photos up!




i'm finally turning 16.
lets see, i can watch NC16 movies now! WOOOHOOOOOO! *laughs*
for once, im not spending my birthday alone.
honey has got something planned for me! :D

thank you,
to all those who wished me happy birthday.
its really a great thing that people remembers my birthday (:

its late & i'm being chased off to bed.
i've got a long day ahead of me today!
i do wonder how it'll turn out to be.
anxiety is surging through me.
oh what a glorious day!

just before it slips my mind.


the only person that i know who shares the same birthday as me.
pity, he is one year older.
oh well, all the more it proves one thing.
he's older, so he'll get wrinkles first! *laughs*

Back in Singaporeeeeeee.

I'm being LAZY!

i'm suppose to have blogged every single day of my 12 days in Australia.
& i've failed to do so.
once again, im lazy now to upload photos.

reason #1:
i'm lazy

reason #2:
photos from 4 cameras?! give me a break!

reason #3:
i'm stuck to reading Breaking Dawn.
well, i honestly cant keep away from reading anything,
related to Twilight.
ever since i borrowed the first book, Twilight,
from my cousin. i got kinda, addicted to it?
another reason for the curiousity of reading it,
is thanks to Genevieve Lim.
her craze for vampires started it. *shoots daggers at her*
i bought New Moon (2nd book) & Eclipse (3rd book) in Australia.
for only $19.90?! and now im regretting not buying Breaking Dawn as well.
thank goodness for the internet, i managed to get a PDF version.
so i shall suffice with it till i get my hands on the book.
of course im getting it still! i've got a collection to finish!

did i actually mention that bad gen is not allowing me to read,
till i've done one blog entry?! meanie...

reason #4:
honey isnt back from Japan yet.
so there are thorns up my butt.
i simply cant sit still for a single moment.
so yeah, till he is back & i'm able to calm down.
then i might be likely to get the photos uploaded.

reason #5:
something that i learnt while being in Australia.


another 8 more hours...

i'll be leaving for perth soon.

its just a matter of a couple more of hours.
& then i'll be heading off to a place where i've been looking forward to,
since the start of the year.
its really quite an irony.
the tickets for a December flight was booked in early January.
looking back at time now,
i realised that the the wait of 11 months seems to merely be,
just a couple of days,
no.. make it a few hours or perhaps seconds.
time flies, indeed.

i could still remember the time when Lexus and Levin came to Singapore.
i woke up early in the morning,
sat at the computer and started typing away,
blogging about their arrival to Singapore.
then, i hadnt had the chance to pick them up at the airport,
as lazy me picked sleeping over waiting in the airport with bleary eyes and a confused mind.
tic-tac-tic-tac goes the keyboard,
it was the only sound breaking through the early morning silence.
everyone else was sleeping, all but me.
then, i heard the eerie sound coming from the opening of the door.
Lexus stepped out of the room.
i had been thinking earlier,
how i should greet him, how i should start a conversation between the two of us,
how i had to say such that the conversation would continue flowing.
what i dreaded the most was an awkward silence passing between us.
i had so many thoughts and ideas in my mind.
i assume that i was prepared to face him.
but i was however wrong,
all the plans couldnt be found,
no matter how i dug my mind.
all that i could manage to muster up was a..
"Hi Lexus. Wow! You've grown so tall."

that happened... more than a year ago.
now, im not afraid of having to face that awkward silence anymore.
because what happened before,
was us not being in contact for more than 8 years.
we might have spoke on the phone. but still, it was 2 different things.
now, its proven that i can speak a hell lot of crap to them,
and they can speak a hell lot of rubbish back to me.

i guess im suppose to feel all anxious, all tweaky and all nervous now.
but i aint. surprisingly.
my mind is totally calm.
i'm at peace & ease.
no worries or whatsoever,
because i know that things are gonna work out just the way i want them to be.
afterall, i've waited for 11 months.
i deserve that bounty reward.
i'm gonna go there all energetic, ready for a brilliant adventure,
& i shall return with my camera filled with tons of pictures,
and my mind filled with millions of memories.

for now, i need to go rest.
i've got a 7 hours flight later.
and i'm leaving for the airport in 2 1/2 more hours.
just in case you're reading this Lexus,
my mom wants your mom to know that we're arriving in the airport at Perth,
at Terminal 1. 0715.
see you soon cousin.


*smacks lips* time for some eff-ing good food!

once again, im presenting to you...
the.. marvellous BUCKAROO!

if you wanna taste authentic western food,
this is the best place to come. *licks lips*

while waiting for the food to come, i took a few? shots.

how the interior of the place generally looks like:

my bodyguard; my dad!
ever since that incident,
they refuse to let me out of sight,
unless im in the safe hands of someone else. & generally,
that is referring to honey.
since he practically overlooks my every single little details.
so yes, im in the safe hands of his.

i got a little bored?
so i started taking photos of the flags hung on the roof.
flags of beers?
and photos of the beer signs around the area.
this is called: entertaining yourself when there is no one else to be entertained.
in other words, im being lame. :P

& here comes the fooooooooood.
okay, its kinda crap.
because i forgot to take photos of the food.
i was famished!
so when the food came, i simply dug in immediately.
therefore, im not too be blamed! *grins*

My mom & Angie Auntie.

the miniature christmas tree atop the box of tissues.
i found it really adorable.
so.. KA CHA! photo taken! :D

i was marvelled at the appetite of Samuel.
he finished 1 whole clam chowder all by himself,
all the other ala carte that we ordered,
plus a humongous plate of Buckaroo steak.
his steak was 500g. and he finished it all!
that includes the baked potato and other stuff that was on the plate as well.
he has one gigantic stomach! *laughs*

hannah (:

& naturally,
my mom. *laughs*
yes i know what the question is on your mind,
whats with my mom this time around?
neither do i know. i guess only she has the answer.

signing.. the bill....

after that scrumptious meal,
we definitely needed a walk. so off we went,
to Sembawang Beach.
while we were there,
we spotted a catfish that was washed upshore by the waves.
yes, its boring. but the dead look in its eyes..
it amazes me. ( i know, im amazed by little stuff. this proves, im easy to be pleased! )
and doesnt it look rather alive with the waves crashing around it?
we thought it was still alive, but with the prod of a stick,
it was proven to be dead. =X

how a dead catfish amazes everyone. WOW!!!

& end of blog post.
so i can stop people from nagging me to update. teeheee.
the date above was the day that i went to buckaroo.
but the day that this entry was posted up is on:
several days late i know. im lazy. :D
brilliant excuse, isnt it?
uh oh. i think Lexus is gonna nag me on laziness soon. *screams!*
speaking of Lexus,
*jumps up & down my chair*