Because you give me every other reason to believe in love and to hold on when everyone else was letting go.

"When you love someone, like I loved her, they're a part of you. It's like you are attached by this invisible tether, and no matter how far away you are, you can always feel them. And now every time I reach for that tether, I know that there is no one on the other end, and I feel like I am falling into nothing-ness."

— Sue Sylvester (Glee)

"That kind of relationship where you can be your
crazy self around him."

Or at least I hope.. But hey, hope is what got me so far now, isn't it?

Pseudo Eco-lovers

For the month of April, I "worked" at the Science Centre Singapore. The reason behind the inverted commas for the word 'work' is because.. it never seemed like working to me, but rather playing instead. My workplace was more of.. a playground, to me that is. Teehee!

My colleagues and I were in-charge of the Earth Day project, and I know what you are thinking about, "Isn't Earth day just on the 26th of March?" Well, apparently not. Earth Day is actually an activity which goes on for about a whole month, so yeah.. technically it should be called Earth Month and not Earth Day. Oh well, I aren't the one deciding/naming the whole project so.. *shrugs shoulders*
I'm just there to play work and earn money. On a second thought, I think we spent more than we earned, because there isn't much classes going on, so we spent most of our time eating.. Yikes!

One of the classes we had was called "Save the Forest, Save the Frogs". For this class, what we/the students had to do was to make jelly!! The green jelly would serve as the 'pond' which the frogs live in, the grape which is being split into halves is seen as the 'lilypad' that the frog will be on, then we added some sort of seeds used for jelly-making at the top which are the 'tadpole eggs', QQ-balls were treated as the 'tadpoles', and lastly (not in the picture) we would put gummy frogs on top of the lilypad!

The jelly looks so nice in the picture right? Well, ever heard of the phrase that you should never judge a book by its cover? So, you really shouldn't judge a jelly by its looks.. because it tasted horrendous!!! The taste was akin to fishy stagnant water. I was stupid enough to get deceived by its looks, took a big spoonful of jelly, happily shoved it into my mouth, then came the horrific part.. My face froze, and the next minute, I was found beside the sink, throwing up every bit of that disgusting jelly. Yeap, that is how bad it was.

After that traumatic experience, I went home, did a little experiment and came up with the recipe of strawberry cum lychee flavoured jelly. It tasted awesome, and we decided to use it! YAY! Told ya that I am a good and successful cook. *smirks*

This is a reaction game. What happens is that there are 9 levels in total for this game, the buttons will light up, and you've got to press it within 3 seconds. If you miss the button 3 times, then it is game over.

With the help of 3 other colleagues, we managed to get to level 8 and had the highest score for the day!! Honestly, this game is pretty retarded. Or should I say that you'll look retarded playing this game. But it is really addictive. HAHA!
Oh yeah, there was once when I passed by this game, I saw that some unknown crazy lunatic actually got to level 9 and scored 99!!!! FML. Insanity witnessed.

Azizah showing her love for Ronald MacDonalds.
No surprise there, since we had MacDonalds almost every freaking day!!!! :O

When it rains, Science Centre floods.
And near the eco-lab, an ankle-deep river will be created, which should allegedly be known as the 'Science Centre River'. Ravi had to build a makeshift bridge to get everyone across :/
(In the picture, Norlin helping Tiffany to get across the makeshift bridge.)

My darling Norlin (:

Climate Change Exhibition Trail Briefing held at the Mendel Lecture Hall, hosted by Sim Chun and Norlin


Doing the Copyright Nature Exhibition Trail Briefing! At the Maxwell Lecture Theatre.

Ahem! I had to handle 80 students in this massive lecture theatre kay. The feeling of being a lecturer... FREAKING AWESOME!!!! *spam hearts*

Even though it is said to only be a briefing.. It is anything BUT a briefing, it seemed more like a mini-lecture. I was giving so much information to the students, that it was more of a lesson to them rather than having them exploring the place by themselves and learning these facts on their own.

Oh and, the school teachers who accompanied the students, would rather I give a 30-minutes 'lesson', while on the other hand, my supervisor wanted me to give a 15-minutes 'briefing'. Humans are so hard to please, and so hard to satisfy. SIGH.

Taking a picture with Sim Chun, and Ravi in the background.


Norlin and Azizah

Moi and Azizah

Norlin and me

This is Tiffany (:

And here is Joyce. She isn't just my Science Centre colleague, but also an ex-classmate of mine. We were in the same Primary 1 and Primary 2 class back at Nanyang Primary. It goes to show how small the world is. I never expected to see her again, after so many years, but yeah I'm glad I did. We are really good friends now, sharing gossips, going shopping together.. Oh! I just went shopping with her yesterday, and umm I think I am slightly responsible for that decreased amount of money in her bank account. HEHE! :P

(Babe, if you are reading this, WHEN ARE WE GOING SHOPPING AGAIN? Or do you want to be sweetie pie and go sun-tanning with me this weekend? *gives a big wide smile*)

While I was working at the Science Centre, I spent alot of time hanging out with Joyce and Norlin.
I miss the 2 girls so much :(

And yeap, these are the other 7 pseudo eco-lovers, who worked with me at the Science Centre on the Earth Day project.
Starting from the left: (top row) Ravi, Azizah, Sim Chun. (bottom row) Mischelle, Tiffany, Joyce, Me, Norlin.

Photo credits: Mischelle


I love my days at the Science Centre. If I could, I would definitely continue working there. How I wish that the Earth Day project wasn't for only a month.. I miss playing around with my other colleagues. I miss giving those mini-lectures to the students, seeing them drag their feet into the lecture theatre after a long day of school with a reluctant sulky long-face, being all restless during the first 5 minutes of my lesson, but eventually when I managed to hype them up and they became really enthusiastic for the next 25 minutes and walked out of the lecture theatre with beaming smiles and a hop in their footsteps.. I know that everything was worth it — the ridiculous exaggerated hand-actions I made, the exhausting varying pitches I added to my voice so that the lesson wouldn't sound monotonous, answering/entertaining all the funny yet interesting questions which the students had (eg. "Teacher, I once read from somewhere that a meteorite falls every 80 years. Is that true?" Fyi, this has absolutely no relations to my lesson at all. Beats me why the student even asked me that question. I doubt I look like a brainiac who has the answer to every question in life!) — and that was what made me love my job.

Oh and, the students can't be any cuter. There was once, a group of girls from a particular secondary school (Sorry, I need to keep the name of the school anonymous) who approached me after a lesson with a camera in their hands.. "Teacher, you are very pretty. Can I take a picture with you?" My heart melted when I heard them say that. How could I actually resist and reject their request? HOWEVER, there are also students who are far from the verb 'cute'. During those times, the students made me wanna pull out all their hair and tape their mouths with sticky tape. They just can't bloody stop talking. Not even after you've raised your voice at them. They keep silent for 3 seconds, then continue talking as though you've never screamed at them. Irritating stuck-up ignorant incorrigible horrendous idiotic puny brats. Oh well, two sides to a coin I guess.

Ask me to be an Event Coordinator/Science Educator again, and my answer will be, "HELL YES!"