Worst Learning Journey EVER in scss history

Michelle Valmia Weiqing


KiatHwee JiaHao

Qiumei Michelle

Zhenzi Jingkuang

okay..its Teachers' day tml and i HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE CARDS!!xuete..4 cards have been completed alreadi..YEAH!!so later i have to CHIONG CHIONG CHIONG!!!might not be able to do all 8..sorry 3E4..i'll try but ii cant guarantee..
anyway..today we were suppose to go visit the SAF Army Open House at Pasir Laba Camp..15mins before our lunch dismissal time at 1pm..it started pouring heavily during Physics lesson..lightning was striking very near our classroom and the thunder was shockingly loud.once, the lightning striked so close and the thunder clapped so loud that YuanShiow jumped from her seat and she threw her pen that she was holding behind..it caused quite a commotion in class..wish ii could have taken down that scene.lols..
later..we were proceeding to a dunno what place for a security screening check and to wait for a bus to fetch us to take a ferry to the Campsite at Pasir Laba..however..very sadly..we never managed to take the bus and the ferry was even much more needless to say..we waited at a stoopid hall for bout an hour and more and when it was our turn to board the bus next..it was time for us to go..
the fun thing was that while waiting in the hall..there was this powerpoint/video presentation thingy and then there was a sms shout-out.so most of the scss students started sending sms to post a message.at first we thought that it was a complete scam as we saw a no. of repetitions of a few sms.we were quite dejected as money was lost.however..after about 5mins..kaishi[3E1] suddenly shouted out loud as the sms she had sent previously to the sms shout out had actually been shown on the screen.then it was really time for all the scss students to go crazy.after every few mins..you could see an sms from a scss student.it was either a dedication or a wish.most of it was plainly saying happy teachers' day or that their form teacher rawks.of course some people from 3E4 sent an sms..some of the smses were saying happy teachers' day to ms yeo..some were saying ms yeo rawks..others were completely nonsensical crap..well..it was really quite fun at first to see the initials of swiss[scss] appearing on the screen frequently among with the other classes or teacher's name..however..it got bored pretty soon and nobody really cared after that.
on the return journey back to school..the bus was in complete chaos as one of the nonsensical smses was that andrew confessed that he loved germaine..but it was really quite impossible for this confession as Andrew did not bring his HP..must be a prank..anyway..Damen kept making of fun of germaine and andrew after that and he refused to let germaine out of his reach..but as usual..the fun was only temporary..well..while waiting for the bus to go back to school..ii started snapping photos of the class on the bus and ii recorded a video..the photos are updated and so is the video..
and the conclusion of this Learning Journey is..WAITING SUCKS!especially when after waiting for a very long time..you still end up with zero thing after all..


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