Diaper Review: The New & Improved Pampers Premium Care Diaper

You know that a diaper brand knows their shit (haha, punny) about making nappies, when the local market terms all diapers – regardless of its brand – by the popular diaper brand’s name.

Pampers has been around in Singapore for over 40 years, and the renown diaper brand has recently released their new and improved Premium Care Diaper!

Read on to find out what’s so special about it and how it fared on little Ethan’s bum.

| About Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Every day as a new mom, I learn a new thing or two about my baby’s world, and the revolutionary products that are invented to make caregiving for him an easier task.

Diapers ... where should I begin. I stepped into this fascinating world knowing that each brand’s nappy differed from one another — but how different is different? Furthermore the essential question is, how would this difference affect my wee one?

The all-new Pampers Premium Care Diaper offers parents with a nappy that is promised to be more absorbent and softer to touch.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

It introduces a new technology that locks away wetness evenly, thus preventing the sagging of a wet diaper.

Combined with a net of breathable micro-pores, the Pampers Premium Care Diaper allows our baby to feel cool, fresh and rash-free throughout the day — the little one is so comfortable that you can thriftily use one diaper for a couple of wettings.

Pampers Premium Care Diaper is their most absorbent diaper to date! It can maintain skin dryness for up to 12 hours, absorb 30 times its weight, and pull away runny poo and wetness. It is perhaps the most ideal diaper for a breastfed baby, who can pee up to 6-7 times in a day with 2-3 big runny poop sessions.

| Review

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Here are two things about Ethan that you need to know:
  1. He’s got a big butt,
  2. He is ultra-sensitive to pee and poo – ie. he hates feeling his own pee and poop.

Because of these problems, we had issues finding a diaper for him that was suitable. It also didn’t help that my baby is really demanding and he knows what he wants. For instance, after he pees, he can’t tolerate the discomfort of wetness on himself. Therefore if a diaper fails to pull away his urine fast enough, he’ll cry the roof down and insist on a diaper change immediately – even if he has only wetted himself ONCE. You can only imagine what a waste of diaper it is, and how quickly we run through a pack of diapers!

Now, about the poop.

I heard from my confinement nanny that in terms of its size, Pampers diapers used to lean on the smaller side when compared with its counterpart brands. However for this new Premium Care Diaper, I can safely say that it is now on the bigger side – or perhaps they have heard the complaints from parents and thus thrown in more material to make the diaper cover a bigger surface area! (Point to note for parents looking to get a bigger sized diaper)

As mentioned earlier, Ethan has a big butt. At 8 weeks old, he currently weighs about 6kg. If a diaper fails to cover his big bum sufficiently, it leaks poop whenever he takes a dump. And the mess... oh gosh, unimaginable. Ethan's shit can go all the way up the back of the diaper thus staining the back of his shirt. Or if you're unlucky enough, it comes out from the side of the diaper which means staining the pants of whoever that is carrying him at the point of his dump – yuck!

What I like about the new Pampers Premium Care Diaper is that it pulls pee away really quickly and a certain amount of his pee is spread throughout his diaper hence ensuring a relative even distribution of weight – minimising sagginess. The Pampers Premium Care Diaper is also really long in length and width, thus providing sufficient protection up to his back and on both of the leg holes. We hadn't experience a poop leak in awhile which is a darn great thing, because baby poop on clothing is so freaking difficult to wash away!

The Premium Care Diaper also has 2x stretchy stretchy tapes, which means that Ethan can wriggle around and kick his legs freely and we needn't worry about the diaper being too tight around his abdominal area. Have I mentioned about the convenient urine indicator which the Pampers Premium Care Diaper has? It turns from yellow to blue – a notification of urine being present. This is a feature in the diaper that his dad loves so very much!

Now here comes the cons about the diaper. As much as there is improvement in the spreadability and I do acknowledge that it is better than the previous diaper brand that I was using (hint: it starts with a D), it isn't good enough to guarantee pee-proof leakage on every occasion of its usage.

Ethan gets a diaper change in approximately every 4 hours. At least once a day, he experiences a pee leak – sometimes it occurs in the day, sometimes in the night. It irritates him and he wakes up screaming his lungs out due to the wet discomfort. Perhaps my baby pees a lot and hence this diaper is unable to hold all of his urine.

I am still in search of the perfect diaper for my wee one!

| Where To Buy

Pampers Premium Care Diaper

Pampers Premium Care Diaper comes in a variety of sizes (from Newborn to XL) to suit your wee one's butt, and with two choices to suit his activity level: tape or pants.

It is now available in all major supermarkets and on Lazada – free shipping for LiveUp members!