Tough to be human.

Taking life as it is.

Its so hard to find time to blog now.
Especially when I'm trying to lay my hands off the computer, ever since I got back my disastrous results from MYE.
Project Work is getting on my nerves. The want for perfection but the need to consider all the other things around me.
Draft after draft that everyone has written, hoping that our hardwork might be able to scrape us an A grade.
I guess this is what life is about. You give and you take.
Give up your time, take whatever grade that is given to you.
I think I need a trip to the beach again. Preferably one that is planned.
Or perhaps a dip in a pool. I would love a night-dip, but I know that its impossible to get one ever since I moved away from hazel park terr.
I'll just settle for the coolness of the water and the serenity that each ripple in the water brings.
Public pools are pretty much a horror to me, even the ones at condominiums.
The swimming classes held at the pool takes up so much of the space that you barely get room to swim, needless to say room to swim laps. Did I mention the noise level?
Maybe I'm just being too fussy. :X
I'll think about going swimming this saturday. Its a huge risk I'm taking.
Oh well, we all give and take. I'll give embarrassment and take a dip in the pool.
Back to doing my EoM, I'm too easily distracted.
A habit that I've got to change.

To the people around me, I apologize for being unable to be there for you peeps.
But I still love all of you! Be strong. Hang in there.
The bad times will be gone soon and the good times will soon be here.
Like what I've always told all of you, be optimistic.
Life would really be much easier if you smile more (:

To Maxane, I'm really sorry about the phone incident this noon.
I feel bad. I feel really bad :(
I'm sorry!

Swiss Guides!

It feels good to be walking on the grounds of my past.

No wonder people say that you'll never learn how to cherish until you've lost it.
Last friday, I went back to Swiss Cottage Sec. with Wee Leong.
Then I met up with Amanda, Yan Lam and Yixin.
I left the school grounds really disappointed because I failed to see the super-slim Mdm Tang :(
Its all Amanda's fault lahhhhh. She saw the model-like Mdm Tang and then she was so shocked that she forgot that she was holding my camera, and there goes my photograph of the supermodel Mdm Tang. I'm devastated.
Anyway, as I was waiting outside the school compunds for my little brother to be released from his CCA, I remembered the countless times that I've stood at the very same spot waiting for my parents to pick me up from school.
I saw the uniform worn by my juniors and I remembered how I ripped a hole in my skirt in my first week of school when I was in Secondary 1.
And I wore that torn skirt for 4 years!! :D
All the good and bad memories flashed through my mind as I walked around the school grounds.
I saw the many changes that our new principal has made for the school,
and I'm glad that my juniors are lucky to have such a brilliant principal.
In the past, I was always complaining that Swiss Cottage Sec. was too small.
When compared to my primary school, the land area was really.... small.
But then again, there's a good thing about being small.
You won't be suffering from muscle aches due to walking too much. :X
Alright, I'll let the pictures take over. Enjoy!

The extreme end of cmoputer-gaming. Playing computer games in the bus. -.-
And yes, that is my dear friend, Wee Leong. :X

I got back to swiss just in time for the Promotion Ceremony! Talk about being lucky!

Amanda, you've really got to stop taking slanted photos when you're not suppose to!
My poor eyes....

You know, when I heard that WenQi was to become the next CL. I was really shocked.
This playful little girl that was once often scolded by me for her cheekiness and mischieviousness, has now grown up and bloomed into a little lady. I'm proud of her.

Neethya...The new ACL. She used to be so shy. Now, she has stepped out of her protective fence and is leading others. People do grow.. and they do change for the better (:

Amanda and her glorious butt.

HAHAHAHAAH. I LOVE THIS PHOTO THE MOST! And most importantly, I love my Canon camera.

Its been a long time since we played ball.. Oh the many memories it brings...

Okay, that's all peeps. For now.