My Unexpected Pregnancy

I am currently in my last trimester. This post has been lying around in my draft for the past 4/5 months. I figured that I should stop procrastinating and get this article out before the baby pops out of me in a month more.

To be completely honest, we hadn't plan for this pregnancy. It came as a surprise to the both of us.

I'll never forget the day when both urine test kits turned out with two red lines. He stood at the doorway frozen, mouth opened in shock. He didn't move for 5 whole minutes while I rambled on in an (unconvincing) panicky tone that we needn't panic – what an irony.

We stared at each other, wondering wtf we were gonna do with it — we had so many big plans for the year, of which all changed from the moment I peed on the stick and two lines came out instead of one.

My denial was so strong that I told him, "This is just a cheapo house-brand test kit. Cannot be accurate one. I got it because it was the cheapest, and got sales! Buy 2 get 1 free! Confirm the result is wrong! Tomorrow we go do blood test, and it'll show that I'm actually not pregnant!"

He clutched his head in his hands – most likely due to the discovery of my pregnancy news and not from my bimbotic statement 🙈

The doctor at the A&E tried to convince me that pregnancy test kits have a 95% rate of accuracy (I quote him, "Even the cheapo house-brand ones too" and doc gives me an amused smile) and a blood test would just be a waste of money. We did the blood test anyway – because I was stubborn like a mule.

Results came out.

MEH A&E Report

I was indeed pregnant. The doc congratulated me. I broke down and cried.

Thankfully we chose to receive the results at home by phone instead of waiting at the hospital. In five simple words, I was a hot mess.

When the waterworks finally cleared up, he and I sat down for a serious discussion. Are we gonna keep the baby or... our dreams?

We decided on keeping the baby. It was after all a life, made with our DNA. We couldn't say goodbye to it just like that. Our dreams will still be attainable, probably a tad harder with this additional bump, but definitely still achievable.

With a decision made, we started shifting our plans around. Our October wedding became a May/June wedding. The dates for our pre-wedding photoshoot got moved forward. An appointment with the gynaecologist was made.

The first visit to the gynaecologist was nerve-wrecking. I could tell that it was exciting and awkward for him – he prepped a long list of questions to ask the gynae. I, on the other hand, walked in with an empty mind.

At 6 weeks pregnant, we saw the baby for the first time via an ultrasound scan.

Week 6

It was just a round ball. A gestational sac. A blip.

My heart skipped a bit. This was my baby. This was our baby.

There really isn't anything much to see in the ultrasound scan – it was after all still a round ball then. Yet I clutched onto the printed copy of my ultrasound scan like it was the most precious thing in the world.

The next visit to the gynae occurred two weeks later. At 8 weeks, we could now see the resemblance of a tiny human being formed.

Week 8

We could somewhat make out his head, body, arms and legs. We also heard his heartbeat for the very first time.

You know how in the movies, when the mom hears her baby's heartbeat for the very first time, and a tear would then roll down the side of her cheek? That was what happened to me.

A tear miraculously formed in my tear duct, which then (disobediently) rolled down the side of my face. I was overwhelmed by a series of emotions and probably definitely hormones too.

We saw my gynae again at 11 weeks. It was developing, and appeared to be even more (duh) human-like.

Week 11

The funniest thing of all happened – during the ultrasound scan, we saw it bouncing up and down in my belly (on its back) like it was on a trampoline.

The dad stared in amazement, and then this grin of pride appeared across his face. He nicknamed it "boing".

A few days later, the vomiting began. It happened on the very first day of my pre-wedding shoot.

I had bouts of nausea before that, but hadn't vomited anything out till then. The nausea was sickening and kept me in bed all the time. The vomiting however, disabled me completely.

I would generally vomit after every meal. The term "morning sickness" is an understatement.

I would regurgitate when I woke up, again after breakfast, again after lunch, again after teatime, and again after dinner. The process would repeat itself again the next day.

Eventually I figured out the pattern. The baby would basically reject all food that the dad disliked – I kid you not about this.

Let me give you an example: In a plate of chicken chop, there is usually the slab of meat, some fries and a side of salad. The dad hates vegetables and always avoids consuming the salad. I would eat the salad first and subsequently move onto the finish eating the rest of the items on the plate.

For that meal, I vomited all of the salad and none of anything else on that plate.

Still too hard to believe? Here are more examples:

Dad hates hokkien prawn mee, I like hokkien prawn mee, I vomited hokkien prawn mee.

Dad likes chicken rice, I dislike chicken rice, I was fine after eating chicken rice.

Dad hates chicken pie, I like chicken pie, I vomited chicken pie.

Dad likes chicken cutlet noodle, I dislike chicken noodle, I was fine after eating chicken cutlet noodle.

He was so proud (and smug) that the baby's tastebud resembled his. I rolled my eyes so hard then – still rolling it hard now.

I experienced the weirdest combination of first trimester pregnancy symptoms. I had a sensitivity to smell, heat and lastly, light. The first two wasn't so bad, they didn't last as long as the third. Furthermore I had ways to combat the former two symptoms.

The sensitivity to light was the craziest of them all. During the daytime, I feared daylight and lived like a vampire. I had the curtains in our room down for the entire day – I could not tolerate even a shred of sunlight and hid in the shadows all the time.

When I was exposed to light, it gave me a splitting headache and unwavering nausea. The discomfort was extreme.

When the night came about, I avoided all artificial light and hence we would have our dinner in the dark. The blue light from our smartphones and laptops were also intolerable, thus we kept those devices away as well and I was rendered disabled to work.

Fortunately all of those symptoms went away with the end of my first trimester. Having to suffer all of those for the two-three months ... I thought I was gonna die. I gave my husband so many death stares, and whined till his ears probably bled (his ears are fine). I am thankful that he was immensely patient, kind and caring – although his fear of vomit was pretty hilarious.

The first time that I vomited, he charged into the bathroom bravely to help hold my hair up. However that was his first and last time doing so.

Since then, he would wait until I was done vomiting and then mysteriously pop up before me as I walked out of the bathroom. "Are you okay? You vomit ah? I thought I heard you retching in the toilet. Was it very bad? Do you need water? Mouthwash?" 😅

Back to the gynae visits. At 14 weeks, we returned to discover the gender of our baby.

Week 14

It took awhile and my gynae was incredibly patient. We had to coax the baby to open up his thighs so that we could uncover his sex.

After about ~10 minutes, my gynae finally caught it on ultrasound and announced that we were expecting a boy. We named him "Ethan".

His dad's rationale for the name was: Because when I think of the name, there isn't a face that popped up in my head that makes me wanna punch it. 🙄

My rationale is a lot more logical and sensible. I like the meaning of the name, which meant "safe", "strong", "firm", and "wise". Qualities, values and blessings that I wish upon for my dearest baby boy.

Now I am 34 weeks pregnant and in about less than a month, he will be like a ticking time bomb – coming out when he feels ready to do so. That would be another funny story to tell then.

CANVAS: Review Of The Australian Aromatherapy Beauty Products, Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol & Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask

The soothing scent of roses dominate this beauty product range from CANVAS. We're talking about an aromatherapy-based product that aims to relax our soul, whilst providing us with the essential benefits for our skin.

Containing Australian natural resources, CANVAS is recognised for the high (scientifically-proven) efficacy of their products. Their beauty products contain unique plant species and aromatherapy intelligence which activates the extraordinary benefits of our planet's natural resources.

In this post, I will be sharing more about their Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol and Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask. Read on to find out more!

| About CANVAS

All CANVAS aromatherapy products and skin care series provide a natural and certified organic beauty solution to attentively care for your body and mind. Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the leading certifying body in Australia, has officially approved the aromatherapy products which contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients.

CANVAS also carries body oils and special skincare products that have been recognized by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), under the Australian Government Department of Health and Aging, assuring all products are of an acceptable standard, and its functions are deliverable as it claims.

| Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol

CANVAS Rose Otto Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol

Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol is an alcohol-free, skin toning hydrosol specially designed to hydrate, rebalance and soothe the skin.

It is made from the precious rose (Rosa damascena) to soothe the skin. It is ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin and works intensively to moisturise. It is an excellent toner to regulate sebum after cleansing, and prepares the skin for your daily regimen.

Instructions for use: Apply to your face, neck, and even the body after cleansing every morning and evening or when necessary. Can also apply to make-up for an instant dewy look.

Price: $59

Rating: 4.8/5

My two cents:

Best damn toner, that I have ever used in my life!

If you have been following my blog long enough, you'll know that I have a general dislike for toners. This baby changed my whole perception about toners by a 180-degrees.

I am going to cut all the bullshit and tell you what I like about it, and why it has gotten such a high rating from me.

  • This toner is alcohol-free and that is a huge plus point for me. Toners with alcohol have been said to be the better option for those with oily skin (or so it seems).

    Toners with alcohol really does is to severely dry up your skin after the initial "I feel great about this toner with alcohol" phase, and your face ends up over-compensating for the lack of natural oil on the surface layer, thus becoming an oily mess in a couple of hours. And you know what comes after that? Blocked pores, blackheads and acne.

    This toner feels mild on the skin but it is so effective in providing the necessary hydration to our skin. I love using it before I cleanse my face, after my daily shower and as the first step in my makeup routine.

  • It comes in a spray bottle, which literally translates to hygiene and fuss-free. Toners that require me to use my fingertips or cotton pads during application are a huge no-no for me, hence I have always avoided using toners before this.

    The introduction of a secondary surface area (ie. your fingertips or cotton pad) during application means an increased possibility of germs being transferred onto my face. I am extremely paranoid about it because I fear the development of pimples.

    Because the Pure Rose Otto Hydrosol comes in a spray bottle, all I got to do is to spurt two sprays on my face in an X-figure and I am done. It is so easy and I get an even distribution of the product all over my face!

  • This product does not feel oily. It is basically a liquid-base essence that feels light on the skin, tinted with the soothing scent of roses and helps to calm one's nerves down before the start or after the end of a long day.

    They weren't kidding about the aromatherapeutic effect that it provides!

If you are looking for an alcohol-free toner, this one comes highly recommended from me!

| Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask

CANVAS Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask

The Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask is a perfect combination of pure Rose Otto Essential Oil, French Rose and Morocco Rosa Centifolia. This gel mask is designed to brighten, rejuvenates and hydrates the skin for a natural and flawless look.

The signature gel mask from CANVAS restores water in skin and is able to enhance skin regeneration by effectively restoring suppleness, elasticity and luminosity. Skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised and the appearance rejuvenated.

Instructions for use: Apply an even layer to clear dry skin with fingertip, avoiding the eye area. Relax for 10 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

Price: $90

Rating: 3.9/5

My two cents:

This gel mask is not too bad, however I do find it to be a tad too pricey for the benefits that it provides. Then again if you compare it to a try to a trip to spa salon for a facial session, this would definitely be a lot more worth it!

The Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask does do what it promises – tone, brighten, rejuvenate and hydrate – but the one thing that makes it stand out like all other products in the Rose Otto range is the aromatherapeutic effect that it carries with it!

This is a mask that is great to slap on once a week, probably on a Friday night, just to reward yourself for surviving the week. You get to pamper yourself with a wonderful hydrating mask and enjoy the relaxing effects from the aromatic fumes of the mask, within the comforts of your own home.

I noticed bits of real rose petals in my jar of mask, which I appreciate and like – brownie points for that! The texture of this mask comes sticky and dries the same. It does get rinsed off easily and I found my skin to be soft and supple as the product said it would.


For more information on CANVAS products, check out their site here. CANVAS is now available in Singapore at Takashimaya and on Lazada.

Capilano Beeotic Honey: Don't Mistake The World's First Prebiotic Honey, To Be Probiotic! Happy Tummy Honey!

You didn't read the name wrong. The word "prebiotic" is spelled with an "E" and not an "O". What we are talking about here is a special type of dietary fibre that is not digested by the host and thus reaches our colon!

The all-new premium Beeotic® honey by Australian honey producer Capilano, has now hit the shelves of Singapore and is available in our local major supermarkets and hypermarts. Read on to find out more about this one-of-a-kind honey product!

| About Beeotic® Honey

Capilano Beeotic Honey

Hitting shelves from 5 Sept 2017, Beeotic® is the result of extensive research and a world-first clinical study conducted through the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The clinical study done identifies the widely recognised, but until now unproven, prebiotic health potential of selected Australian honeys.

Beeotic® from Capilano is a 100% natural prebiotic honey, which when used as directed, is clinically shown to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut that may help to boost your digestive health. This premium Australian honey has also been proven to provide a good natural source of prebiotics.

| What Is Prebiotic, And Its Difference From Probiotic

Prebiotics are natural, non-digestible fibres which are passed undigested through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. Think of it as food for the naturally-present good bacteria in your digestive system – it stimulates the growth or activity of these advantageous bacteria that colonise the large bowel thereby improving the ratio of the good bacteria to the bad bacteria, leading to an improvement in our digestive health.

A probiotic, on the other hand, is a preparation of live bacteria that we find in yoghurt, dairy and supplements. The live and good bacteria is introduced into our digestive system orally (via the various food options as mentioned before), which then survives in and gets used by our gut.

| Benefits Of Consuming Prebiotics

Capilano Beeotic Honey

Beeotic®, the world’s first clinically-tested prebiotic honey, provides a natural source of prebiotics.

Just 14ml a day has been shown to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut by nourishing beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, while also suppressing Clostridium.

Improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut may help boost your digestive health.

| Where To Buy It

Beeotic® can be found in the honey section at leading supermarkets and selective pharmacies. The recommended selling price (with GST) for this super yummy honey is at:
  • A jar of 340g – $16.80
  • An upside-down bottle – $22.00

For more information on Capilano's Beeotic® Honey, you can find it here.

The Mayfair Nail Spa: Chic and Classy Nail Designs at Holland Village

When looking to wear a set of gelish nails, most ladies would want something simple and chic.

They want a design that they can wear comfortably to work, yet garner the compliments of their date! That is what The Mayfair Nail Spa provides, a chic and classy set of nails suitable for a variety of occasions.

I have been in partnership with The Mayfair for about three months now, and their nail art has impressed me every time. Read on to get a glimpse of my pretty nails!

The Mayfair Nail Spa

Established in 2014, The Mayfair is located on the 3rd floor of Holland Road Shopping Centre.

Their niche is to create classy and modern nail designs for their customers, with the belief that "less is more". You'll find that their nail art leans towards minimalism, without any over-the-top fancy details.

The Mayfair Nail Spa

The Mayfair Nail Spa - Wedding Nails

I had my wedding nails done by them! It was a design specially created by their manicurist, Yvonne, for my special occasion – you can find a sample of this nail art displayed in the salon.

The Mayfair Nail Spa - Simple Floral Design

The Mayfair Nail Spa - Aquatic Nails Design

The Mayfair Nail Spa - Floral Design

My gelish nails done by The Mayfair typically lasts for about 4-6 weeks, discounting the discolouration in accessories and minor chipping. That's pretty long for a set of gelish nails!

If you are keen to make an appointment with The Mayfair Nail Spa, you can call 6467 8119.

The Mayfair Nail Spa
Address: 211 Holland Ave, #03-03A, Holland Road Shopping Centre
Operating hours: Monday - Sunday (10am to 7pm), Closed on Fridays

Ongoing Promotion:
Give your hands and feet some love with a set of
COLLAGEN HAND + FOOT MASK for $28 only! (U.P. $48)

A Bride's Guide To Her Dream Wedding: Solemnisation (Part 2)

This was my big wedding day. I held my wedding over a span of two days, the first day was this – the official solemnisation combined with the traditional Chinese tea ceremony – and the second day was my banquet dinner to celebrate with my family and friends.

In this post, I will be running through with you on the events that would occur during your solemnisation/tea ceremony. I will provide you with tips on how you can have your day run smoothly, and the things that you would want to avoid or be cautious about. Have a good read!

#1 | Getting Made Up And Ready


Be prepared to wake up at 4AM in the morning, just so as to get ready for the entire day. The bridal makeup will take generally about 3-4 hours, depending on the complexity of your makeup/hairstyle and the wearing of your wedding gown.

Although you might feel jitters in your gut, and hence a lack of appetite, I strongly encourage you to stuff a sandwich down your stomach because the next time that you will have time to eat would be around 2pm.

Have your mom prepare something light, perhaps a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or an egg mayo sandwich. Just make sure that you eat something, because you wouldn't wanna risk fainting on your big day! There will be tons of activities going on and you're gonna need strength to get through the entire day.

(Makeup & Hairstyle: Ling's Palette)

(Bridal Gowns: Le Seine Bridal)


Here is another tip for you: Create a whatsapp group, adding the bride and groom, brothers and sisters, and all other family personnels who have a role to play in your wedding (ie. door opener, family ic to inform the arrival of bride or groom for tea ceremony, extra pair of helping hands etc)

This would help greatly in the liaison of all events occurring that day. The brothers will have to update the group chat when they are about to leave the groom's place, the sisters will know how much time they have left on hand to get ready.

Everyone will be panicking. The house will be in chaos. And that is NORMAL!

So just take a breather and follow the pre-planned schedule, because that is what a schedule is for. It's your big wedding day, just enjoy – or so everyone tells me. :)

#2 | A Modern Twist To Gatecrashing

(Groom's tie & Groomsmen's bowtie: The Little Link)
Quote [SOPHIE10] for 10% off your first order, valid forever



Now you'll probably be wondering... what modern twist?! Here is the background story to it:

My parents were strongly against gatecrashing because they do not believe that their future son-in-law(s) should be tortured/humiliated/embarrassed just so as to marry their daughters. And so, for my elder sister's wedding, there was no gatecrashing at all.

For my wedding, there wasn't suppose to be either. However my (then) fiancé requested for it, saying "What fun is there in a wedding without some hardship?"

I thought about his request and my parents' concern... and I agree with my parents. I always hated seeing grooms being made to wear bras and panties, put on lipsticks, eat/drink a whole bunch of weird stuff, and the grooms and brothers end up looking very sloppy. My husband shouldn't have to look like a mess when he is trying to marry me.

Then again, I wanted to accede to his request. Thus I got creative and together with my sisters, we decided to play to the strengths of the boys men.

My sisters and I came up with puzzles to test their wits and intelligence, physical challenges to test their strength. We took their hobbies into account, and created games involving their favourite dart sport and love for whiskey/beer/liquor.


All of the gatecrashing activities revolved around a central game. I was locked in my room (deliberately), and someone in the house had the key to the room. The men were required to pass each gatecrashing activity to attain a clue as to who held my room key?


We gave them incredibly vague clues: "The person is below the age of 50", "The person's name has the letter L in it" and etc.

It was hilarious to see their -_- facial expression every time they received a vague clue, lol.


Now remember the part about drinking liquor? I roped my dad in for this game and he sure did enjoy it!

My father collects alcohol, and particularly Chinese wine. I got my dad to choose four liquor from his Chinese wine collection, with specific instructions that only one shot of each liquor will be poured and given to the brothers.

How did everything go? The brothers enjoyed the liquor, my dad was fascinated and happy that he has found more drinking buddies, haha!


Just for the sake and fun of it, we also included a couple of traditional "Guess My Body Part" and "Down Our Memory Lane" games.


My mom got jealous that my dad had a part in the gatecrashing and said that she wanted one too!

And so, she was in charge of giving the 'jiak gan tang' boys a Chinese riddle and getting the 老婆饼 for our games, because according to my mom... 娶老婆要吃老婆饼!


Yes, the husband cheated for the game "Down Our Memory Lane". He is bad with dates and so he went through my Instagram to try and match the dates to the pictures, pretty smart eh?


Remember the central game that I mentioned about earlier? My niece was the one who held the key to my room!


The brothers felt that it wasn't fair that they were the only ones drinking. Hence they brought their own equipments and ingredients, and made a cocktail for my sister team! #prosofhavinganexbartenderonteambro

(Bridal bouquet & Corsages: FlowerAdvisor)
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Here is another tip for you: Who should I choose to be a part of my bridesmaids team?

Pick your team members based on their character, personality and their strengths. Do not pick your secondary school or junior college clique, just because they know each other and hence they should be able to work well together. Your hypothesis might just be the cause of a doomsday wedding!

It is okay if your chosen bridesmaids are unfamiliar with each other – we can all do with making more friends! Besides, the star of the show is you!

Avoid having a drama queen or a person who can "never be there to help" as your bridesmaid. Get people whom you can depend and rely upon. Your bridesmaids are there to help you, and not to be a flower vase for show!

I chose my bridesmaids/brideman for four specific reasons to fulfil four critical duties – 1) designing my e-invite card and managing all artistic matters, 2) handling my social media accounts, 3) keeping track and ensuring the smooth transition of all activities (timekeeper), and lastly 4) an individual who would be following me around closely on that day to take care of me and handle all my personal belongings (aka the maid of honour).

Pick wisely because a good team is the essence of a successful and smooth-sailing wedding!

#3 | The traditional Chinese tea ceremony

(Traditional Kua: The Louvre Bridal)


The traditional Chinese tea ceremony is another chaotic affair to happen on your wedding day.

For it to run as smoothly as possible, have a chronological list on who would be offered/offering the tea. This is to avoid any "You go first la! No la, you go first!" and the subsequent pushing back and forth of who should be having the tea first and who later – every minute during your wedding day is precious!

Your parents should always go first, followed by paternal grandparents and then maternal grandparents. It then goes back to the paternal side of the family, and onwards to the maternal side of the family. The ceremony ends off with your relatives who are younger than you, offering you and your spouse the tea.

Discuss the list with your parents a week before your wedding. Assign 4 individuals to help with the pouring of tea, exchanging of tea cups, collection of red packets received, and to call out the next individuals who will be offered/offering tea.

#4 | Solemnisation and Exchanging Vows

(Photography: Depth of Tales)


This is the big moment that you have been waiting for throughout the entire day – your solemnisation ceremony. Prepare some tissue in the event of some ugly crying (like me!) and do have your vows written in advance.

Facing difficulty writing your vows? Here are a few quick tips:
  1. Think about the first time that you met your other half, what were your thoughts or feelings then?
  2. Throughout the years of dating/courtship, was there any event which left a deep impression on you?
  3. Now that you are finally getting married, is there anything that you would like to say to him/her?
  4. Include one or two inside jokes, but none more than that – you wouldn't want to confuse your audience and make things too personal.
  5. End off your vows with promises (because that is what vows are for!) such as being loyal, being supportive, never falling out of love with him/her and etc.
If the tips aren't enough, watch my wedding video here for some much-needed inspiration!

#5 | The After-Party and Mini Photoshoot

(Nail Art: The Mayfair Nail Spa)


Your photographer and videographer would tend to want a bit of time for a quick photoshoot session.

Here, is the chance to re-use the posing skills that you have learnt during your prewedding photoshoot. Rope in your brothers and sisters for the photoshoot, because this might be the only time that you will get to capture some pretty pictures with them!

You will want to commemorate your time with this group of people because 1) they are important to you, 2) they've taken their time out to be here for you, 3) they deserve it a damn lot!

Have fun during the photoshoot session. Be as creative or as wacky as you like! Don't be alarmed if everyone siams away from the tossed bouquet and you end up having to throw the (now) mangled bridal bouquet three times, just to get a picture-perfect shot for your photographer.

Now that the day is over, take a breather and have a good rest. If you are throwing a wedding banquet tomorrow or the next week, start getting ready for the final round of your wedding event!


For tips on how to plan and prepare for your ideal pre-wedding shoot – including selecting the location, photographer, wedding gowns and more – head over to read the first part of my wedding series, Dream Wedding: Pre-Wedding Shoot.

Wedding Collaborators

Photography: Depth of Tales Photography

White wedding gowns: Le Seine Bridal

Nail art: The Mayfair Nail Spa
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Make up artist: Ling's Palette
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Flowers: Flower Advisor Singapore
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  • Quote [SOPHLEOW] for 15% off all your flower orders, valid till 15 Nov 2017

Tie and bowties: The Little Link
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  • Quote [SOPHIE10] for 10% off your first order, valid forever

Traditional chinese kua: The Louvre Bridal
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