6 Tips To Slimming Down After Chinese New Year

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Feeling guilty from all the Chinese New Year snacks that you've been indulging in for the past 15 days? It is probably why you clicked on the link and are reading this now.

We all love our Bak Kwa (179 calories/slice), Pineapple Tarts (82 calories/piece), Love Letters (112 calories/piece), Dried Shrimp Rolls (22 calories/piece) and Peanut or Almond Cookies (72 calories/piece). And our intense love for these Chinese New Year goodies can be physically seen by the bulging belly that we now possess which didn't seem to exist before 8 February 2016.
The good news is that you have three more months to lose all the belly fats before the start of summer when cloth-less clothing rule the season! Here are 6 ways to save your sexy summer:

#1| Exercising

Isn't this method a duh?!

We all know that exercising increases our metabolic rate which then burns our disgusting layer of fat, and changes it to carbon dioxide and water — which we excrete through breathing, sweating and peeing.

According to research, aerobic exercises (such as running or dancing) helps to burn fat more efficiently due to the consistent increase of heart rate as compared to anaerobic exercises (such as yoga or pole-dancing) where there are fluctuations in heart rate.

Gym membership, anyone?

#2| Specific Diet Plans

There are tons of diets out there, such as the Dukan Diet, the Graham Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, the 3-Hour Diet, the Blood Type Diet, the Vegan Skinny Bitch Diet (I'm not making the name up, this diet plan truly exists!)... And the list goes on.

I have personally tried the Dukan Diet and the 3-Hour Diet. For the former diet plan, I stuck to and gave up on this plan in a total of ONE glorious day. It was far too much of a trouble to search for protein-only meals in our lovely Asian country, where carbohydrates is the staple food.

For the latter diet plan, I tried it for over a course of 6 weeks. I would say that it works but it can be quite a hassle to look for and consume food on a three-hourly basis. Not to mention, it would impede your concentration level at work.

#3| Plain Ol' Diets

By this, I meant watching your diet based on your own accord. There are no rules nor restrictions. You shall be in charge of restrict yourself.

What this entails includes refraining from going for the fattening deep-fried food, getting another bowl of rice, ordering that double cheeseburger with extra cheese, and llao llao's sanum cup — frozen yoghurt might be healthier than ice cream but it is equally destructive due to the copious amounts of sugar used.

Always remember: Discipline is the key to a flat tummy.

#4| Detox Teatox

Now this point would strike a chord in most people as we are currently seeing a lot of this on ALL social media sites. The whole point is to drink a cup of tea as per instructed (either day or night) and you will get a flatter tummy.

It sounds really simple but I do question the extent of the results. Not to mention, each tea bag is pretty costly and I have heard that the smell of the tea can be pretty nasty?

I suppose one would do anything for a better image eh? (Except to exercise, of course)

#5| Juice Cleansing Diets

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Pic credits to zippyzipeng

This is another popular slimming method, whereby people replace their meals with bottles of juices made out of vegetables and fruits. Oh and, the participant of this diet plan has to also stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

I have personally never tried this but from the experience stories/reviews that I have been reading online... the results are fantastic, but one would have to be extremely discipline, as even a single whiff of food could get you kneeling on the floor like a little puppy!

#6| Slimming Supplements

Hohoho! I would dare say that this is to be the slimming method to storm over Singapore. An example of a slimming supplement would be Expressions SlimJuice which guarantees a 96% efficacy rate!

I was fortunate enough to be sponsored by Expressions with a box of SlimJuice and a bottle of Wheat, Bran and Psyllium* pills.

SlimJuice was formerly known as "KiloKiller" and has had its name revised due to its new and improved formula! The new formula is made to have finer granules for easy dissolution in juices.

SlimJuice was created based on the vision to burn stubborn fat cells stored away in the body, drain harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients, create a smooth movement for the breakdown of food, to reduce the tendency of snacking and lastly to appease the drinker's appetite all day long.

Expressions Wheat, Bran and Psyllium Pills* contains 100% natural herbs which are suitable for vegans as well. It is made exclusively in USA.

*Psyllium: A form of fiber made specifically from the husks of the plant, Plantago Ovata's seed.
  • Research has shown that psyllium has many benefits to the human body, such as a laxative to make bowel movements smoother, and an agent to lower cholestrol levels with few side-effects.
  • Psyllium can also help diabetics to maintain a healthy glycemic balance. Lastly due to its ability to absorb liquid within the body, Psyllium can help to regulate a person's food intake and provide one with the feeling of fullness.

This superior fibre combination accelerates the body's food processing time while installing important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also helps to lowers cholesterol level while cleansing our intestinal tract.

Here are the steps that I took over the course of my 3-days low carbs diet plan:
  • Morning: One sachet of SlimJuice and 8 WBP pills half an hour before breakfast (wholemeal bread with two slices of honey-baked chicken breast ham)
  • Afternoon: Yong Tau Foo soup with no rice nor noodles (tip: ask the vendor for extra soup to fill your tummy, or if you die die have to eat noodles get 'thin bee-hoon')
  • Evening: One sachet of SlimJuice and 8 WBP pills half an hour before dinner (fish/seafood soup with no rice nor noodles)
  • Throughout the day: Drink plenty of water (at least 3 litres), and if you are feeling peckish snack on fruits — blueberry, prune, apple and pear are fruits that statistics have shown to help with weight-loss.

Here are my results in numbers:

If the stats are too confusing for you, here is all that you need to know — my body age changed from 23 to 22 years old. I OFFICIALLY POSSESS A YOUNGER BODY, YES!

Lo' and behold, here is my before fat photo:

Taken a year ago. My arms... So fucking fat. I can't believe I am uploading this.

And here is some after photos since I started taking Expressions' products:

As like all other diet plans, the first day is the hardest. But once that day was over, everything went smoothly from then on. I felt great and energetic throughout the subsequent days, and the feeling got even better when the results were reflected in the photos that I had to take for my advertorials — no one likes looking at a fat version of themselves or of others.

SlimJuice was unbelievable because it helped to reset my satiety levels and to control my food intake. I found myself being able to say "stop" when I have had enough food for a meal. I found myself snacking less during the day and the need for late-night suppers vanished as well.

But I liked most about SlimJuice is its taste. It is orange-flavoured so when I drank it every morning, it felt like I was just drinking a casual glass of orange juice. *lets out a relaxing ahhh...*

The notion of taking the Wheat, Bran and Psyllium Pills was scary at first due to the Slim10 scares that happened years ago. I read and studied every ingredient on the bottle thoroughly before deciding to consume it — of course it was safe and that's why I made up my mind to take it!

The pills were fantastic because it helped to keep me full, reduce my need to eat a lot before I had the feeling of fullness and last but not least, shitting was a hell lot easier too!

As for its taste, there was no taste to worry about because all you had to do was to swallow. There is hardly any chance for you to 'savour' it unless you can't swallow to save your life then... let me know how it tastes like when you bit into it, but I suspect that it would taste like oatmeals?

I am not the only one who has reaped results from Expressions products.

Instead of sharing the multiple reviews done by other fellow bloggers/ambassadors of Expressions, here is a more realistic account that you can trust: My sister.

My sister SAW the effects of my weight-loss and became motivated to take SlimJuice as well. All she did was to drink a sachet accompanied with a glass of warm water every morning before she went to work, and she proceeded on with her usual daily meals, and she lost weight as well. She told me that she felt like she needed to eat less, felt full easily and she did appear slimmer after having consumed it for about a week, yay!

Conclusion: Slimming supplements are not that terrifying. Or at least not the ones from Expressions.


No matter which slimming option that you pick, slimming is essentially a tough choice to make and keep by. Slimming should always should be done in moderation and with discpline, and not just for one's image but importantly for one's health. Happy Slimming!

If you are keen on purchasing some products from Expressions:

Key in the "GIVEME15" at the discount box
and quote "Sophie" at the comment box for
(applicable to all products on expressions.co)

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Expressions.

6 Best-Sellers That You Should Order When At Dazzling Café Singapore

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A question often posed to me about Dazzling Café — the store famous for its Shibuya Toast and the long queues outside its door — is: "Which items from the menu would you recommend to have?"

Honestly the question is tough (even for my picky tongue) because I have found love for so many of their dishes that it is hard to sieve out which ones that I would recommend my readers to die-die must try!

Not to mention, Dazzling Café is always making an effort to keep in trend with our local festivities by coming up with new dishes to tie in along with the season, such as the collaborated menu between Dazzling Café and Tweety Bird.

So at long last, for all who have gone or have not gone to Dazzling Café Singapore, here is a compiled list of the 6 best-selling items that you should definitely order and post on your Instagram:

#1| Wedding Imperial Tea ($8)

I am not a huge fan of coffee nor milk so this tea set is perfect for me. The Wedding Imperial Tea has a hint of caramelised flavour that deeply attracts me. It is great for soothing the soul, calming the mind and warming the heart.

The ladies can take it with a cube of brown sugar, the gentlemen can choose to have bare. Either way it is a promising tea set, both for your palate and Instagram feed.

#2| Spicy Seafood Tomyam Tomato Spaghetti ($22.90)

*A Singapore Exclusive!*

Now this dish is a definite MUST-TRY because it was specially curated for our local outlet, and you can only find this here in Singapore and no where else in the world!

The pasta was cooked hard instead of al dente (like how I would love to have my spaghetti done), while the sauce was tangy and appetising. Despite the first word in its name "spicy", I found its spiciness level to be tolerable and would rate the level of spice at about 2/5?

The seafood used was fresh and that is a hugeeeee plus for me, because nothing puts me off more than soft and mushy prawns/squids.

#3| Mentaiko Spaghetti in Cream Sauce ($18.90)

A twist on the use of mentaiko and spaghetti; a fusion of Japanese and Italian cuisine.

This pasta might seem ordinary due to the lack of chunky ingredients used, but the flavours of the cream sauce pack a savoury punch with bits of fish roe to keep you enticed! It is one of those noodle dishes that can keep you twisting and slurping all day long!

#4| Mentaiko Fries ($8.90)

Another interesting take on mentaiko with a western dish — I became a huge fan of mentaiko after trying this dish.

I bore a sore throat that day but I couldn't help reaching out for extra servings of these incredibly tasty fries! Who needs chilli sauce with this awesome mentaiko mayonnaise?

Perhaps the next thing that MacDonald's would come up with is mentaiko-flavoured powder for their renown shaker fries?

#5| Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast ($18.90)

Who can say that they have gone to Dazzling Café if they haven't had one of the famous thick-cut toast?

Here is an interesting fusion of mango, coconut and honey together on a crispy Shibuya toast: the outcome is transcendent because the combined flavours would remind one of a day by the beach.

With every bite taken, you would feel like you are back on the sandy beaches of your last vacation at Phuket/Krabi/Bali/Maldives/(insert beach destination).

If you are an office worker in need of a relaxing beach holiday but you're stuck in Singapore due to an overwhelming amount of work, go get this Shibuya toast! I guarantee that it would make you feel a whole lot better.

FYI: The coconut gelato is handmade by the chef in the kitchen because Häagen-Dazs does not offer coconut ice cream. Even more so that you should try this honey toast, yes?

#6| Hazelnut Chocolate Honey Toast ($19.90)

Ooo... I love this honey toast the most! Like all girls, I am a huge fan of chocolate and even more so for hazelnut — because it tastes like chocolate but less sweet and rich.

The best thing however that Dazzling Café did for the dish was to throw in a couple of my favourite fruit, STRAWBERRIES!!!

If you are a huge fan of whip cream, good for you because underneath the huge pile of whip cream is a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, which would never melt thanks to its protective buddy the whip cream. (Note: Unfortunately, you cannot ask for them to serve without the whip cream because aesthetic means the world to Dazzling Café. Sorry folks!)

Wait.. the excitement isn't over yet. As a means to ensure and to bring out the chocolate flavour of the dish, the chef has painstakingly filled the interior of each bite-sized toast with hazelnut/chocolate! Look at the picture below.

So much love from the chef!! ♥

That brings us to the end of the 6 best-selling items at Dazzling Café Singapore. Go visit them today at:

Dazzling Café Singapore
15 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza
#01-85, Singapore 178906
Contact: (+65) 6384 3310
Email: savourycreations@hotmail.com
Website: www.dazzlingdazzling.com

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Dazzling Café Singapore and Access Communications.

MELILEA: Chinese New Year Gala Party

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Note: Read more about MELILEA and their products by clicking here for my previous blog entry.

Melilea wishes every Singapore resident
A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!

During the last week of January, I was invited to welcome the new year with MELILEA International Pte Ltd together with their fellow business partners and customers in Singapore.

A brief background on MELILEA:

MELILEA International Group of Companies is a pioneering global green corporation with footprints found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. The company was created based on the mission to "Transform People's Lives" with the commitment to good health, beauty, success and happiness, and has always believed in ‘giving wholeheartedly and helping sincerely’.

To read up on more information about MELILEA, click 'here'.

The New Year party was held at Serangoon Gardens Country Club, as a means of giving thanks to their loyalty customers and business partners for the continuous support in 2015.

With Michelle Natasha (follow her on IG @imiqq)

With Mediacorp artiste Shona Woo

With Fad

The traditional Lion Dance, a not-to-be-missed sight during CNY events!

For the new year of 2016, MELILEA shared that they wish to bring their mission and vision of Transforming People’s Life to the next level in this new year, and to encourage Melileans to practise the culture of giving to those in needs.

And as part of their 2016 campaign to bring the mission: "Transforming People’s Lives" into the Singapore community and to promote the spirit of giving in Singapore, MELILEA has kindly donated $50,000 to the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

The donation was received by Mr Kenneth Wong, the executive director of corporate giving at the National Voluntary and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) on behalf of his association.

It is encouraging that Melilea International supports NVPC’s mission to build a culture of giving in Singapore. Companies can play an active role in building the community, which enables us to achieve our vision of the City of Good. We applaud the efforts of the company’s founders, who have actively contributed in volunteerism and engaged in philanthropy at different levels of society.

— Mr Kenneth Wong

Datuk Dr Alan Wong, Founder and Group Chairman of MELILEA International Group of Companies

At Melilea International, we believe that serving our communities is not only integral to running a business successfully. It is part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. We engage in voluntary work to remind ourselves to be thankful of our blessings. Support from members of the society like us goes a long way in helping these charities, in terms of their daily operations, grocery needs and funding.

— Datuk Alan Wong

Happiness comes from giving and being generous to not just our immediate circle of family and friends, but society as well. We held the party to get the new year off to a wonderful start with our fellow business partners and customers, and appreciate the harvests we received last year.

Our contributions go towards funding the monthly operational and medical cost for the residents. It makes me happy when I am able to bring smiles to their faces. We just want to restore faith and hope back into their lives.

— Datuk Stella Chin

Datuk Dr Stella Chin, Executive President of MELILEA International Group of Companies and Founder of StarLadies International

During the New Year party, Datuk Stella Chin also shared on her newly launch book "About Happiness, I Truly Know".

"About Happiness, I Truly Know" is a true life story narrative book discussing about the balance in a woman's life — between career and family, personal development and business management, martial relationship maintenance and parenthood essentials.

In just 2 days of its book launch in Taiwan, "About Happiness, I Truly Know" was ranked no. 3 in Kingstone Bookstore Financial Category, With the outstanding feedback from female readers in Singapore and Malaysia, will be entering our local market soon.

The book describes Datuk Stella philosophy of happiness, while adding points of happiness from personal to family, from career to marriage.

With regard to the philosophy of happiness, Datuk Stella mentioned about the fragile balance required for the attainment of happiness in both personal and professional lives. When it comes to our personal life, we women procrastinate too much; and when it comes to our professional life, we complain too much!

The essence of her book serves to remind us to not be picky and to work hard; to always remember where our home is; and to never forget how to be happy even when responsibility is piling up on our shoulders.

The main objectives of Datuk Stella Chin's writing is to share with every women out there that she deserves to secure Happiness and the steps to achieving happiness in life can be found in "About Happiness, I Truly Know".

Other than writing her book "About Happiness, I Truly Know", Datuk Stella Chin has also founded StarLadies International.

It is a community created to aspire and guide women in achieving success and happiness in both family, love and career. StarLadies International works towards putting their vision “Care is Love” into practice and action, and in promoting the pink culture in society by bringing love and fun to the people-in-need

StarLadies International has branched out to form a StarLadies Volunteer community, and is in currently looking for ladies in Singapore and Malaysia from all walks of life to take part in their community projects.

The community projects include working with NGOs in Singapore and Malaysia, to organise fundraising projects and providing support during societal voluntary work — such as going for visits to various rehabilitative centres and homes for the elderly, providing voluntary support in the form of running a carnival, charity run or participating in an outing for the less-abled.

StarLadies Volunteer is looking to expand their community with more fresh faces and so if you have a big heart and your personality matches the description below, please continue reading to find the steps on how you can join the community and play a part in giving back to our society:

For all ladies out there who are,
  • Kind hearted
  • Loving
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Cheerful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Willing to give and spend time with those in need

Download StarLadies Volunteery Application Form from here on their StarLadies Official Website, fill it up and submit it via email to ivy@stellavingze.com.

Stay updated with the latest voluntary activities by liking their StarLadies Official Facebook Page or check out their StarLadies Official Website at www.starladies-international.com.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Melilea International and The Influencer Network.

Feet Haven Foot Reflexology: Where To Have A Relaxing Foot Massage In Singapore

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Feet Haven Foot Reflexology @ Serangoon Gardens
4A Maju Avenue, Singapore 556682

(Located above Cedele, opposite MyVillage Shopping Centre)
Contact: (+65)6288 2314
Email: feethaveneastcoast@gmail.com
Website: http://www.feethaven.com
Nearest MRT: Serangoon
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs (12pm to 6am), Fri-Sat (12pm to 11pm)

Massages are coming back into trend with the younger generation as those who travel to Bangkok, Phuket, Bali and the likes of those cities are taking out an hour or two from their vacation to go for either a relaxing foot massage or spa package. But why fly so far to resolve all the aches in your muscles and joints when we have local reflexology centres that can ease your bodily needs?

Meet Feet Haven Reflexology Centre, a hipster boutique spa centre located in the historic districts of Katong and Serangoon Gardens. This boutique reflexology centre was first founded in April 2011 and offers soothing foot reflexology and body massages to its customers.

Upon arrival at this award-winning foot reflexology centre, be prepared to be taken away from the hustle and bustle of our Singapore city life as your senses get renewed by the presence of the calming aromatic scent used, the trickling sound of dripping water and soothing classical music playing in the background.

Unlike other traditional foot reflexology centres, Feet Haven employs a unique business model in caring for the community. From supporting various community causes – such as displaying paintings of local budding artists and hosting homegrown theatre performances – to only hiring committed, experienced people with a passion for the job.

Feet Haven also aims to banish the dull and old-fashioned reputation of foot reflexology centres typically attracting an older clientele. With its fun daily status updates outside the shop and Polaroid-sprinkled interiors, the boutique spa gives off a fresh youthful vibe that attracts customers across all generations of life.

Get taken away from the noise and clutter of the outside world, and be healed by the therapeutic art strokes from their skilled masseurs

Through the years of its operation, this boutique spa has been featured in popular publications — "8 Days", "CLEO", "Mother & Baby", "Young Parents", "Eastie Brekkie" — and has received numerous accolades for its first-rate massage services":

"HARPER'S BAZAAR" Spa Awards 2013: Best Foot Massage
"SIMPLY HER" Magazine 2013: Best Value Foot Spa
"ELLE" Beauty Treat List 2015: BEST FOOT REFLEXOLOGY

The signature treatment sessions at Feet Haven include their "60-minute Shiok Feet Indulgence", "60-minute Shiok Basic Body Massage" and "45-minute Shiok Basic Blend (shoulder and neck massage coupled with foot reflexology)".

As shared by Feet Haven's co-owner, Dennis Toh, on their website,

The benefits of foot reflexology to the immune system, energy levels and blood circulation are well-known, especially to older customers.

And therein lies the challenge of how to make this ancient treatment appeal to a new generation of customers as a treat, much like dropping in somewhere to get your nails done or eat a macaron or watch a romantic flick.

I wanted to make Feet Haven a place for people to swing by, stay for a little while, catch up with friends while treating themselves to a small everyday luxury.

This boutique spa channels the spirit of an open piazza or hip bistro and aims to be a crossroad for meaningful interaction, exchange of views and a meeting place that would bring together multiple generations of Singapore's residents.

Armed with a string of acclamation among bloggers and popularity with new parents, Feet Haven is seeing a stream of young people returning back to the spa centre with their parents in tow.

Feet Haven is a foot reflexology centre that cares about the local residents beyond alleviating sores, aches, stiffness and knots. The business strives to genuinely make a difference and contribute to the sustainability of a place with thoughtful practices.

Rating: 4/5

My two cents:

As a trained therapist, I know the importance of massages and no longer dismiss it as an "old people" activity — as like how I would during my younger, naïve days.

There are days when I have sat before my laptop for hours that are way too long to be considered as normal, and then I would beg for my beau to give my tensed shoulders a gentle rub or to help stick a Salonpas patch on my aching back.

My dad is a traditional chinese medicine practitioner, but I have a low threshold for pain and would thus usually leave the offer of his skill set for when the aching sores are much too terrible and Salonpas becomes hopeless. (I hate needles)

I was super glad when I received the invitation to write a review for Feet Haven Foot Reflexology because I could now bid farewell to my Salonpas patches; and of the two outlets I chose the branch at Serangoon Gardens.

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens is the second branch of the well-received feet reflex boutique with a list of awards under its belt. It can found at the history-rich Serangoon Gardens and near the iconic "Chomp Chomp Food Center".

The boutique spa centre is situated opposite "MyVillage Shopping Mall", and it is impossible to miss the gigantic signboard that leads to the second floor of the shophouse to the reflexology centre.

I took up a combination massage package which consisted of:
  • 45 minutes foot massage
  • 15 minutes shoulder and neck massage

I was served by their masseuse, Ah Yan, and I love how skilful that she is in her line of work. She was gentle but sure with each therapeutic stroke that she made.

I torture my legs a lot thanks to all the high heels that I wear, and they were begging for a good massage which was what Ah Yan provided! My legs felt a whole lot lighter, the experience was not ticklish and I felt so light that I could probably fly!

As for the shoulder + neck massage... I highly recommend to it anyone who is a frequent sufferer of tension headaches. Tension headaches are mostly due to the presence of tensed muscles around your shoulder and neck region. A non-medical way of removing the headaches is to massage those stiff muscles!

Ah Yan was very good at picking out the knots in my muscles and she rubbed them all away. The aftermath of the rub is an aching feeling that lasted for about a day or two for me. For someone with a low pain treshold, I would say that the feeling was tolerate and a fair trade-off as compared to the splitting headaches which would render me incapable for days.

I like the fact that the founders of Feet Haven encourage employment for senior citizens through their act of employing senior masseurs and therapists. This is a really important given how the age of our local population is going towards the right instead of the left — perhaps I can change my line of profession by being a masseuse when I am age 60 and in need of a job? LOL

For those who drive, parking lots are available at Maju Avenue or My Village Shopping Centre.

For those who travel by public transport, here are the directions to Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens:
  1. Board the MRT to Serangoon station, either circle or purple line
  2. Upon arriving at Serangoon, walk to exit E (towards NEX)
  3. Once you have stepped out of the MRT station, turn towards the bus stop on your right and take bus 317
  4. Alight from the bus after 7 stops at Serangoon Garden Circus
  5. Walk for 2 minutes towards Farleigh Avenue and then make a right turn to Maju Avenue
  6. Spot for Cedele's and you will find Feet Haven which is located on the 2nd floor of the same shophouse

You're welcome.

Note: This post was kindly sponsored by Feet Haven Foot Reflexology.

20 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

For the gentlemen, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I know how hard it is to find the right gift just for your favourite lady. This list shall be your bible!

For the ladies, share this on Facebook as way of "hinting" your clueless male partner on what he could get for you on the 14th of February this year.

(Note: Prices of each individual item have also been included for your reference)

#1: $15 and BELOW

An inexpensive gift does not show that you love her any less. As they say, it is the thought that counts. So check out some of the items you can get:

Something Borrowed Spiked Statement Necklace: SGD 4.90
Jaxon Trendy Sun Shade: SGD 9.50
Elitrend Minimalist Double Heart Open Bangle in Gold: SGD 9.90
Something Borrowed Marble Pendant Necklace: SGD 15.00

#2: $16 to $25

If you have more cash to spare or a larger budget for you partner, check out some gift ideas here:

Jaxon Neal Analogue Watch: SGD 19.30
Velvet Kumiko Glitter Flats: SGD 19.90
Something Borrowed Party Clutch With Lock: Mango Fashion Bags: SGD 22.00
Mango Fashion Bags: SGD 24.90

#3: $25 to $35

If your lady has to attend a lot of events, perhaps buying an outfit for her would be thoughtful:

Zalora Celebration Bangle Watch Set: SGD 27.90
Zalora Collection Cinched Waist Dress: SGD 29.90
Something Borrowed Fit And Flare Dress: SGD 34.90
Zalora Metal Bar Trapeze Tote: SGD 34.90

#4: $35 to $45

Give her something that would be useful to her and help keep her skin moist or look her best for your date with her:

Bluesky Love Royal Black Lace Dress: SGD 38.90
Topshop Textured Zip Clutch: SGD 39.00
Modern Minimalist Co. "Be Strong, Dear" Heart Necklace in Gold: SGD 40.00
Handmade Heroes Skin Care Best Seller Set Bundle: SGD 42.90

#5: $45 and ABOVE

If you forgot about giving her a gift last year, then make up for it with some of these awesome picks:

Nose Classic Wallet: SGD 49.90
Shantal Jewelry Thick Teardrop Earring: SGD 65.90
Coach Pave Sculpted Heart Charm Bracelet: SGD 140.00
Melissa Flower Queen + Alexandre Herchcovitch D'orsay Peeptoe Flats: SGD 140.00

So ladies, what gifts have you thought to get for your favourite man? Share with me in the comments below!