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ahem..this is blogg is not deadd...just that i got nth to post and i am in no mood to post nowadays lor pearlie!! dont say me lerr..your blogg oso dead der sometimes.rawr!! haiish..these few days really no mood larr..but for you pearlie i shall blog today.hmm...i just took my O lvl cl paper on wednesday 31st was pretty finee..not too tough..quite easy..perhaps its becos i got put in hard work for this paper!x) go comp..sleep..wake pokemon comics..went into bed..cannot sleep..sms ho sung and disturb him..snore[zz..] yeapp..that was my day yesterday..pretty boring after a review..but thats what i called relaxation..[ahh...]hahas.todayy..very unlucky..187 came late..then went to school late.before i even reach school a whole bunch of pple got caught for being late alreadi..including 3E4's guaiguai prefect, Andrew [ he sat the same bus as me =.= ] among all the latecomers..[as usual] 3E4 got the most amount of lecture from mdm tang for bout 15mins..go back to class..mdm zainab wasnt really very please with all of us.didnt say anything at first till valmia michelle amalina faizah came 45mins late.she refused to re-teach thus she didnt let them into the class till bout a few mins later she soften up and went to call them in. then she started teaching bout industries[ blah blah blah..] class ended.30mins canteen break. then extended by 15mins by Mr.Lim so SS started at 11.15. combine class with 3E3. as usual 3E4 got scolded by Mr Lim for making too much noise and not showing an interest in listening [ not me.i was listening! ] then went to serve dc with a few of the rest [ as usual bb & gang skip dc ] sat outside HOD for 30 mins doing homeworkthen saw habib sailesh & madan. had lunch with them while waiting for rahman to serve finish his dc. talk to habib while waiting for the rest to come back[ they went to help their tamil teacher paste some stickers O_o?? ] hmm..felt much better after being able to talk to someone. very long time hadnt been able to really talk with someone. always got this person to busy to listen to me, another alreadi got problems, another cannot trust, another wouldnt understand, another merely scold after listening. haiish..anyway..finally managed to say out some things and it made me really much better after that. [ thank you bib! ] then went home. got scolded by dad for going late to schl [ cos mdm tang called parents ] apologised to him. hug dad. change clothes then sit in front of comp. went to my blog saw pearl complain my blog is dead then started typing for her. and here is the entry! see pearlie..ii got blogg ar. x)
tc pple!

p.s if the song plays only 30 secs pls refresh this page.its suppose to play the whole song! tq :D

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