fArtz tArt: Meals in jars!

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Link to PART I if you haven't read it yet!

After my first food tasting session with fArtz tArt, I was invited again to go back and try their NEW pasta and salad range!

fArt tArtz
1 Expo Drive

Singapore 486150
Email: enquiry@farttartz.com
Website: http://www.farttartz.com

Singapore Sling Tea

Remember how in my previous post, one of the lady boss' recommendation was Singapore Sling Tea?

Well during this food tasting trip, I specially requested to try out their Singapore Sling Tea and boy, it is indeed a must-try! One of the ingredients in the tea blend is Roselle, which gives a delectable taste that is kinda like ribena?

Roselle tea provides medicinal benefits such as reducing blood pressure, lowering of cholesterol levels.. but most importantly in this case, it is goes really well with all of the food!

It helps to neutralise spiciness (if there is any) and it washes away any remnants of taste that continues lingering in your mouth after your last bite of whatever food you last took, and that makes it good because you are able to better taste and appreciate the next food that you are gonna put in your mouth!

Next up, salad!

Okay I've never had salad in a jar and I thought that it was a pretty interesting concept to mix the sauce into the salad by simply pouring the sauce into the salad jar, close the lid and shake like mad!!

I'm just kidding, you don't have to shake like mad but you get the gist of what I'm saying.

"Fusion Greens", $9.50

What I had was their "Fusion Greens".

The term "fusion" comes from the East-Meet-West combination that they came up with. Basically they used vegetables commonly used to make western salad, and they chose a japanese sauce as the salad dressing! Hence the term, "Fusion Greens".

You can see some sesame seeds in the sauce. I don't know what are the ingredients in this sauce but I like it because it is a tad sour thus making it great as a meal-starter!

If you are one of those who usually order calamari rings or deep fried mushrooms or... anything that is FRIED, as an appetiser before your main course arrives, here's a suggestion: GET A SALAD INSTEAD!!!!

Other than the obvious reason that it is a very healthy choice (Duh!), I would recommend choosing a salad that has a dressing which is slightly sour because it is good for spiking up an appetite before your meal. Therefore you wouldn't feel full before your main course even arrives!

fArt tArtz café's "Fusion Greens"

Grilled Hot Wings, $8.50

Another starter that I got to try was their "Grilled Hot Wings".

If you are afraid of spiciness, DO NOT be intimidated by the chilli flakes that you see atop the chicken wings! It honestly wasn't that spicy and like what I mentioned earlier, you can neutralise the spiciness with their Singapore Sling Tea!

There is a reason why the bosses of this café put in so much effort to try all sorts of tea, just to make sure that the tea blends that they bring into their café goes well with the food that they serve!


The wings were well-marinated. I could taste that one of the marinating ingredients was honey, and when I checked it with the lady boss, she admitted that there is indeed honey! Yay for my taste buds!!! (Also proves that I eat a lot.. probably, too much? Yikes!)

For those of you honey-lovers, must try these grilled wings k!

Fusion Olio (vegetarian), $9.90

If the first thought that passes your mind now is... "Now how is this dish fusion too????"

The fusion isn't because of the oil that they used nor because of the side salad. The fusion is actually due to the mushrooms that they chose to use hahahaha!

They used a mixture of western and asian mushrooms... such as the western fresh white button mushrooms? And for the asian side, they used fresh shiitake mushrooms, shimeji mushrooms and other sort of mushrooms! They seriously spammed lots of mushrooms and I was too engrossed with eating to take note of all the types of mushrooms used. OOPS!

If you aren't a vegetarian, I would actually recommend you to make a special order by adding chicken crumbles to your Fusion Olio pasta for a mere cost of $1.50! The taste is completely different and so much better with the chicken crumbles!! Probably because the chicken crumbles help to soak up the tasty oil and the combination is just.. woah!

I have to warn you though that stirring the chicken crumbles and the pasta together is a tricky affair. And no, you're not suppose to close the lid and 'shake like mad' for this dish. That technique is only applicable for the salad FYI.

I have had tons of pasta cooked in oil before, but this is THE BEST that I have had so far! I told the lady boss about this and she thought that I was being polite (which I am) but I am also being really honest! You know how most aglio olio just aren't.. tasty enough? Like it lacks of this saltiness that could better bring out the taste of the pasta? Well.. this café scores full marks for being able to get that perfect balance of taste!

The taste wasn't overpowering and it was great for my asian taste buds! This is the first aglio olio pasta that I have had who has managed to grasp it RIGHT. I can't tell you how shocked and amazed I was because I initially thought that this was gonna be just another aglio olio pasta.

Pepper Chix Linguine, $10.90

This dish is new to me, because I have never had black pepper sauce pasta EVER.

I was shocked when I had this because I didn't even know that such a combination would even be possible. I remember turning around to face Rod and I asked him, "Have you ever had black pepper pasta?" and he was like "No I haven't. This is my first time too."

Don't worry, it isn't a bad combination and in fact, it is a really interestingly good one! Try it if you have never had black pepper pasta before!!

It is spicy (as expected of the black pepper), thrilling, a little bit sweet (probably due to the chicken and bell peppers) and a tinge of saltiness which is required for an overall balanced taste.

The sauce goes well with the linguine, the chicken makes up for your daily dose of protein, and the bell peppers (Eek! I don't like bell peppers!!) along with the side salad provides you with the fibre that you need everyday! (FYI I didn't eat the bell peppers... Rod did. Heh!)

The only reminder/word of advice that I have to give for this dish is to consume the moment that it is served! Don't make the mistake that I did which is to not consume it immediately because I was too busy taking tons of pictures of it and then I went back to finishing the fusion olio.. and as a result, the linguine became fatter and I went home with a very round belly!!!

Once again, link to PART I!

Thank you fArt tArtz for the delectable meal!

Have a great week ahead people!!