isnt it nice? ii took it from AUDITIONSEA.
i love the way it says the 7 days of a week.
though there are versions of this in ENGLISH & CHINESE.
but i still like the KOREAN version more.
i find it more...
dunno hw to say larhs.
anyway.. i am so glad..
finally found a new song for my bloggie..
then i no need hear those FLIES..
NAGGING me at my EAR 24/7..
i swear i'll go nuts soon if they continue nagging.
perhaps i should get a plastic bag fill with water
to chase them off.
i guess you all dunno bout the fly and water bag tale bahs?
this tale is ms yeo tell me der.
cos during the 2nd day of cca orientation,
i took one of the water bomb from scouts.
then proceeded back to the guides booth.
weiyun also took one then she started twirling the string used to tie the bag
in front of ms yeo.
then ms yeo said
" take that away. i am not a fly you noe?!"
me and weiyun were like
ms yeo told us that
in the past, in msia,
the village pple had no money to buy those kind of
fly repellent so they would plastic bags and fill them with water
then they would hang outside their houses to chase the fly away.
because when the sunlight catches the water,
it will cause the water to re-direct the sunlight,
causing the whole place to be "shiny".
apparently flies dont like the light so they wont go near the house.
that is hw they chase flies away.
kinda cool tale ehhs? lols.
back to my *NEW blog song.
this time i want to dedicate it to KEONG.
he was the one who inspired me of this song.
and that inspiration got me to have this as a blog song.
thank you KEONG! :D