well.. i promised amanda
that there would be STH to do
when she came to my blog.
i decided to input this video
whenever i came to post
so she wouldnt just be reading WORDS!
lazy panda. ><
i saw this video from my little cuz [xuhui]
she was sitting there watching these while
her brothers were playing audi.
i sort of got attracted to it
and started watching.
the funny thing was that,
after a few of the videos,
she said
"i let you watch one more then i wan play audition."
i said okay.
but then,
she got so caught up with it,
that after the video,
she said
"i'll let you watch just one more."
so it went on & on & on,
till i watch finish the whole series.
hahas. she can really be very cute SOMETIMES.
but when she's bound to make you mad,
trust me, you'll call her a brat. =X
so.. this video is to you AMANDA,
and to you XUHUI for introducing this to me....

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