Esprit Part II

I'm too lazy and mentally exhausted to type any proper captions for this entry. I'll probably do it another time when I'm in the mood to, which is most probably never ever? My mood is further ruined by a particular someone (TYVM for this). Anyway, just look at the pictures. Isn't there this cliché saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Well, happy reading/looking at 5000 words then.

With my mother, Mazalina Roslan, who is preferentially referred to as Maz for short. She is due in about 5 months time? 3rd kid. Ultrasound says it is a boy. Burberry!!! (Kay, that was totally random and I think I'm the only one who'll get the link for that. Oh well, it is for my future reference when I someday look back at my older entries.)

Jenny, another senior staff who guided me and offered me alot of help during my first few days of work. And yes, she has purple hair. Damn cool right? Woohoo! It's a pity I'll never muster enough guts to do such crazy colours. Then again, it is probably not a pity afterall. Imagine me with pink or purple or blue hair. Zomg. So wrong!! *shakes my head violently to remove the crazy images of me in pink, purple, blue or green hair*

Ma Qiao Na, who prefers to be known by the name of Cindy. She got transferred from another outlet about a month after I started working. Even though we spent a shorter time together as compared to with the rest of my colleagues, she was also one of those whom I could get along better with. Or should I say, fool around with. Ha!

This is Hamli, who lives in Malaysia and crosses the border everyday to come to work. He is my singing/dancing buddy at work. Kay, I promised to print a copy of this picture but have yet to done so. (Self-note: Stop being a lazy bum-bum and do the things that you said you would!)

Last but not least, TADAH!!! This is the auntie whom I was talking about in my previous entry. Okay, I've also promised her that I'll print a copy of this for her. (Self-note: SEE!!! 2 things on your need-to-do list already!)

Kay, no more. Good day to you.

It's gonna be a long sleepless night tonight

Here comes a whole stream of pictures with captions along the way. I'm really tired but hey, I'm making an effort to get this out even though it is 5:15AM in the morning right now. So just go with le flow ya? Kay, here goes.

Had dinner plans with Wan Lin and Xinyi yesterday (27/03), and we scheduled to meet at East Coast Park for some awesome food after they were dismissed from work at the Expo. Before that, I decided to make a trip to my old workplace (old because I resigned) to return my staff pass.

And so, while I was there, I decided to take a few pictures with my ex-colleagues who were on shift as a form of commemoration of my working days there. I can't deny having had fun with them. The crapping, joking, dancing and singing, in the midst of working. Grabbing size 44 pants to try on even though I know that it was twice the size of me and hence once I let go of my hands, the pants will just go *shoom* and fall to the floor. Smothering my laughter every time some rich tai-tai takes the $229.90 dress which is freaking long and not nice at all (Note: I used the phrase 'not nice at all' instead of the word 'ugly'. Apparently there is a huge difference in their meanings, but if you are smart enough and have excellent inferential skills, you get what I mean ya?) to try on, and then because of the ridiculous pricing, they don't ever buy it and hence I have to hang it back on its rightful shelf and every time I walk with that long piece of cloth in my hand to hang it back, I'll always trip over it because it is so freaking long!

Okay, back to the point. I know I'm a bad ex-colleague because they were working, and yet I still grabbed each of them to take a picture with me before I left. Heh! Guilty as charged.

Vivi, was the first person I grabbed to take a shot with me. Simply because she was on break and so was the easiest person to grab. Ha! But besides that point, she was one of my favourite colleagues (Yes, I admit to having committed the crime of favouritism. So what? I'm human yo. I have my own share of likes and dislikes. Now buzz off!) and also one of the rare ones with well, f-*coughs* sense.

This is my store in-charge, Pei Cheng. I feel extremely apologetic and guilty towards her because I promised her that I would worked there till July/August and she was all ready to teach me how to be a cashier even though part-timers were technically not suppose to learn cashier. See how nice she is to me! *spam hearts* But during that one month when she was attached to supervise elsewhere, things happened and well, I lost interest in what I was doing. Thus resulting in my resignation. I didn't see a point in working with a reluctant attitude. To me, the line between 'like' and 'dislike' is oh-so fine.

This is ah-boy! HAHAHA, kay his name is Terrence. There is this auntie working in the store who calls him ah-boy, and so I started calling him ah-boy as well. LOL! (Nope, there aren't any pictures of her because she doesn't work on sundays and mondays, but I'll definitely go back someday to take a picture with her! She is another one who is really nice to me, and was most reluctant to see me go. I remember her coming after me saying 'Ah girl! I heard them saying that you are resigning? Why?! You are doing fine here what, why are you planning on leaving?' and all that I could give her as a reply was a shrug of my shoulders. I felt so guilty for doing that! Kay, I'm going back to visit auntie someday, I promise.)

This is my ah-jie, Hui Ping. I guess I started calling her ah-jie because she kinda thought of me as her little sister? Kay, dkdc. She has a fetish for Winnie the Pooh and Mini-Toons. I bought her a custom-made Winnie the Pooh bracelet for her birthday. I was feeling samaritan then.

Linda! Another one of my favourites! She will be one of the reasons why I return to the store, due to a promise that I made with her. HAHAHA! *smirks*

This is Hooi Leng. I remember that on my first day of work, she was the one who guided me, and was ever-ready to help me or answer any doubts that I had. She had this cheery attitude which gave people a positive happy vibe. It was a pleasant experience, working with her.

After having insisted on everyone who were present to take a picture with me, I hastily left to catch the train down to the East to meet with my two babes. And only upon arrival, then Wan Lin told me that I could have taken 961. Kay whatever. Too late ya.

Awesome food:

BBQ Sting-ray

BBQ Squid

Chicken Satay

Yes I know, very little, 3 dishes only, should have ordered more. But hey, don't forget, 3 people only! How much can we eat? What were you expecting? Manchu-Han Imperial Feast?! You've got to be joking.

After our bellies were filled, we took a stroll at the beach. We saw this decent sandcastle which someone build and who had also put up a fencing surrounding the perimeter of the castle, probably to keep out naughty children who couldn't keep their hands to themselves and might ruined their piece of hardwork.

Then, not far away, there was an even bigger sandcastle! There wasn't any light around the area, so it was dark and pretty creepy, hence we couldn't actually see how the sandcastle looked like. However, brave-me mustered enough courage to walk forward and take a few shots of the castle with my camera plus the flash. And tadah!!! We could finally make out what was hiding in the darkness.

I thought it looked like the Forbidden City in China, but Wan Lin said that I was being absurd. *sobs*

And then, our stroll became a really long walk as we searched for xinyi's busstop to get her home. Guess how all 3 of us got home in the end? Bingo! We got home by... CAB!!!! Although we did find xinyi's busstop, by the time we got there, the last bus had already left.. 2 minutes ago. I know, sucks right? Well in life, shit happens! Oh well at least the long walk was a good form of exercise for me to tone down my legs a little. Heh! Plus it aids in food digestion yeah? Kay I think I'm simply finding excuses to make myself think that the long walk wasn't as stupid as it really seems to be. I must admit though, that I like the part when we passed by a street-soccer court and they were blasting Daniel Powter's "(You Had A) Bad Day", and I was singing along to it out loud. Xinyi reckoned that it was a sign that it was a bad day, whereas me and Wan Lin told her that we think she is the only one who thinks that it is a bad day. :x
Because you had a bad day, you're taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. You say you don't know, you tell me don't lie. You work at a smile and you go for a ride. You had a bad day, the camera don't lie. You're coming back down and you really don't mind, you had a bad day. You had a bad day.

I shall end this entry with a nice quote that I got off tumblr.


The blinds were lifted off my window, and light shone in

I realise that as of late, I am glued to my laptop till the wee hours of the night. Not that I am doing anything much such as chasing after my usual drama serials (ie. The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Pokémon), but rather just surfing the internet. What ever happened to my self-made promise to not get hooked up over the internet, and to spend less time on my laptop. Kay, self-note to buy some dvds, so I would be hooked onto the television and the dvd player, rather than my laptop. :/

As I was saying, I've been surfing the internet alot lately and... I came across this quote.

"Between two evils always pick the one you haven’t tried." — Mae West

Life is filled with choices. We often hope that between those two choices, one is good and one is bad. But what if that isn't the case? What if both choices are equally shitty? (Hey! It wouldn't be life if shit didn't happen.) I once heard from someone that when such events happen, you pick the lesser of the two evils. When I heard of that, a question popped into my head. Based on what sort of judgement, am I suppose to conclude which evil is the lesser one of the two? And how exactly do you define "lesser" of the two evils? Evil means evil, no? So which ever one you choose, you would still end up with evil-ness. Hence, I have to be honest and say that the saying I heard wasn't of much help to me when it came to decision-making during those shitty scenarios. I thought, crap, does that mean that there is no other viable option to deal with such crappy situations? Finally, I can press the buzzer and proudly announce that there is!

I don't know about you, but this is my other option. I know that it isn't much better as compared to the other saying, but I suppose the possibility of a miracle happening in the unknown is what appeals to me. Afterall, I live in the world of people possibilities. And so, I will cross my fingers, hope and pray.

Throw caution to the wind

Undefinable horizons

A gentle reminder to myself


I was a total fool yesterday. I went to work at 3pm, reached my workplace area, entered the office, only to find out that I'm not suppose to be working today. Apparently, I copied the work schedule wrongly (I clearly remembered double, in fact triple, checking while copying!) and well yeah.. I was not scheduled to work today. So, after buying some necessities which my sister required for her (now postponed) Japan trip, and changing SGD300 to 20000YEN, I headed back home.

Before I continue blabbering on.. I feel like a total idiot okay. Less than 15 minutes after I exchanged the money, reached home and turn on my laptop, I FOUND OUT ABOUT THE 8.9 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAMI IN JAPAN!!!!! Which in turn might have resulted in a change in the exchange rate, and most possibly a drop! %$#%^%$^#%&#$%$$@^%#$!#@
The world is so unfair sometimes. Just imagine my frustration when I found out. *tugs at my hair*

Back to the topic. So I went home, did this, did that, slacked around abit, surfed the net, helped my mom to check if my sister's flight was being cancelled and whether my sister could get a refund and etc etc. Oh wait, I think I forgot to mention that I deliberately went to surf youtube to source for a video regarding on the situation in Japan, and then went to tag my sister on facebook, because the nincompoop refused to answer my calls nor reply my text messages. Also, my parents hogged the television and had their eyes glued onto CNA as they absorbed every bit of information which the news broadcaster was giving regarding Japan. Proof of my parents' love for my sister (:

*ahem* THEN, (omg after digressing for so long, I am finally talking about the main topic of this entry) I went out with Shiying to Cityhall. We bought a small pack of Garrett's popcorn (Flavor: Caramel Crisp with Cashews) which I forgot to take a picture of (Whoops!), to sneak into the cinema later on. After getting our movie tickets, we walked around for a bit trying to figure out where to settle our dinner, and we finally chose...

Olio Cafe!
The food was really good, and price worthy, as compared to Billy Bombers :/

And now here comes an array of photos with captions included!

Bottle of Olive oil which I found to be really.. interesting?

My dove ring. Stop trying to look out for finger hairs or stare at my chubby fingers. TYVM.

My primary school bestfriend, Seet Shiying (aka Shinni!)

And then the food started arriving. As per usual, appetizers are first served.

Farm Fresh Mushroom Soup

Next comes the main course.

Shiying's Beef Rendang Lasagne

My Japanese Teriyaki Chicken Steak Baked Rice.
To me, the whole acquired taste was rather unique and without disappointment, delectable.

We were too full for deserts so we headed off to watch our movie.

Red Riding Hood

You wanna know what the plot is about? You wanna know how good the movie is? You wanna know whether it is worth watching? Go watch the movie yourself then. Heh! The only comment which I will make is that this director's directing skills are definitely improving (with reference to the Twilight Saga).

9 years and still counting on!

Alright. Abrupt ending. I'm tired. Goodnight.

And yes, I dyed my hair. Something which I once said that I'll never do. I guess people and their thoughts, mentality and decisions, do change afterall.

Say no evil, hear no evil, TOUCH no evil

After a tiring day of work, I came home, sat down infront of the television for a little entertainment and relaxation, and as you know how our local tv is dominated by advertisements, an advertisement flashed across my televsion screen and I realised something really amusing...

There is an old joke that..

Hello Kitty has no mouth.

Doraemon has no ears.

Well, here is something new (to me, at the very least).

Mr. Bean has no hands.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Just what I needed after a long day of work. A hearty laughter!

And I thought hello new shoes, byebye them blues.

Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right. I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling, it's so inviting. Oh, short on money, but long on time, slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine, and I'm running late, and I don't need an excuse...

Cause I'm wearing my brand new shoes.

Errr just in case you are wondering, this entry isn't gonna be about shoes even though I would love to spam an entry filled with pictures of shoes that I wish I could get my hands on. It is a pity though that my wallet isn't as big as my desires are :(

I should probably change the title of this entry to "Another patronizing entry" or "Another random entry", but oh well, the current title seems more fetch. Heh!

Now, on to more serious matters which actually aren't as serious as I am making them sound to be... *ahem*

On the 4th of March, after receiving my A level results and then going out with my girlfriends — Wanlin and Sujean — to Kuishinbo at Suntec City for an awesome dinner (salivating photos of my amazing dinner will be uploaded at a later date as my phone died halfway through the dinner and thus pictures of the second half of my scrumptious dinner were taken with sujean's phone instead) and a few hours of walking around Suntec City and Marina Square, I finally arrived home just a minute before the clock stroked twelve (I forgot that I had fullshift the next day, omfg!), went into my room and through the darkness, I saw something unfamiliar sitting on my table. I switched on the lights to get a better look and I nearly cried.

*sniff* Can anything be more touching than this? I love you too, mom and dad!

In case you are wondering, inside that blue box is a Ferrero Rocher. I still have not eaten it yet. I can't bear to. I think I might keep it in the box till either the chocolate goes bad or ants start swarming up my table.

My favourite liquor.

This is the smaller version which is only 200ml. The larger version was opened and was drunk finish some time ago back during the housewarming party. And now, this smaller version has been emptied by me as well. What am I to drink during late nights when I need a nice cooling alcoholic drink? :(


Note to self: Need to tell my sister to get more of it from where it came from. More as in MORE!!!! :x

And so, I have come to the end of today's entry. Xoxo