okayokay..ii noe ii changed e song again..ii cant help it..first dance floor anthem then wodecuo and finally ii ended up with waitforyou!this song got BIG BIG memory for mii..was listening to it most of e time when ii was in malaysia holiday-ing during june holi..cos..it reminded mii of hj and..bahhs..out of point..
anyway..LEXY IS COMING IN 6 DAYS!!WOOTS~~~ii noe he'd be super hyper when he write this sentence.hahas..he was super hype up when he read e previous entry bout him..hahas..well..u're certainly my dearest cuzzy lexy.hahas..but one point..just becos there is now a 7-eleven at the shell petrol station right below my row of terrace..I AM STILL NOT BUYING THAT MAPLE PPC FOR EUU.bleahs..waste of money lorrhs..hmm..about e schedule..ii not so sure..i'm up to my neck with work undone..but..I WILL TRY TO SPEND TIME WITH EUU alrights sweets?x)
hmm..ii agree with hj bout e harry potter movie..totally YUCKS!no climax at all..or ii should probably say..we dint even watch much of it..oops..hahas..realli sucky larrhs..soo ii kinda fell "asleep" in the cinema..hahas..but e main point is..the new director sucks completely..parts to be taken out he dont take..parts which should remain in he go take out..make the story to a complete mess..dont even understand it liiaos lorrhs..zzz....but ii LOVE the book..hahas..cheers to all harry potter fans!
after eating alot at the food festival yest at sun plaza with hj..ii learn one thing..NV EVER EVEN THINK OF TRYING STH EUU CANT EAT!!!the spicy and sour scallop soup looked very yummy everytime ii see it so this time ii couldnt stop my temptation so ii decided to try it..one mouth of it and ii regretted..the sour was still fine..the spicyness was the one ii cannot tahan..especially the fact there was so much chilli oil in it..can taste it lorrhs..ii drink till bout half ii cannot take it then push to hj ask him finish liiaos..hahas!but one weird thing..ii drink 1/4 gonna die of spicyness..he drink finish whole thing still say got no feeling of spicyness de lehhs..zzz...ii am realli very lousy at eating or drinking anything spicy..zzz....like e fact that when we bought e shark fin soup..mine is add nth at all..original is my type..while his one is add everything[vinegar and pepper]..hahas..different in taste but our thinking is still very much the same..plus e thing is he is quite a mind-reader..very scary..before ii can tell him what ii'm thinking..he say it out lerrhs..yesterday when we meet up at 10am at cck mrt..ii didnt have time to take breakfast and when ii saw him..he was holding this hatchbrown he bought from macdonalds and said eat it..ii noe euu nv eat breakfast.hahas..scary mind-reader..noes my actions and everythings..hahas..well..ii guess its becos of this fact that ii fell in love with him..hahas..e one and only perfect guy for me forever..^^
j'aime hj..

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