5 ways to survive studying for exams

Let's all admit it.


(Whoever that decides to be a saint and has a second opinion about this, fuck off no one cares about your shit)

I am in the midst of preparing my final exams and I would be lying if I said that it aren't a pain in my ass.

Exams are like a pressure cooker. They cook you alive... slowly

Not in Singapore man...

So here is a short guide to how you can cope with the pressure and come out of the 'cooking' alive:

1. Instant noodles will be your best friend

You can't deny that they make the best supper that your tongue, your stomach and your brain will thank you for.

2. Find YOUR song(s)

Working alone in the night is too quiet and a tad eerie for you?

Fret not, just pop on your earphones (because you are a considerate neighbour, RIGHT?) and play that music that will bring you right into your little safe space (aka your comfort zone).

Shake your booty if you want to, but just remember to close the curtains because the last thing you want is your neighbours remembering you for your butt-twerking moments.

3. Get a study buddy

Well to me, a study buddy is not someone who studies with you.

But rather, someone to bitch with you about how this exam is so dreadful, preparing for this exam is such a waste of time, you'd rather be sleeping/partying/watching TV (does anyone even still watch shows from their TV?) or YouTube videos or that show you just torrent(ed).

Someone to inject humor in these cold boring nights.

Company helps. Always.


Ha, you didn't think I would forget this did you? This is every student's essential exam survival tool!

If you aren't a coffee person like me, some substitutes would be coke (if you prefer a cold beverage) or a cup of hot green tea (ahhh..)

5. S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Get up from your seat. Stand up tall and do some simple stretches (even a lazy stretch counts). You'll find yourself a whole lot more relaxed, centered and ready to get back with the dumbass studying (remind me again, why do we have exams?)

Good luck!

2014 in a flash

Hi guys,

It is officially the 1st of January 2015, therefore HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Taken from my instagram

2014 has been an unexpected year.

I started off the year with a new year resolution that it would be the year of being 'AWESOME' again. How I came about to that resolution was because as I reflected back on the past 2 years of my life.. I felt miserable and pathetic.

I lost sight of how one's life should be led. I lost sense of how to be alive — how to feel alive. I lost my way in being one with life.

Hence I decided that I would find myself again and work towards feeling genuine joy for myself and for the very fact that, I'm alive.

With that said, so many changes occurred in my life. I learnt so many lessons that I wouldn't trade anything for. Including my break-up with Rod.

Theoretically speaking, I should be devastated about it, and perhaps even grieving still... however.. I was (and am) surprisingly cheerful and strong about it.

There were definitely moments of sadness and I had my days of crying my eyeballs out, wailing loudly "WHYYY????????".. but those days are so over.

Photo taken post-breakup: Day out at River Safari

If it aren't obvious enough, we're still besties. I'd still kick his ass anytime if he acts like a fucking immature selfish brat.

Just like how he would growl real deep, take an incredibly deep breath and mutter through his clenched teeth about what a bitch I still am.

#gottalovethisdudeman #takesmyshitanytime #hasmybackalways
#thanksamillionchicken #ioweyouforever

In this year, I've traveled THRICE!


Stayed in one of the VIP rooms in our hotel. Fuck yeah

Put my make-up on in front of a window that displayed a gorgeous mountain view

Realised what an incredibly low tolerance level I have for cold weathers *yikes*

Took more selfies than I can ever remember
(Note: this aren't a selfie but I'm posting this up anyway because I look adorable and the presence of the cat made me look even cuter! Thick-skin like that, thanks)


Fugly duck-face photo but it was either a duck face or a fat face. I chose the former (cool shades yes?)

I went white water rafting and.. I was noob enough to have somehow been thrown out of my seat during the bumpy ride, and so I flew and landed in a heap on the floor of the raft.

The rafters stared at me like "wtf just happened?!" #epicfail #soembarassing

Dressed up super prettily to take gorgeous beach photos at Hong island and guess what, 5 minutes onto the speedboat and it started to fucking POUR.

In under 2 minutes, I was completely drenched, my hair was dripping wet and without a single doubt, my makeup was ruined.


The trip was still bloody awesome though. Even though I had an episode of food poisoning induced by coconut milk. (Me and my weak stomach)

AND LASTLY, TO BANGKOK (which happened not too long ago!)
Spent my 2014 Christmas in Bangkok!

I hadn't been to Bangkok in 10 years. The last time I went, I was 11.

Bangkok wasn't so developed yet. I recall the city still being rather run down, the malls were not that fantastic but the exchange rate and the food is still as awesome as I had remembered LOL.

It was great to be back there again. The change... wow. Guess I wasn't the only one/thing growing!

That store name. Ah so apt. #stampofapproval

Le puffball was born!!!!! And I officially became an aunt #OLD

A particular granny touched my heart in ways that I could never have imagined was possible #mayyouforeverrestinpeace

That moment when she drew a geometrical shape in the trunk of the tree and with a few waves of a hand, she drew a "#", some squiggly lines and "O"s.

I asked her what she drew, and she gave me her explanation: "This is a park. There is a big tree in the middle of the park. The big tree has a hole in its tree trunk, and behind the tree lies a wooden bench, for which a man is sitting on that wooden bench."

That moment of realisation that hit me when I understood what she had drawn... I burst out in laughter not at her drawing but rather at her vivid imagination and creativity.

My heart became warmer that very instant and I have never felt more at place. Thank you granny for all the life lessons and all the love that you have showered upon me. I can never thank you enough.

And last but not least, ACADEMIC YEAR IS FUCKING OVER (good riddance)
Fucking not going back to school until I feel that I am ready to take on the student role again (which will probably not be for another half a decade at minimum)

ALL HAIL 2015!