Celebrate This Christmas and The Coming Chinese New Year with a Buffet Spread at Street 50, Bay Hotel

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is eager to put an Asian spin on its eclectic slew of Christmas classics and festive signature dishes this holiday season. You can expect things like Turkey Rendang, Masala Slipper Lobster, Balinese Roast Beef Striploin and more. This is a fusion Christmas buffet that you wouldn't wanna miss!

Street 50's Christmas Buffet is also a great venue for those looking to gather with your loved ones to celebrate the end of another year and the beginning of a new one, and because Chinese New Year is happening real soon next year I've got an additional surprise at the end of the post that you should definitely check out! Read on for more info.


Oyster Shooters

Mango, Scallops and Prawns Cevicche in Thai Palm Sugar Dressing

Winter Vegetables Mini Tarts

Mussels in Garlic Butter

Baked Scallops with Cheese

Cajun Prawns

Ikan Cincaru Sumbat Sambal

Masala Slipper Lobster

Turkey Rendang, Italian Herb Seafood Rice

Christmas Carvings: Tandoori Turkey Breast, Balinese Roast Beef Striploin, Honey Baked Chicken Ham

Chendol Christmas Eggnog

Cranberry Poached Pear with Red Wine

Short review:

Point to note, during the tasting I was served only a minority percentage of the dishes on the Christmas buffet menu, and in this post, I featured only the few dishes that stood out to me during the tasting. With only these few dishes, I am impressed by their creativity for this festive season.

Asian-Western fusion dishes do not always go right and fortunately STREET 50 has nailed this one. My fan-favourites are the Cajun Prawns, Italian Herbs Seafood Rice, Masala Slipper Lobster (note: it may be too spicy for some) and Tandoori Turkey Breast.

I like how STREET 50 has incorporated a mix of fusion and classical dishes to their Christmas menu – it's like a little something special but with the usuals to fall back and feel nostalgic about. They have a particular dessert, the Cranberry Poached Pear with Red Wine that really brought back the memories and has got me pining for it ever since I had that one martini glass. I find it to be the perfect finish to a satisfying Christmas buffet dinner.

ECLECTIC ASIAN Christmas & New Year Buffet Lunch and Dinner
Dates: 23-26 Dec, 30 Dec-2 Jan
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Price: (Adult) $58++, (Children 6-12yrs) $30++

ECLECTIC ASIAN Christmas Eve & New Year Eve Buffet Dinner
Dates: 24 & 31 Dec
Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Price: (Adult) $78++, (Children 6-12yrs) $40++


Street 50 CNY Menu 53

Bay Hotel Singapore’s STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is raising the game in the Year of the Rooster with auspicious home-style festive delicacies symbolizing not just one, but all the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs in their buffets from 27 to 30 January 2017.

Even the yusheng dish is specially created to have the ‘dragonbird’ significance so you can toss to abundance and fortune with the heavenly combination of the luxurious lobster meat and the nourishing goodness of bird nest. Check out some of the 12 zodiac-inspired dishes down below.

Street 50 CNY Menu 45
Lobster Yusheng with Bird Nest

Regular $38++ (up to 4 pax) and Large $68++ (8 to 10 Pax)

Street 50 CNY Menu 42
Mee Ta Mak Laksa (Zodiac: Rat)

Part of the noodle station, this mee ta mak laksa should be the first to dash to, just like the rat which comes first ahead of the other 11 Chinese zodiac signs

Street 50 CNY Menu 35
Stir fried Beef with Ginger and Kai Lan (Zodiac: Ox)

Here’s a main course to a bullish new year, this dish of baby kai lan stir-fried with young ginger slices and spring onion will be a hearty dish for beef and veggie lovers

Street 50 CNY Menu 12
Chilli Tiger Prawns (Zodiac: Tiger)

Coated with Singapore-style chilli crab paste and egg, the tiger prawns’ dish is emblematic of roaring with laughter

Street 50 CNY Menu 4
Teochew-style Steamed Rabbit Fish Fillet with Ham and Mushroom (Zodiac: Rabbit)

This steamed rabbit fish, paired with salted vegetables, tomato slices, sour plum, young ginger and red chilli is another must-have dish during the lunar new year

Street 50 CNY Menu 8
Braised Longevity Noodles with Lobster Meat (Zodiac: Dragon)

Chinese New Year is also a time to celebrate long life and braised longevity noodles with lobster meat and sze chuan paste will be the way to add many more years to your new year

Street 50 CNY Menu 28
Braised Dried Treasures Pot with Sea Cucumber and Snake Gourd (Zodiac: Snake)

Snake gourd like emerald lending appeal to the dried seafood such as the auspicious fish maw, dried oysters, mushroom, sea cucumber and fa cai in a pot, it is a Chinese New Year dish not to be missed

Street 50 CNY Menu 40
Yam Paste with Water Chestnuts and Gingko Nuts (Zodiac: Horse)

Last but not least, cap off the sumptuous buffet with this divine dessert that will let sweetness and harmony linger on the whole year round

Street 50 CNY Menu 2
Mongolian-Style Grilled Lamb Chop (Zodiac: Goat)

This meaty grilled lamb chop seasoned with Chinese wine, garlic, worcestershire sauce sauce, bay leaves and fennel seeds, will let you eat to your heart’s content

Street 50 CNY Menu 32
Monkey Mushroom with Chinese Spinach (Zodiac: Monkey)

A vegetarian dish with a trio of monkey mushroom, bailing mushroom and chinese mushroom, atop a bed of Chinese spinach, makes it a must-have dish on the first day of lunar new year

Street 50 CNY Menu 26
Rock Salt Baked Chicken Thigh (Zodiac: Rooster)

With dang gui and Chinese wine, this rock sea salt-baked chicken thigh is not only rich in oriental touch but 盐 signifies 缘 or affinity of bringing people together

Street 50 CNY Menu 21
Wolfberry Drunken Herbal Chicken (Zodiac: Dog)

The hero cleverly incorporates chicken since it is the Year of the Rooster but the dish represents the Dog as the chinese word in wolfberry (枸杞) sounds like dog (狗) in Chinese. With Dang Gui or Chinese Angelica Root and Chinese wine, the dish is given a nutritious boost with a generous sprinkling of wolfberries and embellished with ginger and spring onion

Street 50 CNY Menu 17
Monkey Mushroom with Chinese Spinach (Zodiac: Monkey)

A vegetarian dish with a trio of monkey mushroom, bailing mushroom and chinese mushroom, atop a bed of Chinese spinach, makes it a must-have dish on the first day of lunar new year

To enjoy the ‘1 for 1’ buffet promotion inclusive of complimentary free-flow soft drinks and juices, do make and confirm your reservations by 4 January 2017.

For more info about STREET 50, you can easily check out their Facebook or Instagram page.

Chinese Zodiac New Year Dinner Buffet (Eve Menu)
Dates: 27 January 2017
Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Price: (Adult) $78++, (Children 6-12yrs) $40++

Chinese Zodiac New Year Lunch & Dinner Buffet (Classic Menu)
Dates: 28-30 January 2017
Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Price: (Adult) $58++, (Children 6-12yrs) $30++

Christmas Shopping At Spectacle Hut

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Cha Thai: For Affordable And Delicious Thai Food Located Conveniently At Telok Ayer MRT

Cha Thai
80 Telok Ayer Street #01-01, Singapore 048466

Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer
Contact: (+65)6636 3696
Website: Cha Thai

Cha Thai is one of the many Thai restaurants located in Singapore, but the ONLY ONE that serves authentic Phad Thai from the original recipe creator. The owner of the restaurant shared with us that her family is the original creator of the dish "Phad Thai" and this internationally-famous dish made its debut from Hua Hin Market.

Her family still owns a Phad Thai stall in Hua Hin Market, so do go check it out if you are going to Bangkok anytime soon. However if you are lazy to travel all the way there for authentic Phad Thai, just drop by Cha Thai then for a plate of original recipe Phad Thai and more!

Cha Thai Prawn Cake
Crispy Prawn Cake ($15)
Deep fried thick juicy prawn meat served with sweet plum sauce

Cha Thai Grilled Fish Cake
Grilled Fish Cake ($15)
Whole fish meat seasoned with red curry paste and herbs

Cha Thai Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad ($16)
Shredded papaya mixed with carrots, long beans, tomato and side with salted egg

Cha Thai Kai Lan Roast Pork
Sauté Kai Lan with Roasted Pork ($16)
Stir fried baby kai lan with roasted pork, garlic and oyster sauce

Cha Thai Tom Yum Soup
Thick Base Tom Yum Soup ($28)
Thick soup base created with variety of herbs with tiger prawns, mussels, fish balls and mushrooms. Soup refill available!

Cha Thai Phad Thai
Phad Thai ($22)
Stir fried noodle with original prawn phad thai sauce served with side with green mango

Cha Thai Charcoal Toast
CHA THAI Charcoal Toast ($8)
Charcoal toasted cubes with choice of pandan or thai milk tea flavoured kaya

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

I know I said that I am no longer doing food blogging, but hey good food deserves to be shared! Cha Thai served one of the best Phad Thai and Tom Yum soup that I have ever had in Singapore, and the taste is comparable to the kind that you find in Thailand.

Let's start off first by talking about the appetisers that I liked. The Crispy Prawn Cake is a must-try, I loved the crunch and the sweet plum sauce was a great way to elevate the flavours of the simple prawn cake! The Grilled Fish Cake tasted more like a giant piece of otak, and Papaya Salad was refreshing with a tinge of savoury fragrance from the added dried shrimps.

As for side dishes, both the Sauté Kai Lan with Roasted Pork and Thick Base Tom Yum Soup are definite must order! No extra description for the veg dish is needed, it is everything that you can imagine, stir-fried veg paired with crispy roasted pork. The thick-base tom yum soup was addictively SPICY and sour and the soup was so good that it is bound to get a nod of agreement from any tom yum soup lover – the kick of spice is no joke at all, do not take this heed of warning lightly!

We only got to try one main, which was the Phad Thai and that was enough! The owner explained the origin of Phad Thai to us and also took the effort to tell us more about the dish. Phad Thai is not suppose to have a 'wok hei' like our local fav char kway teow. The original rendition was created to be slightly sour from the addition of lime juice, lightly sweet and savoury, and it ends off with a umami kick!

As for dessert, we had their signature CHA THAI Charcoal Toast and boy, it was good!!! The toast was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the addition of charcoal gave it just a wee bit tinge of smoky flavour. I had a tough time deciding which of the flavoured kaya that I like better, hence I will recommend both.

On the note of servings, I would recommend 2-3 pax to order a Phad Thai, Thick Base Tom Yum Soup and a Cha Thai Charcoal toast. If you are exceptionally hungry, get a bowl of rice to be shared amongst your friends. The portion for each dish should be enough to fill all your tummies!

For more information on Cha Thai, you can check out their Facebook page or Instagram.