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sophie - Vanez: LINKKED! (:

sophie - Joey: thanks girl. you'll get the hang of it soon. perservere on yeah? & i know you'll
always be there for me. one of those that i can trust & depend plenty lots on.

yusi - KiatHwee: LOLL. congrats to you for getting scammed!

sophie - AHLINGS: finally then you tag backk lorh. love you lots too mei (:

sophie - GENN: like what i said, the scammers with SUPER INCREDIBLY LOW IQ. all they know is to COPY & PASTE. no originality. no creativity. the scamming emails are getting boring too. seldom do they bring laughter anymore. i just got one that is merely 5 sentence long. LOLL. it's really stupid. the person didnt even bother to describe the lottery this time. he went straight to the point and said that i won US$650,000. damn dumb yeah? LOL. oh and the co-responding email is even more ridiculous this time, its a hotmail acc. stupid larh!



Artist: 羅志祥
Song: 小丑鱼

我在你身邊 游來游去
看著他親吻你 眼不能閉
看你的唇印 還在那裡
你隔著玻璃 所以聽不見

說不出口的秘密 永遠活在小小的世界裡
這件脫不下來的外衣 還是你喜歡的橘
我不能確定 是否你曾經注意

發不出聲音的感慨 選擇作朋友的無奈
提醒我何時該走開 只要你偶爾想起來
我就住在那片海 (那片海)

等我轉過身 看妳眼神
才知道自己 想得太過天真
愛來的時候 劃破沉悶
妳終究不是我 該愛的人
始終不敢將愛說出口 當然沒有資格去競爭
戀愛和失戀同時發生 怪自己枉費青春
我輸得徹底 把臉深埋在水裡面

發不出聲音的感慨 選擇作朋友的無奈
只要你偶爾想起來 我就住在那片海 (那片海)

眼看就要 讓我愈來愈遠
回不來 從此
你的不愉快 那麼遙遠
再說一遍 說一遍
我在你身邊 給你一點點愉快就

發不出聲音的感慨 選擇作朋友的無奈
只要你偶爾想起來 我就住在那片海 (那片海)

this is really confusing me.
how the hell did you know that i LOVE clownfish?
i'm so fond of NEMO. that cute orange clowfish with his lucky fin.
how in the world did you know.
why are you always bullying me like that.
leaving without a single word, returning without a single warning.
cant you just let me hate you in peace?!
why are you always digging up our past,
our memories after i've finally decided to bury them deep down in me.
must you always torment me like this?!
what do you want from me exactly.
you threw me away unwanted at first,
and now you picked me up again trying to find uses of me.
how many times have you done this alr!
what am i to you exactly.
Mr, get it clear. I'm not a toy.
I'm not an unwanted rubbish.
I'm HUMAN. I'm wanted.
probably not by you, probably not by any guys.
but i'm wanted by my girlfriends. they stood by me when you were not there.
do you know that i almost got into a BIG SHIT at Lot1 the other day?
where were you when i needed you? you were no where to be found.
do you know how frightened i was. do you know how terrifying that scene was.
do you know how much i wanted you right there right then.
but, you were gone. completely from my life.
and i faced up to that fact bloody hell lot. i faced the situation myself.
i got myself out of that BIG SHIT alone.
has it suddenly occurred to you to start thinking of me? start cherishing me?
you keep calling, keep sms-ing. but tell me, whats the use of it?
hmm, i guessed i learned a couple of things from you afterall.
if someone keeps calling,
off your handphone, and thats what i did.
if someone keeps sms-ing,
off your handphone so there's an excuse to not reply, and thats what i did.
you cant just expect me to walk back to you
like a dog with its tail in btw its legs.
because i'm not doing either of it.
i'm not going to be a dog with its tail in btw its legs.
neither am i going to walk back to you.
at least not until..
you've finally learned your mistakes.
i'm going to stop here. i'm completely exhausted typing this post.
i have no idea why. probably because i've devoted too much feelings in it.
but still, its worth it. because i've finally let out my thoughts.
i've finally let out my feelings. it feels simply great.
it really does..

Lottery Scam 2!

Another one of those LAME Lottery Scams!

i have ZERO clues who keep sending me these LAME lottery scams email.
but its quite hilarious reading them.
as each of them is getting even sillier than the previous one.
i just received one from the UN (United Nations Organisation).
FYI. for those DUMB senders.
the UN does not send & will not send these kind of lottery emails.

Message Header: OFFICIAL NOTICE....‏
From:United Nations Organization(UNO) (freelotto@yahoo.com)

United Nations Organization(UNO)
United Kingdom
Postal Code:+44
Long way road
Uk London.

This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Six Hundred And
Fifty Tousand GBP,(£650,500.00) for this year 2008 Lottery promotion
which is organized by United Nations Organization.

United Nations Organization, collects all the email addresses of the
people that are active online,among the millions that subscribed to the
Internet.we only select five people every Year as our winners through
electronic balloting System without the winner applying,we congratulate
you for being one of the people selected.

You are to contact the events manager on or before your date of
Claim,Winners Shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement
Centre.This Donations Prize must be claimed no later than 20 days from
date of Draw Notification after the Draw date in which Prize has won. Any
prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.

These are your identification numbers:
Batch number.....................UNO 09102XN
Reff number.......................UNO 35447XN
Winning number...................UNO 09788XN

These numbers fall within your Location file, you are requested to
contact the event manager/Claims Department, send your winning
identification numbers and fill the verification form below,to enable
him verify your claims.


Name:Mr.Gomma Bruse

Thank you and Accept my hearty congratulations once

complete nonsensical crappp.
and why am i saying so?
well, here are my reasons..

the UN is too busy handling the affairs between its organisation & the US.

the UN is busy with the affairs of the world.

it DOES NOT have the time & money to organise such kind of nonsensical shit.

if it really is the UN, why is the email from yahoo.com?

even the co-responding email address is ridiculous?! (E-mail:united_nations-org@live.com)
this is obviously the email address of a local fraud. how DUMB are they?

if it really is real, i doubt the UN would even SEND it TWICE .

even though it is really very IRRITATING
to keep receiving these kind of scamming emails,
but reading them really brings lots of laughter
as i spot the stupid mistakes and errors in these emails.
cant these people have at least a little bit of HIGHER IQ
to at least make it a little bit MORE REALISTIC?!
i've seriously got no more comments on the IQ of these people..
completely ZERO.
well, i just hope that my publishing of
these nonsensical fraud emails lottery scams would bring an awareness
among all of you.
if you ever REALLY do receive one of these,
its okay to open it up and read, because it seriously cracks one up.
but DO NOT be so blind and stupid to go believe it,
i dont want any of you to suffer the same fate as the people who got tricked by these frauds (:

Lottery Scam!

Lottery Scam through Email

I returned home after an exhausted 3hrs of A Math lessons today.
& what was that sitting in my email's inbox waiting for me at home?
this is what was in the email.
i'm putting it up so that everyone can be aware of such things.
and to not believe and fall for such frauds & scams.

Message Header: Winning number...................ECW09788‏
From: ECOWAS DONATION BOARD 2008 (ecowasdeliveryoffice@yahoo.co.uk)

Ecowas donations 2008
101 Yakubu Gowon Cresent
Asokoro District P.M.B. 401
Abuja, Nigeria.
Tel: +2348073989875

This is to inform you that you have won a prize
money of One Million United States Dollars, ($1,000,000.00)
for this year 2008 Lottery promotion which is organized by

ECOWAS DONATIONS 2008, collects all the
email addresses of the people that are active online,
among the millions that subscribed to the Internet.we
only select five people every Year as our winners through
electronic balloting System without the winner
applying,we congratulate you for being one of the people selected.

These are your identification numbers:
Batch number.....................ECW 09102XN
Reff number.......................ECW35447XN
Winning number...................ECW09788

These numbers fall within your Location file,
you are requested to contact the events manager/Claims Department,
send your winning identification numbers to him,to enable him verifyyour claims.

Thank you and Accept my hearty congratulations once again!

Yours faithfully,
Mr.Hasim Haji
(Ecowas Donations Games/Lottery Coordinator).

people, you've got to be really aware of whats going on in the world nowadays.
i must admit that i was really elated when i saw the email.
then i thought again & wondered if it could be a fake.
LUCKY, for the advance technology nowadays,
researching for more information on a certain matter has become a much easier task.
so i simply opened a new window,
clicked on yahoo and started researching on this matter.
and not to my surprise,
there have been many cases on such frauds.

so people,
do not fall for these stupid tricks..
these emails might seem to be very tempting,
it might seem rather realistic at first sight,
but after careful investigation and thorough research,
you would come to realise that there are actually many mistakes and faults in the email.
while doing my research on this scamming matter,
i came across this "SCAM-O-MATIC" software. (http://www.scamomatic.com/)
i shall put the link up so that
if there ever is a necessity for you people to check up on whether your email is a scam,
this is the perfect software to use.
do not fret that it would cost anything, its completely free.
i guarantee (:
i've done my part and the very best that i can,
to inform all of you on the scamming in the virtual world nowadays.
i've also added in scam-checking software links.
however, such things would of course still happen and take place.
so, be careful alrights?
think twice before you do/believe anything.

& to end it all off,
my conclusion is..

(P.S. i was just telling genn on MSN, that the letter isnt even written in a formal manner..)

Mad Shopping in TOWN.


i finally got MY WHITE BERET.
i love it LOTS LOTS (:
went shopping in town with my sister today.
we walked into quite a no. of shopping plazas.
first we went into..
then CK tang,
i bought the new shirtt & my white beret.
jie got 1 pair of shoes, 1 red-striped white shorts, 2 tops & 1 white tube.
together we spend bout $200? in like..8 hours?
SHOP SHOP SHOP. had RAMEN-TEH for dinner.
to be honest, i've eaten salmon skin handroll at so many diff places.
and this is by far, the best i've ever eaten YET.
cant wait to get my hands on more of it.
after all the shopping we took a bus over to plaza sing. to catch MADE OF HONOR!
a cute romance comedy. teaches ONE TO CHERISH THOSE AROUND YOU.
honestly, if i was given an opportunity.
i would be glad to watch it again.
since i was at plaza sing. and douby ghaut mrt was so near.
i thought of dropping by BUNK, if anyone i knew was there.
i called angie to ask. but sadly, she was at ezra's house.
so i could only make my way home.
cant wait for my sister's next off-day!
the next thing i want would be a new schoolbag.
probably my mom would kill me, got so many bags at home already.
but money is earned to be spend yeah?
besides, its not like i SPLURGE money all the time..
occasionally only.. i think..

More than willing to do this quiz (:

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.
B) Tag 8 people to do this quiz & those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by & cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

#1. If your lover lied you, what will your reaction be? Depressed.
#2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be? TO BE A PSYCHOLOGIST :D
#3. Have you ever regretted making a certain decision before? If yes, state what it is. not listening to the warnings of others thus ending up getting hurt in the very end.
#4. What would you do with a billion dollars? GET ALL MY WANTS!
#5. What's your ideal lover like? someone who WOULD NOT lie to me.
#6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone? since things are best when they come in a pair, i would say.. BOTH!
#7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love? as LONG as it takes.
#8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do? discard all thoughts of owning him.
#9. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days? yeaaapppp.
#10. What is the worst you've ever felt these days? knowing that i've been LIED to by someone i LOVE.
#11. What cheers you up the fastest? talking to a guy on the phone? preferably someone close to me. [hey, i cant help it okayy.. its just that guys are so easy to tease & they brings lots of laughter!]
#12. How do you see yourself in ten years time? the usual me.
#13. Who is currently the most important people to you? LING, WINSTON, PEARL.
#14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is? she rocks the universe to the core.
#15. What would you do if you could revert time back? not let that fking incident take place/happen.
#16. What's the first thing you do every morning? lie in bed and think about the matters of the previous day.
#17. Would you give all in a relationship? POSITIVELY YES.
#18. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick? neither of them, because it merely makes matters worst. [i've experienced this before,and have even gotten the worst scenario, because the 2 guys are best friends. imagine how tough a decision i had to make, as either one i chose would result in a distortion of friendship btw me and the other guy. it's not something i want to EVER go through again.]
#19. What type of friends do you like? friends who tell no lies, are worth trusting & are there for me.

the reason why i'm more than willing to do this quiz is
because the first question tempted & attracted me alot.
it's a msg i've been trying to get into people's head.
it's just a simple fact that is easy to know,
but some people just dont get what it means still.
ANYWAY, i've even taken the effort to correct the answers to the previous quiz.
since all that he said are LIES,
i dont think its fair for my answers to be fake either.
i want to present the truth to my fellow readers of this blog.
it's really IRRITATING & DISTURBING to know that someone has lied to you.
i'm really quite glad that i've already gotten over this matter.
if that b****** is to contact me again,
trust me, i WOULD NOT hesitate to give him a piece of my MIND.

the SOUR & BITTER deserts


YES! finally the laptop is here..
& with that i can finally get access to the internet.
cant wait till the 26th when the i get to use back the desktop.
a little closeup on my life yesterdayyy..
i went to LINGZHI vegetarian restaurant.

first things first, i'm no vegetarian..
& it was my uncle treating the family.
the dishes were pretty nt bad,
well for a glutton like me, i guess almost everything is not bad.
what i liked bout their dishes is that each of them is very unique.
sorry i didnt take more. was so intrigued in their appearance,
that i wondered if the taste was unique as well.
and it was VERY MUCH unique. fits the term uniquely singapore eh?
anywayy, by the term i rmbed i had to take pictures,
the course was ending,
so there wasnt much to take.
the "BOILING TUBES" stucked in a bowl of ice,
were actually filled with fruit juice for us.
everyone was like staring at what this was when it arrived.
looks kind of ridiculous yeah?

then we had DESERTS!
this was one of the funny parts.
everyone was guessing that it was guilin gao.
but then we were thinking,
this is a vegetarian restaurant,
how can there be guilin gao???
then the waiter told us that this was lingzhi gao.
the OOS & AHHS started going round.
there were 2 kinds of desert so only some ate this.
i did not, and i was glad that i didnt.
my parents took the lingzhi gao desert,
and the expressions on their faces..
well, not one that i would forget easily.
according to them, it was VERY VERY BITTER.
one of the most bitter things that they had ever ate.
my mom poured lots of sweet syrup on hers,
but the taste was still almost the same.
my dad..he tried to force some inside my mouth,
to let me taste how bitter it was.
i refused to open my mouth, zipped it up tight.

i was one of the luckiest ones who had this jelly desert.
it'd actually be quite plain and original,
if it wasnt for that lemon ice-ball.
what the chef did was that he extracted the juice from the lemons,
and poured them in a sphere-shaped mould,
and had it frozen. and TADA!
so there was the uniqueness of my desert.
& my unique vegetarian dinner.


Artist: S.H.E
Song: 你最近还好吗

地址写的是心底 你能不能收到它
天有点冷 风有点大 城市宁静而喧哗
有没有什麽好方法 让寂寞更听话

你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗

昨天远了 明天还长 回忆模糊但巨大

你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗

你说会记得我 还记得吗
忙碌吗累吗 心还会痛吗

This is the way i choose to lead my life from now on..

adapted this song from 斗牛,要不要.
I heard this song the very night I knew the truth.
Isnt this a very sad song?
A very good song for crying yeah?
but the funny thing was, i couldnt cry.
its not that i dont want to cry, but its just that the tears simply wouldnt come.
i tried squeezing them out, but it was to no avail.
it's been a month since i last shed a drop of tear..
I felt so damn miserable, yet i couldnt let my emotions..
so i chose the 2nd best method, talking to someone..

Poor Winston..
he got awoken up by me early in the hours of the day at 3AM. ><
&& he still had exams going on the day after.
sorry kor. but still, thanks for being there for me at such a time.
your support was really encouraging. all e best for your exams!

As the day passes, as i got on with my life as usual,
i found out that life was so much better.
i need not be all stressed up about such things now.
i might not know the reason why he did those acts of childishness,
but i seriously do not care anymore.
Winston is right, there is not a need to wreck my brains over such matters.
i've got my family, my friends, my dear ling meimei, my dear winston korkor,
and of course, i cant miss this out..

yeapp. i'm back in Audi.
-TWINS-rikco is once again roaming Freedom Channel 5.
if you ever need her..
leave her a msg in the Messenger MSG BOX service provided by AuditionSEA.
she'll attend to your needs ASAP.
well, the reason why i'm back in AuditionSEA,
is because my service is needed by -TWINS-Ezra.
my dear daddy re-formatted the TWINS Management Team,
so now as the ranking TWINS Captain Tn[C]..
I'm helping out to sort out the matters in TWINS,
and to make this FAM a better place for fun & enjoyment.

There's gonna be a dinner tonight at a restaurant..
have no idea which restaurant because all my granny told me was,
there's a dinner tonight, your uncle is treating us.
well, its bound to be something good!! thats for sure!
i'd better go get prepared.
will take pictures & of course update what happened.
it's my solemn duty to update details of MY LIFE.

Replied Tags:

Sophie - GENN: yeapp. follow my feelings. follow my heart. thats whats important. I ALSO WANT A PHOTOGENIC LIFE! will find time to drop by the library & see if i can get my hands on that book. thanks for the crying warning. LOL.

yusi - SWEEKUN: heyya girl!

yusi - PRISCILIA: hello dolly junior! LOL.

yusi - XUHAO: NATURALLY I'M PRO! if not hw i be your jie (:

I'm Leavin`

Song: Leavin’
Artist: Jesse McCartney

Hey baby girl, I’ve been watching you all day (all day x3)
Man that thing you got behind you is amazing (amazing x3)
You make me want to take you out and let it rain (let it rain x3)
I know you got a man but this is what you should say

Why don’t you tell him that I’m leavin’ never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
no more making you cry, no more gray skies
girl we flying on the G5 G5
And I’m leavin’ never to come back again…
So go on shawty and tell him you found a new man
The one who’s so so fly
The one that keep you high
Have you singing all night, like like
Oh oh oh (repeat)
man she gonna sing
Oh oh oh oh (repeat)

Now if I talk it girl, you know that I will walk it out (walk it out x3)
Man I’ll put my money (money) where my mouth is (mouth is x3)
Cause you're the baddest little thing that I’ve ever seen (ever seen x3)
So ima ask you one time if you got a man

Why don’t you tell him that I’m leavin’ never to come back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
no more making you cry, no more gray skies
girl we flying on a G5 G5
And I’m leavin’ never lookin back again…
So go on shawty and tell him you found a new man
The one who’s so so fly
The one that keep you high
have you singing all night, like like
Oh oh oh (repeat) man she gonna sing
Oh oh oh oh (repeat)

Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
Just tell him to the left left left
Don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress
Cause we gone & we gone & we gone
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you deserve nothing but the best
No stress, no stress, no stress
Girl you need to tell him…
That we're leavin’ never looking back again
You found somebody who does it better than he can
no more making you cry, no more gray skies
girl we flying on a G5 G5
And we're leavin’ never lookin back again…
So go on shawty and tell him you found a new man
The one who’s so so fly
The one that keep you high
have you singing all night, like like
Oh oh oh (repeat) man she gonna sing
Oh oh oh oh (repeat)

Have you singing all night like like
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
man she gone be singing
she gone be singin ah
she gone be singin
she gone be singin
oh you gone be singin


This song goes out to ALL GIRLS.
yeah, this song doesnt sound nice on the first hearing.
but look at the lyrics.
then you listen to the song.
& you'll fall in love with it.

to those girls who have a guy:
have you felt like giving your guy a warning at times to cherish you..
or you would really do something which would make him regret seriously?
well, this is the perfect song for it.
all words from this lyrics are targeted at those useless guys,
who simply do not know how to cherish us girls.
and simply take us for granted all the time.
till, they lose us then they finally notice our existence.
but by then, it's too late.
so yeah, this song is a perfect warning for them.
hear it, read it, sing it & love it!


thanks angie meimei, LOVE & Linqz meimei.
being sabo-taged by you 2 to do this quiz.
i shall get it cleared once and for all.

1. What you want the most now? a day-out with a guy who deserves my love
2 . Who is the person you trust the most? the perfect him, GENN & Pearl.
3 . What do you think of yourself? S.O.P.H.I.E [go figure out yourself what it stands for]
4 . If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be? I WANT TO BE A PSYCHOLOGIST.
5 . Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain? yes, because i've seen it before.
6 . What is your goal for this year? attain at least an 8 in my O-Levels & get into the psychology studies course at Temasek Poly.
7 . Do you believe in eternity love? yes, though i've lost all hopes in it.
8 . Have you broken someone heart that he/she tried to commit suicide? nope. neither do i wish to nor do i want to.
9 . What feeling do you love most? i'm cared for by pple whom i love & pple who love me.
10 . What are the requirements that you wish from your other half? to SAY & TELL me the bloody TRUTH. I fkingly hate LIARS.
11 . What feeling do you hate the most? KNOWING THAT THE ONE I LOVED LIED TO ME.
12 . Do you cherish every single friendship of yours? POSITIVELY YES.
13 . Did you ever thought of who you were going to marry? forget it. it's all simply dreams & fantasy, not reality.
14 . What do you think is the most important thing in your life? to follow my feelings, to speak the truth, to live my life as it is & to be who i am.
15 . Who do you hope to be always there for you? EVERYONE.
16. What do you want most on your birthday? a UNIQUE birthday.

Instructions : Remove 1 question from above,and add in your personal question , then tag 8 people in your list,list them out at the end of this post . Notify them in their chatbox that he/she has been tagged . Whoever does the tag will have a blessing from all.

1. Pearl
2. Amanda
4. SweeKun
5. Shuyi
6. Lijun
7. XuanEn
8. Priscilia


Well, First Things First..
I need to address certain issues first.
In Honour of Gratitude to GENN & KIATHWEE for filling up my tagboard,


i started off my DE-STRESS program,
with a day-out with my pearlieee..
& where did we go?
ICE-SKATING! at Fuji Ice Palace.
i wanted to take lots of pictures for keeping,
but i forgot. AGAIN!
at least i took TWO!

i secretly took a pic of pearl ice-skating

the funny thing was that,
both of us forgot to BRING something each.
i forgot to bring socks and she forgot to bring gloves.
so we had to spend $3 each buying the items.
well, here comes the funny part.
the gloves were too small & the socks were too long.
i really mean it.
the gloves looked like they could only fit the hands of a toddler.
and the socks could only fit people with serious HUGE feet.
she had to stretch the gloves to wear them,
and i had to fold the socks a couple of times..
it was seriously in a very inappropriate size.
one thing was too small.
and the other was too long.
& for once, NEITHER OF US FELL!
thats a very very good news!
considering the first time we went with jingting.
we were falling like domino tiles.
first jingting fell, pearl went to help her up.
then pearl fell, i went to help the both of them up.
then i fell. just when the 3 of us got up to our feet again,
a guy skated right into us.
then the 3 of us fell and surprisingly, the guy didnt fall!
the second time i went with pearl,
we fell quite a no. of times.
and i even returned home with a sprained wrist.
so, me and pearl not falling yesterday was a BIG miracle.
i wanted to skate for another 1-2 more hours,
to wait for winston to come join me at the ice-skating rink.
i wanted winston to teach me how to STOP!
i always have to decelerate my speed to stop.
i can never do a sudden stop.
so most of the time i crashed into things or come to worst, people.
& trust me, crashing into strangers who are girls are fine..
but crashing into strangers who are guys..
definitely a 100% NOT FINE! felt so embarrassed.
ANYWAY. i did not manage to learn how to do a T-Stop at the very end,
though pearl tried to teach me.
[ she wasnt quite sure of it herself, so basically yeah. it's what you imagined. learning from someone who isnt quite sure though they can do it, turns out to be a disastrous result at the end. ]
because pearl's friend matthew was coming,
and she refused to keep him waiting outside the ice-skating rink by himself.
so we had to leave the place, with me feeling dejected..
i mean, come on..
she has her friend to accompany her.. while i dont..
worst of all, it's a guy!!
so, he took all her attention and left me with none.
i felt so awkward there. & he doesnt seem easy to converse to.
or more like, i didnt even attempt to converse with him.
because i seriously did not feel like talking with guys.
or more like.. i only wanted to talk to one guy.
he was not there, though he was supposed to..
i was simply not in the mood. period.
so i left them both at jurong east entertainment centre.
[they wanted to catch a movie,ironman. had zero interest in watching ironman. much less in catching a movie. ]
i went to find my mom. who was coincidentally nearby [OCBC BANK].
apparently, she had to help her client settle some issues on the insurance policies of the client,
and those issues had something to do with the bank.
i didnt bother to find out much. since it wasnt my business.
i was already super thirsty, so i gave her the excuse of buying a drink.
went to the nearby coffeeshop and bought a cup of ribena which made me coughed like mad.
partially cause the lady selling it liked me SO MUCH,
that she gave me SO MUCH ice cubes in my drink.
and the other part,
the ribena drink was too concentrated.
i'm too thirsty to bother bout all these facts.
well, i got a ride home from my mom.
then i proceeded onto the next part of my program.
something i was planning since before the exams.
& that is to take pictures of various parts of the house!

the road towards the place called home

the way leading up to my house [imagine my exhaustion having to walk up this hill for the past 4 years!]

view of the house from outside

closer view of the house: front porch

view of the living room [in a mess due to packing]

view of the dining room

my daily form of exercise: walking up this 20-step flight of stairs

my messed-up bedroom

i've yet to take other parts of the house.
i was too beat-out from all the ice-skating.
i'll probably take it tmr if i feel like doing it.
well, i'm really gonna miss this place.
been living here for 12years.
many things have happened here.
be it bad or good.
i'm still gonna miss MY DEAR HOME!!
going to move to my grandparents house at teckwhye temporarily,
while my parents are still looking for a new home. ><>


went to grandparents house to clean-up the place.
let me tell you this..
the room that i was about to live in,
was simply NOT FIT for human inhabition.
the floor WAS SO DIRTY, that for once, i took the initiative to mop it.
& trust me, my floor-is-dirty-meter is VERY low-standard.
the water was so "BLACK" that the moping water had to be changed 4 times.
can you imagine how dirty it was?! ><>

container within containers

a carton full of empty containers!

so pretty much,
i was being a good filial little girl,
helping to pack & clean the place up.
i even volunteered to mop the whole house, which is.. so not me..
but anyway, since its where my grandparents live..
helping them to clean their home up is quite an honour.
especially for the fact that i'm helping to make the place a little neater and cleaner..
i always had my maid at home..
packing my room, mopping the floor, washing the clothes..
so instead of being treated like a little princess for once,
getting to my own hands and feet to help clean a place up,it really felt great. and it's also quite a training.
because my mom always said..
one day when you get married..
you would also have to do the housework yourself..
you cant always depend on me and the maid.. & etc.
as you know.. the kind of naggy lecture MOTHER gives..
so i treated the cleaning something like a training, while having fun..
by my definition of FUN..
well.. i spilled a pail of water while mopping the floor..
the pail had that thing to squeeze the water from the mop..
and well, i was trying out that little gadget..
while pushing the pail with the mop..
and of course.. the whole pail flipped and the water got spilled.
naturally, my mom went berserk..
i really couldnt help it..
i'm still a little kid.. still mischievious and curious..
the funny thing was that.. when the water got spilled..
instead of getting all panicky and cleaning it up quickly.
i stood there and laughed my lungs out.
the whole thing was really very hilarious.
first, the echo-ing sound of a spilled pail and the splashing sound of water went round the house.
second, my mom came out. saw what i did and shouted at me.
third, i stood there laughing at what i did.
fourth, my grandmother came, saw what i did and joined me laughing.
fifth, my aunt walked past, saw and stood there laughing along.
sixth, my grandfather came too, and started laughing.
seventh, my dad came cause he heard us laughing and stood there laughing too.
last of all, even my mom started laughing.
and why was everyone laughing?
because i spilled a pail of water. kind of ridiculous yeah?
but at least everyone had a good laughter.
well, thats what always happens,
when you put a kid born on the 30th of December with a pail of water and a mop.
at first i was quite reluctant to move in with my grandparents,
but now, i simply cant wait. i guess part of the reason is because..
my sis groaned and started lecturing on me being greedy
and started saying all about cholestrols and obesity when she heard me saying this.
its not like i'm gonna eat often.
i'm just glad to finally have a fast-food restaurant near me.
so i no longer have to purposely take the bus all the way to BPP/LOT1 just to get MAC.
and then hold the bags of food which attracts alot of attention from the people around you
and get myself wet due to the condensing drink which is super embarrassing
while taking a bus ride home.
all i have to do now is, take an elevator downstairs..
walk to the Community Centre which is simply a 30secs-walk.
AND TADAH! there is the MACDONALDS waiting for me.
how lucky can i be? but i think i'll soon get tired of eating Macdonalds.
anyway, there's still so many coffeeshops around the area.
so i think i'll get along just fine. cant wait to move in.
MAC MAC MAC MAC MAC! [oops! >< ]

How dumb can I get?

stupidest mistake committed in the early hours of the day

greatt. how dumb can i get? how stupid can i be?
i wanted to only delete a few of the wrong tags that i wrote myself.
and i ended up clearing ALL the tags in my tagboard.
i couldnt find the delete button at first.
so when i saw the quick button i jumped on it.
and without even checking what it really meant.
i clicked it.
and POOF. there goes all the first 150tags.
i couldnt possibly leave the rest of the tags just liddat.
so i simply deleted everything.
and now, i'm left with zero tags due to my stupidity.

speaking about tags, i realised that for those who visits my blog.
they have a tendency to come, read my entries and leave without tagging.
is there a neccessity for me to add a counter to my blog.
so as to know how many people actually visits my blog SECRETLY.
tsk tsk. whats the point of coming and not leaving a tag.
then you go to school and tell me about my entries.
is it really that hard to spend 30secs typing?
well, at least do try to leave me a tag yeah?


found this song while watching MMVs on youtube.
quite a nice song.
so enjoy it yeah?
i'm posting this song while watching MMVs.
letting my MMVs to run without watching.
so dont my efforts go down e drain!
& if only if the one i love can really stop playing games.
that'd be really a miracle.
lipstick stains on the window?
kind of ridiculous.
messages which are NOT SENT by me,
yet are filled with tons of CONTEXT.
calls which are NOT DIALLED by me,
yet he still PICKS UP and listens to the recipients.
well, those are HIGHLY possible.
actually i shouldnt say that they are possible.
because those are things that are happening everyday now.
HEY! i'm a human after all.
i do have the right to get jealous once in a while.
i have feelings too yeah?
besides, my jealousy-meter is not as sensitive as him.
i'm not commenting that he should not get jealous.
i do love the fact that he gets jealous easily.
because he looks really VERY CUTE when he is flushing with jealousy.
& it merely shows that i at least still have a standing somewhere in his heart.
so, i'm not going to stop him from getting jealous.
because i still want to see that CUTE LOOK on him when he gets jealous.
i also think thats part of the reason why i fell so hard for him.
guys who are protective over their girls,
are what i call guys who deserves to be loved.
he's been protective of me even before we were together.
now that we're not together,
he's still as protective as ever over me.
& that's why i still love him,
&& that's why i'll probably love him for long.

Artist: Neyo
Song: Together

Since the day that we met girl
I've never had anyone make me feel this way
And my heart is sure it wants to be with you
Want to give you the whole world ohh
If you make the promise to me, I'm gonna stay
Without you guiding me, I'm lost and so confused

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side
Cause I got you and I want to give you what you never had
Girl everyday I hope to make you part of my life
Cause you know me and I know you
Girl your love is where it's at..ohhh

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
And nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And we both made a mistake
And something never wished we made
But we will be okay if we just stay together

Oooh..I know he left you stranded
And you paid the price when you messed up your life
Girl I know you're so afraid but I can't write the wrong cd
I know you saw the lipstick on my window
And wonder how many chicks been to my home
I done my share of playing games
But for you I given up that life

What will it take to show you I'll be by your side

Cause I got you and I want to give you what you never had
Girl everyday I hope to make you part of my life

Cause you know me and I know you
Girl your love is where it's at..ohhh

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
And nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And we both made a mistake
And something never wished we made
But we will be okay if we just stay together

Baby you're the one I'm waiting for
Because you give me what I needed more
Cause its clear that we are meant to be
Together we should be together
And I'm gonna be.

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
And nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And we both made a mistake
And something never wished we made
But we will be okay if we just stay together

I'm gonna be the love that's gonna last
And be the one that got your back
And nothing never that bad
That we would be together
And we both made a mistake
And something never wished we made
But we will be okay if we just stay together

What Am I To You Exactly?!


I'm sick of getting those feelings that show that I'm neglected.
you're only coming to me
whenever you are FREE to be bothered bout me.
what am I to you exactly?
you know that its so hard for me to call you now.
and most of the time when I call,
you're with your friends.
calling you when you're with your friends,

is exactly the same as getting slapped in the face
and get told to shut up and scram out of your life.
you tell me to MSG you.
yeah, I wish I could too. but the prob is..
& when I have my phone,
you cant be bothered to reply me.
what kind of crap is this exactly?
what are you taking me for?
I'm not the kind of person where you can pick and throw as you wish.
I'm a living human being for heaven's sake.
I want to be cherished. NOT be taken for granted.

Forewarning, to those who DID NOT cherish me.
I made perfectly sure that they regretted it seriously.
I ruined quite a no. of days in their lives.
yeah, I do regret my actions.
I hate the fact that I've hurted them.
but it couldnt be helped.
this is what happens when someone does not cherish me.
this is what happens when someone takes me for granted.
let me repeat this again.
just because I'm by your side now,
it doesnt mean that I cant leave your side.
dont forget.
we are not together.
I NEED to stay by your side.
but I WANT to stay by your side.
however, if you still refuse to cherish me.
there's simply nothing I can do.
I've got to admit that you're way better now than in the past.
you would often go into one of your INSANE moods in the past.
but at least you seldom do nowadays.
still, I'm not really asking for alot.
I dont need your constant replys.
I dont need your constant honey-ing.
all I want is for you to acknowledge my presence.
Acknowledge my Existence.
thats all I want.