Life as it is


I've been away.

Life has been really happening, and perhaps a tad 'too' happening for a sedentary person like me.

If you don't already know, I am on my last attachment/internship which be ending next week! Yay! Which also reminds me that I am flying to Bangkok next week and... I am totally unprepared for it (shit).

I know that I just flew to Bangkok a couple months back, but hey that city is pretty cool! And I like hearing the announcer say the train station name "Nana"... (Na-nah-ahhh)

I would always mimick the way it is being said and get a good laugh out of it. Bf would give me the -.- face LOL

It really is pretty funny because they say all the other station names with a monotonous tone, yet for this particular station, they would say the name with a very... sexual/orgasmic feel.

Bf and I were discussing about it and we came to the conclusion that it might have something to do with the fact that the area is a red light district, and the person whose voice got recorded must have had some pretty awesome time in the area. :/

Anyway, this trip would be a family trip + business trip.

I am in the midst of opening my own blogshop.

Stop, don't ask questions about it. No I have never thought of myself as a blogshop owner. It is one of those things in life that just hits you like that!

I got myself a job, even before I graduated.

My friends have been commenting about it, telling me how awesome it is, and I agree with them that it is. The deal that I have gotten is pretty neat.

However I am more fixated on the fact that working = money, money = travel, travel = fulfil my wanderlust.

I have a long list of places that I want to visit. Thank goodness for all the long weekends this year! *blows kisses*

I am also itching to get myself a Canon Powershot N2!

I am in desperate need of a good camera with WiFi + selfie function.
This camera might just be it!

With the end of my final internship, I will be entering the next phase of my life as a working adult.

Yes, I have been down that road before and I loved it then.

I wonder if my passion for a working life is still burning as bright as it did then.

I was still a child then, and I still am one now. I think some part of me will forever be one.

Life as a working adult is a lot more different now. There are more responsibilities to carry, and also a future that I have to plan, save and pay for.

We are thinking of applying for a BTO at the end of this year.

Good lord, I finally understand what they mean by purchasing your own home in Singapore is such a bloody expensive thing!!!

I can rant about that topic for like.. forever? So I will leave that for another blog post for another time.

I still have work tomorrow morning so goodnight folks!