Happy 19th Birthday to me

Frankly, I thought that my birthday this year was gonna suck, what with grandpa being hospitalised at the moment and still in ICU, albeit I am insanely grateful that his condition is improving and hopefully he will be transferred to high dependency later in the day; and I had to cancel my own birthday party that I've been looking forward to and to top it all off, I still have work today :O

However when the clock struck 12 and my phone started vibrating consistently as my Facebook wall is being flooded with birthday wishes and my friends were sending me birthday wishes via text messages, I started having second thoughts... And hey, today might not be such a terrible day afterall. And Bestie was awesome k. He sent me a super sweet birthday message. It made me smile instantaneously. The power of words.

So, my birthday wish for 2011: For my grandfather to get better ASAP, for him to be less obstinate and to agree to go for his operation. #pleaseletthiswishcometrue

With everything that has happened in December 2011, I have gathered so many new insights and reflections, and as far as this year is concerned, I dare say that for this month, I've learnt the most amount of valuable lessons throughout the whole year. Having finally taken the last few steps of my journey and putting an end to it at long last, I look back and feel irrevocably dumb and embarrassed. Oh well, it's not like I wasn't expecting this reaction from myself.

2012 is coming. So damn excited. Woohoo!

Merry Christmas 2k11

First-ever Christmas nails that I did for myself!!!! Mad cool! Nail junkie ftw!