LEXUS. as promised, photos of our grandmother's birthday celebration.


our grandfather and his some of his belles (:
Keiron, Jessica's eldest son.

yeapp. our cousin , ZiXi is back for a little term-break.

*ahem!* this photo was unknowingly taken by my sister.
and it is published for a little entertainment?

oh and. Jessica is about to give birth to her second child soon. so, keiron is about to have a younger sibling!

mutters under breath: cam-whores... excluding our lovely grandmother of course!

evidence to the previous statement.

correction to my statement: there's only one cam-whore i think. oh well, its not everyday that we get our hands on a digital camera. might as well make full good use of it! :D

point proven. our lil bro is getting even better-looking as the days passes. looks much more matured too, dont you think?

ha! i'm taking a shot of you, you're taking a shot of me, LETS TAKE A SHOT TOGETHER!

inference: i'm about to kill you..get out of my way...i want to watch the tv... SCRAM!

home-made durian cake.

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to youuuu...
happpppyyyyyyy birrrrthhdayyyyyyyy AHHHHH-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA......
(psst, you do realise that xuhui is in every single limelight photo.)

*claps, claps, claps* BRAVO BRAVO! EXCELLENT SINGING!

whats the probability of them being the next couple walking down the aisle? 1?

in case you dont notice, they wore the same thing as they did last year for the same exact occasion. LOL!

our pretty aunties. its a wonder that they dont ever grow old. that includes your mom ^^

correction to a statement made above: looks matured physically, yet mentally, there's no difference at all.