okay..ii just change my flashbox..ii can no longer tahan using slim..find it very mafan..xtal still easier..hahas~
cant help being a lazy pig.x) even change my song to....GLAMOROUS~hahas..currently my no.1 rated song..mwahaahhaaha~and twinbro[hosung] AS IF EUU WONT THAT MUSHY WHEN EUU HAD A GF!bleahs..dont come and say mii lorrhs..hj..this time euu cannot scold me lerrhs..cos he was nagging me on wednesday lorrhs..hehes..back to e main point..
today 12 JULY 2007..ii am NOW [8.30PM] waiting for hj to finish his math tuition with Jo[our math tuition teacher] in like half an hour's time and i am seriously..bored to complete death and is rotting here..and am admitting that ii for once will need his help for my coordinate geometry cos i am LOUSY at BRAINLESS QUESTION such as COORDINATE GEOMETRY..it simply bores me out..ii am not surprise half e class fell asleep when ms yeo was teaching coordinate geometry and flew into a temper when she had to walk round e whole class to wake almost everybody up.i meanwhile DID NOT SLEEP..so ii manage to see her walk around and hear her knocking e desk of people and then falling into a rage and start to get super angry cos some people was taking their own sweet time in the ladies.so she gave out new MATH worksheets on [FINALLY SOME BRAIN QUESTIONS]..TRIGNOMETRY!its a whole new chapter and after reading thru the notes and attempting a few questions..ii really realise that its finally battletime against math again after months of boring math~
trignometry may seem somewhat like coordinate geometry but is realli far more interesting..all bout TOA CAH SOH..about opposite adjacent hypotenuse..ii hope ms yeo wont be angry tml so she can faster teach and ii can no longer need to draw and doodle on recycled paper and fall asleep in her class..its realli been a very very very long time since ii last pay LOTS of attention in math lessons..even nurmatha cant stand the coordinate geometry lesson lorrhs..hahas..hmm..today ms ee oso very cute.after school..while waiting for ms yeo to come for math remedial..ms ee walk and asked the people in class [ me nurmatha weeleong zhaorong tionghan vernon norman joshua terence aqil khairul kaijie] if we saw jonathan tham's english comprehension paper anywhere..we were all like huh??what paper??then before we said anything..she came and started searching herself on the teacher's desk..when she found it..she was like..ahh..there it is..then just as she step out she stop at the door and turn around and said..
" if i die one day, its not because of my obesity but its gonna be because of jonathan tham!"
then she walked away briskly.. we were all like nobody asked you of ur death or anything..but most of us were busy laughing at her admitting of her obesity.to speak e truth..ii admire the way ms ee actually admitted her obesity..if it was me..ii think ii would rather die then speak of it..HA!typical mii..
tml 13/07/2007 there is gonna be guides..and ii am PLANNING IT!!woots~however..till now..ii have ZERO IDEA of wht to do..its either OUTDOOR COOKING..which involves digging a pit or MOVIE-SCREENING..however..its impossible to get a ITR or a COMP LAB..doing it in a classroom dont seem nice at all..completely clueless now on what to do..any suggestion??doubt there is time for any anyway..soo..in a few more mins after ii end this post..ii am gonna call YANLAM!!our most famous girl in guides for her..ahem..better not say..impolite..=) oh yarr..havent call kasturi to tell her that the stupid BENEDICT wans all cip leaders to go to 3e1 for a YMCA-meeting..hmm..BB didnt even get in and he said they did..they did onli cos of ERIC SAW lorrhs..dunno proud of what..oso not their doing..is eric saw's doing lorrhs..even if they sent proposal ii doubt can get in lorrhs..bleahs..anyway..time running out so ii am cutting short this..

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