haiish..ii wan to break down lerrhs..ii realli dunno wht ii did wrong this time..hj keep getting angry at me..ii realli going nuts going mad lerrhs..how come he affects me so much??when he smiles..ii feel full of warmth and joy..but when he's angry or sad..ii feel like dying..haiish..being in love is realli very very tough..this is the first time someone else's emotions affects me so much..realli wish he'd stop getting mad or let me noe e reason..finding life hard to go on sometimes..

my sis derrhs bf you laii lerrhs..this time still bring a bouquet of roses..her smile is so wide that she looks like a geek.hahas..very jealous of her..though ii shldnt be..cos ii oso got a loving bf what..x)
ii realli dunno how often euu come to read my posts but this if for euu hj..
ii realli didnt mean to make euu angry derrhs okay?ii think my mom de thinking of euu change lerrs so dont keep holding onto that memory okay?try to forget it or it'll be a black mark for the both of us.this incident is realli very dangerous as it always make our love at danger line..so try to forget it or tell me wht u're thinking..ii noe u're hiding sth from mi but whenever ii ask euu wont say..ii realli wanna noe..besides..ii'm ur gf..hiding it from me and always saying nvm or euu dun understand wont help the both of us in either way..i'll be right here waiting if euu need me..ii wont leave or go away..always waiting here for euu alrights?

11more days till lexus is here..cant wait for him to come siah..finally after so many years..he's coming back to SG from AUS..onli for like 8DAYS?!?!haiish..lucky he staying at my hse..so can spend more time with him..its time we 2 cousins go crazy again..hahas..ii still rmb the days before he migrated to AUS..everytime there was a family gathering..we 2 would be like superglued to each other..can always find us together derrhs..we share everything with each other..we were just like twins..however..after he migrated..ii find some of the family gathering abit weird..though i have 26cousins..ii still feel kinda weird without lex around me.but realli very GLAD he's coming back..woots~
jingting pearlie and naomi are all anxious to see how he looks like though ii just say he is from AUS.euu girls are realli mad over cute boys especially those coming from western countries ehhs?lols..well..just make sure euu girls dun fall head over heels cos this guy is onli here for 8DAYS!!not very short ii agree but not long for falling in love..so euu girls better have ur limits and noe what u're doing alrights?hahas..long time no see lex on msn lerrhs..haven told him bout this blog yet..ii think he's gonna start spaming once he noes..hahas..but ii dont mind cos he is my dear cuz!lols..
well..i'm signing off alreadii.would write again soon..x)

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