hmm..yesterday nite..ii made hj angry lerrs.. stoopid wj der ideas..volunteer go watch movie with me when hj cannot make it.. then say if ii tell hj that he would get jealous then CONFIRM go watch with me derrs.. in e end..hj got jealous..but..VERY VERY ANGRY oso..wan kill wj lorrs..
ur crap idea almost got me in trouble lorrs..later ii tell euur secret out then euu noes..hahas..
but very lucky..hj not angry lerrs..woots~~
got soo many project on YMCA still ic for guides cookie e way..ANYONE INTERESTED?? choco cream..choco mint..and white choco with macademia and raisins worrhs.. very nice derrs..not joking..ii eat every flavor liaos..hahas..greedy horrs? ii cant help loving to eat eat eat larhhs..must try every flavor then noe mahhs..if not..
a guide dont noe e taste of e cookies very weird lehhs..hahas..anyone want order from mii..hehes..
or any guide larrhs..just make sure must buy..hahas..

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