Baby Ethan Growing Up With Nihon Ikuji Musical Play Yard

This is the best toy that was ever invented!!! As a mom to an incredibly active baby, this toy is a life saver. I’ve never loved any of Ethan’s toy as much! The Nihon Ikuji Play Yard entertains and keeps him out of trouble.

It grows with him to suit his different play needs. When he was about 6 months old, he would tumble around in it as he learns to crawl. Gradually he learnt to stand with support (from the play yard), without support... and now he is using it to learn how to walk.

This is a toy that I would like to highly recommend to all parents — for your piece of mind & the little one’s development! Read on to find out how much I truly love my Nihon Ikuji Play Yard and its benefits for MiniChew!

Nihon Ikuji Play Yard: Standing With Support
My little one loves his Nihon Ikuji Play Yard!

What we have at home is the Nihon Ikuji Premium Music 6-Panels Play Yard. I got it just as Ethan was learning how to crawl, and let me tell you... the play yard is bloody useful!

My active baby was tumbling about everywhere!! Fortunately the play yard came with an exact fit mat and if it weren’t for their quality foam, he would have had bruises everywhere!

Nihon Ikuji Play Yard: Playing Safely In The Play Yard
Baby Ethan playing safely by himself in the play yard

The Exact Fit Play Mat is scalable and prevents the play yard from being shifted.

Nihon Ikuji Play Yards are made of an unbeatable quality! With strict quality control and the use of superior materials, it is no wonder why this is the best selling play yard in Japan and in Singapore. My 6-panels play yard can be easily converted to a 4-panels one with an exact fit mat because that is how scalable their product is, to suit different space needs. No matter how you expand or collapse the yard, the play mat will always be an exact fit!

Ethan loves the Musical Toy Panel the most as it offers lots of educational, enriching & developmentally-stimulating activities to meet his curiosity needs!

Nihon Ikuji Play Yard: Spinner Ball
At 6 months, he loved to roll the Transparent Large Spinner Ball.

At 7 months, he liked playing with the Peekaboo Sliding Door & pressing the button for the musical package – rotating between the different 24 melodies!

At 8 months, he liked using his little fat fingers to spin the interlocking cog system.

Nihon Ikuji Play Yard: Phone System
At 9 months, he is obsessed with removing the phone handset from the play panel — and it is pretty funny to see him use his 九牛二虎之力 to pull it out. Got stance some more, like he will get into a 扎马步 posture and tug at the hand set really hard!

The musical play panel helps to improve his attention span, memory, motor skills, visual activity, sense of self and nervous system development. As he grows, he discovers more activities that he can do with the play panel!

If it weren’t for this play yard, I don’t think Ethan would have learnt how to stand and walk so quickly. He started standing at 7 months — holding the yard’s fence for support, practising his leg and core muscles. It wasn’t long before he had no need for the fence, he could achieve static standing independently. I was a proud mama then, and an even prouder mama ‘cos my baby boy is walking at 10 months.

He started cruising (walking while holding onto objects for support) at around 8 1/2 months. Then he started releasing his hands, taking his first steps. Now my little one is able to walk from one end to the other end of the Play Yard without support! Who needs a walker now?

Learning how to walk – with the Nihon Ikuji Play Yard!

You’re probably wondering... wouldn't the Play Yard shift if he is using it for support? I don't know about other play yards in the market, but I do know that my Nihon Ikuji Play Yard is the sturdiest! It has 2 3M™ anti-slip texturised rubber pads beneath each panel and connector to prevent the play yard from slipping off its place. Making it safe for my baby to practise his standing & walking!

The Nihon Ikuji Play Yard comes in various different colours and versions to choose from, including Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar version.

Nihon Ikuji Play Yard: Self Play
We usually leave a bunch of toys in the play yard and it would keep Ethan entertained (in a safe zone) for quite awhile!

I’ve heard them say, that I can get plastic balls and throw them in the Play Yard to make a ball pit. I might get some balls and try that because my little one really likes ball pits — plus it helps to further improve his gross motor skills too! Did I forget to mention that I love ball pits too? Haha! I might just hop into the yard and join in my little one... since the play yard is big enough anyway!

If you are thinking of getting your baby a toy that they would truly enjoy, then get the Nihon Ikuji Play Yard! This an investment worth every dime and penny! You can use it for so long, baby discovers something new about the play yard at every stage of their development and it serves so many purposes.

You can get your Nihon Ikuji Play Yard from their flagship counter at Bove or their website here.

For the latest product updates, check out their facebook page Play Yard & Play Mat or Premium Baby Hub. You can also check out their Instagram account @mynihonikuji.

Have fun with your little one, mummies!