I AM SO SORRY!!ii did forget about my blog for awhile..hehes..ps ps larrhs..another reason was it wasnt really the right time to do posting..not saying reason so forget bout asking!hmm..ii was supposed to wake pearlie up this morning but sadly ii forgot..so ii hoped she woke up..xp if she didnt.ii promise ii wont kill her when ii go for CIP later..lols..speaking of CIP..PPLE!!BUY BEARS FROM US PLEASE!!!lols..must reach our impossible target of earning so please help!!really hope that can get all ur support..to my dear juniors..DONT SLACK LARR...ask euu all go sell euu all slack..later when ii get down to there..ii see euu all slack..beat all ur pigu arrh..grr...x) anyway..best of ur luck to all the sellings and SUPPORT please!!

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