Every once in awhile, we require a breather to remind, relax and realise.

The Brutal Truth

Grit your teeth, and continue smiling

Everything in life requires tolerance. Yesterday, my tolerance got tested.

I can say that I have a high tolerance level and it truly takes alot to get on my nerves. In my line of work, tolerance is an essential criteria. Thankfully, most clients are patient. Even for those who are rushing for time, they are still rather polite, hence I willingly double my effort for them.

Yesterday, I met this female client who seriously got me so frustrated that I had to grit my teeth, force the sides of my lips to maintain upwards and triple my dosage of effort to ensure that the tone of my voice remains unchanged. The fact that it was peak-hour period and I had a whole line of customers waiting for me, with an additional side note that I was serving a minimum of 3 customers at one go; there was this lady who shamelessly demanded my full service. When I used the word "shamelessly", I seriously mean shamelessly. She wouldn't let me serve anyone else, and much less let anyone else approach me to ask for my help. If any other client came near me and tried making an effort to garner my attention, she would simply tell him/her that I was serving her and she would wave MY client away. I would have been totally understanding if she was rushing for time, but the thing is she wasn't.

She sent me flying around the whole place, and the phrase "give me a minute" doesn't seem to be able to get into her head. Well hello lady, I'm not superwoman. I can't do everything instantaneously. I don't have the size of every available clothing computerized into my head. And much less whether there is your husband's size for every pair of jeans or pants which he likes. She wanted everything NOW NOW NOW, like one nano-second after she made her demand (demand, not request okay!) and if I didn't give it to her, she made me feel inefficient. What's worst was SHE HUGGED ME. It wasn't a because-you-found-my-clothes-hence-I-am-so-happy-that-I-am-giving-you-a-hug kinda hug, if you are wondering. I can't tell you how... disgusted I felt. I wanted to make a run home, take a quick shower, put on some fresh clothes, then run back to work. No, don't be ridiculous. Of course I didn't do that. However, I WISH I COULD!

Boy oh boy, I couldn't be happier when she finally paid for the clothes and walked out of the store. I have never felt that way for any other customers. She is my first. And hopefully, my last. I seriously wonder how her husband tolerates her. Oh wait, his character is like hers, so it explains why the two of them are even married! I know because her husband was there, so yes, take pity on me. Double the frustration, double the annoyance, double my tolerance! As for my effort, times it by SIX, since for her alone it takes 3 times already.

I am gonna cross all my ten fingers and toes, and hope that I meet no more of such customers. TYVM.


I'm so exhausted. No joke working till 12 midnight every day. By the time I reach home, I can barely keep my eyes open long enough for me to wash up, brush my teeth and then doze off into wonderland. Oh well, at least I'm being kept occupied, so it gives me no time to think. The more I think, the more matured I'm gonna get, the older I'm gonna be. And someone already claims that I seem more like a 25 year-old, rather than just 18. *rolls eyes* I still wanna enjoy my teenage years okayyyyy. Growing older is no longer at the top of my list. It is somewhere near the bottom, but definitely not the base line. So yes, point stated.

Alright, need to hit my pillows now. Another long day later on. Still crossing all ten fingers and toes!