Between the occasional slight upward turn of the corners of my lips and the frequent unknown water droplets wetting my cheeks

Lately, I am accustomed to walking around shopping malls on my own. I didn't feel that much of an oddball, which was what I thought I would look like if I were to go shopping alone. It really isn't that bad.

I like the peace and serenity; being able to encapsulate myself in my world of thoughts as I walked in and out of any shop which might appear appealing to me. It is pretty fun in a way. However, when it comes to buying stuff, and I've got a whole variety staring straight back at me, that would be one of the moments when I wish that I had someone with me to help me out. In the past, I would have simply pulled out my phone, text "Blue or white?", "Tigger or eeyore?", "Roses or hearts?" and etc., then he would give me his suggestions and opinions. I can't do that anymore.. So! I end up facing the shelf for a really long time, picking up one item, then placing it back, picked another item, placed it back, then I would pick up the first item again. I am so indecisive! (Lol)

Anyway, I was waiting for my bus one day, when I saw a rainbow! Not the kind you see in the sky, it is more of an 'artificial' rainbow? You know.. Light passes through a transparent material (eg. glass), the many colours in the spectrum of light gets divided due to the medium, hence the formation of a rainbow. Or something somewhere along that line. This sounds kiddy, but I was thrilled to see the rainbow! Especially one which I could 'hold' in my hands. So I whipped out my phone and started snapping pictures as discreetly as I could. I know that this auntie at the busstop saw me, and she gave me this weird look. Needless to say, I ignored her. (LOL)


One day, bestie asked me, "Can you tell me what you want for your birthday so my life can be made easier?" I replied him that I didn't know what I want for my birthday yet. During one of my alone shopping trips, I spotted this pluto in one of the shops. Mad love for it I tell you. Instantaneous love for it. One of those epic moments when I wanna just grab this pluto, head for the cashier, pay for it, leave the shop, hugging this adorable huggable soft plush toy, without even considering about the numerous soft toys which I already have at home. So yes, big hint ok bestie!! I feel like such a total sucker now. HAHA!

Reiterate scene from Despicable Me: It's so FLUFFY!!!! I'm gonna die! (cuddles pluto in ecstasy)

Picture says it all man. GELÁRE!!! To-die-for.

I swore to myself, to treat myself to a tiny cup of this awesome ice-cream once a month. I'm always picking the same flavor, be it in Singapore or in Perth. Nothing can be more heavenly than this. And it never fails to make my day, even if that day happens to be the suckiest day of my life.

When I was having my share of Geláre this month while walking home, I felt odd. Plainly because I passed by 3 people having MacDonald's Oreo McFlurry ice-cream, and I was savouring my awesome Geláre cookies-and-cream ice-cream. The ice-cream they were having, and the ice-cream I was having, was in fact, the same. However, their portion was a hell lot bigger and the price was 2 and a half times cheaper than mine. Then again, it's Geláre dude! Even if you say that I'm stupid and it is so not worth it, I'm still keeping to my promise. September is coming!!

Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre, Geláre.


Comparative Advantages

"Love is like economics, all about comparative advantages. If you have the comparative advantage, good for you! If you don't, start considering re-structuring or a transition to another industry in which you have a comparative advantage. And, if you wanna stay in love, know how to sustain your comparative advantage, be perfectly competitive and innovative."

The world is all about economics man. Love is no exception either. Perhaps this is why men humans are fickle-minded creatures; we cheat, we lie, all in the name of love. It is not a wonder why marriage is now a forbidden subject to some couples, and happily ever after seems more like a fairytale rather than reality even though there are so many exemplary role models in our lives, eg. our parents, our grandparents. If your parents are divorced, or your grandfather has more than one wife (that includes mistresses and concubines), then I'm sorry that this situation is inapplicable for your case.

Too much econs lately. I can't wait for prelims to be over. I NEED TO SHOP. More shorts, more shirts, more dresses, more skirts, more accessories, more money.

Diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva, diva.
I'm coming for you. I'll be there with a fat wallet and empty hands, I'll walk out of the place as a pauper carrying bags worth of precious goods. Wait for me, I'm coming!


Bitter gourd

Feeling as bitter as a bitter gourd. I hate feeling bitter, which is why I've never liked bitter gourds.
This feeling sucks. Bitter gourd sucks.

Say oh oh oh, baby la la la la la. Say oh oh oh, honey la la la la la.

4 Minutes - "What A Girl Wants".
I first heard their songs at the YOG celebration @ Marina Bay; 4 Minutes came to Singapore specially to perform that night. And now, I'm addicted to this song of theirs. Listened to it while showering. Listened to it while doing work. Listening to it while writing this entry now. Ohmygosh, it's so good!
-grooving to the music-


Two words. Buddy, LOL.


Say oh oh oh, baby la la la la la. Say oh oh oh, honey la la la la la.

Shit. I'm so temperamental. I was so upset a few moments ago. And now I'm smiling to myself. Forget all the shitty things in life and focus on all the good things like cheery songs, Buddy and my girlfriends. To all the shitty issues and shitty people, fuck out of my life. And this goes out specially to my shitty phone, fuck you for going haywire on me, I can't wait to say goodbye to you. Stupid phone.

Tomorrow is photo-taking day. Home tutor is insane. He wants me to wreck my brains and come up with a creative pose, like us bending to form the numbers '3' and '6', or somewhere along that line. He doesn't want the traditional 3 rows, shortest in the front sitting, tallest at the back standing, average height standing in between the both. I swear the class is going to go nuts tomorrow. Furthermore, he wants us to take more informal shots tomorrow which means I've got to charge my extra camera battery tonight because I've been using my camera a hell lot the past two days. You've got to know, I love my Canon camera.


To the blue shirt guy: Hi. I want to ask you, why did you keep spying on me. I wish I had a chance to tell you, "I think you are cute". I hope I'll somehow get to see you again.

The Japanese thousand paper cranes legend and the American first star of the night legend sounds really good now. I could use that little bit of wishing/blessing.

I feel so random.

I Hate You

This is why I swore I will never be like you. This is why I swore I will never let anyone be like me. This is why I hate you.

Got nowhere to run to, got nowhere to hide. If I could, I would scream out all the injustice till I lose my voice. If I could, I would cry away all the sorrows till I turn blind. If I could, I would yank out all the problems till I become bald. If I had one wish, that would be for time to turn back and for you to come back.
All the 'if's just goes to show how bitter life can be.

Do you not have any basic sense of conscience? I don't think you do.

(Post) Beach

Had a mini-picnic. He brought sushi and fattening cheesecake. I swear, he is trying to make me fat. First the icing on the cupcakes, and now the cheesecake. Roar!

I have never had sushi for picnic before, it was a nice surprise. Picnic always meant sandwiches to me, and I am never a lover of bread. So yes, my vote goes to sushi.

He bought strawberry cheesecake specially for me, because he says girls like pink. Dude, I like white. But I like milk chocolate, not white chocolate.

The most ironical thing is, the cheesecake has got no cake. It's all just cheese. Cheese, and more cheese, and more fattening cheese. Did I mention that he bought me 2 cups of this cheesecake? Ok, I just did. More cheese.

I have to admit though, the strawberry cheesecake was nice. Have yet to try the other one (chocolate) though - I brought it home and had it refrigerated - maybe I will tomorrow, provided if my sister doesn't realise that there is cheesecake in the fridge.

I love the sun. He was super scared of it though. He even brought whitener and sunblock of SPF50. I only smeared a light layer of sunblock SPF30 on my face before I left the house. And I thought girls were the ones who were supposed to be all paranoid of getting tanned and wanting to remain all pale and porcelain-skinned, whereas boys were all into getting tanned and golden. Ironical much. Complete opposites. Well, he is pretty tanned already and I am so pale, so I guess a little sunshine wouldn't harm me, however, he will turn into a bangala if he stays in the sun for another second (No, he didn't turn into bangala at the end of the day).

It felt nice taking some time out to spend with my buddy on the beach. We talked about almost everything, and I managed to get some issues off my chest. Also, the venue was the beach. It's been a long time since anyone bothered to pause and listen to me talk, without interrupting me and giving me the kind of irritated/annoyed/desperate-for-me-to-stop-talking feeling. As the sea breeze blew on me, I could feel it carrying all my troubles, frustrations and tears away with it as well. I felt alive.

This trip to the beach is definitely worth it, in every single sense. It wasn't such a bad thing, afterall.

P.S. You don't see any pictures of him because he didn't want it uploaded. Sorry!

(Pre) Beach

I hate the way how Xianyao has the capability of making me feel guilty with his blog and his choice of words. Hence, I'm going to the beach later on in the day, to bask in the sun's rays, take in a decent share of Vitamin D and spend some time with him.


The Road Ahead

I just thought my world would be a better place if you and you were in it. Go if you want to, I won't stop either of you anymore. Both of you are irreplaceable, but definitely substitutable.

There are limits to everything in life. This is my limit. I am human afterall.

Farewell Lawnbowls

When people ask me, "What is your CCA?". I would often pause awhile before replying, "Umm.. Lawnbowls?"
(Note: I ended my sentence with a question mark and not a full-stop!) Perhaps it is because I knew the question which was bound to come next, or would never come at all because the other party was too shy to ask, "What is lawnbowls..?".

There is only one person I knew who did not asked me that question, and he knew about the sport. That person was kenny's dad. I could remember his answer when he heard that my CCA was lawnbowls, "Oh! That is a very English sport!" He sounded amazed that I took up lawnbowls. I was taken aback by his reaction and his answer. I had never imagined a person in the world to actually know about that sport! Furthermore, one who has never played it before but has heard of it before. Most people come to know about the sport after playing it. So yes, my surprise is understandable.

During my close to 2 years of lawnbowling, I made a few friends. One of them, became one of my best girlfriends ever, her name is Joey. I could share my most intimate thoughts with her, go shopping with her, do crazy stuff with her, dream about the impossible with her, gossip with her, bitch with her, go crazy with her, time with her is always awesome! Another thing which made me grow really close to her was her being there for me whenever I needed a friend to confide to, especially during that crucial period of time. She is definitely on my 'Sisters' list.

After 1 year of lawnbowling, the J1s came in. These 2 jokers were the first ones to enrol in the CCA. They were like me, they came into the CCA only for the brilliant resume. Reason why I called them jokers? Because since day 1, they fagging lied to me about their names. Aaron told me that his name was Darren and Darren told me that his name was Aaron. And I, foolishly believed them. It isn't my fault ya know! Aaron looks like a Darren and Darren has an Aaron face too. Even Coach couldn't tell them apart! And so, whenever Coach wanted to call one of them, he would call both of them together! "Aaron! Darren! Come here!!" It was always a hilarious sight to hear both their names being called at the same time. I learnt the truth only about half a year later? Yes, I know, I am a fool. Those 2 jokers had such a fun time seeing me make a mockery of myself. Even till now, even though I know both their names, I would still hesitate awhile and think whether I am calling the right person before I actually voice their names out loud.
I must say that I am really glad that these 2 jokers decided to join lawnbowls, because without them, my second year in lawnbowls would have been terribly boring. So yes, thank you jokers for joining lawnbowls, and I will forgive the two of you for having made a mockery out of me for about half a year. That includes all the cranky jokes about (seven-thirty) and (eight o'clock). -Grumbles-


As time passes, everything is coming to an end. The Prelims are nearing. Graduation night is 2 months away. A levels are just that wee bit further away.

It's been 5 months....

Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010: Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame

Photos taken from here on are creditted to my fabulous cousin, Shaoning (:

My support runners aka 'bodyguards'.

Whole bunch of strangers rushing forward to take pictures with me.
This uncle kept coming forward to take pictures with me even though he took plenty lot already.

One of the bodyguards wanted to take a picture with me too!! If you think he is cute, I'm sorry to say that I (sadly) do not have his name. :(

Ning stopped taking pictures of me and the whole bunch of strangers who rushed forward to take pictures with me. Totally understandable because there were a hell lot of people! I was absolutely shocked to see the massive crowd.

Some of the bodyguards saw and tried to make a joke out of it. But, it kind of backfired on them.
'Wah! You are quite popular around this area huh!!'
'Erm.. I don't live in this area.'
'HUH? Then where do you live at??'
-Bodyguards turned and stared at one another with goldfish eyes-
-Me shrug my shoulders and turned back to the face crowd with a smile plastered on my face-

I could so get used to plastering a smile on my face. Nothing bad about it. Practise makes perfect. Get me more practices to work on.

And if only I could be equally hardworking and willing when it comes to my academics.

One of the coolest thing was that I got to lit my torch from the lantern! How awesome is that?!

Don't laugh. It was a protocol. I was told to wave before running.


When I heard the organizers saying how lucky I was and how this would truly be a once in a lifetime experience which I would never forget for the rest of my life (Except my big wedding day, of course!), I knew what they meant literally, but until the day itself, until I ran my lap of the relay, then did I truly apprehend the words they said..

Before the run, I felt like some mega-shot celebrity as many strangers jostled forward to take pictures with me and the torch! I was blinded by the flashes from the cameras (even though it was broad daylight and they didn't really need the extra light to get a good picture), and very much confused because I didn't know which camera to face!! Everyone wanted a snapshot of me! It was truly an angelina-jolie moment.

And I wondered... How on earth do those celebrities smile for hours. My cheeks ached from all the smiling. But still, the feeling was GREAT!!! It is not everyday that you get to feel like a superstar!

During the run, I felt a gentle breeze of wind blowing against my face, I heard the crowd cheering me on, I saw everyone's eyes set on me. I had all of their attention. The aunties were screaming 'jiayou!', and the uncles were leaning out of their vehicles shouting 'Run run run!!'. Everyone was so enthusiastic! I could feel their excitement along with mine. Well, minus the part that my supporters kept telling me to run faster. I didn't want to run faster! I wanted to enjoy every little bit of the precious moments. Afterall, I only had a mere couple of minutes with the torch and the oh-so-brilliant olympic flame. But, I still ran faster. I am such a good sport.

Before I knew it, I was done running 200m (Thank you 2111 for not turning up on that glorious day). Everything lasted for only a brief few minutes, everything ended so soon.. in a way. I made friends, I took pictures, I've got a certificate, a cool pin, and my torchbearer uniform to remind me of all that has happened. The memory will last forever, etched in my mind.

Like what my mother says, "When you are 70 years old, you will pull out the pictures, the certificate, the pin and the uniform, and tell your grandchildren... 'I was one of the lucky 2,400 torchbearers chosen to run the first Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame for the inaugural Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010.' "


I can't believe I stayed up to write this entry and I've got school tomorrow morning. Goodnight.