way back into love

Fairytale dreams do come true.

Song Title: Way Back Into Love
Artist: Hugh Grant And Haley Bennett

I've been living with a shadow overhead
I've been sleeping with a cloud above my bed
I've been lonely for so long
Trapped in the past
I just can't seem to move on

I've been hiding all my hopes and dreams away
Just in case I ever need them again someday
I've been setting aside time
To clear a little space in the corners of my mind

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
Oh oh oh

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs
I know that it's out there
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere

I've been looking for someone to shed some light
Not somebody just to get me through the night
I could use some direction
And I'm open to your suggestions

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart again
I guess I'm hoping you'll be there for me in the end

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

There are moments when I don't know if it's real
Or if anybody feels the way I feel
I need inspiration
Not just another negotiation

All I want to do is find a way back into love
I can't make it through without a way back into love
And if I open my heart to you
I'm hoping you'll show me what to do
And if you help me to start again
You know that I'll be there for you in the end

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

well.. im not allowed to say what all these is about.
but what i can say is..
fairytales do happen.
dreams do come true.
all you've got to do is be patient and just wait.

I'm Getting Over You

THE END to my fairytale story.

Song Title: I'm Getting Over You
Artist: The Click Five

I found your picture in my wallet
Still got your sweater in my closet
I'll bring 'em by, maybe tonight

And people asking how I'm doing
But every question still has you in
I say I'm fine
And I never think about you
But you're always on my mind

I'm getting over you, whoa
I'm getting over you, most of the time
If I say it like I mean it
Then maybe I'll believe it
Like it's true
I'm getting over you

Been playing the songs you hated
I called the girl I almost dated
She's not the one
But I'm having fun
And I'm better off without you
And I think it's what I want

I'm getting over you, whoa
I'm getting over you, most of the time

If I say it like I mean it
Then maybe I'll believe it
Like it's true
I'm getting over you

Even if it takes forever
I'll get my shit together
I've been doing so much better
I'm getting over you
I'm getting over you

I'm getting over you, (I'm getting over you) whoa
I'm getting over you, most of the time
If I say it like I mean it
Then maybe I'll believe it
Like it's true

I'm getting over you, (I'm getting over you) whoa
I'm getting over you, most of the time
If I say it like I mean it
Then maybe I'll believe it
Like it's true
I'm getting over you

I'm getting over you

another song introduced to me by my twin.
honestly, i have zero idea how i could have possibly pass my days without him.
if he wasnt here for me, i dont know how i would be right now.
he's preventing me from emo-ing from his constant nags and lecture.
yes yes. i'm not that dumb.
i can sense that its his form of care and concern.
thats why i'm appreciating it!
practice what you preach.
since i'm telling others to cherish and appreciate what they've got.
then i should jolly well do it myself too.
its late i know.
but i cant get to sleep.
lucky he's here on msn now accompanying me.
i'm honestly unable to type any further
as my brain has just freezed and have come to a complete stop.
so i'm going to stop here.


QUIZ! got sabotaged by Celine Toh. roar!

Instructions: remove 1 question from below and add in your personal question then tag 8 people in your list,list them out in the end of this post.Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged.Whoever does the tag will have a blessing from all.

Q1: Do you like the present life you are living in now ?
A1: 50%-no. 50%-yes. i cant make up my mind!
Q2: What do you want the most now?
A2: see my wishlist? yes. those are what i want!
Q3: Who is the closest person to you in your school?
A3: Pearlie!
Q4: Do you hate your friends sometimes?
A4: nope. i LOVE them all.
Q5: Are you afraid of death?
A5: nope. its something that will eventually happen after all.
Q6: What is your goal this year?
A6: get my Os over and done with!
Q7. Who would you probably spend the rest of your life with?
A7: this question is crap. obvious a guy?
Q8: What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
A8: MY TWIN! (being nonsensical here. random answers given.)
Q9: Do you find life meaningless?
A9: nope! my twin brings entertainment into my life.(once again. i'm being nonsensical)
Q10: What do you want to achive in your life?
Q11: When was the last time you cried?
A11: 17.06.2008/ night 1
Q12: What song are you listening to now?
A12: Hey Juliet! One Last Try.
Q13: Who do you want to thank the most now?
A13: My twin! he's there for me when i need him.

whoever wants to do this quiz. go on.
i'm far too lazy to go search for names.
just doing this quiz for the sake of it.
besides, it really is a great answer-searching thing to do.
i'm being extremely nonsensical here.
part of the reason is because i'm tired from going swimming just now.
another part of the reason is because my twin has gone for tuition,
so i'm superbbb bored. an hour more of waiting to go.
goshh. waiting sucks! :X

Guides photo-taking!


this is probably going to really be the last time
i will ever touch/wear my Guides Uniform again.
i'll really miss wearing that skyblue uniform alot.
like every single year,
the photo-taking session was an annual thing.
well.. these photos are a few days late.
because i took them from Amanda. and she only uploaded them yesterday.
so in other words, i only got these photos yesterday.
she brought her camera to take photos of the guides.
and compared to my Sony Ericsson phone,
it really is a much much better device and appropriate thing for photo-taking.

i miss my dear JUNIORS so much.
thanks for that warm but embarrassing welcome (:
but erm..
try not to do it in the school hall next time.
really makes one blush like mad.
if you people are wondering what they did.
well, i shall be kind enough to spend a small portion of this post saying about it.
i went to the school hall to look for my guides for photo-taking.
found them. walked and stood infront of the company.
and out of nowhere they greeted me.
goshhhhh. although i've heard that for almost 8months but..
i'm still not use to it! makes me sound so oldddddd.
and to think i'm the youngest guide in the sec 4 batch.
before i went home,
i said my final goodbyes to my dear juniors.
and once again! they did it again.
old old old old old! its too MATURED for me.
but oh well. thats the appropriate way of addressing me.
so i've got to bear with it!

once again. me and pearl crapped in guides.
our dear juniors had to line up according to height.
so we started arranging them..
well, there were 2 juniors who were about the same height.
and we couldnt decide who was the taller one.
so we had a game of scissors, paper, stone to decide the fate of the 2 juniors
(proud to announce that i won the game!)
its really quite ridiculous as there were tons of people in the school hall.
and many were looking in our direction.
but still, as the crappiest girls in swiss guides inc.
that was a very expected thing for the both of us to do.

guides guides guides!
i'm mad over it.
had times that i'll never forget.
memories that will forever be cherished.
and i know deep in my heart,
that it'll forever be there for me.
swiss guides inc.

hey juliet!

Emo! Optimistic!

Song: Hey Juliet!
Artist: LMNT

Hey I've been watching you
Every little thing you do
Every time I see you pass
In my homeroom class, makes my heart beat fast
I've tried to page you twice
But I see you roll your eyes
Wish I could make it real
But your lips are sealed, that ain't no big deal
'Cause I know you really want me
I hear your friends talk about me
So why you tryin' to do without me
When you got me
Where you want me

(Hey Juliet)
I think you're fine
You really blow my mind
Maybe someday, you and me can run away
I just want you to know
I wanna be your Romeo
Hey Juliet

Girl you got me on my knees
Beggin' please, baby please
Got my best DJ on the radiowaves saying
Hey Juliet, why do you do him this way
Too far to turn around
So I'm gonna stand my ground
Gimme just a little bit of hope
With a smile or a glance, gimme one more chance

'Cause I know you really want me
I hear your friends talk about me
So why you tryin' to do without me
When you got me
Where you want me

Hey Juliet
I think you're fine
You really blow my mind
Maybe someday, you and me can run away
I just want you to know
I wanna be your Romeo
Hey Juliet

I know you really want me
I hear your friends talk about me
So why you tryin' to do without me
When you got me
Where you want me
You don't have to say forever
For us to hang together
So hear me when I say
Hey Juliet

i just want to say a little gratitude and thanks.
this is to my twin.
thanks for being here for me when i'm really down.
well, i should say that you were here all along.
thanks for also introducing this song to me.
its really cheery.
even though it conflicted with my current mood,
but listening to it, at least brings a smile to my face (:

(Day 5) reminiscing too much of the past.

(Day 5) Reminiscing one too many events about the past.

ever since i went to 6H gathering that day.
i've realised that i've been in constant contact with the past.
kept remembering the past events..
sth that i kept insisting on forgetting.
sth that i've been constantly avoiding.
perhaps what my old friend said was right.
rejecting something would never ever bring you anywhere.
face it. and conquer it.
it really is time for me to stop avoiding these matters.
especially for the fact that i can never run away from my past.
neither can i outrun my past too.
because it has already happened.
and it will stick with me throughout the rest of my life.

i went with my parents to toa payoh again.
( i just went this thursday night with them! )
not to shop this time of course!
i had already had enough of shopping on thursday.
made my mom slash her credit card only once.
because the payment was $85.95.
and i only went into one shop (BSX)
quite a shopper indeed!
bought 5 tops and 1 jeans.
lucky for the fact that it was the great singapore sales!
if not the bill would have been WAY HIGHER.
honestly. i cant help it.
when i'm in the mood to shop. i shop. and i have it all done in one go.
thats me, accept it!
anyway anyway.
today. we went to the KouFu foodcourt to eat today.
and i saw my primary 6 chinese teacher (陈老师)
the one that has throat problems. and she could recognise me!
felt really good to be able to be recognised by her.
i'm honestly in no mood to blog anymore.
old friend is distracting me lots on msn.
cant seem to concentrate on getting my thoughts out properly.
i'll probably do it tomorrow.
anyway! 13 more days to go. and i'm still counting on......

(Day 4) a true old friend.

(Day 4) An old friend.

i've gotten in touch with a really really old friend.
though its been 11 years since i first met him.
but everything is almost the same.
its been such a long time since i had such a hearty talk with someone.
and thats more than enough to make my day!
i'm happy enough.
i'm pleased enough.
he saw through the disguise i had on that day.
he understood me without me having to speak.
now, i really understand what it means by..
some words need not be said so as to know what the other party is thinking.
okay. i think the phrase was somewhere along that line.
i cant really rmb. all i rmb is the moral behind the phrase.
but i do rmb one phrase that Aaron said that day.
the past is the past.
the future is the future.
now is a gift, thats why its called the PRESENT.
yeah yeah. i know that its lame too.
my old friend kept on nagging on this quotation.
but hey! i love this quote alrights!
its meaningful and
it emphasises on the importance on cherishing the present.
so why not rmb it and apply it in life?
it would definitely benefit us in some way or the other!
so old friend.
dont be so biase against these useful quotations.
they might bring us some good somewhere in our life after all!

(Day 3) i'm still not use to this./ (Night 2) 6h class gathering

(Day 3) I'm still not use to it.

it's day 3 alr.
15 more days to go.
a test of patience, loyalty & faithfulness.

(Night 2) 6h'04 Class Gathering!

after avoiding & skipping the 6h-04 gatherings for 3 years.
i've finally decided to turn up for one of the gatherings.

reason #1: curious to see how everyone looked like now.
reason #2: promised yuhan i would go.
reason #3: had to update my information column on NYPS.
reason #4: decided it was time to face the past. (sth that i've been trying to avoid all these times)

everyone met up at yuhan's house.

i realised that except for yuhan whom i've seen tons of times in school.
i could barely recognise the rest.
almost everyone had change in either this way or that.
lets see the changes that i've noticed on everyone.

yuhan - as mentioned! i cant really tell the diff. sorry!
yuxi - definitely prettier & feminine.
tammy - as chio as ever!
jessica - still that matured in her looks & actions.
weining - the same person i once knew.
claire - i could barely recognise that was her till i looked carefully.
jasmine - i could not believe that was jasmine!
yawen - one word. pretty pretty pretty!
renjean - her English is very.. slang now.
haidee - gosh! she has grown so tall!
raymond - no offence. but.. where was that chatty & talkative raymond i once knew?!
aaron - joker of the day!
leon - professional bowler?! i didnt know that part of him. ( i dont even think i knew much about everyone in 6h. )
nicholas - OMG. his voice is so damn deep now. could not believe it at all.
dominic - he's so tanned! could not recognise him at all.
teohong - no offence. but i thought he'd be taller. the height was a sad case. but his basketball skills are as superb as ever!
kenny - as cute as ever! but a complete crapper. ( and he has very lousy memory! )
ryan cher - very silent.

well. we went over to Jack's place at BPP for dinner.

(look at how tall Leon is! blocked my view as i was taking the photo!)

i sat with the guys at Jack's place.

they entertained me quite alot with all their nonsense & crapping.
i realised that most of the guys hated eating onions.
nicholas ordered the Jack's place seafood spaghetti.
and there was tons of onion in it.
he spend alot of time picking out the onions from his spaghetti.
while kenny was picking out the onions from his pizza slices.
honestly. i never knew that onions were so terrible!
but i must agree with them that garlics and gingers suck!
hate garlics and gingers through & through.
after all that eating.
we went over to yuhan's place again
to play truth or dare by the poolside.
i shant talk much into detail about what happened.
i'll simply let the photos take over the talking.

CLASS 6H OF 2004


(Day 2) Where the hell are you?!

KXK. where the hell are you now?
i need you. i need you now.
i really need you badly now.
i cried myself to sleep last night.
have swollen eyes this morning.
woke up looking like hell shit crap.
could barely eat.
had no appetite for all food.
normally i would go to kitchen once i woke up,
to look for sth to fill my stomach with before i started my day.
but amazingly,
i walked into the study room when i woke up.
pulled out Zhenghua Secondary's 2007 E Math Paper 1 and started doing it.
and i sat there for an hour and a half just simply doing it.
without even standing up looking for a little snacks or tidbits to munch on.
not even going for toilet breaks!
that was really weird.
even my mom was shocked.
she, my aunt & my grandmother kept nagging me to have breakfast.
but i really had no appetite.
they brought all kinds of food and snacks to the study room,
yet i still refused to take in any of them.
and its for one simple and obvious reason which i have repeated so many times.
i've got no appetite.
yeapp. thats just it.
so.. i missed my first eating time. and i ruined my second eating time.
which means that.. i had no appetite for lunch either.
however, my mom and grandmother refused to allow me to skip another meal.
so i had to eat lunch.
i didnt even know why i bothered to eat when i ate so little.
its like.. 5 mouths of food and i felt that my stomach was bursting to the brim alr?
now. dont you nag at me.
you should bloody hell know that is what always happens.
when you leave. especially when you left without calling me.
fyi. i am still mad at you.
got lectured by my dad the previous night.
a really very very harsh lecture.
couldnt help but burst out crying.
and to think, as i laid in bed crying.
i wished how much you could be there just to hug me to sleep again.
i really miss you alot guy....

(Day 1) SCREAMS. for anger. for sadness. for despair. for joy..

(Day 1) SCREAMS! for anger. for sadness. for despair. for joy..

how dare you leave without calling me!
what did you promise me yesterday?
you said you would call me before you board the plane.
why are you always torturing me like that?!?!?
i'm not going to forgive you this time.
i cant believe you did this.
it isnt as if i didnt remind you to call me before you left.
you simply couldnt be bothered to call, could you?!
how dare you! trying to squeeze me dry of my tears is it?!
how could you ask your sister to simply send me an sms,
saying that you had left already.
and that she would be using your handphone
for the time period when you are gone.
what kind of nonsensical shit crap is that?!?!
i really do not know what to say alr.
you left without even giving me any kind of DECENT notification.
zoom! and off you went just like that.
take me as what huh!
you see if i wont kill you when i next see you.
i'll seriously strangle you to death this time.
i cant believe you did this to me! always leaving without saying.
you expect me to wait for you for 18days.
and yet you didnt even give me a goodbye call.

(taking heaps of deep breath to calm down)

its okay.. give me this kind of treatment right.
you good. you pro.
i shall upload that photo of yours which i took at your house yesterday
when i get my handphone back!
you now lucky. my dad took my handphone away for now.
but like what i said. its merely for now.
i'll get it back sooner or later.
and when i get it back. i'll post it up on my blog.
revenge is simply just so SWEET at times (:

burning with fury and madness now.
i kind of pity those who are talking to me on MSN now.
because i'm roaring at them for practically no fault of theirs.
i'm really trying very hard to control this bad temper of mine.
but i simply cant help it!
imagine you are me. what would you do in such case?
get mad and simply roar at anyone who talks to you right now isnt it?
okayokay. though i said that i'm mad at him.
though i said that i hate him.
but yeah. i still do love him.
i still do miss him. i wished that he could be back asap.
i guess thats the kind of helplessness
that is accompanied along with when you like someone.
it is very annoyingly saddening & irritating.
but oh well. its a price that you've got to pay!

its quite an amazement how much meeting up with him again,
made me so dependent on him now.
and to think he had to leave now. ( grumble grumble mutter mutter! )
got really used to his annoying but
addictive presence around me for those 3 hours.
just hoped he'd be back soon.
he promised me that he would come back as soon as he's done with his work.
he wants me to depend on him. i'll try.
he wants me to trust him. i'll try.
i just hope that history would not repeat itself again.
i'm just taking things one step at a time for now.
i'll walk the way the path shows.
i'll wait till i hit a forked-road then i'll wreck my brains & think again.
i'm simply cherishing the time now, just like what he says.

wrote quite long about him alr.
even i'm getting sick & tired of mentioning him.
i was supposed to be at PC Bunk at 2pm yesterday.
but i dont know which idiot dragged it for me till 4.15pm.
anyway anyway.
i reached PC Bunk at around 4.45pm.
honestly. my dear angie meimei.
you've got to stop being that addicted to the computer and
start answering the phone calls!
i called so many times and yet, no one answered.
lucky Nana told me what comp. they were at.
went over there saw angie so i joined her.
then i saw this guy beside her. [YEAHH! I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HIM~]
asked angie who it was and it turned out to be WINSTON!
i must admit that he wasnt quite what i imagined.
neither was he what i saw from the photos in angie's handphone.
but nonetheless. i was still very pleased.
he seemed quite shocked to see me. [so was i!]
that fella said at first that he wouldnt be going when i asked.
gave me the crap reason of.. "oh.. i changed my mind at the very last moment."
then he gave me an idiotic grin. typical korkor.
what i really regretted alot was not bullying him.
should have shooted him with his "copyrighted" word.
its okay. its alright.
i'll still get to meet him. and by that time.
i must remember to talk nonsense with my nonsensical korkor.
its the way we talk. its the way we communicate.
yeapp. 2 nonsensical people talking nonsense.
even i have no idea what i'm talking now. crapppp.
i think i better stop now. too confused.
all that i'm typing right now is simply complete rubbish and nonsense.
cant get back that typing mood.
that kind of mood whereby i am able to produce and express
my thoughts and feelings with a sense of maturity as i type.
actually. i'm really quoting from what lexus said.
sense of maturity.. good use of english language..
hold on.
i think i'm quoting that from my English Language teacher Mr Terence Goh.
that was what he wrote in my essay. was it?
i cant remember.. hell. break break break!
i dont even think neither of them said that!
what am i typing! seriously....

Buckaroo/change of Blogskin/ying's arrival back in SG

BUCKAROO. New Blogskin. Ying's Arrival back in SG

okay. i'm dead tired now.
really very very tired.
i think its because of the contacts which i'm still wearing at the moment.
kind of lazy to take it out first. besides, i'm rushing for time.
my bed is suddenly very alluring at this point of time.
however, i shall persist & hang on for the sake of Lexus.
promised him that i'll keep him updated on everything.
here i am, sacrificing my sleeping time just to blog this down.
he'd better be thankful or i swear i'll strangle him dead with both hands!
i can already feel a headache creeping up, its hinting me..
i want to! i really want to! but i cant yet..
okayokay. i shall stop with all the crap complains and get down to work.

that is a brilliant news.
considering for the fact that i get to whack someone up from bed again with his bolster!
actually, i think its more of me being whacked in the end.
but oh well, thats what happens when you wake a DOG up. it bites!
i just returned home not long ago from Changi Airport.
to be more precise.. i returned home half an hour ago.
yeapp, we [hao, hui, me] were suppose to be there to fetch ying back.
but i guess we were more of.. going there to eat?
the moment we stepped into the airport.
me & hao rushed to Macdonalds and bought a McWings Extra Value Meal.
furthermore, it wasnt as if we did not eat our dinner.
we ate it alright. and we filled our stomachs to the brim during dinnertime.
however, due to HIGH METABOLISM of teenagers who are still undergoing puberty.
i guess we still had a LITTLE space left for some munchies.
when me & hao walked back to find hui,
we found her sitting on one of the chairs eating YAKUN kaya toast.
both of us stared at her and gaped with open mouth.
sure indeed, we looked really stupid.
but hui was even more stupid. why you might ask.
well, when hui saw the YAKUN outlet at Changi Airport.
she JUMPED UP & DOWN pulling her father's shirt.
screaming at the top of her lungs..
i guess we cant really expect much from a 10 years old kid can we?
adorable indeed she is, but at such a public area..
i guess embarrassment scores over adorability.
and just as i'm mentioning this little girl..
i'm serious. she finished both cups of greentea which was supposedly to be mineeeeeeee.
when me and hao went to buy the McWings Meal at first,
i switched the usual order of Coke to Greentea.
reason #1 is because tanxuhao DOES NOT drink Greentea.
which means that i get to have the whole cup to myself [as i thought at first].
reason #2 i LOVE drinking Greentea.
though daddy say that girls should drink less Greentea but oh well, i guess a little wont harm.
when we went back to find the rest, [hui was happily munching on her YAKUN kaya toast]
hui said that she needed a drink. so i passed her my Greentea.
the next moment when i wanted my Greentea again.
she returned me the cup alright. BUT IT'S AN EMPTY CUP.
she drank up all the contents & left me a cup filled with only ice-cubes.
i turned my head, stared at her. and she gave me a toothy grin.
honestly.. what could i say then?
i was still thirsty so i dragged her along with me to get another cup of Greentea.
since it was her fault then i had nothing to drink.
this time, i ordered a MEDIUM cup of Greentea.
i was happily drinking it at first, till they said that ying could be seen at Belt32 alr.
so we rushed over and stuck our heads on the glass just to get a glance of ying.
just as we were stretching our necks finding ying,
hui said that she wanted to drink again. so all right, i passed it to her.
and i forgot bout the drink COMPLETELY.
when i remembered it again, [it was when ying was finally back with us at the arrival hall]
she returned me the cup with merely 1/10 of the contents left!
i stared at her again.
i passed her a cup with 8/10 of the contents left
& look what was left of it when she returned it to me.
somemore, it was merely a matters of a few minutes difference!
thus, i have concluded this incident with one sentence.

as most of you know,
yeahh. i've changed my blogskin. was bored of my old stripey-one.
shall not mention much of this since it would be a VERY boring topic.
all i can say is FLASHBOX sucks.
seriously, i mean it! the reason why i had it at first,
was because the HTML provided by Cbox would not work at first.
till i changed it to Xanga.
i guessed thats the only code which would work with this template.
the idiot FLASHBOX takes ages to load. and, it does not show the tags at times.
goddamn it irritating. refreshing the website is also pathetically helpless to the loading.
so people, my advice is.. USE Cbox. because it rocks completelyyyyy!

i was supposed to be at his house yesterday &
i was also supposed to be with Angie, Nana & Joey at PC Bunk.
however, my parents wouldnt let me out of the house.
sure i made a fuss of them not letting me out. kept pestering non-stop to let me out.
they almost went insane with all my pesterings.
even my grandparents were going mad. [OOPS! sorry grandpa, sorry grandma!]
so they brought me out to Buckaroo to eat dinner.

its this neat, cool western food restaurant at Sembawang.
dont bother trying to find it at any common place.
because the place that its located at, is VERY DESERTED.
for those who know where Sembawang Park is, or where Bottle Tree Village is.
yeapp. Buckaroo is located someplace near there.
i must say that the location of Buckaroo is very weird.
its located in the MIDDLE of tons of Private housings [eg. Terraces, Bungalows, Semi-Ds.]
yet, Buckaroo is a very well-known eatery. and the food served there is..WOW!
the Cream of Mushroom Soup is served within a loaf of bread.

and please take note of this fact:
the soup is being poured into the loaf of bread.
and then the loaf of bread with the soup within is served to you on a plate. unique eh?
the next thing i loved was the Deep-Fried Button Mushroom. MMMM....

i know this sounds disgusting but..
upon the first bite of the mushroom, juice spilled out onto the plate.
never tried such a tasty dish before. i rate it as a MUST-TRY OR WILL REGRET dish.
it was a good thing that we heeded the advice of the waiter,
to actually order only 1 plate of steak.
with that 1 plate of 500g steak comes a Caesar's Salad & a cup of Red Wine.

there a total of 3 people eating that plate of steak,
and none of us could finish it. honesty here!
with all that mushrooms, soup & bread. we were really full alr.
what more with a 500g steak & a Caesar's Salad?!?!
it's a little too much...
i had to solo a mushroom soup alone while my parents shared one.
if only my sister was there to share it with meeeeeee.

after all that eating,
you cant possibly expect us to just go home like that without a stroll right?
so we went over to Bottle Tree Village & Sembawang Beach for a walk.
for the first time in my life, [excluding television programs]
its the first time i saw a Bottle Tree!

and wow. never would i ever forget such a flora.
at the Sembawang Beach,

i learned how BIG & THICK a worm used for fishing could be.

seriously, its goddamn it disgusting.
it looks like a centipede, yet the size of it is no where similar.
it's too fat & round to be a centipede.
i learned that such kind of worms are used to fish for crabs.
oh! and i learned that..
indeed! Singapore Seas are not fit for swimming as they are too deep.
the waves keep "eating" away the sand such that
the gradient of the beaches changes very suddenly.
it's like it gets very deep all of a sudden. you can see the huge difference at Sembawang Beach.

the water was very shallow at first and the sand could still be seen.
but all of a sudden, the water turns black colour. which means that the area is very deep.
and the most important fact is that:
this happens within 1m of the gradient.
look how dangerous it is!
okay. i know that some of you might not understand this.
it's a geography thing. i've tried to not use any geographical terms.
but if you still dont get it then, i can only say i'm sorry.
i'm glad that 13.06.2008 was not another ordinary day,
whereby i merely studied and waste my time off on the computer.
at least i got to get my butt out of this house and wander around this small island.

Again, i want to apologize to..
HIM. Angie & Nana.
sorry for my sudden cancellation of the plans.
and my sudden withdrawal. really sorry!
i know i messed-up some of your schedules and ruined up some of the plans.
really very sorry! hope you people would forgive me! (:

I hate you DURIAN!

DAMN YOU DURIAN! it's all your bloody fault!

like what i said earlier.
i went into Malaysia to collect the durians from my grandfather's farm.
and half an hour ago.
my parents told me to help open the durians.
i agreed. and i ended up bleeding now,
thanks to the goddamn UNRIPE durian.
after opening about 2 of the durians.
my dad gave me one of the durians and said.
"Open this up. it should be EASY to open."
i was like..
"ALL RIGHT MAN! finally i get to open one on my own."

(the durian which i was given)

i grabbed the durian knife and started stabbing the durian.
normally, for durians which are ripe. they would split open easily.
thus, revealing their golden-yellow fleshy fruits.
HOWEVER. for this goddamn durian.
which was suppose to be EASY to open.
no matter how i stabbed it.
no matter how i cut it.
no matter how much force i used.
no matter how much i tried to pry it open.
i even took the spoon from my mother
which was supposed to be used to scoop up the durian flesh
& tried using it as a lever so as to open the goddamn durian!
the spoon got all bended and was close to getting destroyed in my hands.
and yet.

seeing the state of how frustrated i was at the durian.
my parents kept laughing at me.
they said why couldnt even i opened a durian.
i stared at them & said.
"why dont you try?"
so my dad took over me and tried opening the durian.
and. HA! it was my turn to laugh at my dad.

(my dad struggling with the durian)

(my mom's worried expression!)

my dad took the durian knife from me. & started his turn of..
stabbing it.
cutting it.
prying it open.
using his mighty force against that small green thorny durian.
and guess what! the durian still refuses to budge.
my grandfather stood at one side and watched us.
he was also laughing at the sight of our state.
with all the stabbing, cutting & prying.
the durian still refuses to give in.

(my grandfather staring at us.)

my dad gave up on the durian and chose to pick on another durian first.
to my amazement!
the rest of the durians were very easy to open.
with a stab of the knife, and a small twist.
the durian splitted open easily.
while he was busy opening the rest of the durians.
i was still picking on that obstinate durian of mine.
kept snatching the durian knife from my dad to stab it.
used all my might to pry it open. yet, it was of no avail.
on one of the attempt to pry it open.
the durian slipped, thus,
the thorn scratched my thin finger skin.
and naturally, as like all human beings,
drops of blood started appearing from the scratched wound.
i stared at the wound, looked at the durian and felt a burst of fury in me.

(yeah, small wound it is. but still. every single drop of blood is precious alrights!)

i started swearing & cursing at it.
that idiot obstinate stupid durian is the cause of my precious blood!
finally, my dad decided to try his luck on that durian again.
together, we managed to pry it open!
(YEAH! the work of a father & a daughter together!)

but guess what.

(the insides of the unriped durian!)

felt completely disgusted when i saw the unriped insides of the durian.
i was even more mad when i realised that.
after trying for so long.
after losing a few drops of my precious blood.
what a waste of time & my blood.
bother! i guess this is life.
you've got to take some & give some.

(my aunt enjoying the GOOD & RIPED durians.)

(my dad savouring the taste of the durians with delight!)

at least, there were other durians.
and they turned out to be pretty fine.
well, not like i ate it.
my aunt, parents & grandparents ate it.
but not me.
i only like opening durians. not eating them.
i find more joy & fun in opening then eating.
the complete opposite of my sister!
pretty sad that she has to work the night shift today.
if not, she'll get to enjoy the stinky fruit.
yeah yeah yeah. i know that the durian is the king of the fruits.
yeah yeah yeah. i know its famous for its "heavenly" smell.
but still. IT STINKS TO ME!

P.S. i guess i got to take plenty of pictures after all! (: