Why Ask Why?

Claim: A philosophy professor gives a final exam consisting entirely of a single word: "Why?" One student answers "Why not?" and receives an 'A'.

Variations of legend:
  • In a different version of this legend one student receives a top grade for responding simply "Because."
  • Another version involves a philosophy instructor who, for a final examination, places a chair at the front of the room and challenges the class to prove it exists. One student receives an 'A' for writing "What chair?"
  • Yet another similar legend has a professor ask his class to define 'courage.' The highest grade is awarded to the student who hands in his exam after writing nothing more than "This is." (In some variations of this version, the student who receives the top mark is the one who turns in a blank sheet of paper.)

Origins: On one level, this tale could be seen as a sort of braggadocio legend: a professor presents his class with an exceedingly difficult question to answer for their final exam, and the student who has the nerve to provide a clever, simple answer receives an easy 'A' on the test. (This point is made even more explicitly in the variant where the class is asked to define 'courage.')

Another possible interpretation of this legend is as a wry commentary on the sciolism of academia. What is a more profound subject for the true scholar to contemplate, after all, than the basic question of meaning and existence? The student's flippant response (and his receiving a top mark for same) underscores the notion that a 'solid education' is sometimes an ornately decorated empty shell.

Slimming patches review: Real vs Fake

This is seriously an entry that everyone has been waiting for. And for once, I actually get local blog readers who actually commented on my blog posts, asking me when is this blog entry going to come out?!!

Generally I don't get comments even though I do hope I would get some *sound of my glass heart shattering* I sound so pathetic saying this.. Haha!

Then again, I understand that the life of a Singaporean is terribly stressful and busy, so yes I understand why you people don't comment, but then again...


At least give me some compliment lah. *fishing for compliments here!* Like that then I will be more motivated to churn out my blog entries regularly and more on time right?? :D

Now.. onto the serious matter.

I actually wrote this particular entry on my Dayre account, but I think that because Dayre is new, not much people uses it yet and hence this review aren't going out.

Therefore, to show you guys how much I love you, I am going to re-write it again and post up even better and clearer pictures that I took with my newly-acquired DSLR yesterday just for you guys. I'm awesome huh?

So here it is:

Authenticity is what we all would wish to have. Especially when it comes to beauty products. And even more so when it comes to slimming products.

The reason why anyone would even purchase topical (meaning: products that are applied directly onto the body) slimming products is because we simply do not wish to have to go through the invasive route of taking diet drugs or going for liposuction, so as to change our physique.

Unfortunately for us, there are scoundrels out in this world who decided to manufacture FAKE slimming products and hence we, users, have to be the ones suffering from it.

In this blog entry, I will be teaching you how to tell the difference between a REAL and a FAKE pack of 小S (Xiao S)'s slimming patches.

TIP #1: Judging from the front of the pack

See the difference between the colour? The real one is more orangey, whereas the fake one is more yellow!

TIP #2: Check the authenticity code!

I don't mean calling the Taiwan hotline to check the authenticity code provided (as if anyone will ever do that here in Singapore), but rather just look at the difference between the two packs!

The 'real' pack has 2 lines of code, whereas the 'fake' one only has 1 line!

TIP #3: Check the back sticker!

The 'real' pack's sticker is red, whereas the 'fake' one is orange! This is a super obvious tell-tale sign!

TIP #4: The slimming patch

Now, you can ignore all the other tips that I mentioned previously but you've GOT TO know this!

The REAL slimming patch has rounded corners whereas the FAKE slimming patch is rectangular, has sharp corners and has that extra white bit coming out from the sides!

Another difference between the 2 patches is that the fake one is more flimsy and thin, like a ragged piece of cloth. Whereas the real one is more sturdy and thick! And more sticky too! (Don't say I didn't warn you, but I pulled out a few strands of body hair before when I was removing the authentic slimmg patch!)


FAQ section:

1) Have you tried the slimming patches before? Is there a difference in the effect?

Yes I have, both the authentic and the fake one. And yes, there is a difference. Heat can be felt, emitting from the slimming patch onto the area of the skin where you have stuck the patch. For the fake one, you won't feel any heat at all.

2) Where did you get the fake slimming patches?

From an instashop, whose username I will not reveal because they are no longer selling it after I pointed out to them that the goods they have are fake, and they took up responsibility for the fake products by giving me a 100% refund.

3) Where do you get your authentic slimming patches?

From my sponsor, blogshop_queenie. Details on how you can get them are provided in the picture below.

Only available for residents of Singapore.

4) Does slimming patches work?

Yes they do. The heat emitted by the slimming patch would burn off the fats (or at least that is how I feel it) and usually I stick it on my thighs before I sleep, and I would awake the next day with SNSD legs!

5) Are there any other difference between the authentic and fake pack of slimming patches?

I noticed a difference in the feeling of the packaging. Somehow the fake one felt like it had another layer of plastic coating on its inner side, hence it was thicker and more plastic-ky to my touch. On the other hand, the real one did not have that extra plastic layer, hence it was thinner and it feels just like how it feels on the outside, a plastic/metal feeling (I'm sorry but I don't know how to describe so just use your imagination!)

If you have anymore questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to it ASAP.

Cheers darlings!

P.S. Follow me on Dayre (my nick is @sophleow) where I am more active and I share more yummy secrets there!! See ya!

My 6 weeks in photos

So, you're probably wondering... "What did this girl do for the past 6 weeks?! Cannot be just go hospital everyday and then go back home right? So #NOLIFE!"

Well you're right. I didn't really have a "life" during my 6 weeks of clinical attachment but I did try to enjoy my life as much as I could, even though I was dying everyday after the end of a day's work. (So lousy man, next time how to work at a hospital for real? =x)

Here is a summary IN PHOTOS of how I attempted to enjoy life to the best that I could during my 6 weeks of clinical placement... (No hospital photos, I guarantee. Not like I can take and upload any anyway. Had protocols to follow)

WEEK 1...

Grilled Ribeye Steak (comes with 2 side dishes: aglio olio and salad)

I dined at Hot Tomato @ Causeway Point for dinner during one of the weekdays. It was my belated celebratory dinner for having passed my driving test and for finally managing to acquire my Qualified Driving License.

I took my driving test twice. Failed the first time because I was a smart alec and thought that I didn't need a couple more extra practise sessions before my driving test (I had already finished my course by then). I did sooooo badly in the circuit that it was embarrassing because during my practise sessions, I was worst in the circuit than I was on the road. :(

It took me close to 2 years to attain my driving license. I paused for a year because school had started and I just couldn't find the time to go get that license. I couldn't drag any longer this year because I took my Final Theory Test in Sept 2011 (yes, 2 freaking years ago!) and it was due to expire on the 30th of September, 2013. Thankfully I managed to book a couple of practise sessions (LESSON LEARNT!) and my driving test date before then and now I am over the "get your driving license" stage in life! #achievementunlocked

Calamari & Fries

If I didn't remember wrongly, I had this dinner on a Wednesday night. It was my third day of clinical placement and I felt like dying already -_-

Food was my only form of comfort.

Grilled Prawns and Steak (comes with 2 side-dishes: aglio olio and salad)

This was my order for that night. I wouldn't deny that it is a lot, and I wouldn't deny either that I wasn't the one who finished the food on this plate. I didn't finish the Calamari & Fries either. It isn't because that it wasn't good - the food was really good - I just didn't have the appetite to eat.

Tiramisu cheesecake

And the tough life was just beginning only.


This was on a friday night. I had survived 2 weeks of clinical placement already!

Went to Sakae Sushi @ Square2 for dinner. Had my favourite Chawanmushi.

Chawanmushi is one of the dishes that I would DEFINITELY order when I go to any Japanese eatery that has this wonderful lightly-steamed egg on its menu! As simple as this dish might be, the best Chawanmushi requires a serious lot of skill! The best that I've ever had (which is also the most expensive one!) is at some Japanese soba restaurant at the basement of Paragon. I hope to one day be able to try the Chawanmushi in Japan! I wonder if there is any difference in the taste?

(not my) Salmon Sashimi Don

Not a fan of raw food. I believe in the "eat sashimi and the coroners will find worms in your brain when you die" story, so yes I DON'T TAKE RAW FOOD. And it's not like my stomach can handle it. I have a weak stomach, which is why I ALWAYS have medicine to curb diarrhoea in my bag! (I'm extreme but hey, I'M PREPARED FOR DA SHITZ IN THE LOO!)


Didn't dine out at all for week 3 and it was an extremely busy (and unfortunately boring) week for that week :(

Strawberry martini

Went to Bojangles Pub & Diner for dinner on Hari Raya Haji. Ordered this fantasic glass of strawberry martini. I've been wanting to try this cocktail for 2 years ever since my Aussie cuz told me about it but could never seem to find it anywhere in Singapore at all (probably because clubs don't serve such cocktails and I've never been to a pub/bar before this.. #goodgirlhere)

Anyway, I officially declare that this is THE BEST cocktail ever (Actually it's quite ridiculous to define this as #thebest cocktail ever because I've only ever had ONE)

Reasons why I like this drink:
1) It's sweet!
2) It makes me look and feel classy while I'm drinking it!

'Nuff said. Decreed declared: BEST DRINK EVER!

(I'm not drunk but just looking at the pic of this drink makes me feel drunk *I think I see birds flying in circles around my head*)

Al Fungi Pizza

Bojangles is one my top few favourite diners (not because they serve strawberry martini) because they serve good food for really reasonable prices! Their serving for one is actually sufficient for 2 pax!

If you were to ever go there with ONE friend, just order one main and one side. I made the mistake of ordering 2 mains and almost died trying to finish it.


Oddly enough, I've never ordered mudpie before. Like EVER in my life.

Up until that day when I took this shot.

It wasn't that bad. However I got sick of it halfway through and didn't finish it. I guess I haven't found THE mudpie for me yet :/


Had dinner at Real Food on a Friday night.

Old School Sandwich

If you have never tried organic food before, then you should really go to this place and give your tongue a fantastic treat! I L-O-V-E the food at Real Food.

I came upon this place by accident. I was famished after a long day of work and it was a Friday. I was dying to look for a decent place to eat so as to fill my hunger and to celebrate the fact that I survived yet another week. Real Food was one of the best accidental eateries that I've ever chanced upon in my life. It serves vegan food which honestly does NOT taste like vegan food.

They sell ice-cream which isn't made out of milk, but out of brown rice. #howisthatevenpossible #idontknow

I had Old School Sandwich as my main course and it blew me away completely. I can't describe it. From the crispy skin but soft on-the-inside purple sweet potato, to that mouth-watering, scrumptious, beyond description sandwich which is made out of focaccia bread, mushrooms and some other secret magical ingredient... Trust me, YOU'LL LOVE IT TOO! It is truly truly awesome!

Baked stuffed Portobello mushroom with cheese

This was recommended by my cousin whom I met there coincidentally. She ate there a couple of times before. I had this as my appetiser and boy oh boy, mushroom lovers, you are gonna wanna try this.

This baked Portobello mushroom is stuffed with BITS of MUSHROOM!

Yup! Mushroom stuffed with mushroom! What can be better?

This plate of appetiser is rather pricey but you'll try to stretch every mouth of this baked mushroom not because of its price but rather because of its taste.

I'm not sure how the chef does it but this dish and the Old School Sandwich has this unique taste to it that hits you at every bite and you can never get sick of it.

Organic Pizza

Healthiest pizza that I've ever ate. I felt absolutely no sin when consuming a slice of this pizza. You can feel the "healthiness" from the crust to the ingredients. #sovegan #sohealthy #maybetoohealthy

I went a little crazy as well on that same Friday night by buying 6 mini Stylenanda 3CE lipsticks at once. They were selling 3 for $6! Which means 1 for only $2! How can I NOT swop them up?!!


My clinical placement was finally coming to an end!!!

Cha Shu Ramen (miso was too salty for my taste)

I had a quick dinner at Ajisen Ramen on Thursday night before I went shopping for farewell gifts to the colleagues whom I worked with for the past few weeks!

Crispy whitefish bait

I swear that this dish shrunk in size. I remember that Ajisen used to serve larger pieces of whitefish. (Ajisen, why so stingy?)

Lastly, yes my sister is getting married! My (soon to be) brother-in-law brought the betrothal gifts over on an early Saturday morning, one day after the last day of my clinical placement. #11daystogo