math remedial..e hist remedial..what a "WONDERFUL" day..

Damen posing for the camera!~

what are you people looking at?

illegal gathering..

during math remedial..

michelle loves the camera!
during e hist while mr lim is away..

our beloved MS YEO and her dancers..

the koon koon dancers!

the day started off with maths remedial..though ms yeo came late..some people in class were still later then her..some even came AFTER the remedial..lols..skip the math remedial..tsk tsk tsk..chester and shaun still came in the class with a few orders of sardine puffs from the class..wish ii took that shot..lols..after math..there was a half an hour break before the elective hist. remedial..most people went out that time..and naturally..several came after the start of lesson though mr [samuel] lim came lim merely went thru the contents of what our e hist file should have..gave us homework..instructed us to complete it by today and hand in before we went home and ZOOM..he oso went off saying he had a sore throat..ii manage to take a few pics of the class in its "peaceful" scene..lols..we were suppose to have ONE HOUR of lunch break before social studies but mr seng just cut short and started classes at 1.45pm instead of 2.30..zz...the class was still making fun of ANDREW & GERMAINE..haiish..when would you people grow up and stop creating chaos in class??ii think the answer is never..oh well..ii guess this is why we are 3E4!

p.s lazy to write essay-long entries..sorry!

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