LEXY IS FINALLY HERE!!WOOTS!!!but......at this timing he is still sleeping and ii havent gotten a chance to see him yet..ii did tell my mom to wake me up when they're here but apparently didnt and ii couldnt get angry soo....yeah..wait till morning..but this guy is still sleeping..*snore*completely bored out here so decided to blog..hmm..maybe i'll try to get a pic of him sleeping sometime then post on my blog..WAHAHAHAHAAHA~ hmm..my poor room..gone liiaos..can onli see it door..II MISS MY ROOM!!but..fate is just like that..if mom says no room ii got to face it..no room..sob sob..nvm..onli for a few days and i'm gonna get it back..meanwhile..ii will LEARN how to love my new room..hahas..lexy arrhs..WAKE UP LARRHS..like pig lehhs..still sleeping..ii gonna be bored to death and euu still sleeping..wan whack euu lerrhs..hahas..
well..this paragraph is to hj..weii..ii'm realli sorrie okayy?those 2 things my mom gave me was nothing larrhs..have euu and everything will be fine..let time pass and nature takes it course..ii mean what ii say..and dont euu forget e promises euu have to mii arrhs..for now..throw everything behind and live life as it is..very long nv see euu smile nv see euu laugh lerrhs..even when euu walk pass me to go to the gents or to refill the waterbottle..ii dont ever see euu smiling.even if euu do..ii realise that whenever euu come u're smiling but once euu notice me..its gone..are euu trying to tell me to get out of eur life so euu can smile euu use to..that big radiant fascinating smile??if euu realli wan me to shoo..just say..ii will do anything just for you 'cause...ii just wan to see you happy and smiling..and 'cause..j'taime..
hmm..lets talk a little about school life..on friday.[20/07/2007].it was RACIAL HARMONY CELEBRATION DAY!!!soo..ii was suppose to wear an ethnic costume with pearlie..but....ii forgot to call nurmatha to bring it for mii..so oh well..[P.S.LEXUS IS FINALLY AWAKE!!!!AND HE IS FREAKING TALL..OMGGGGGGGG..currently in bathroom..]anyway..pearlie was wearing a malay ethnic costume..she was wearing habib's younger sister's one..and she look PRETTY..ii mean it..okayy..one part was also because the costume was very beautiful..purple with beads of jewel 'fake' crystals..nicee!!!but..there was one bad part bout it..it had DIRTY STAINS on it..once ii saw it..ii immdiately ask bib how can he let her wear such a costume..he said that it was his sis fault not so...yarrhs..but what kind of reply is that arrhs??stoopid bib..zzz...almost everyone around me was in ethnic costume and ii was like..err...LUCKILY..ting and naomi wasnt in ethnic costume so they pei wo..and the odd one out was none other that pearlie..hahas..in class..damen wore a japanese guy costume and he insisted to be called none other than HITACHI on that day..ridiculous..hahas..but..it was really a fun thing..during chem lesson..ms tan call damen can you tell me the ans for this qn?then he didnt reply..ms tan said again..damen??then damen finally reply..my name is not damen..my name is HITACHI!!!lols..made our whole class including ms tan roaring in laughter..then after that..ms tan kept calling damen and damen was also making a din in class..he kept..MY NAME IS HITACHI!!!lols..rather ridiculous..we were doing redox reaction for chem at that time so ms tan ask me for the ans of the counts of the oxidation..then for some he gave the wrong one[cos he calculated wrongly] so the whole class was like..ar??ms tan corrected it and say " looks like hitachi cant calculate after all! "lols..well..ii better stop here..later then continue.............................

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