Asia's Next Top Model

It was one of those weekday nights when I wanna be a couch potato after a horribly long day at work... and the TV decides to give my night a really tough time.

No nice channels to watch! *sniff sniff*

So I flipped around the channels, and finally found something of interest to watch!!!!

SingTel's MioTV was having a rerun on one of the episodes of...

Asia's Next Top Model: Season 3

In case you are a recluse and live in a cave, Asia's Next Top Model is a reality television series featuring girls who come together from different parts of South Asia and the Far East region. In the show, the girls are given a chance to compete and be "Asia's Next Top Model"!!

In this season, the girls will work together with the supermodel host/judge Georgina Wilson and fashion designer Alex Perry, who will guide these ambitious young woman in becoming successful models exuding confidence and beauty.

The gorgeous supermodel host, Georgina Wilson

As I watched the show, I eyed the outfits that the girls wore, wondering where I could possibly get the pretty dresses, the sparkly accessories and TO-DIE-FOR SHOES!!!!!!



All outfits seen in Asia's Next Top Model 3 are sponsored by ZALORA.

ZALORA is collaborating with the show and is the main clothing sponsor, aiding the contestants in their challenges and in getting them photo-shoot ready!

ZALORA has dedicated a collection for the show (collection title: Asia's Next Top Model) and the outfits have been segmented according to the episode number!

It is now so much easier now to find and GET MY YOUR HANDS on that outfit that you have been secretly desiring!!!

Time to go shopping.... *rubs hand in glee*

Quick guide to Ao Nang, Krabi

Went to Ao Nang, Krabi around early October last year with my sister, her husband and my little brother. It was a pretty bad period to go because it WOULD NOT STOP RAINING!!!!

It rained from the first day that I was there until the third last day. I failed to enjoy any of the sunny days because I had food poisoning and was too preoccupied with keeping myself afloat from my vomit. (Coconut milk is lethal....)