kor..ii dont disagree with you falling in love with her..ii noe you cant help falling in love with her..in case you didnt noe..ii always supported you secretly and when you told me that you liked her..ii actually feared that you might get hurt.when you were hurt..ii was there for you as you noe.loving her is not a sin but to go to an extend like that is really kinda much..you scolded me a freak just cos of that?!?!its really kinda too much for me..plus you didnt say sorry..perhaps i'm just sensitive to words so you neednt care much..but dont hate that guy for being the reason she said no..if you really knew him he isnt a guy that bad..and you also said..she got a new stead right??i apologise to you now for me being too fiery-minded just now..hope you can forgive me..but like what ii said..you got to set your limits right..all is for your best..ii have only your best interest at heart..take care..

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