CJ Speech Day. Labour Day. Swine Flu Holiday?

I take back all my words of "JC life is easier than Secondary School life".
If I can really cut down on my cartoon addiction, aimless surfing on the net,
sleeping as though there is no tomorrow, dragging time for who-knows-what-reason..
then I would perhaps have the time to complete all the things that I wanna do.
Great.. I'm even multi-tasking now.
Studying chemistry while blogging while facebooking.
I'm honestly up to the neck with work.

Hoping with all my heart that I can skip my CCA tmr.
But like what 老师 says..
Which is why I HAVE to go for training.
Yes I know, why does the CCA, lawnbowl (no laughing!),need to have such strict training.
Because our training sessions are only once a week.
Because our nationals are less than a month away.
Because everytime I win a game, its based on LUCK..
This CCA is considered as a sport,
but we use more of our brains than our physical strength/body. Interesting.

All JC1s are to report to school at 11AM on thursday due to CJ speech day.
YES!! That means no PE!! NO NAPHA test!! NO 2.4KM RUN!! WOoOoOooOoots...
I know I'm being immature. I can't help it.
I've developed a phobia for running!
Friday - Labour day. AKA Public holiday!!
I'm loving in this week. Minus all the freaking tests.

I'm off to concentrate on studying chemistry.
(Really! I'm going to do that! No multi-tasking!! I think....)

P.S. 老师 says that if swine flu reaches SG, students might be required to stay at home for a month. Which means.. no school for a month!! Hooray!! This shows how desperately in need I am of a holiday.

P.S.S. Mom says our holiday trip to Australia might be cancelled, thanks to the freaking swine flu. What the shit. So am I suppose to rejoice or mourn now because of the swine flu? *groans*


If they were human, I'd say they need to go on a diet. Badly.

Sparky just woke up.

The first thing they do once they wake up, EAT!

Playing around with my fat Sparky.

Pat pat pat. Walking on the wooden floor with my tiny pink paws.

Gnaw gnaw. Sunflower seed.

Whats that black thing? Is that my shadow?



Sparky: Depositing my food. Shoo off. This is mine!

Boohooo.. We were punished. Forced to face the wall. :(

Yawn.. I'm done eating.. I'm tired.. I wanna sleep...

OH MY GOD!! 2 HEADED HAMMIES!! *screams*

Fluffy: Now its my turn to deposit my food.

And there you go, a hill of chewed food. Want some? :D

Rightttttt. I'm in love with my hammies.
You're sick of hearing me talk about my hammies.
You're annoyed that I'm going crazy over my hammies.
Too bad! I love them to the max.
Because they cant be anymore adorable.
& without saying, I love my honey too,
for taking such brilliant care of my fatties

Happy Friendship Day?

Lollipops, gummies, sweets, what shall it be for next year?

I think I was the only one who bothered to bring tiny presents for my friends,
in the whole of CJ.
The usual "HUH? Why are you giving me sweets?" question, was rather common.
Oh boy.. Its not a wonder why Marcus, Zac & Jama kept mocking me.
It isn't only dumb, I felt dumb! For being the only one giving presents.
Well.. Not that its a really bad thing actually. I kinda like it.
Giving presents. Makes me happy, makes people happy.
For all those who didn't get the sweets,
I'm really sorry because I didn't see you in school so I couldn't pass it to you.
My sincere apologies.
No worries though, you're still a friend of mine.
I cherish our friendship (:

Of course, I didn't miss out T36 on this happy day.
Like what I expected, I was the only one giving out stuff.
Sorta of a playback of history in 4E4,
me being the only one giving out presents.
Some things never do change, does it?
Grace was so funny when I gave her the sweets.
She displayed such enthusiasm that really brought a smile onto my face.
At least there are truly people who appreciate tiny presents, in this world.
This is not really something good, or to be honourable about,
so I'll leave the name of the person out. I'll just name that person, person A.
-Person A walks into the scene-
I reached for my bag of sweets and pulled some out for Person A,
as I decided to pass it to Person A while Person A walks pass me.
"Hey! Person A! Wait! Come here!!"
"Come come."
I extend my handful of sweets towards Person A.
Person A looks at my handful of sweets.
"Throw them yourself." Person A snapped at me.
I stared at Person A in disbeliefment, uttering a loud HUH?
Then, Person A turns and walks out of the scene.
I turned and looked at my friends around me,
confusion was written all over their faces as well.

Well.. I still managed to get the sweets to Person A nonetheless.
Hmm.. In all my years of giving sweets out,
this is the first time I'm experiencing such an incident.
Someone mistaking my wrapped sweets for rubbish. LOL!
Its definitely going down my book of historical events, not that its a bad thing.
Its just that its really memorable.
I know, I'm a total weirdo. I remember things that I'm not suppose to.
Tell me what about me is NOT queer? That's my point.
Absolutely everything about me is weird.

Alrightttttt. I'm going over to honey's house to study tomorrow.
& to see my fat hammies.
Honestly, I constantly nag him to not starve them,
but I think he's over-feeding them. They're so fatttttttttttttttttttt.
When I came back from Australia and went to honey's house,
I got a total shock when I saw the fatties.
My hammies were like half the size bigger compared to the last time I saw them.
I shall prove it tomorrow, I'll take pictures of the fatties.
Mental note to self: Take pictures of my hammies tomorrow!

Speaking of honey, I found a picture that he sent me a long time ago.
It was taken in the year 2004, when we were Primary 6.
I had a really good laugh when I saw it.
It was a picture taken of the boys in 6H.
I think all of them are like twice the height they were before.
And definitely, in terms of physical features, they are so much more matured now.
This is a brilliant evidence to show how fast kids are growing nowadays!
Try and spot my boyfriend, Kenny, in the picture below.
If you manage to, you're brilliant!

SO? Did you manage to find him? Unbelievable difference eh?
I couldn't believe my eyes either.
Its not a wonder why I was so shock when I saw him 4 years later after we last met.
Time really flies. Everyone has grown up.
Some friendships still remain intact,
some friendships that could not withstand the challenges of time has fallen apart.
But no matter what, we've all got precious memories that we'll remember for life.

That's all for today. I'm due at his place in another 12 hours.
I need my beauty sleep now. Goodnight all.

It'll be a bleak world without them.

Thankfully, you are there..

Its really soothing to know that I've got a few decent friends around.
Decent, close friends who will really be there for me (:
Like what I once said, you'd have a whole world of friends.
But your true friends are probably less than a handful.
In another half an hour or so, its going to be international friendship day.
A day worth celebrating, with friends.

You know... Sometimes things are not what they really seem to be.
Pretty flowers are mostly poisonous.
Sweet-smelling roses are always accompanied by sharp thorns.
The ugliest thing on earth may however,
be the nicest thing you've ever seen in your life.
The only thing that I can say now is...
Cherish the people around you. Especially those who are nice to you. Or are making an effort to know you better.
You'll get what I mean one day.
And on that one day,
I'm hoping that you get the good scenario if you do manage to heed my advice.

Goodnight people. Look forward to tomorrow!
& to all CJC-ians, who are friends of mine.
I've got presents for you!! :D

Its the 21st century already.

I'm majorly irritated.

Its the year 2009.
I'm turning 17 this year. And so are plenty of the people around me.
Somehow, I was expecting a little more sense of maturity at this age.
But sadly, I've got to beg to differ.
Its so irritating when I've got to face imbeciles who still find it really interesting to tag stupid messages up at my tagboard.
I've got half the intentions to remove my tagboard once and for all.
Still, like what good bloggers do,
they simply delete the annoying message away,
ignore it and carry on with life as per usual. That's what I'm going to do as well.
I seem pretty much like a spoilt brat or whatsoever,
deleting the message and stuff.
But still.. I'm human and its an eyesore to me.
So say byebye to that tag.
Wait, why am I even bothering to blog about it?
Oh right, because I'm annoyed. Its a good enough reason.

An SK Production: I Remember.

Chapter 6: L-O-V-E, its not mine

"I disagree! Nella is the hottest girl in our school."
"No!! She might be the hottest girl to the other guys but so what? I don't like her."
"How can you not like her? She's the hottest girl in the school!"
"Just because all the guys in our school likes her, doesn't mean that I have to like her too."
"Then you definitely aren't a guy."
"What's the meaning of that?!!"
"You're a girl?"
"Then give me a valid reason why you don't think she's hot and why don't you like her?"
"Because.. Because..."
"Because what?"
"Because I think that you're hotter than her!"
An awkward silence passed by between the both of us.
I was struck dumb at his sentence.
What could I possibly say...?
"Then again, you're not really that pretty."
"You asshole!!"

At that point of time, I was just an innocent little girl.
One who had never known what love really was.
I was naive, to think that he was hitting on me.
His eyes were not on me, his eyes were on my best friend.
I was merely nothing, but a pawn on his chessboard. A simple chesspiece.
His ultimate aim was the queen, Nella.

"Charlie..? You there?"
"Whats with the silence?"
"I'm just thinking.."
"Thinking about?"
"Can I have Nella's number?"
"Woah.. Whats with the sudden want for her number?"
"Just want to have her number. Can I have it, please..?"
"I don't know.. I have to ask her first."
"Oh come on Vera! It's not like I'm going to do anything bad. Give it to me please?"
"You promise me that you're not going to SMS her or anything?"
"Nope, I'm not going to SMS her. I promise."
"Alright alright.. I'll send it to you later."
"Thank you Vera!! You're the best!!"
"Yeah yeah... What a rare compliment."

I should have suspected something by then.
The phone conversations were sufficient proof that something was up.
Yet, I pushed all my doubts and questions away. I shoved them to the back of my head.
I refused to acknowledge the truth. I didn't want to face the truth.
I was a coward.

"You!! You idiot!! You moron!! You asshole!! What did you promise me?!?!"
"What?! What did I do??"
"You promise me that you were not going to SMS her!!"
"Oh.. That.. It was just a harmless SMS. No big deal."
"So what?!?! You lied to me!!"
"Okay okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Forgive me please?"
"Please... Please Vera please.. I'm really sorry..."
"Forgive me please....."
"Oh alright alright. You're such an ass."
"You're the best Vera!!"

I'm the best. I agree with that.
The best moron in the world that there could ever be.
I was helpless. Trapped and twined in between his fingers.
I could have stretched my legs out and taken flight.
I could have escaped that devil.
Yet I was foolish enough to stand there and not do anything at all.
I was a complete fool.

"Charlie? Why haven't you been replying my SMSes lately?"
"Well.. I was busy..."
"Yeah Charlie?"
"You're my best friend right?"
"Uh huh.."
"I wanna tell you something.."
"I think I like Nella."
"Can you help me woo her?"
"What the heck are you thinking man?! Are you insane?!"
"I really really like her Vera. Help me please.."
"You're nuts."
"Please Vera, please.. I'm begging you.."
"Be realistic Charlie!!"
"Please... Please Vera.. Please..."
"I tell you! Even if you do manage to get her, you'll just get hurt in the end."
"I don't care. All I know is that I like her."
"That's my point! You like her. LIKE! It isn't love Charlie."
"I. Don't. Care."
"I don't want to see you get hurt.."
"I won't. Really."
"You will."
"Even if I do, its none of your business! Now, will you help me or not?!"

He spat out the last line.
Even though we were talking through the phone,
I could feel the force of his words, thrown upon me.
I could not reject him. I had to help him. I didn't have a choice.
Or is it?
Is it really that I hadn't had a choice,
or was it that I had refuse to even think about my second option?
That must be the case.
Afterall, I was a coward, I was a fool.

With my help, Charlie did manage to get the girl he wanted.
But as I predicted, they wouldn't last.
Infatuation. It wasn't a lasting affair. It was a temporal affair.
Nella broke up with Charlie,
leaving him with a devastating heartblow.
Leaving me, a mess to clear up.

Nella was gone, so Charlie turned his attention back upon me.
I was delighted with his sudden interest in me again.
Never had I thought that I was being played around like a Barbie doll.
When you want the doll, you took it out to play,
when you didn't want the doll anymore,
you simply throw it aside, keeping it out of your view.
That was how things were.
Charlie was using me to heal his wounds, while inflicting a wound upon me.
If only I could have seen all these sooner, then perhaps.....
I would not have been so badly bruised.

"Hey Charlie, whats up?"
"Nothing. I just called because I miss you. I wanted to hear your voice."
"Yeah yeah, like real."
"Really! You sound really nice today, your voice is like a wind chime."
"Oh, shut up!"
"Alright alright... So how was your day today?"
And so the flirtation went on.
It seemed so sweet then,
but now, as I think about it again,
disgust surge through my body and I've got every urge to throw up.
I was beyond hope, but Charlie was beyond hell.

-To Be Continued-

what a friday. what about today?

Bye friday. Hello saturday.

alright, i screwed my friday up.
i got invited to 4 different places.
i rejected all 4 invitations.
i spend my friday with my friday, celebrating my daddy's birthday.
what a good little girl i am.
then again, i almost ruined my daddy's birthday.
thanks to my freaking mood swings.
what a bad little girl i am.
in conclusion,
friday, i'm over with you.
saturday, i welcome you with open arms.

i'm not making any sense at all. ignore me.