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A couple of weeks ago, when I dropped by Expo to check out the Robinson's Sales and IT fair, I came across a new café that is so new that it wasn't even a week old! Yet this new café was able to stole my heart and leave me craving more for of its delicious desserts, ESPECIALLY THEIR MUFFINS!!!! (I'm not a cake person, but I'm totally into muffins!)

I was so into the desserts that they sold that I had to rip out my phone to snap a couple of pictures of their food and the venue itself, and share it on this platform!

Coincidentally, the owners of the café walked out of the kitchen and saw me taking pictures, and I guess they were curious about who this weird girl is... taking photos with her phone so suspiciously... hence they asked me if they could help me in any way.

I didn't want them to get the wrong impression of me as some kinda "interior design thief", so I explained to them that I was a blogger, I love their food especially their muffins and I would like to share this on my blog, hence my photo-taking.

To my utter surprise, they were cool with it, and were absolutely warm and welcoming! They invited me to taste some of their popular desserts, unfortunately I had to rush off somewhere so I asked if I could drop by again next week to perhaps take some pictures with a better camera (like duh, food so good, venue so gorgeous.. how can my iPhone 4 camera be enough to capture all of that?!) and take them up on their offer.

And tadah!! Here is my take on this lovely café that has just joined the Singapore café industry!

fArt tArtz
1 Expo Drive

Singapore 486150
Email: enquiry@farttartz.com
Website: http://www.farttartz.com

Extracted from their facebook page,

"A business started because of my affections for my love ones. Positive encouragement from them to share my delicious desserts. A kitchen of love that adhere to the philosophy of using only the Freshest & Quality ingredients. All desserts are of No-Bake Concept Bakery, they're lovingly and single-handedly made. They're not too sweet, yet flavourful & heart-warming."

In case you are wondering what "No-Bake" baking is, it is a concept that is basically formulated upon the concept of baking without using an oven!

You can use the fridge (yes, FRIDGE!!!), the stovetop or a microwave oven to bake! In some cases, you can even just mix it all together and then eat it!! The Lady Boss is in-charge of all the baking and she does it all by herself – each one made with her love, so savour each bite wisely.

As mentioned earlier, fArt tArtz is a relatively new café, and they are still working on their menu. The last time that I went there, they were still in the phase of "soft launch", hence if you do patronise them.. go easy on them okay?

The owners are a pair of really sweet couple! And they are working very very hard at improving their café!!

The name of this café might sound crude but the owners had no intention for pun when coming up with the name! They shared with me that the word "fart" is a literal pronunciation translation from the cantonese version of the word "發" (meaning: prosperous), and since the cafe focuses on selling tarts hence the name!

And also, Lady Boss is all about being creative and artsy, hence they highlighted the word "Art" within the two words and jazzed up the name which resulted in the creation of "fArt tArtz" (meaning: prosperous tarts).

To all the students out there who cannot mug at home for whatever reason, fArt tArtz welcomes students to bring their books and laptops to study there!

So you can lug your thick academic manuals and heavy laptops to this heartwarming café, find a comfy couch that suits your butt, pluck yourself there, order a cup of tea (Some of the popular choices are the Singapore Sling Tea or Apricot and Peach Tea!) or coffee, get one of their popular mud tart if you want something light, or their sandwiches if you are looking for something to fill your tummy, or if you trust my taste for food get their muffin!!!

Or you can just take a chill pill and enjoy your tea/coffee and dessert over the view that depicts an urban city life.

The Singapore Sling Tea!!

I didn't get a chance to try it but I'm planning to during my next trip! I had their Honey Melon Tea which is a unique blend of tea leaves (and other ingredients which I do not know of) that creates this light fragrance of melon that can be tasted with every sip of the tea.

Their popular Mud Tart!

Like the creative food presentation?

Well.. you'll like the surprise INSIDE even more!!

Every week's Mud Tart is different! The lady owner decided to turn things up a notch and not limit herself to one flavor of the mud tart, instead she will decide what mud tart flavor she feels like baking and really, it can be any flavor!

So you'll never know what flavor she is gonna bake and what flavor you are gonna get this week until you are physically there at their café... unless you follow them on their Facebook page *hints*

If you hadn't noticed , the container used to put the Mud Tart and Strawberry Oreo Cheese Tart are actual pots!!

You don't have to fret over the food hygiene level because the pots are new, and have never been used before for planting. Also, the owners have ensured that the pots have been properly cleaned and sanitized before usage!

When I had their Mud Tart, it was strawberry flavored! And I would say that they grasped the balance between all of the ingredients pretty finely.

The cheese was light and non-overpowering, and there was just enough in the mud tart to induce a slight degree of sourness that keeps you coming back for more. The strawberry part in it was mild but still tasteable. I would prefer if the hint of strawberry was a tad stronger, but well that is my personal preference!

And I know that next week's Mud Tart is CHOCO BANANA!! (Calling for Chocolate + Banana lovers!!!)(That's why you should 'like' their Facebook page!!!)

Strawberry Oreo Cheese Tart


The cheese that is used for this is the same as the one for the mud tart, which means that it is light and non-overpowering. So no worries about that icky feeling from having too much cheese!!!

I could taste the Oreo in this tart and along with the cheese, it was a great combination! However I wasn't quite able to taste the strawberry in this.. and I'm not sure if it is because the taste of strawberry from the mud tart was stronger and there was less strawberries used in this tart hence my inability to taste it!

Therefore lesson learnt for me: Drink some tea or water to flush down the after-taste of other food before trying another!

Minty Citrus Infused H2O

Fresh fruits are put into the water, and left to soaked overnight in a chiller.

The vitamins from the fruits will then be infused into the water and it gives the chilled water a light fruity taste like no other!

Spoon provided so that you can scoop the fruits out to eat after you have finished drinking the water.

Fresh fruits used!!!

This is a great drink to go with the cheese-tarts as it helps to wash away the heavy/thick feeling that you get from eating too cheesy or too creamy stuff!

So you can go ahead and finish your tart without having to worry during a later part of the day that you will feel sad and regretful for not finishing it earlier on!

(Side note: The tea sold in the café has also been specially chosen by the 2 owners to ensure that it will compliment with the food that they bake and most importantly to help soothe away any icky feeling from having too much cheese/cream! So much thought and consideration for each of food choice!)

Oreo Ice-Blended


And I have had many before from literally everywhere. It's hard to find the perfect Oreo ice-blend!

By that I mean, one that has been blended very well and the ice shards are so fine that upon touching your tongue, it melts. The taste of Oreo is not compromised from having been blended for too long, and the ratio of water: ice shard is still maintained well.

And that, is the tricky part!!

fArt tArtz's Oreo ice-blend is one of the better ones that I have had, but they have still got room for improvement.

The ice has been blended finely and melts upon my tongue almost instantly, the taste of Oreo is present and strong. The only kink that they have to smoothen out would be the wateriness of their ice-blend.

Other than that, I would say that their Oreo ice-blend is a great drink to have on a hot day and I highly recommend it!!

Peach Muffin

Last but not least, this is my favorite dessert amongst their whole range.


I had their Peach Muffin and I can't tell you how much I love it!!!!

I am a huge fan of muffins. For me, a great muffin would be one that comprises of all these factors: sweetness, flavour, slightly crispy texture on the outside yet soft and moist on the inside, and the desire to keep me coming back for more.

I rate this... 15 out of 10!!!

Yes I sound absurd, but I haven't had such good muffins in a long while!!! It makes me so happy to have sunk my teeth into this super awesome muffin!!!!


A look at their interior design

The lady owner likes pretty, cute and unique stuff, which explains all the interesting things about this café.

That's my bag there and I am sorry that its presence spoilt this picture :(

But what I want to bring to your attention is actually their "lamps".

Those "lamps" are actually Vodka bottles that have been cut, and were specially brought back by the owners from Thailand!

The owners initially intention was to give a rustic feel to their café, however as the concept will not go along with the overall design of Expo, hence they went for a more modern touch but still decorated parts of the café with hippy recycled items!

They gave colours to the place through the brilliant use of flowers (fake ones due to maintenance costs plus the consideration for wilting flowers) and sticks that have been dyed in various colours!

The burst of colours in this café gives it a vibrant and lively vibe that will not only be pleasing to the eyes but warming to your heart (:

And that is all I have on my take of this new café!

The owners shared with me that they are currently in the midst of opening another café near an office area (She told me where it would be but unfortunately I'm sorry that I can't remember where she said it would be!!) that will be focused on providing to-go services!

Meaning that most people will have their food packed-to-go and the new place will not be having any sitting area, however it will have standing tables for those who would still like to consume their tart or coffee within the premises!!

Some upcoming additions to their menu that you can look forward to would be their Mango Ferrero Roche Cheese tart, Root Beer tart, Japanese Fruit Salad, Balsamic Salad, Caesar Salad and Lasagna!


Update: Read part II of my food review @ fArt tArtz here!!

Fresver Beauty

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I always knew that my skin complexion wasn't the best in the world but at least.. it was pretty good.

I have zits every now and then but it would be that one or two (when I get lazy and don't wash my face after using make-up remover wipes)(what?! don't judge!), and the last time that I had a terrible break-out was during my puberty period.

But I have HUGE CLOGGED pores around my cheeks, and they annoy the hell out of me. I used to pack more BB cream on so as to cover it. It worked for awhile.. just awhile :(

So! You can imagine my excitement when Fresver Beauty invited me for a facial treatment session!

I had never ever gone for a facial before this. This was my virgin trip!!

I had always wanted to go for a facial session because I have heard about all the benefits that it can bring... but it is so hard to pick which beauty centre I should go to, is there any near my place (because I am all for convenience!!), which package should I take, what do I want from my facial treatment, are the benefits what I am looking for.. There are just so many factors to take into consideration!!

It was so mind-boggling that I gave up and pushed the idea to the back of my head.

Thankfully I had the professional staff at Fresver Beauty to solve all of my worries!! (The woman in the pic not a staff k! She's a customer... I think!)

I was supposed to pick 1 out of 4 available types of facial treatment. I stared at my laptop for over an hour with a very serious expression on my face, trying to decide which of the 4 treatments that I should take.

Rod commented that if anyone didn't know, they would think that I am a studious student, working on her project and trying to solve a very very difficult problem, but in actual fact I am just a bimbotic girl who can't decide which facial treatment she should pick -_-

Because of my indecisive-ness, I decided to hand my face into the hands of the staff at Fresver Beauty. Before my trip, I arranged for a skin analysis and consultation session with them, and to have them decide for me on which type of facial treatment would best suit the needs of my face!

During my skin analysis session, the beauty consultant told me that I had huge pores (sigh) and that there was something clogging up my pores! That thing is called an oil clot, and it is a result of not having properly removed my make-up after my application each time!! Boohoo! Karma for being lazy!

And I also have this bad habit of squeezing my pimples. I haz itchy fingers!

My dad has always been telling me to let my pimples "ripe".. but I have never had the patience for it. Now I know why I should let my pimples ripe because through our naked eye, it seems okay to squeeze our pimples and that no harm is being done to our skin.

But in actual fact, a great deal of harm is done!

The beauty consultant used a microscope to magnify the condition of my facial skin, and she showed me the damage that I had done to my skin when I failed to resist my itchy fingers and squeezed my pimple!

I'm never squeezing my pimple ever again.

The beauty consultant recommended me to go for their IVR Plus Face Treatment as it would best suit my needs!

The IVR Plus Face Treatment is a 100% hands work treatment done by well-trained therapists, it stimulates the lymphatic system’s natural flow by unclogging the pathways leading to the lymph nodes located on the face, eyes, neck, chest and shoulder.

Depending on each skin type, four different kind of custom-blended massage oils specifically dedicated for IVR Plus Face treatment will be used. These massage oils provide a natural way to facilitate the cleansing of the lymph system by decongesting the lymph, improving the overall facial lymphatic circulation.

A human body has approximately 500 to 600 lymph nodes in our body that play an important part of the immune system! Half of the total numbers of these lymph nodes are actually in our facial region!!

As the lymphatic system does not have a central pump like the heart, the lymph fluid is circulated by the movement of the muscles and the action of breathing.

The lymphatic system is a complex network consisting of lymph nodes and vessels. It plays a crucial role as a drainage system to remove waste, debris and toxins from our body. The lymphatic system, when functioning properly, helps maintain a healthy immune system and the holistic well being of the body.

Unfortunately, several factors including stresses in modern living, a largely sedentary lifestyle as well as inadequate or irregular exercise may cause the waste to accumulate and our facial lymph system to become sluggish.

With a slower drainage of toxins, it results in congested skin that looks puffy, patchy, dull with enlarged pores, and even prone to break-outs.

However, regular exercise, deep breathing and a good massage(!!!) can help boost our body's detoxification process!

You will be led to an individual massage room for your treatment! Privacy ✓

The treatment starts on the neck in slow and smooth circular movements of the hands and fingertips. This rhythmic face massage manipulates the lymphatic vessels, helping to increase the circulation of clearing excess fluids and waste proteins. It is an effective and natural method to keep your lymphatic system working more optimally for your well-being.

The IVR Plus Face Treatment improves the skin’s Immunity, Vitality and Rejuvenation and many more!

It provides 10 benefits without any complicated procedures or use of chemicals!

  1. Detoxifies skin which helps to boost its immunity
  2. Promotes cell renewal which restores vitality
  3. Refreshes and rejuvenates
  4. Oxygenates and purifies
  5. Improves blood circulation and brings balance to skin
  6. Reduces puffiness of face and facial fatigue
  7. Provides lifting effect
  8. Reduces eye bags, dark circles and lifts droopy eyes
  9. Reduces hyper-pigmentation and reveals bright and radiant appearance
  10. Increases resilience to bacteria attack resulting in reduced acne outbreaks

Do take note!!!

This treatment is unsuitable for pregnant women or anyone suffering from sunburns, open wounds or essential oil allergies!!

And here is a before-after photo of the IVR Plus Face Treatment!

Amazing results huh?!!!

It actually looks even better in real life. My pores have shrunk significantly. My complexion was glowing radiantly for about roughly 2 weeks after the treatment session, and my facial skin still looks really really healthy now! It is something that has never happened for me before.

I had really bad eye bags too.. due to all my late nights. After my treatment session, I saw an obvious reduction in my eye bags and a lightening of my dark eye circles!

Another effect from the IVR Plus Face Treatment that made me really happy... my jaw bones are now much more prominent and my face shape is more V due to the lifting effect of the treatment session! Every vain girl loves a more defined jaw line!!


For a limited period of time, Fresver Beauty is extending a special promotion to all of my blog readers!

All you have to do is to quote “Blogger-Sophie” and get an exclusive one-time trial of IVR Plus Face Treatment at $58 (usual price $380)

For appointment, please call any of the 3 branches.

840 Hougang Central, #01-04, S538757
Tel: 6100 1513

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-18, S228213
Tel: 6100 8108

5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark, #01-23, S529482
Tel: 6100 1030

Terms & Conditions
Exclusive for new customers. Only valid for Singaporeans, PRs, Employment Pass or S Pass Holders age 23 to 60 years old. Limited to one redemption per customer. Strictly by appointment, please arrive 15 minutes earlier and present identity card upon redemption. Treatment will only proceed after skin analysis. If skin needs beyond aesthetic treatments, we will advise customer to specialist. Fresver Beauty reserves the right to amend any terms and condition without prior notice.


Give your face the good massage that it deserves!


You know, how some people would sometimes stir trouble in your life for no apparent reason?

All of their false accusations, unnecessary mean and humiliating words that cut through your heart like a dozen pair of knives? You feel so shitty and a big "WHY?" keeps on going round and round your head. You want to do something about it but you can't seem to come to a decision because your heart and mind is already so messed up.

Here's an advice from me: Go look for someone whom you know has the power to intervene, but don't look for that person for the purpose of intervention (not yet at least). Look for the person to get advice. Look for that person to make him/her aware of the matter so that something can be done if the worst is to ever arrive. Look for that person to give you suggestions on what you can do that is within your power, after all.. isn't it better if you can resolve things on your own?

Sometimes people act immaturely and it makes you wonder if you should be the bigger person by acting maturely, or to fight fire with fire by acting immaturely too.

Here is a wise advice: Be that bigger person and act maturely, not for the sake of acting maturely but for the sake of
accomplishing your part of being responsible. It doesn't matter how the other party reacts to your mature act. At least you did your part of being responsible and mature, so one day if you ever need to tell an authoritative figure, you wouldn't feel foolish and embarrassed. Do what would make you stand tall and proud. Do not do anything that you know that you shouldn't tell or would bring you regret in life. Be the one whose pre-frontal cortex has developed.

When I first heard this song, it vaguely reminded me of the days when I got bullied. I had a feeling of distance.

Today, I can relate to this song very well and it brings me comfort and hope. I hope to whoever that is being bullied at wherever you are, this song can make you feel a little better, about yourself and about the future.

Stay strong.

Breezer and Bon Jovi, BBQ Chicken and Eighteen Chefs


How has your week been?

Mine was an awfully crazy, stressful and exhausting. I think I might just start doing this....

It didn't help that that my mom had an episode of food poisoning last Friday and it was so bad that I had to rush her to the hospital to be put on drip at 2am in the morning.

Stressed out me

Thankfully she is all better now, and is back to doing what she does best... ie. baby talking with Clarissa.

"Sigh.. Need to entertain grandma and her weird baby-talk again... Hi grandma :/"

I felt so crazy and so stressed out that I needed to distract myself in order to take my mind off all the things that I simply wasn't ready nor capable of handling yet. Hence I took a break last weekend and it was awesome.

Actually it was awesome because I had a peach Breezer (yes, just Breezer is enough to make me happy. Don't judge!) which gave me the guts to belt my lungs out and was totally in the mood to sing Bon Jovi's "It's My Life".

It was the first time that I had managed to sing it successfully after several attempts previously. Singing a song that I could relate to helped to take away some of my stresses.

Think I should have sung Simple Plan's "Welcome To My Life" too. That song would be even more apt! #songtosingthenexttime

Dinner at BBQ chicken before going karaoke

The food here was... alright. More elaboration on it later.

I would have rated them 4 stars for their service because I wouldn't deny that they were all very friendly and polite. Unfortunately, they only get a 3 because they failed to keep to their word.

This was what I had: Golden Olive Chicken

The reason why I am so annoyed with them is because when they served me this plate of food, they told me "I will bring the calamari rings to you in awhile". I politely said "Ok!" and then the waiter walked away. However.. he never brought me my calamari rings.

I had to wait for 45 minutes (which by then I had already finished the food on my plate) and ask them twice for my calamari rings. It turns out that the waiter forgot that he had yet to serve me my calamari rings. #naise

When they did finally bring it over (after I requested for it twice), I had it packed to go because I couldn't stand being in the restaurant for even another second. Therefore, I currently do not have the best impression of that place and its staff.

Rod's order: Pan-Seared Escalope of Salmon

I found the salmon to be too fishy. So if you dislike fishy taste/smell like me, I would not advise you to order this. Rod likes the fishy-ness so I guess this dish fits his tastebud. The mango salsa sauce was alright, but do expect to taste more of the salsa than the mango.

Our friend's order: Korean Traditional Charboiled

Your usual grilled chicken. This is my third time dining at BBQ Chicken and unfortunately, this is also my worst experience of all 3 times. The previous time I dined at BBQ Chicken, I ordered this and I vaguely remember nothing exceptionally unique about it.

If you want a safe choice, go for this. This is like your usual chicken chop sold at western food stalls at any food court... just that the price is 3 folds more.

Random selfie taken this week

Did not use a filter for this effect. I was on the train, on my way to school. Pulled out my phone to use the front camera to check if my hair was in place (Yes, I'm vain), just nice the sun rays hit at the right angle and produced this natural effect, which I see it as a huge sign from Mother Nature that..

I had to take a selfie
#LOL #soshameless #havinggoosebumpsnowbecauseofmyownwords #what #justforlaughs

Le Homie send the clique this picture via the whatsapp group chat.

Her BFF sent it to her. This is probably the ancestor of all giant moths in the world. The ORIGINAL giant moth. So bloody huge wtf. I think that when it is flying, it would look more like a bird in the sky rather than a moth. It is bigger than my face lah omg.

Went to Eighteen Chefs @ The Cathay with Rod on Sunday

I LOVE THEIR ICE LEMON TEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not a fan of ice lemon tea... but I really think that this is the best ice lemon tea in the world. I can't describe it. The perfect balance between the fragrance of the lemon and the tea, the sweetness and the bitterness.

I don't know if they made it themselves or they have a supplier. If they have a supplier... I wanna know who is supplying them!!! This is just so so so yummy! *loves*

Soup of The Day: Chicken Soup ($2.80)


I know, I'm loving a lot of things... but how can I not when it really is so good?!?!??!!

It is very easy for me to love anything when I think it is good!

The soup was not overly-creamy. Plus!!!!! The soup had actual bits of chicken in it! And it wasn't like a measly amount of chicken bits... There was a lot of chicken CHUNKS!!!!!

I had the student meal, which costs $8.90 (inclusive of a choice of pasta or baked rice with 2 ingredients, sauce of your choice, an ice lemon tea and a scoop of ice-cream).

I added $0.80 more for baked pasta! My choice of ingredients were mushrooms and chicken sausages, and creamy white for my sauce.

For its price... I can't complain much. It was filling, the taste was acceptable and technically, there should be less sauce because what I had was more like baked soup pasta. BUT... I like my baked soup pasta! (I know, I'm weird)

Lime ice-cream

Have you ever had Solero ice-cream? You know that green lime-flavoured ice coating around the vanilla? Just imagine that same lime flavour taste... but creamier. This is what that is.

My aunt bought a dozen of these fruit tarts the other day. I finished half a dozen of it on my own in like... 10 minutes? (Ooops!) It was just that good and irresistible. Even my dad had 2, which is rare because he usually does not eating anything that has cream in it.


This week's theme: Clarissa's sleeping positions.

She is only a week old but she has a ton of different sleeping positions already, and it is so funny to spot all of her sleeping positions!!!! Seeing her sleeping will make me go "Awwwwww...."

"I surrender! I'm just a sleeping baby! I plead guilty!"

This photo of her reminds me of Snorlax....

Any resemblance? LOL!

Took a photo of her tiny feet while she was sleeping... so tiny!!

And lastly, a photo of my happiest purchase from Robinson's Expo sales. Pepperidge Farm finally came out with a combo of my favourite snack (Goldfish in Cheddar flavour) + Rod's favourite snack (Pretzel)! ISN'T THAT AWESOME??????

Okay, I'm just gonna answer my own question. "DUH! IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!"

K thanks bye.

Soph <3