Mr & Mrs Maxwell's: The Coolest Flambé Desserts That You Can Find In Singapore

Mr & Mrs Maxwell's
28 Ann Siang Rd, The Club
Singapore 069708

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Contact: (+65) 6808 2181
Operating hours: Sun-Thurs (7am-11pm); Fri-Sat (7am-12mn)

Mr & Mrs Maxwell's is one of the four restaurants located in The Club – an affordable luxury boutique hotel with a unique focus on F&B options available within the 4-storey heritage building.

The creation of this restaurant was inspired by the travels and adventures of a couple known as "Mr & Mrs Maxwell", and the food that is up for selection has been influenced to a certain extent by the couple.

From well-loved classics to unexpected alcholic milkshakes, this eatery serves excellent desserts that are bound to have you exclaiming with every dish served.

Piña Colada Breakfast Shake
Inspired by their travels: pineapple and vanilla ice cream blended, topped with malibu and dark rum

Vodka Peanut Butter
A creation of the classic peanut butter and banana pairing with a vodka twist

Baked Alaska ($16)
Baked ice cream topped with two layers of cotton candy, flambéd when served

Grand Marnier Soufflé ($16)
A recipe perfected by Mrs Maxwell, with an alcoholic twist
(Waiting time of 20 minutes required)

Crêpe Suzette *Live Station* ($16)
A favourite dessert from their Paris travels, flambéd with orange liqueur

Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

If you are looking for a cool place to impress your friends (or girlfriend/boyfriend), this is the place.

The ambience of the eatery takes you far away from the moment that you step foot in; you'll feel cozy and relaxed and with the interesting variety of drinks available – such as their Piña Colada Breakfast Shake and Vodka Peanut Butter Shake – it wouldn't be long before your guests start telling you "Hey, good intro of a place! Thanks!"

The eatery offers all-day breakfast to mains suited for lunch and dinner, as well as cocktails and affordable $6 happy hour side-snacks to go with your jugs of draft beer. Needless to say, Mr & Mrs Maxwell's also offers a flaming selection of desserts that you wouldn't want to miss.

The desserts featured in this post have all been recommended by the staff of The Club, and with utmost honesty... these are the coolest desserts that I have ever seen!!

I am a huge fan of flambéd food, and with that... I have high expectations too. Nothing sucks more than when you see a food being flambéd and you go.. WAH!!! And then, none of that fine liqueur used managed to get seeped into the food. The whole point of flambé is not just for aesthetic purposes but also for the subtle taste of alcohol such that with each bite that you take, it is like... edible alcohol.

I was so glad when I took a bite each from their Baked Alaska and Crêpe Suzette, and I could taste the alcohol used swirling around my tongue lightly.

The Baked Alaska was something that I had never tried. Who bakes ice cream?! I didn't even know that ice cream could be baked, but it was a pleasant surprise! The first mouthful was smokiness from the charring, the soothing texture from the ice cream, sweetness and slight stickiness from the cotton candy, and on an ending note the after-taste of the liqueur used during the flambé.

I have immense respect for soufflés because they are so hard to bake and have them rise. So you can imagine my wow-ed expression when I was served their Grand Marnier Soufflé which stood so tall, and when I dug my spoon... the inside of the soufflé was still soft and moist! This is (hands down) my favourite dessert of the mix.

Crêpe Suzette is a french dessert consisting of crêpe with a sauce of caramelized sugar and butter, orange juice and zest, and served flambéd with orange liqueur.

*Zest: A food ingredient that is prepared by scraping or cutting from the outer, colorful skin of unwaxed citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, citron, and lime, for the adding of flavour to foods.

This is my first time trying Crêpe Suzette and I am going to be on the look-out for it if I am ever in France. Unlike your usual crêpe which might be extremely sweet, this one leans towards being more citrus-y with strong hints of orange liqueur. I like the added zest because it gave an added definition of flavour and fragrance to the crêpe.

Do check out the other restaurants located within this unique F&B-focused boutique hotel:

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Meet & Melt: The Hidden Gem Dessert Café In Tampines Which You Never Knew About

Meet & Melt
Blk 915 Tampines Street 91
#01-49, Singapore 520915

Nearest MRT: Tampines
Contact: (+65)9185 8173
Operating hours: Tue-Fri (3pm-11pm); Sat-Sun (2pm-11pm)

Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake ($14.90)

The "Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake" is specially dedicated from Mr Chan to his endearing wife.

On a hot sunny day, while Mrs Chan was complaining about the terrible weather, she craved for something minty and cold.
Mr Chan looked into Meet & Melt's kitchen & voila, out came this creation!

He served it to her like how he does for every one of their customers... slowly, steadily and lovingly.
He stacks them up nicely, drawing, creaming and decorating it.

A good 20 mins spent was proof of a husband's love to his wife of 35 years.

He has never given her flowers or presents nor do they often celebrate their anniversaries, but his romantic gesture was sufficient in expressing his loving passion for his wife.

Green Tea Toast ($12.90)

Black Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce & Salted Egg Ice Cream ($11.90)

Rating: 3.8/5

My two cents:

I have been to a fair number of dessert places thus far, but I have never met one as welcoming and loving as Meet & Melt. This dessert café is a humble family-owned business located in the heartland of Tampines.

The café has a modest décor which strays from the usual minimalistic modern vibe that most cafés would exude; it isn't eye-catching but the food is most definitely inviting. Their homemade ice creams, waffles & shibuya toasts have been made to be suitable for the very young to the very old.

It all began with the two owners, Mr and Mrs Chan, both who are loving grandparents and wanted to share their love for desserts with their young grandson. Instead of purchasing the supermarket-bought ice cream, they went onto research and create their own desserts, made using quality ingredients and thus ensuring that it is a healthier choice!

Eventually their passion for creating desserts led to the opening of "Meet & Melt", which is now a favourite dessert place for families and friends (who know about the place) to gather and bond.

I was impressed by the quality of their ice cream and could barely believe that all which I have eaten were made from their kitchen. The ice cream was rich in flavour and fresh – you've never had ice cream until you have ever eaten them fresh!

Their shibuya toast was thick and savoury (unlike the usual sweet toast that I've had) as the inside of each toast cube was carefully and meticulously coated with butter. Each cube was crispy but yet soft and moist on the inside.

When consuming their "Green Tea Toast", do note to consume a little of everything on the plate with each mouthful as they aren't just there for decoration. The azuki beans would help to balance the sweet nature of the dessert. The marshmallow is to help invoke a Japanese vibe as it is the country of origin for green tea. The cornflakes are there to give an added crunch to each bite!

As for the "Black Charcoal Waffle with Salted Egg Sauce & Salted Egg Ice Cream", wow! It can perhaps be a tad overkill with both the salted egg sauce and salted egg ice cream, but the combination leads to a strong punch in the salted egg flavour which would remind you of salted egg crabs!

If you are looking for a minty refreshing drink, do try their "Kinder Bueno Mint Chocolate Milkshake". The drink is a masterpiece on its own with the stacking of each layer of treats.

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Brother Bird Café: Your Back-To-Basic Dessert Café Serving Artisanal Soft-Serve Ice Cream With Donuts

Brother Bird Café
30 Bali Lane, Stateland Café
Singapore 189866

Nearest MRT: Bugis
Contact: (+65) 9800 7628
Operating hours: Daily except Tuesday, 12pm to 10pm

Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve With Matcha and White Chocolate Burst ($15)

Cookie Butter Soft Serve With Raspberry and Rose Flavour Burst ($15)

Rating: 3.9/5

My two cents:

Brother Bird is a quaint dessert café – famous for their eccentric "shit"-looking soft serve ice cream (no pun intended) – located within the same premises as Stateland Café along Bali Lane.

The unique appearance of their soft serve began when the owners decided to stray away from the usual star tip nozzle and opted for a circular one instead; that decision led to their current signature soft serve look.

To keep themselves competitive in the fierce F&B industry, Brother Bird would invest and create new flavours every 3 months and what you see above is their latest flavours. Out of the two that I have tried, I can't help but to lean towards their "Cookie Butter Soft Serve With Raspberry and Rose Flavour Burst".

Cookie butter soft serve is all the rage now, not only at Brother Bird but at other cafés too. The taste of such ice cream is similar to speculoos spread. Anyone who is a fan of the popular caramel biscuit/sauce sold at llaollao would fancy this ice cream as well! As for the raspberry and rose burst mochi donut, it oozes out a raspberry filling (when cut) and the berry flavour complements really well with their cookie burst ice cream.

I would consider the "Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve With Matcha and White Chocolate Burst" to be one of an acquired taste. The pumpkin flavoured soft serve is rich in flavour and contained a tinge of natural sweetness from the fruit. As for the matcha and white chocolate burst, unfortunately I could not taste any white chocolate due to the overpowering presence of the matcha.

Do note that when I tried the pumpkin pie soft serve, the owner was still using locally-produced pumpkins. As of now, the pumpkins used in the soft serve are imported from Japan, thus you can expect more sweetness from the current batch of pumpkin soft serve.

I would highly recommend this dessert café to anyone who is looking for an interesting place serving unique desserts, and it would be best to go during weekday late afternoons if you should wish to avoid battling a crowd.

Fart Tartz Café: The Unique Garden-Themed Café Serving Food In Jars At Singapore Expo

fArt tArtz
1 Expo Drive, Singapore Expo
Max Atria Level 2, Singapore 486150

Nearest MRT: Expo
Operating hours: Mon-Thurs (9am to 6pm); Fri-Sun (9am to 8pm)

Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread ($15.90)
An oriental palatable entrée: Golden chicken chunks topped with house-made salted egg sauce, sandwiched between two crispy flatbreads

Chilled Chyepoh Capellini ($12.90)
Chilled pasta topped with savoury chyepoh and sweet bak kwa, with a dash of spring onions and sesame seeds

Phanaeng Kari Pasta ($13.90
An ambrosial thai-inspired pasta with a mild fusion curry base, topped with sautéed chickn chunks and seethed with kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, herbs and spices

No-Bake Desserts

Hand crafted No-Bake desserts from the heart.
Healthier creations made without compromising on taste.
Simple goodness with a perfect balance on sweetness and flavour.
A kitchen of love that adheres to the philosophy of using only the freshest quality ingredients.

From Left to Right: "Chocolate Banana", "Thai Milk Tea", "Sea Salt Nutella"

Chocolate Banana Tart ($6.80)

Thai Milk Tea Tart ($6.80)

Sea Salt Nutella Tart ($6.80)

Rating: 4.1/5

My two cents:

This café is one which I can truly say that I have seen it grow. My first visit to the cafe was in June 2014, and after a few months I was invited back again to try out more of their then-latest creations.

From then till now, I have popped by a couple of times when I am in the vicinity to enjoy a good cup of tea and a nice jar of dessert. This place has always felt like 'home' – not due to my familiarity with it but rather because of its good interior design that manages to invoke a sense of comfort and relaxation within me.

Fart Tartz has kept itself up-to-date in the latest food trends by creating their own rendition of the latest food craze (with a little twist). Featured in this post is a few of their latest creations and out of the mix, my favourites would be "Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread", "Chilled Chyepoh Capellini" and "Sea Salt Nutella Tart".

The chef of Fart Tartz has paid special details to the salted egg sauce used in the "Goldie Egg Chix Flatbread" and has opted to make the sauce herself instead of buying the premade ones available for purchase in the market. As a result, you can taste the grainy texture of salted egg yolk as well as the rich authentic flavours emanating from the sauce.

As for the "Chilled Chyepoh Capellini", I had doubts about it when I first saw it on the menu. I mean c'mon man... who would think of having chyepoh with pasta, and having it served chilled?! Nonetheless this chilled pasta has been a refreshing treat, which got me sending forkful after forkful of pasta straight into my mouth. If you are a fan of chilled pasta, you should definitely try this out!

The "Sea Salt Nutella Tart" is made for nutella lovers. With large chunks of finger biscuits, you can easily spoon mouthfuls of creamy nutella topped with crumbled biscuits straight into your mouth. If you are worried about it being too sweet, fret not as the owner has added granules of sea salt to combat the sugar level of this sweet treat! This tart-in-jar is bound to send you straight to nutella heaven!

Don't forget to pay them a visit whenever you are at Singapore Expo, and if you are an Eastie, there is lesser of a reason for you to not visit Fart Tartz Café!

Get the latest update on their menu through their Facebook page or feed your eyes with their latest food creation on Instagram.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Fart Tartz Café.

Travel Guide: 10 Things That You Must-Do In Macau And Shouldn't Miss Out On

A couple of months back, I was sent by The Influencer Network on a sponsored trip to Macau. Since then, I have been asked several times by different people...

What's there to do at Macau?
Only got gambling and shopping what, no meh?

Well, I have been asked those questions so many times that I have decided to come up with a simple list of 10 items that you can do in Macau. Do note that I was only there for 3 days, and I probably spent half that amount of time attending to business-related affairs.

However within the short span of time that I was shown around Macau, it proved to me that the island is a hidden gem awaiting to be explored. Read on to find out what I have uncovered thus far.

#1| Staying At Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel

If you haven't read my travel article on Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel (posted on AspirantSG),
check it out here

Ok fine, so this isn't exactly a thing to 'do' but rather more of a place to stay.

Sheraton Grand Macau Hotel is the largest hotel in both Macau and the Sheraton chain. It was also recently awarded with its 'grand' title, which meant that guests can expect a more premium and luxurious service that would have you feeling classy and pampered like a king/queen.

The hotel offers turndown service, thus guests can return to a warm and cozy room after a long day of activities and feel right at home. Wouldn't you like to feel comfortable and spoilt after a long day out exploring?

Executive Deluxe Suite – Sleeping Quarters

Master Bathroom

Living and Dining Room

Entertainment Room

Address: Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macau
Contact: +853 2880 2000

#2| Having Breakfast With The DreamWorks Gang

You are never too old for themed breakfast parties.

Similar to the one at Disneyland, Sheraton has teamed up with the DreamWorks team to present this incredible breakfast experience!

Families can snap photos with their favourite DreamWorks animation characters – we're talking about "Kungfu Panda", "Shrek", "Madagascar", "How To Train Your Dragon" – whilst having a scrumptious international breakfast buffet whipped up by the skilful chefs from Sheraton.

Contact: +853 8113 0398

  • Adult – HKD/MOP 238+ per person
  • Children – HKD/MOP 138+ per person
  • Family Package – HKD/MOP 688+ (3 adults & 1 Child at age 4-12)
  • Guests booked with breakfast included rates / packages can upgrade existing breakfast to Shrekfast for HKD/MOP 100+ per person

#3| A Photo At "Ruins Of St. Paul"

Macau has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is home to over 20 UNESCO Heritage Sites and as described by UNESCO, the place "bears witness to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West, based on the vibrancy of international trade".

The "Ruins of St. Paul's" is just one of the many heritage sites present in Macau.

One of the items on my bucket list is to travel to all of Macau's UNESCO Heritage Sites and curate a post with the working title "20 Instagram-Worthy Shots Taken At UNESCO Heritage Sites In Macau". That would be so cool, don't ya think?

Address: Rua de São Paulo, Macau, China
Contact: +853 6238 6441
Opening Hours: Daily, 9am-6pm

#4| Instagram-Worthy Shots At Taipa and Coloane Village

When travelling, nothing is more important than taking Instagram-able photos. A photo is worth a thousand words, right?!

Taipa Village and Coloane Village are the only two existing villages left in Macau, and with the traditional shophouses and quaint cobbled streets, every alley in the village is an Instagram-worthy spot.

Both villages are home to Portuguese architecture and Mediterranean influences, along with a blend of Chinese architecture, hence making the two places to be culturally diverse landmark destinations and an ideal nostalgic melting pot of East and West.

You would be a fool to not spam #OOTD pictures in either of the two villages!

Address: Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Macau, 999078 Taipa, Ilhas, Macau
Contact: +853 2857 6083

Address: Rue da Cordoaria, Coloane, Macau

#5| Explore Their Local Cafés

The café culture in Macau is stronger than you think.

Albeit the food choices aren't like the ones we see here in Singapore (eg. egg benedicts, all-in American breakfast, pancakes and waffles) but that is the interesting part about the cafés there!!

The Macanese have their own interpretation of café food and most of it are inspired by Portuguese cuisine.

Take this egg pudding for instance. It is cleverly cracked open to retrieve the contents of the egg, followed by the creation of the pudding mix, which is then poured back into the egg shell for baking.

That is a mighty amount of effort put into an egg pudding! Not to mention the café owner has created more than one flavour of this egg pudding – such as chocolate, matcha, coffee and the classic original flavour.

Address: 67 Rua dos Clerigos, Taipa, Vila de Taipa
Operating hours: Mon-Sun (12pm-9.45pm), Off-day on Tuesdays
Contact: +853 6669 5610

#6| Macau's Coconut Sorbet Is Better Than Thai Coconut Ice Cream

So, you are a HUGE fan of the coconut ice cream from Thailand, and you think that it is the best in the world with nothing else coming close to being its second?

You are so damn wrong, because you have yet to try the Coconut Sorbet from Macau.

The Macanese coconut sorbet is like having an icy version of an actual coconut, minus the sugar and cream. I could eat this all day and all night, especially on a hot summer day (someone in Singapore, please bring this fantastic dessert over!)

Address: 14 Rue da Tercena, Macau
Operating hours: Daily, 10am-6pm
Contact: +853 2892 0944

#7| So You've Had Portuguese Egg Tarts, But What About Bird's Nest Portuguese Egg Tarts?

These egg tarts are THE BOMB. You can find Portuguese egg tarts at almost every corner in Macau, but finding these ones with Bird's Nest are RARE.

I found it to be comparably less sweet than its regular counterparts, but what struck me the most is the difference in the texture of the egg custard, where the bird's nest has been beaten into the egg mixture.

I would highly recommend it since it is after all a rare pastry to find in Macau!

Address: 13-14 Rua do Regedor, Taipa Island, Macau
Operating hours: Daily, 7am-6pm
Contact: +853 2882 7313

#8| Try Macanese Cuisine

I always strongly believe that you have never actually been to a place, unless you have had their local cuisine.

Macanese cuisine is strongly influenced by Portuguese cuisine, and "A Lorcha" is a great place to go if you are looking to try some authentic Macanese cuisine.

A Lorcha serves delicious kale soup and seafood mixed rice cooked Portuguese style, and Serradura (meaning: sawdust) which is a Portuguese dessert that you shouldn't miss out on! Scroll on for food photos.

Caldo Verde
(Portuguese kale soup with chouriço)

Ameijoas "Bulhão Pato"
(Clams "Bulhão Pato" style with garlic coriander and olive oil)

Ameijoas à "Espanhola"
(Clams "Spanish" style with tomato, onion, beer and garlic

Entrecosto de Vaca Grelhado, com batata frita
(Char-grilled beef spare ribs with chips)

Arroz de Marisco à Portuguesa
(Mixed seafood rice, Portuguese style)

(Milk and cream pudding topped with crumbled biscuits)

*Serradura (meaning "sawdust") derived its name from the crumbled biscuits scattered atop the pudding, and when consumed the crumbled biscuits provide a texture resembling fine sawdust.

Address: Rua do Almirante Sergio Nº289 AA R/C Macau, Macao, China
Operating hours: Daily except Tuesday, 12.30pm-3pm & 6.30pm-11pm
Contact: +853 2831 3193

#9| Explore The Underground Pathways On The Cotai Strip

Most, if not all, hotels on the Cotai strip are linked by connecting pathways and you should check it out even if you might not be interested in shopping at any of the designer stores around.

A recommended place to check out would definitely be "The Venetian" which is popular for its indoor grand canal (wide enough to fit a gondola) and the Venice-inspired interior design!

#10| Lord Stow's Portuguese Egg Tarts Is A Must-Buy Souvenir To Bring Back Home

This is THE MOST famous Portuguese egg tart in Macau, and also the creator of Portuguese egg tarts.

There are currently 7 "Lord Stow's Bakery" outlets in Macau and 3 other franchises in Hong Kong, Japan and Philippines.

You should definitely buy some of these back home for your family and friends; an egg tart is priced at S$1.50 and they can be packed into a box of six.

For ease of purchase, you can drop by the outlet at The Venetian or any that is near your hotel. But if you are curious to see the origin of Portuguese egg tarts, I'll include the address to the original bakery down below!

FYI: These babies need to be hand-carried back home, so that means no stuffing it into your luggage with your dirty clothes!

Address: 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane, Macau
Contact: (+853) 2888 2174
Operating hours: Daily, 9am-6pm

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Note: This post was sponsored by Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel and Starwood Hotels And Resorts Group.