others had proper stores rather than stalls. In my opinion, weird.

Played a complex bingo/bowling game. The only thing I got from it was a useless piece of cardboard stating that I had attained 15-points.

Waited 45 minutes for our Spring Onion pancake

Saw a really spectacular 3D-red rose jigsaw puzzle!

On the train to Kaohsiung.

First stop in Tainan: Bubble tea again!!! Heehee!

Our lunch in Kaohsiung: Omu (pearl-grains) rice, in ketchup with a slab of pork chop. It wasn't too bad la.

Goofing around in the Science and Technology museum at Kaohsiung, where I lost my purse :(

It was really dumb k. Initially I used an old Dior wallet to carry around the Taiwan currencies that I would use for the day. The old Dior wallet gave way on the 2nd day. So I bought a pretty floral red purse on the 3rd day at Da Dong night market. And in less than 6 hours of usage, I freaking lost my new purse. My losses amounted up to SGD$150. Freaking stupid.

I was so mad at myself initially for being so careless that I bawled my eyes out outside the museum. Eventually I came to terms with the facts that laid before me, which was to either continue being all gloomy and reproachful or to make better use of the time that I had left in Kaohsiung. Obviously I chose the latter. I guess I was also mad at whoever that picked up my purse and hadn't chosen to return the wallet to the museum's counter, but to rather keep for his/her personal use. However after several reflections, I forgave the person because he/she might need it more than me. I now hope that the money I've misplaced can somewhat benefit someone out there. With that, I rest my case.

At Love river

At Liu He night market. Starting the night off with a cup of papaya smoothie.

To the best pan-fried soup dumplings that I've ever eaten in my life!

Cried my eye make-up away :(

Oh and yeah, that's a purple corn that I was eating. Frankly I still prefer yellow corn. It tastes alot sweeter and the texture is much better. Purple corns are less sweet and they are oddly chewy. To each his own I suppose.

On the day that we were bound for the return train back to Taipei from Tainan, my sisters decided to do a little bit more sightseeing in the morning as my parents complained that we seemed to be eating more than visiting the country. (Explanation: My sister would take pictures with her iPhone and email them to my mother, to keep them notified on what we were doing. My mom nagged saying that the only pictures she saw were food and us eating, so yeah sightseeing lor *shrugs*)

Mega-huge watermelons!!!! They were so ridiculously big that they were almost equivalently to 2 human heads!!! :O

Back at Taipei, Grand Hyatt Hotel

Awesome beer jelly! It's really made out of beer k! I tried it!

Went on a one-day tour in Taipei.

The tour was pretty okay lah. I would say that it's a very tourist activity, which is not of the norm for me, since I'm more accustomed to free and easy. I don't really like sightseeing, especially when it comes to visiting fortresses or memorial halls... Not my kind of thing. Also, I can't stand being forced to go places whereby they entertain you for the sake of selling their products to you. Uber superficial and pretentious in my opinion. I guess the only thing that I liked from the one-day tour was being able to bathe in a hot spring! I'm not exactly sure why, but after having bathed in the hot spring, the heat from the water got trapped in my body, and it is a very nice thing when the weather was seriously cold as it wouldn't stop raining. Oh and, it gave me super smooth and nice skin too! Heehee!

Damn, I miss Taiwan's cheap and scrumptious and convenient street snacks! They are great for a glutton like me!

Once again to the best donut in the world!

Went to the national museum in Taiwan on the last day to look at their famous jade cabbage and jade braised pork.

I'm telling you, the two exhibits were freaking tiny k. And with all the people crowding around to get a look at it, all that you can get is 2 quick glances and someone would push you to one side to have a look at it. I suppose the only extraordinary thing about the 2 exhibits were that the cravemanship was really good, it turned 2 useless piece of rocks into valuable historical monuments. Like how the old saying goes, without all the delicate carvings and effort given, a precious jade is nothing but a mere piece of rock.

And there you have it! A brilliant short summary of my Taiwan trip this May!

I can't wait for my upcoming trip abroad!


Challenge (Day 12, 13, 14)

#12: A famous person that you've been compared to


Ok fine, there's one. When I was younger, about 12-13 years old? My teachers would always call me up from my seat and tell me that I look like this particular girl actress who acted in several MediaCorp chinese drama serials. I think the name for one of the shows was... Happy Fish (快乐鱼)? Or somewhere along that line. It's been eons since then, and I had never bothered to go find out the name of that girl actress. Besides I don't look a thing like her now, and thank god for that. I've seen her in one of the advertisements shown on TV, and boy... her make-up is uber thick and horrendous. I know, I'm horrid. I just watched chick flick. So blame the movie, don't blame me.

Alright, blame me. I'm horrid. But I'm still nice. And I'm not making any sense at all. *rolls eyes* NEXT CHALLENGE.

#13: Something that puts a smile on your face no matter what

Thinking back about one of my worst punishments ever.. Which was hearing you sing Guang Liang's Tong Hua (光良-童话). You went totally off-keys for practically every verse, and you sang quite a number of words wrongly, even though you had the lyrics right infront of you. I wasn't allowed to laugh, so I bit my pillow in an attempt to stop the laughter from coming out of me, however it failed terribly.

I have to be honest, you are one of the most terrible singers that I've ever heard. However, oddly enough, your singing puts me to sleep. It didn't matter to me how badly you went off-key, because I think and I feel that you have the most melodious voice that I have ever heard. It's not a wonder, why I become all dreamy when I hear you speak. And I'll never forget how you pounced on me, and crushed me under your weight, when you found out that your voice is what causes me to always go into a daze whenever we were in a conversation.

God, I miss you. I miss you so much.

#14: What are you afraid of?


My dad laughed when I told him that. He says that they are all one-of-a-kind. Nothing scary about after you've watched several zombie movies. Well, in my opinion, I don't care whether they are one-of-a-kind or not, they are still equally terrifying no matter what. They are dead! They eat humans! Raw!!!!

I don't know what scares me most, the fact that they are dead people who eats other living people, or that zombies are a bad mutation of human-beings.. And so if you get bitten by one, it's like you are being transmitted with a viral disease that will turn you into one of those nasty horrible dead-cannibals. Oh and, what's worst is that, what if you are the only surviving living human, while everyone else around you has turned into a zombie?! Pretty much like the scenario in "I Am Legend". I would hate to live in that apocalypse.

My imagination is going wild.

I'm gonna go watch a zombie movie now, in hope that one day, I'll find myself thinking like my dad that all zombies are one-of-a-kind.

Challenge (Day 11)

#11: Google the meaning of your name

Sophie is the French form of Sophia, a female name derived from σοφία, the Greek word for "Wisdom."Sophia has been a popular name throughout the western world. The name was used to represent the personification of wisdom and is also the name of an early Christian martyr.

Challenge (Day 10)

#10: Your Family

My initial intention was to put up pictures of both sides of my family. However after scanning through all the pictures I have, of either sides of the family.. I realised that not one of them is complete. I have a huge family. From my maternal side, I have 22 cousins, 3 nephews and 1 niece. From my paternal side, I have 12 cousins. I used to think that I'm really fortunate to have so many relatives; I'm so close to some of them that they don't feel like my cousins, but rather another sibling of mine. Not to mention all the hefty red packets that I'd receive during every annual Chinese New Year, I guess that was another reason why I love my big family.

Unfortunately, I guess everything comes with a price. Having so many members in a family, sometimes in all the 19 years of your life, some cousins you don't even get to see them thrice. If that was the only problem, then hey I doubt I'd be so bothered about it. It's all the fucking family politics which drives me crazy. Why can't we be one big happy family? I'd type a hundred why(s) or possibly a thousand. But I know that there would be no answer to all those questions, just like that very one question which is constantly on my mind, haunting me. The only thing which is left for me to do, or if I'd put it in blunt words -- the only thing that can be done, is to simply accept it, just like how a person accepts his/her parentage, his/her blood group and etc. Some things in life can be changed, however some things in life can never and will never be able to be changed.

How I wish to be able to have a grand reunion dinner with everyone in the family. The irony is.. I know that it is an impossible task. Nonetheless, everything in life starts from a simple dream.