Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: The Ideal All-Inclusive Vacation Spot For Singaporean Couples Escaping The City Life

Once in awhile, we need to escape the hustle and bustle of our urban city life.

As a typical kiasu Singaporean couple, we would look for a "DAMN WORTH IT" deal for everything – including for our travel plans. We want the best, at an affordable price!

I wouldn't say that Harris Resort Waterfront is the best, however they are able to offer you more than what most resorts can do. In just one location, you will find accommodation, food, and activities to keep you entertained for a satisfied 3 Days 2 Nights stay.

We're talking about decent massages provided by their in-house spa center, kayaking to the sunset with your beloved, and being spoilt with options at the four eateries available within the resort! Read on to find out more.

#1 | Accommodation

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam
Bright and cheerful lobby at Harris Resort Waterfront Batam

Here at Harris Resort Waterfront Batam, you can choose between three options:
  • Deluxe Room or,
  • Harris Suite or,
  • A Cabana!

All three rooms were newly renovated and decorated using the theme colours of Harris Hotels.

You will find the rooms equipped with a comfortable bed, an ensuite toilet with bath tub, fully air-conditioned, an LCD 32" TV with satellite channels, free WIFI, aromatherapy, mini bar and an in-room safe.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Cabana Rooms
Cabana Room (Bedroom)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Back porch of Cabana Rooms
Cabana Room (Outdoor Porch)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Suite Bedroom
Harris Suite (Bedroom)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Suite Living Room
Harris Suite (Living Room)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Deluxe Room
Deluxe Room (With Pool Access)

For my sponsored stay, I was provided with the HARRIS deluxe room (with pool-access).

I enjoyed the ease of shuffling in between my room and the pools without the use of a key card, while my then-fiancé (now husband) stayed back in the room to catch up on his work.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Deluxe Room Bathroom
Deluxe Room (Ensuite Bathroom)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Deluxe Room With Pool Access
Deluxe Room (View From The Room's Window)

For swimming pools, Harris has three major pools to cater to the different needs and age groups. From a baby pool for the toddlers, to a rainy pool and a free-form swimming pool for the masses. Pool towels are free for rent with the show of your hotel key card.

Do note though that pool-access rooms are located on the first floor and thus it comes with a certain level of noise – from guests who are returning to their room late in the night, and those who are heading out to the dining hall for breakfast in the early morning.

#2 | Entertainment

There are more activities than you can possibly imagine at Harris Waterfront Resort! From outdoor activities to indoor activities, they've got something for everyone but hey let's start talking about the indoor activities first.

On the first day of my stay, it rained and we were forced indoors. We made use of the opportunity to explore the premises and discover the possible indoor entertainment available within the resort.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Table Tennis
It began with a game of table tennis

The bats and balls are placed on the table, free for any guest to use!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Games Room
Next, we explored the Games Room

Various sets of board games, ranging from English Checkers to Chinese Chess and more, were available within the room. You can also have a go at their PS4 – it is free for guest to use, but you do have to make a trip to the reception counter at the lobby to exchange your room key card for the game sets and game consoles.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa
Harris Waterfront Resort has their own in-house spa center, H Spa, located in their annexe building

We scheduled a massage session around the evening time, to loosen up the knots in our shoulder and back muscles.

You can indulge in a variety of spa, facial or massage treatments based on your needs (click here to see their spa menu)

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa Foot Wash
Starting off my spa session with a foot wash

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa Outdoor Massage Pavilion
The outdoors massage pavilion

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa Couple Massage Room
Indoors couple room, fully air-conditioned

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa Jacuzzi
Bathroom and Jacuzzi Tub

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: H Spa

The next day, the sky cleared up and we were able to enjoy some of the outdoor stuff.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Shooting Range
They've got archery and air soft guns for those who fancy shooting at some targets!

If you are going with a group of friends and looking for some group activities to keep everyone entertained, why not arrange for an exciting session of paint ball with their staff!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Pricelist of Shooting Range
Price list for outdoor activities

Water sports are also available at a small charge for those looking to get a splashing fun time!

Choose from a myriad activities like banana boat, jet ski, kayak and many more. Do note that water sport activities require advance booking at the lobby's reception counter and it is dependent on the water tide.

Action in the water on the jetski!

Kayaking through the gentle waves

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Pricelist for Water Activities
Price list for water activities

#3 | Dining

Most hotels only have 1 or 2 restaurants to feed their hungry guests. Harris Waterfront Resort has surpassed the masses with FOUR astonishing eateries – with one of them not being owned by the hotel!

1) Starting off with Harris Café

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Cafe
Their signature restaurant with a panoramic view of the giant swimming pool

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Breakfast
Spread of food from their international breakfast buffet

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner – report to Harris Cafe in the morning to enjoy your delightful breakfast buffet!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Cafe
Appetiser from main menu: Beef meatballs with roasted potatoes + assorted greens

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Cafe
Entrée from main menu: Nasi Campur

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harris Cafe
Entrée from main menu: Local fried fish served with spicy sauce and rice

2) Next we have HARRISSIMO!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harrissimo
Crispy wood-fired pizza

HARRISIMO is their outdoor dining area (by the pool) which serves up pastas and crispy pizzas – baked using a wood-fired oven.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Harrissimo
Chicken breast pasta tossed with cherry tomatoes, topped with grated cheese

3) D Bar is where you head off to when you're in need of an (adult) drink!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: D Bar
Cool off with a cold bottle of Bintang Beer or pick a cocktail from their drinks menu

If you're looking for something non-alcoholic, then check out their mocktail section. I am a huge fan of this zesty pink dragonfruit mocktail – which had additional touches of lime and strawberries!

P/S: On some evenings, the bar turns on their popcorn machine and makes some fresh popcorn! A free side of homemade popcorn (seasoned with some simple salt and pepper) is provided for guests to enjoy with their beverage. Alternatively you can also purchase a bag of the freshly popped corns for SGD$3

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: D Bar

At D Bar, guests who have purchased a drink are entitled to use their pool table for free. Simply ask the staff for the pool cues and balls, and get your game rolling!

4) The last eatery is Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant.

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant

As the name goes, you can probably guess the kind of cuisine they serve. I walked into this restaurant with low expectations, but came out utterly amazed at the standard of their food!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant
It was so good that we returned there for dinner again the next night!

Arirang served up some pretty legit ban-chan (translate: Korean side dishes) which I couldn't get enough of. The anchovies and kimchi were so addictive!

Unfortunately there isn't little to no change in their side dish menu, so if you return the next day you can expect to be served the same few side dishes – then again their side dishes are so good that I wouldn't mind the lack of variety!

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant
Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant: Hot Plate Bulgogi and Soondubu-jjigae

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant
Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant: Grilled Pork Belly

Harris Resort Waterfront Batam: Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant
Arirang Korean & Japanese Restaurant: Lettuce-Wrapped Samgyeopsal

#4 | Basic Supplies & Shuttle Bus Service

If you are worried about where to get basic supplies such as water, snacks, insect repellent and etc, there is a mini mart located within the first floor of the resort to meet your supply needs.

However if you are looking to do some major shopping, look no further than Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall – the largest shopping centre in Batam! Harris Resort includes a free shuttle bus service to and fro Waterfront Ferry Terminal and Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

For more information on their shuttle bus and its schedule, you can find out here.


We had a fun-filled yet relaxing 3D2N stay at Harris Resort Waterfront Batam! As proven in this travel post, there was no need to travel outside for entertainment nor food as all of our needs were met within the resort.

Things that I would recommend:

  • A stay in the Cabana Room

    In addition, check out the BBQ package (which comes only with the Cabana Room) for a chillax + memorable dinner! The package is fit for 4 pax, and it includes the BBQ pit with food provided.

  • A relaxing row on the Kayak for just SGD$5

    For just five dollars, you can enjoy a relaxing cruise around the water bay area for half an hour! Enjoy the cooling sea breeze as you glide through the gentle sea waves.

  • Kneading out the muscular knots at H Spa

    We all need a gentle (or perhaps you like it hard?) rub on our shoulders and back once every few months, just to ease out all the kinks and knots in our muscles – and that is precisely what H Spa provides!

    Together with your beloved, pick your desired massage/spa package, request for the couple room and have a relaxing time with the professional staff at H Spa.

    If you're going alone, you might want to consider opting for the outdoor massage pavilion. It brings you a tad closer to nature as you listen to the nearby cicadas while enjoying your soothing massage.

  • Pizzas from HARRISIMO

    Thin pizza crust with a light smoky flavour? YES PLEASE! I am a huge fan of the wood-fired pizza oven built on-site at Harris Resort, and the pizza flavours available have proved to be pretty decent!

  • Authentic Korean Cuisine at Arirang

    This restaurant caters to the Korean tourists (from tour groups) who are staying at the resort for the night, and so you can expect a certain level of authenticity for the Korean cuisine. At a surprisingly affordable price, we could indulge in grilled pork belly, hot plate bulgogi beef and a decent soondubu (tofu) jjigae!
    (P/S: They serve really good ban chan too!)


To book your upcoming vacation at Harris Resort Waterfront Centre, click here.

If you're heading to the city centre, book a room at Harris Hotel Batam Center by clicking here.

When making your online reservations, quote the promo code [SOPHLEOW] to enjoy up to 10% discount for BOTH hotels – don't say I bo jio ah!

SkinLab The Medical Spa: Reviewing Their In-House Blemish Control Essence & Apple Stem Cell Ageless Serum

With six outlets dotting all over Singapore, you know that this medical spa treatment centre would definitely know a thing or two when it comes to the largest organ of our body – the skin. This skin centre provides an array of treatments dealing with common dermatological problems such as acne, scars, pigmentation and more.

SkinLab has now released their own line of specially-concocted products, thus allowing consumers to continue experiencing and receiving treatment for their skin problems back in the comfort of their own homes. Read on to find out more about two of their award-winning products, Blemish Control Essence and Apple Stem Cell Ageless Serum.

| About SkinLab The Medical Spa

SkinLab The Medical Spa is renown for their non-invasive, non-surgical beauty solutions which are safe, effective and provided to their customers with the highest standards possible. For their in-house tailored treatments, they use the latest well-researched machines along with products that have been tried, tested and proven with advice from medical/aesthetics doctors.

As mentioned earlier, the world-class spa has now created their own products that aim to aid clients who wish to continue receiving treatment for their skin problems at home. The two identified products have been awarded the word of affirmation by popular women publication, Nu You Singapore magazine.

| Blemish Control Essence (50ml)

SkinLab Blemish Control Essence

A mild anti-bacterial and antiseptic astringent that gently clears away impurities to unclog pores. Burdock root extracts help prevent acne formation and fight free radical toxins.

Instructions for use: Apply twice daily or as required onto cotton pad, and tap over affected area.

Price: $198

Rating: 3.8/5

My two cents:

I have tons of blemishes on my face, which are albeit not visible on camera, but definitely a showstopper when I am without makeup. The types of blemishes that I frequently face are black heads, white heads and some acne-marks.

Blemishes are a pain-in-the-ass. When I was in my teenage years (and plagued with puberty pimples), I thought they with age, pimples and blackheads would somehow naturally disappear. The pimples did go away – unless I got lazy and failed to cleanse my face properly – but the blackheads remained a staple in my life.

I used the Blemish Control Essence for 2 weeks, and noticed a feasible reduction in blackheads and whiteheads on my nose. It felt great to sport a cleaner nose!

As for its smell, the product had a distinct rubber-like smell which resembled the scent of glue from stickers? It isn't the most pleasing but I wouldn't count it as disgusting either. I found it tolerable, and it helped that the smell went away once the essence dried up.

I had my doubts about the product as I wondered if it was just my imagination on the blemish reduction. Hence I did a reverse experiment and stopped using the essence. For the next two weeks, the positive results persisted and I continued wearing a cleaner nose. By the third week, my blackheads began to gradually reappear and that's how I knew... the Blemish Control Essence were indeed responsible for getting rid of my blemishes!

I wouldn't deny that this is one helluva expensive essence – hence the knock-off for a couple of points on its rating – but the stunning results are undeniable too! If you are looking for a facial product that can truly help to prevent blemishes, AND you have about two hundred bucks to spare, then do get this results-guaranteed Blemish Control Essence!

| Apple Stem Cell Ageless Serum (30ml)

SkinLab Apple Stem Cell Ageless Serum

An anti-ageing face therapy serum created using apple fruit cell that also improves the overall skin texture!

Instructions for use: Apply serum to clean dry skin on face, neck and décolletage.

Price: $149

Rating: 3.5/5

My two cents:

Firstly, I love the smell of apples hence it has always been a joy to apply this product! As for its results... I can't say that I have seen much of an improvement.

Perhaps, the lack of results can be attributed to my young(?) age and the sufficient amount of sleep that I have been getting these days. Lately I hadn't been experiencing any signs of aging (ie. wrinkles around the eyes, discolouration in facial complexion) thus there is nothing much to test on this current canvas.

The only positive results that I have indeed noticed are a slightly brighter and well-hydrated skin.

On a side note, I must comment that this is one of the few anti-aging products that I have found to be milder on the skin. Most of them are either really harsh (contains tons of acid to give a "pulling" effect) or really oily.

The Apple Stem Cell Ageless Serum feels light on the skin, spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly! Definitely plus points for that!


For more information on where to purchase these beauty products, do check out SkinLab's website here.

Gaston Luga: The Clässic Backpack For Modern Travellers + Exclusive Promo Code

From Stockholm in Sweden, Gaston Luga brings the ideal backpacks that suit all the needs of modern travellers in the 21st century. The backpacks are unisexual, stylish and functional. You can fit everything in there – from your laptop to jackets and the essential water bottle.

Read on to find out more on the features of a Gaston Luga backpack, and an exclusive promo code just for you!

| About Gaston Luga

Gaston Luga Clässic Backpack

The story of Gaston Luga and the minimalistic backpacks took its start during a trip to a new continent, where our founder Carl Sundqvist met an interesting Frenchman with an elegant and casual style.

Gaston told Carl that he believed a backpack is the optimal companion when discovering the world. As he was a person keen of his own style, he had put time and effort into finding a backpack that was different from the regular school style, with which he had several modifications made – making it more personal, functional and unique.

Inspired after the meeting, Carl decided a few months later to create his own backpack brand with classic elegant style and practical details.

We understood the industry was lagging when it comes to what customers today want. Most bag products are designed with big fluffy shoulder pads, plastic materials and thin fabric, which brings our thoughts back to the first day of school. It was important for Carl to create something he would wear himself and be proud of.

The vision was to make a line with Scandinavian minimalism and elegance to suit all different occasions.

As time went on, leather parts, thick quality cotton, metal details and a mix of carefully selected colours were put together and became the foundation of the new brand named after its predecessor, Gaston Luga.

| The Clässic Backpack

Gaston Luga Backpack For Travelling

Here, we have the Clässic backpack in Navy and Brown, made with thick and strong cotton and faux leather for durability and better water resistance. An elegant and timeless design – which is also versatile, spacious, functional and multi-purpose.

Whether you are sailing in the French riviera or having a drink at a five star hotel in New York, the Clässic suits the occasion. Make your backpack unique and match your personal style with a coloured leather address tag.

Equipped with Gaston Luga's signature passport pocket as when travelling, our passport and travel ticket should be easily accessible and at the same time safely kept.

  • Strong durable canvas
  • Magnetic strap closure
  • Outer zipper pocket
  • Inner 13-15" laptop compartment
  • 2 inner pockets
  • Passport pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


Use the discount code [SOPHLEOW15] to enjoy 15% off any backpack purchase, along with free shipping + 20% off tax rebate for non-EU countries! Click here to be redirected to Gaston Luga's website.