And that's how I know he loves me

It was near noon-time when Ally had finally decided to crawl out from her warm and snug bed.

She wandered around her house aimlessly even though a tiny reminder was ringing from the back of her head, reminding her that her first paper was less than 5 days away and she should be frantically studying away right at that moment.

She went back to her room and picked up her cellphone, and tapped away at its touch-screen keyboard.

"I don't suppose there is any possibility that you could take a half-day leave now and come find me, can you?"

Ally kept her fingers crossed. She could hear the little angel in her head rapping away: Why did you ask him to take the leave? What do you want him for? What is he going to do here? For what reason is he coming here? Are you out of your mind???

Yes, Ally was probably out of her mind. She had no plans nor an answer to any of those questions. She just wanted him. So, did it meant that he might just sit in her room and have nothing to do? Hmm.. Yes.. That possibility stands. Nonetheless, she wanted him.

She wanted a hug, from him.

Her phone beeped.

"Erm. I can't find you now. In the middle of my lunch. But I've taken the day off :) I'll see you soon ya"

Ally stared at the screen in amazement.

He actually agreed to come!

Ally felt this surge of motion rushing through her, it made her head light and a little dizzy! She felt a smile spreading through her face, one which she could not suppress.

And there was her little angel taunting her in the background.. He's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming~

Seriously, what am I doing?

For the blog-ders reading this now, do you remember the last time you had to edit an entry because you were afraid of being judged for what you wrote? Or perhaps you were already judged and hence you removed it to PLEASE the other party? Well.. I do. Some bitch got upset over what I wrote and so some scumbag MADE ME edit my words remove the entire post. Anyway, that's history.

Back to the main subject,

I honestly.. don't know.

It has been a seriously long time since I asked myself that question. I could and I would blame all my other worldly factors but myself. For eg. School? My current relationship? (No offence there, Roddy) Work???

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. *sends a gazillion flying kisses in his direction*

I guess I am somewhat in the right direction of the calling of my life? There are a million things that I wanna do/become while I still can take in another breath of air for the next second. Life is too short to set boundaries so soon. I see Roderick becoming a superstar with fans all over the world.

Him rocking out on the stage with hundreds (or perhaps thousands!) of crying screeching screaming girls standing below, holding vanguard sheets and hard-boards that has his name written all over them and they are decorated hearts and glitter! I can hear them screaming, "RODERICK!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" and then like in those recorded shows of the concerts held by popstars, the star gives thanks for their love, sparklers ignite at the background and the girls scream louder. I know, so dramatic and yes my imagination has indeed gone wild. My visualisation skills are incredible! Oh and, I'm not quite done yet with my visualisation! HERE COMES MY PART.

I see myself as.. a celebrity wife. LIKE DUH, if not?! I am BORN TO BE A 太太 OK? *kicks up legs and places feet on the coffee table*

However, I think I would die of boredom if I were to be cooped up at home all day and most importantly, depend on my husband for allowance. That's right, my independence kicking in at the precise moment to contradict my desire. Just kick me in the butt already.

I was thinking.. I definitely cannot and well, I don't think I will, be an Occupational Therapist then. I can't see it that way. I was thinking along the line of venturing into entrepreneurship. Not fashion.. I can't design for nuts. I LOVE TO SHOP, but designing clothes is a whole other thing. But! Creating my own line of polishes is very much possible.. Haven't people always say, Do what you love? Well.. the world could do with a little more polishes that are quality-assured, has brilliant shades, unique designs, definitely wearable and realistic for all the girls out there in the world! ((:


Alright, so I'll leave my castle that is build high up in the clouds and come back down to planet earth already. It's too soon to think of marriage? Hmm.. yes? And, no?

Let us take a quick jog down the timeline. I am currently 20 this year. My intentions are to get married when I am in my late 20s. I have no intentions of keeping my options opened and most definitely do not wish to be with anyone else other than the person that I am with now. I am more than satisfied with my current relationship. I agree that he isn't perfect, but judging from the past 5 months that I've known him, he has most certainly proven himself to be worth closing all my other doors for. I have friends who tell me, "Hey, your boyfriend is a 'keeper' for sure!" Whether they said it out of good intention or that they truly mean it, I'll leave it for you to decide. Nonetheless, if a guy merely LAUGHS and looks at me LOVINGLY, when I FART OUT LOUD in front of him accidentally, hey! That means a hell lot to me and I am definitely keeping him!

I have had enough boyfriends to last me for the rest of my lifetime. I just want someone to spend the rest of my life with. Settling down is a scary thought indeed. I'll admit, I am scared. Not because he might not be the right choice (as mentioned and explained before, he is MY right choice) but rather, there are still so many things in life that I wish to do. I wanna travel, for a whole entire year. To different places in the world. Maldives, Krabi, Carribean Islands, Switzerland, Transylvania? Okay.. I need to give more thought to that last one there.

My point is, there are still so many things in life to live for, and I do not wish to have to give any one of those things up. Thankfully for me, I know that I have a man here (YES, A MAN OKAY. DON'T LAUGH!) who pushes me to do the things I want, he doesn't cage me nor put up any restrictions for me. OTHER THAN... wearing clothings that reveals my cleavage too much. He says that if it can turn him on, it can turn any other guy on and hence he doesn't like it and forbids me to wear anything too skimpy.

Meh~ Who thinks that I'd listen to his restrictions? *DENG DENG DENG!* First-prize!! I am rebellious by nature. However I do know my limits and his concerns, therefore I do not wear anything that I deem as 'overboard'. Fair enough ya?

A friend once told me that are 4 drivers in life. Family. Work. Love. Friends. To be successful in life would to be juggle these 4 factors and have them in a state of equilibrium. If any one of these factors were to thrive more than others, then it would simply mean that one of them is taking a back seat, which is incredibly detrimental to life. I agree with her on it.


It is impossible to not re-adjust or perhaps even make changes to my plans for life after I met Roderick. If he hadn't told me that I was his "The One", his True Love, the person he wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with.. I would have persisted on with my plans for life before I met him, just so that if anything went wrong, I had something to fall back upon.

For the past few months, I had been thinking... Was it really worth it for me to give up that back-up plan? Am I being stupid? Am I being silly? Do I really want to do that? And having been deliberated on that thought for so long, I have an answer at last.

Yes, I want to give up on that back-up plan. Reason? Because if I don't, all is doomed to fail.

We can't move forward if we keep looking back. However, looking back is also necessary as it helps us to reflect and remind ourselves of our goals and aims in life.

If the world is one day raged by an apocalypse of zombies, and fortunately, the zombies are all secured in a city and the city is separated from the world by a high wall that is about.. say 5-storeys high? You are on that wall and you have 2 choices.

1) There is a safety net behind you on the 2nd storey ready to catch you. There are ammunitions prepared, enough food that will last you forever? The only catch for the fabulous deal is: the zombies.

2) There is no safety net in front of you. No guarantee that you will thrive in the world outside. One thing for sure, there are no zombies there. The catch is: it is 5-storeys high, you might die from the jump.

Which would you pick?

I hate zombies. I even told Roderick before, if our world gets raided by zombies while we are still alive, please kill me first (put a gun to my head or strangle me or throw me off a building and etc.) as I do not wish ever have to face zombies. Henceforth, I would pick option two. What's yours? (:

Now I am badly distracted by clothes sold on the blogshops that I frequent and if it wasn't because I forgot to remind my student that it was pay-day during my last session with her on Saturday, I would be placing my order for that pretty pair of flag shorts or the high-wasit classic cut apricot shorts...

My tribal bag is out-of-stock :( SEE LAH RODERICK WOO, NEVER NIAO ME TO BUY IMMEDIATELY!!!! You will suffer from my whining till our shipment from Malaysia finally arrives at my doorstep! I do hope it comes tomorrow.. Been waiting for more than 2 weeks for it!

I shall now continue with my Sociology revision.. The notes for the chapter Socialisation is taking forever to get done. Why is that bloody chapter so wordy and so damn long?!! *procrastinates*



No one can deny the fact that it is very attention-grabbing though! HAHA!

I was having this conversation with Rod the other day on how people who knows that I am currently attached, like to ask me this question "How's you and Rod?"

It was brought on by a friend of mine who asked me THAT EXACT QUESTION, and at that point of time what went through my mind was... What exactly is she asking about? Whether am we are still together or that we have parted ways already? (SO SUPERSTITIOUS AND UNLIKE ME TO SAY THIS BUT -- TOUCH WOOD!)

Hence we decided, if our friends were to ask us that question, we would give them the reply "Oh, we are getting engaged!" HA! Can't wait to see the response on their face and the atypical "ARE YOU SERIOUS????!" Damn serious k. No joke. Just that the ring on my annularis (ring finger) is an invisible one. MADE OF AIR. FOR NOW.

RODERICK WOO, I know you jail-broke your phone so you probably lost all the pictures I sent you before, and even if you didn't lose them all, I know you lost a good whole chunk because you failed in your first attempt at jail-breaking your phone. Anyway, here is a picture of the ring that I want!!!! SO YOU WILL NEVER FORGET AND YOU WILL NOT GET ME THE WRONG RING. See, I'm so nice. Save you the time and extra effort to go hunt a ring for me! :DDD


So pretty right? All the diamonds!!! A girl's best friend!

Don't say that I don't love you peeps and that I am an awfully lazy girl who hasn't uploaded any pictures on her blog for like %$#@%#@$23%$#@54#$@ long.

It is currently 2AM. I took 2 papers yesterday (one in the morning, another in the late afternoon), spent half the night out with my boyfriend at Toa Payoh — IPL for me then dinner for us both, and AMK — we wanted to go sing at KBox which we took super long to find because we decided to rely on my oh-so-awesome memory and didn't use the Maps app. on our iPhones initially, but we gave in at the end and pulled out our phones.. anyway, KBox AMK didn't allow us to use this special $10 discount voucher that I have because Friday is considered as a weekend and it was far too expensive, so we decided against it!

We then returned back to my place because we were both extremely tired and wanted somewhere quiet and cozy to simply spend some quality time with each other. He left my place at close to 1AM. SO YOU SEE, I LOVE YOU PEEPS SO MUCH XOXOXOXO

Alright. Enough chat-chat. Let's bring out the photos!

So some time around the end of June, I had a short 2-weeks break from all the insane lectures and tutorials in school. Rod took leave and we decided to go cycling at ECP! It was one of the things that I listed on our to-do-list.

For those who have not heard of it from me, Rod and I have this.. list (LIKE DUH!)
This list contains activities that are to be done by the both of us, and over time the list will just keep growing as we add more activities to it. It helps in creating different types of meaningful activities between a couple so that it wouldn't always just be mall, shop, eat, walk, movie etc. It also helps in keeping track of the things that you have done before and the ones that you have talked before about doing together!

One of the activities on our list was... cycling. I would say that it was rather MEMORABLE, because... some smart alec decided to pull a stunt on his bike, he failed, and bled all over. Oh and, he somehow managed to break off one of the brakes of his bike. I've got a picture to illustrate on that!

The smart alec who pulled a FAILED stunt!

Him & his injuries. Think I mentioned before somewhere here that I am haemophobic right? So yeah, put me + his blood = poor me :(

Or better yet, give me a medal!

Anyway, this Mr. Woo damn lucky. I was kiasu that day so I decided to bring 3 packs of tissue and a handkerchief. I used about 2 packs++ to clean his wounds and I turned the handkerchief into a bandage for the massive wound at his left hand.

An unglamorous photo of me laughing taken by him.

The story goes like this: I touched the wound on his left hand by accident, and it took him 3 seconds before he responded to it DRAMATICALLY.. "YA-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" *PULLS LEFT HAND AWAY AND CLUTCHES IT IN HIS RIGHT HAND*

It was impossible to not laugh about his dramatic delayed reaction. Frigging funny shit.

The bike...

If you look closely at the side of the bike with the bell, you would notice a handbrake missing from the handles of the bike. It is now 're-wired' and placed beside the bell.


14th July, 2012

I went with Rod to a formal event. His aunt is the president of Singapore Women Association(SWA) [SWA is responsible for hosting MSI every year for charity] which explains how I got entry to that event.

Cam-whored super lot that day. BF on detox diet for his skin, hence the container of food in his hands which is specially made by my mom. It contains boiled lettuce, boiled potatoes and some other boiled stuff that I can't remember. All that I can remember is that I ate the boiled eggs because his detox diet doesn't allow him to eat eggs and that I was freaking hungry. LOL


Even though Rod looks weird in this picture (and the next one as well), but nevermind. JUST LOOK AT ME!!!! #bhb

An innocent Rod caught on camera!

More cam-whoring...

And more...

And a pretty photo of us which isn't uploaded on FB (:

Okay, this is on FB, but I like it so it gets to be uploaded here as well! (:

Same caption as like in FB: BF LOOKING SUAVE HERE!!! Hot pink tie yo!

Some shitty photos of the event taken with my iPhone's camera.

Crowning of 2012's beauty queen

The Queen

And that's all folks!!! See, I am so awesome today! Grace you all with photos and interesting captions accompanying the pictures!

It has been a seriously long time since I uploaded any pictures at all. Shall try to do it regularly, after all what other better methods are there than this, to keep a record of the events/occurrences in my life?