till we next meet, so long for now.

you shocked me with the news that you're gonna leave this coming monday.
going and never returning.
i guess, i sort of expected that to come from you.
since you already told me in the past about your father's plans.
thanks for all the memories that you've given me.
i really appreciated them. alot.
and all the time we spend.. yeah.. thanks for those as well.
take care and have a safe journey.
may your guardian angel watch over you, wherever you are.
be safe. and stay happy.
bon voyage.....

Pinocchio & the Seven Donkeys.

presenting to you: pinocchio & the seven donkeys.

once upon a time...
screw that introduction
this aint any fairytale post.
this is a post expressing my sympathy.
yes. read my bold red words clearly.
there's only one descriptive word for you people.
snap out of that: only us, the cliques can get the guys we want thinking.
what is it now? the 21st century? its 2008 people.
its time to open your eyes wide and
wake up people. cliques are OVER. cliques are OUT. cliques are OLD-FASHIONED.
In fact I feel sorry for you guys, having been played all this while without realising…

now. this paragraph is to our star of this production.
im surpised that you've yet to grow a nose as long as pinocchio's.
im dead serious about that comment.
you’d dare to tell tales, tell stories, conjure lies,
that neither one of us could come up with.
we really salute you. we take our hat off for you.
and please.. dont go all emo. dont pout. dont sulk.
you should be HONOURED.
it is afterall.. a compliment from us.
Let me ask you this then, are you proud of what you’ve done?
it wasnt quite easy to make a mountain out a molehill was it?
but i must say.. thats it quite a pity.
Look at what you have achieved, you’ve managed to turn things around
You’ve successfully sorted things out,
But in the process you probably lost a friend or two
well well well..
Wasn’t really the kind of response you thought you would get huh?
So maybe you managed to make him feel bad,
But did it ever occur to you that your actions had its repercussions too?
He…no we had not known things would turn out this way,
And trust me we had no intentions of hurting anyone…
And if it makes any of you feel better we are truly sorry.

next. to the sub-characters of the production.
first of all, dont mind me asking for this minute request.
can i please, give your long donkey ears a great big tug?
have you people ever heard of the phrase..
there are 2 sides to a coin?
I know that she is your good friend and of course you would trust her,
But just hear us out
before you give us those supercilious looks.
and for those who did bother to get the facts,
well.. you dont bother to accept it.
so whats the point of asking in the first place?
Things cannot be any further from the truth itself.
And soon the lies will consume you.
its so easy to play the role of a victim.
even a 1-month old baby can play it even better than her.
because all the victim has got to do is cry. isnt it?
and automatically, without even getting the full-story,
your judgemental eyes fall on us, blaming us for things we never done.
tell me. if two people are in love, why cant they be together?
is there a sin to be with the one you love? no.. i dont think so.
and for your information.
if one does not confess to the other, the other party cannot reject her.
dont give me all the bullshit crap that he can.
put yourself into his shoes and give a think about it.
if you were him. would be you be able to? i doubt so.
you cant simply ASSUME that you think he knows about your feelings.
he is afterall, a normal human being.
he does not have any mind-reading skills. neither does he share any telepathy with her.
well.. yes i must admit that its rather shameful of me to say this.
but at least.. he does not with her. its with me.

lady, dont mind me saying this but..
can you think what he's thinking?
can you feel what he's feeling?
can you say what he wants to say, even before he says it out?
can you understand him before even he, himself does?
if you can. then you talk.
so for now.. my advice to you is shut the f up.
i do not need your pathetic comments or snide remarks.
however, if you insist on saying them.
then please.. say them to yourself. because you need them more than i do.

people, for just this once.
im asking you all to actually think about all that has happened.
really think. let them go through your head at least once.
think through everything thoroughly. do not leave out any details.
Do it for us, if not for him for he was once your friend.
dont let us lose our faith in all of you.
we dont want to. and we hope that we dont have to.
but we will, if neccessary.
because thats our last resort.
which we dearly hope, would not have to be implemented.

kuishin-bo @ Jurong Point (its jap., jap., jap. & more japanese food!)


it's time for some mouth-watering pictures.
on a tormenting thursday, 24th of July 2008,
after a sucky social studies SBQ test,
and an excruciating english enrichment lesson (thank heaven that its the last lesson,)
i went to kuishin-bo at JP for a delectable dinner.

before i start introducing all the luscious food,
i shall first acknowledge some accreditment.
thank you Angie Auntie for the dinner treat.
if it wasnt for you,
i doubt i'd even get to know all these delicacies.

my highlight find for the day,

i was just telling sinhui during lunch time,
that i was craving for a little shark fin soup.
told her if she could accompany me to Lot1 after the afternoon lessons,
to get a bowl of fake shark fin soup.
little did i know that, I'D GET THE FOOD I WANTED.
whats more was that, ITS AUTHENTIC SHARK FIN SOUP. (woots!)

chocolate-coated bananas, chocolate-coated marshmallows, chocolate-coated apricots.
what more can a girl ask for?
chocolate..the food of her life.

my main rounds of food.

Paper Steamboat!

IRON FISH! (thats what its called apparently. O.o?)

quoted from dawn yang's blog: NEVER DESERT THE DESSERTS.

the people who ate this scrumptious meal.



obvious enough.
the whole of 4E4 wore ethnic costumes.
for the first time, and perhaps the last.
the classroom was filled with vibrant colours that vividly decorated the area.
black, red, green, blue, white, brown, grey.
as graduating classes of the year,
we did whatever we could just to preserve these priceless memories.
these photographs might merely be a single piece of paper when printed,
but what it really stores are endless amounts of memories.
the laughter we had, the nonsense we crapped.
yes, some of the photos that we took might be rather.. digusting?
and well.. insulting?
but still, these are the photos that are the most valuable among all.

4E4 strive on.
united as a whole,
we go far, we go together.



here is your update of our family.
today is Jessica's 1st baby's (keiron) birthday.
he's 1 years old now.
sorry i forgot to take any picture of the gathering.
but well, you got the update of our cousin zi qing (:
i'll go check from my sister if she took any picture tmr.
we celebrated his birthday at ALOHA LOYANG CHALET.
its at downtown east.
i (sort of) dragged zi qing to go walking with me.
we went to the beach and started talking and stuff.
barely spend any time in the chalet itself.
so really sorry.
our grandparents however, did not turn up for keiron's birthday party.
they went praying this afternoon and were pretty exhausted by the time they reached home.
so even if i took, its kind of pointless yeah?
since our main motive of taking pictures is to know that our dearest grandparents are fine and healthy.
well, i guarantee to you that they definitely are!
our grandfather is as cheery as ever.
and our grandmother's culinary skills are still that brilliant!
anyway, ah-ma's birthday is coming up soon.
somewhere around august i think.
i promise to take tons of pictures for you to view.
oh yeah. do you know that Jessica is pregnant again?
yeapp. its her 2nd baby. its due in november!
i think its a boy if i didnt rmb wrongly.
hope i'll get a chance to see it before i go over to australia.
in that way, you'll get to view how your *nephew looks like.

i'm gonna stop here now.
if you want, i can take a picture of how our grandparents are.
since i now live so near them.
im practically over at their house every alternate day of the week.
so yeah, leave me a tag the things that you want me to do.
i'll try my very best to accomplish them.
dont you give any ridiculous things for me to do.
decent accomplish-able things you understand me?
good. i know you do (: