well.. i promised amanda
that there would be STH to do
when she came to my blog.
i decided to input this video
whenever i came to post
so she wouldnt just be reading WORDS!
lazy panda. ><
i saw this video from my little cuz [xuhui]
she was sitting there watching these while
her brothers were playing audi.
i sort of got attracted to it
and started watching.
the funny thing was that,
after a few of the videos,
she said
"i let you watch one more then i wan play audition."
i said okay.
but then,
she got so caught up with it,
that after the video,
she said
"i'll let you watch just one more."
so it went on & on & on,
till i watch finish the whole series.
hahas. she can really be very cute SOMETIMES.
but when she's bound to make you mad,
trust me, you'll call her a brat. =X
so.. this video is to you AMANDA,
and to you XUHUI for introducing this to me....

backk from msia.

i took e song from genn.
it was on her blog the very day i went to see her blog.
let's just say that it attracted me alot
and i've been stuck to it ever since =x
nw, i'm introducing it to the rest of you.
hope you all like it too.
many have said that this is a nice song.
the melody, the lyrics.
appreciation is what everyone deserves to have.

Teardrops On My Guitar

Teardrops On My Guitar
by: Taylor Swift

Drew looks at me.
I fake a smile so he won't see.
What I want and need
And everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful.
That girl he talks about,
and she's got everything that
that I have to live without
Drew talks to me
I laugh 'cuz its so damn funny
But I can't even see anyone
when he's with me
He says he's so in love,
he's finally got it right.
I wonder if he knows he's all
I think about at night.
He's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar.
The only thing that keeps me
wishing on a wishing star.
He's the song in the car
I keep singing,
don't know why I do.
Drew walks by me.
Can he tell that I can't breathe
And there he goes,
so perfectly.
The kind of flawless I wish I could be.
She better hold him tight,
give him all her love,
look in those beautiful eyes
and know she's lucky 'cuz..
He's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me
wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing,
Don't know why I do.
So I drive home one night,
as I turn out the light,
I'll put his picture down and
maybe get some sleep tonight.
Cause he's the reason for
the teardrops on my guitar.
The only one that's got enough of me to break my heart.
He's the song in the car I keep singing,
don't know why I do.
He's the time taken up,
but there's never enough.
And he's all that I need to fall into.
Drew looks at me
I fake a smile so he won't see.

colours of the wind.

it's 2.30 am and i cant get to sleep.
so i am now chatting away with wj on msn while looking for new songs for my blog.
apparently, this song is nt new.
i'm suddenly into retro songs. l0ls.
colours of the wind.
i can play this song on the piano.
and levin graded me "you can play this better than lexus"
hahas. quite an honor to win someone who learns piano and take exams.
compared to a piano cum music notes noob.
hahas. this song very relaxing.
that time me and sinhui also presented this song for our music project.
i wanted to play it on the piano.
but i screwed the song up.
so in e end we depended mainly on our midi.
hahas. oops.
i love listening to this song.
soothe all my nerves.
audi shld have this song too.
hope mimi doesnt see this or she'll kill me.
i can imagine her saying.
typical mimi. lols.
a song with a bpm of 120 is still nt enough for her.
but i still love her though.
i love my clones!
and of cos my GENN. :)
enjoy the song!

MY IQ IS 142!

hohoho.. was playing around friendster when ii saw this free-iq test on GENN's friendster. when to try, and found out that my iq is 142! hohohoho. actually, i kinda cheated. most of it is eeney mineey moe! l0ls. but i had fun. got alot of weird weird questions that i've never seen before. but after all, the test is kinda cute! go try it if you have time. find out how much ur iq is? this is a challenge from me to YOU!
hohohohohoho. i'm up for more test now. will place more so you all can try too!
love ya alls specially my GENN! :)


the t-shirt for TWINS. :)
comments on it please!
we can use some advise and corrections to our design.
hmm.. these few days i've been buzzing my ass off over TWINS.
from outside it looks like a perfect guild with no problems at all,
but upon entering i guess i was all wrong.
in my first hour of being recruited in,
problems started arising already.
had my first sight of an argument in TWINS. very nasty. not enjoyable at all.
i guess its because my first impression was very good.
and ever since i saw korkor in this guild,
i guessed it liked it alot too.
always hoped to be recruited in and i finally did! :)
well.. at least now they're clearing up the problem and
making adjustment which is a good thing!
been busy doing e t-shirt for TWINS with Genn..
really hope we can win this competition cause we 2 are completely exhausted already.
she woke up early just to finish the design,
and i work late into the night to complete the presentation of the t-shirt.
we finally finished the front of the tee[phew]
but we have no more inspiration for the back of the tee.
use until no more juice already.
lucky Ezra was "kind-hearted" enough to postpone the deadline
all the way till january.
what ii meant by kind-hearted was that
me and Genn had to conference with him
and persuade him to postpone the deadline all e way till january.
now, me and Genn also relax abit more and planning to slowly do the design.
been rushing like nuts cause we 2 were given only 2 days to complete.
but now since deadline extended..
BREAK TIME! our minds are set on the Member Check list.
seriously, some of the TWINS member are very not co-operative.
cant see the seriousness of the Member Check. RAWRS!
hope everything goes well and according to plan,
cause i'm leaving SG for my vacation lerrs.
hope to leave with a peace mind.



我不配 by jay zhou [周杰伦]

这感觉 已经不对 
是我忽略 你不过要人陪

i love this song lots. influenced by my sis. she kept replaying it again and again. just when iie was gonna be sick of it. i caught a glimpse of the lyrics. iie guess thats what attracted me so much to this song. ohh.. and my sis is a person who seldom replay songs. if she really kept replaying it must mean the song is really vert nice so can always trust her judgement :) hope you all enjoy this song too.

*NEW blogskin!

oh yeahh..ii finally changed my blogskin lerr.though sth is wrong.ii have zero idea what is wrong with the javascript but definitely its nuts.if not, its my comp. or more specifically the internet explorer cos my sis updated it and its so much more high security! its suppose to be good but its kinda irritating cos everything is like prevented?!?! arrgh..gonna find some way to get my hands on another comp to test things out. if it still doesnt work, ii shall let my improvisation get to work! time to test my creativity! l0ls. anyway, if you all find sth wrong just leave me a message at my tagboard and let my know! thanks! :)