yeah!!ii managed to change my blogskin without any help from wj or pearlie this time..x)) normally when ii put my new blogskin de code always got this and that trouble..this time dont have worrhs!!wakakaka~so lucky!!my dearr junior lijun..ii update ur blog add need spam me derr..x)) whats up in scss now??
well..the ACES day aerobic routine..guess which class is the champion??should be quite obvious lerr bahhs..3E4 LORRHS!!x)) hahas..yesh ii noe the routine is abit..embarrassing to do..but if euu realli put in the mood to do its quite fun..and ii cant wait for teacher's day now!!which is on the....31st of August..THE WHOLE SCHOOL IS GONNA DO THE TOXICATED AEROBIC ROUTINE!!hahas..even ms tay[principal] is gonna do it!!lols..its gonna be sooo cute..still cant believe that our class won..WAY TO GO 3E4!!must realli thank those guys [damen jiakang chester shaun jingkuang jiahao kiathwee zhenzi] for their brilliant work..realli brought glory to e class..and like what ms susan lim brought glory to 3e4 but not ms they must DEDICATE it then can..hmm..hope they realli rmb to dedicate it to ms yeo that day or we will be seen as UNGRATEFUL troublemakers..lols..ii better go work on that BIG TEACHER'S DAY CARD for e whole class now or no time liaos..sians..ii onli wanted to do 4 teacher's and they say do 8!!2-times e workload..zz..wish me luck! =))

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