Estee Lauder Review: Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick and Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick

During the later-half of last year, Estee Lauder launched a couple of new products. In its mix are these two products: the Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick and Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick.

The cushion stick promises a "skin-loving, weightless and comfortable formula" that instantly hydrates the skin and leaves a radiant glow for up to 8 hours. Whereas the light sculpting lipstick claims to have a highly pigmented formula that would transform your lips with "lustrous colour" and "brilliant shine" and can last for up to six hours of curvaceous wear-time.

In this review, we will be looking at their respective price, packaging, coverage power and wear-time in our Singapore climate. Read on for more details.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick
Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick
Built-in Sponge Applicator

Twist the base to release product onto the sponge

Just the right shade for me!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup
Price: $56
Packaging: Sleek
Coverage: Light
Texture: Light and comfortable
Effectiveness: Good
Wear-time: 5 hours with no touch-up
Rating: 4.5/5

My two cents:

I began my first impression review with some insight on the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick. I had gathered information from various YouTube videos on how the in-built sponge applicator is too small and therefore not that good. On that note, I would beg to differ as I found myself to be a huge fan of the sponge applicator.

It is true that it is small but it does get the job done. The lack of need to place some foundation on a palette before dipping my sponge/brush into it, saved me a whole lot of time and product. I like it when I can get every bang for my buck! Furthermore the sponge tip can be easily removed and washed.

The coverage for this foundation is light, but sufficient for me – I don't have the habit of wearing high coverage foundations unless I have a gala event to attend. I am a huge fan of the foundations that are weightless and comfortable, and this cushion stick is definitely one of them.

The formula has been tested by both dermatologists and opthalmologist. It also claims to be able to last for 8 hours with no touch-up, but unfortunately I was only able to test it up to its fifth hour before I had to call it a night.

This Estee Lauder Cushion Stick has one of those "My Skin But Better" foundation formula and is available in 17 shades.

Check out my video review on Youtube for more detailed insights

ESTEE LAUDER fierce flower blush tease lipstick
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick
Feat. Asia Exclusives: Fierce Flower and Blush Tease

ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick
Droplets of water(?) on the lipstick

First shade is Blush Tease, Second shade is Fierce Flower

ESTEE LAUDER fierce flower and blush tease lip shades

Fierce Flower on lips

Blush Tease on lips

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick
Price: $48
Packaging: High-End
Pigmentation: Medium (two swipes for full coverage)
Formula: Fairly consistent
Texture: High shine, non-glossy, non-sticky
Effectiveness: Good
Wear-time: 3 hours with no touch-up, non meal-proof
Rating: 3.9/5

My two cents:

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipsticks has a whooping 51 shades available in its collection!! Fortunately Sephora Online only carries 15 shades – thank goodness because having fifty one options would be way too much for greedy me to decide – including the two Asia Exclusive colours that I am featuring in this review.

Fierce Flower is a wearable coral-red with an orange undertone, suitable for all skin shades. Blush Tease on the other hand is a dark barbie-pink shade that would probably be better for those with a fair-to-light skin tone. Both lipstick shades have a shimmer finish, and when I was removing my makeup I noticed that glitter was added into the formula!

The lipstick's formula promises to saturate lips with lustrous colour and brilliant shine, and hey I have to admit that my lips appeared fuller when I was wearing Fierce Flower. The lip-filling effect wasn't as obvious for Blush Tease but the colour got me head over heels.

It also claims to have a 6-hour wear time, unfortunately I was only able to test it up to its third hour before I caved into my hunger and ate up all the colour. Other than a slight tint on my lips, most of the product was gone after the meal. In between the application and meal time, I did not experience any smudging, melting nor transferring so that's really good to know!

The only peeve that I have about this lipstick is its smell. To my nose, I found there to be a chemical smell that was barely tolerable. My fiancé found the lipstick to be sweet-smelling and pleasant. Based on these two differing opinions, I concluded that the fragrance of the perfume differs per individual and I'll admit that I do have a preference for fruity flavours.

Should you be interested in these reviewed products, you can hop onto Sephora for more information and shop for your favourite Estee Lauder products here.

A Staycation at Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, And Here Is How The Stay Went!

I'll be the nth person to quote you the reason of how a staycation is like travelling abroad, but in a local context.

The first ever Four Points By Sheraton hotel in Singapore offered me the quietest and most relaxing staycation that I have ever had in my life. In this hotel, I was given a chance to unwind, destress and regroup myself during my short one-night stay.

I could take a calming swim without having to jostle for space in the pool and take a rejuvenating afternoon nap on their soft comfy bed. However the highlight of my stay was really the delicious pint of their famous house beer, complimentary to my stay. Read on for more details.

Four Points By Sheraton Deluxe Room
Premium King Room, with a great view of the Singapore River ($199/night)

Photo 22-10-16, 15 40 54
During reservation, guests are provided with the option of twin beds or a king-size bed in their room

Four Points By Sheraton Locksafe
A in-room safe to store your valuables, and ironing equipments to press out any unwanted crinkles

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, The Riverview
Ensuite bathroom with a standing shower

Four Points By Sheraton Toilet
The typical bathroom apparatus – I'm a fan of the neat tiled wall

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Riverview
Lazy stretch on the cushioned window-seat

Four Points By Sheraton Pool
Extremely quiet pool that is great for a de-stressing swim

Four Points By Sheraton Pool
Lounging with a glass of icy cold water at one of the poolside cabana

With a poolside towel counter offering fluffy white towels, guests can conveniently wipe dry after a good swim

Utilising the in-house gym at the hotel

They've got almost everything, from treadmills to dumbbells, and more

Four Points By Sheraton, The Best Brew
During the night, we chilled at the hotel's bar with a pint of their house beer, the Tall Tale Pale Ale

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Breakfast
On the next morning, we concluded the stay with their International Breakfast Buffet
Tip: Their nasi lemak and sambal chilli are must-tries!!

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore Breakfast Eggs
Their egg station has the most amount of egg options that I have ever seen in all my life
Kudos to that!

Four Points By Sheraton
Bidding a reluctant farewell to my awesome night at Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview

Rating: 4.3/5

My two cents:

If you caught my previous post on Four Point's all you can eat and drink, BBQ + Free Flow Beer Buffet, then this hotel isn't a stranger to you nor I.

Four Points By Sheraton Singapore, Riverview sounds new, but this isn't a new hotel per se. The hotel has got a history and was formerly known as "Riverview Hotel" at Robertson Quay – does that name ring a bell now? It went through a round of renovation and celebrated its rebranding in July 2016.

The building is now exuding a sense of modern, individualism; an ideal hotel for the independent travellers.

The term "independent travellers" is used to describe individuals who would deliberately select a fuss-free experience on their trips. It entails a preference to carry your own luggage to your hotel room, and the demand for solitude and privacy.

With that said, the hotel's staff is ready to be at your service 24/7. What I am most amazed about is their ability to help without being overtly intrusive in their guest's privacy. Take for instance, I had accidentally left behind my breakfast vouchers on the reception counter during my check-in. The receptionist called and said that they would send someone to deliver the vouchers to my room.

After about 5 minutes, I heard footsteps approaching my room door and was ready to swing the door open when he rang the doorbell. However, the doorbell never rang. The thoughtful staff slipped an envelope (with the breakfast vouchers) under my door, and walked away quietly.

Now, that's what I call top-notch service. Most hotels' staff would ring the doorbell and I would have to (irritably) scramble out of my comfy place in bed just to open the door – I am one of those who maximises her usage of the "Do Not Disturb" sign on hotel room doors.

I am immensely in love with the peace and quiet that I have experienced at the hotel. From my calming swim in the afternoon – brownie points for not having to jostle with anyone else for pool space – to the chill-out night at the hotel bar, The Best Brew, where we enjoyed a refreshing cold pint of their famous house beer.

The room's window-seat is one of my favourite places because I got to snap so many Instagrammable shots right there. The bed was so comfortable that le fiancé (who usually has a tough time falling asleep) knocked out straight away.

This is probably the quietest staycation that I have ever had thus far, and that's a good thing! I had ample time to rest and relax. I would highly recommend this place for people who are looking for some quiet-me time to unwind, destress and regroup yourself.

If you are looking to experience what I have had, go for their Bed and Brew Deal which includes 2 complimentary glasses of Tall Tale Pale Ale per night and free Wi-Fi access.

Otherwise, for more information you can check out their website here.

Follow their Facebook and Instagram page for the latest updates on their promotions.

MKUP: The Perfect Oil Control Cushion To Wear In Singapore

Looking for a cushion foundation fit for wear in Singapore, but can never seem to find a suitable one? Look no further because MKUP's got what you have been searching high and low for!

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation is suitable for those with acne-prone skin and require a little extra to keep their facial oil in check. Their 5D Illuminating Primer is inspired by the Northern Lights and when used as a highlighter, it gives a subtle natural glow to the cheekbones and nose bridge to help accentuate your facial features!

Read on to find out more about the coverage, effectiveness and wear-time.

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation
MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow Oil Control Cushion Foundation in Light Beige

MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation
Price: $35.90
Packaging: Sleek
Coverage: Medium-high
Texture: Light
Effectiveness: Good
Wear-time: 6 hours with no touch-up

I finally found an oil control cushion foundation that I can wear in Singapore, I am so frigging happy! Before I continue, let's set some things straight: there is a distinct difference between "dewy" and "oil explosion", with the former being what kbeauty-lovers should be gunning for!

(Aka don't tryna bluff me and say your oily face is "well-moisturised" -_-)

For myself, with the use of some BB cream and no mattifying powder, my face can keep things in check for about 2-3 hours before powdered blotting papers are required. If I were to use a cushion foundation, it can at best sustain for about 1 1/2 hour, then things start to become streaky/patchy and I've gotta pull out the cushion for a quick touch-up.

With the MKUP Flawless Perfect Glow (Oil Control) Cushion Foundation, my face lasted for about 5-6 hours without any touch-up. It is by far, one of the best that I have tried and I am not saying this just because my product was sponsored – their oil control cushion foundation really works!!

After 6 hours of wear time, I noticed some slight greasing only on my nose, which is a far cry from the usual "cheek and nose both also super greasy" sort of situation. There were no patches or cracks on my face, the foundation felt light on my face and looked absolutely natural.

My personal preference is to apply it using a dampened makeup sponge, I feel that it helps to spread the product better and the application time is being cut by half, as compared to using the puff that was included in the cushion case.

MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer
MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer

MKUP 5D Illuminating Primer
Price: $28.90
Packaging: Chic
Texture: Light, close to creamy
Effectiveness: Above average
Wear-time: 5 hours with no touch-up

A good primer is always essential, to help prolong wear of your foundation and to enhance its effectiveness. In this case, that is what the 5D Illuminating Primer did! Inspired by the Northern Lights, this primer allows foundation to glide on easily for a long-wearing oil-free effect.

It also has a five-dimensional violet light-reflecting pigment that can create a 3D face through the reflection of light from all angles. The Illuminating Primer also has several other colour pigments like Icy Blue and Ruby Red, to help purify dull skin and neutralise any yellow skin tone to give the appearance of bright and luminous skin.

I doubled it up and used it as a highlighter, the light reflecting pigments provided a natural strobing effect on the high-points of my face (ie. cheek bones and nose bridge) upon application.

If you are keen to get this product but don't know where to, here is a list:

Note: Reviewed products were kindly sponsored by OhWow.

12 Places To Getting Your Valentine's Day Flowers Online

We are down to one week away from the BIG Cupid's Day! There will be loads of love going around, and probably tons of PDA on that day too *ahem*. There is one more thing that would be going around like crazy on that day... flowers!

Valentine's Day is the one other day – not including monthsaries, anniversaries, birthdays, convocation days, celebratory days and etc – where us girls, expect our other-halves to turn up on our doorstep with a bouquet of flowers. Sadly, most of them don't do it like in the movies and they give us reasons like "it is too troublesome", "it is too expensive", "it is too cliche".

Cliche or not, we girls want our flowers and here is a way to drop them a hint!

This is a guide on where to order, what type of bouquet for which girl type, and how much it costs – from the very expensive to the seriously budget. I've got y'all covered!

#1 | Keira Floral


VDAY Specials: Sugar Puff Bouquet

Keira Floral was founded by floral enthusiast, Lowee, who draws inspiration for her floral creations from Mother Nature. Her flower arrangements break away from the conventional floral arrangement patterns, as each of her creation is made with the concept of enhancing the flower's natural beauty.

Great care is given to the smallest of details – such as the curvature of each stem and the stripe on each flower petal. Her dedication and love for the art is evident in her creation, with every bouquet being exquisitely unique and brimming full of life, it is the perfect gift for the nature-loving girl!

Keira Flora provides their floral service for everyday bouquets, wedding events, hampers and grand openings. Check out their Valentine's collection here.

Min damage: $48

Keira Floral: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#2 | Lin Sin Florist


Valentine's Red Roses Bouquet

With over 30 years of experience in flower arrangement, you can trust Lin Sin Florist to get your bouquet right!

This florist centre is a small family-owned business, with the florist being a kind middle-aged lady who steps out of her retirement every Valentine's Day to provide affordable bouquets for the season. Her flower creations are kept simple and classic, making it the right gift for your minimalistic girl! Order your Valentine's Day bouquet through their contact form here.

Min damage: $45

Lin Sin Florist: Contact Form | Instagram

#3 | Floweret Co.

floweretco 1

Valentine's Day: Pink Hydrangeas

FLOWERET CO. is a Singapore-based flower company delivering fresh blooms every Friday!

Kate (the owner) shops for the freshest blooms flowers every Friday morning and has the flowers delivered by the afternoon. She provides a one-style bunch of the "market's best" to prevent wastage and to ensure that her customers are only receiving the market's best.

The flowers chosen by Kate exude simplicity and elegance, and can be easily paired with any interior design. Blooms by FLOWERET Co, is the ideal gift for your fuss-free girl who loves fresh flowers that are straight-to-the-point.

Shop their Valentine's collection here now.

Min damage: $65

Floweret Co.: Website | Instagram

#4 | The Flower Godmother


Valentine's Day 2017: Savor Bouquet

With six years of experience and a Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Management, The Flower Godmother creates one-of-a-kind bouquets most of the time, with every floral creation made to work within the customer's budget and to their preference.

Trust The Flower Godmother to help save your wallet, and to also help create the perfect rustic bouquet that will win you your girlfriend's smile this Valentine's Day.

Quote discount [flowergodmother] for 10% off your floral purchases

Min damage: $55

The Flower Godmother: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#5 | Cherriesmitten


Valentine's Day Special Edition Smitten Foliage ($120)

Made especially for your one true love, cherriesmitten has created a special edition of their #smittenfoliage for this Valentine's Day. Each heart-felt box is filled with pure ivory and luscious red roses, you can trust that it would definitely smitten your loved one and is the perfect luxury gift for your high-maintenance girlfriend.

Alternatively, place preorders for their bespoke bouquets at $65 each. The smittenfoliage is available for $120 per box with free delivery service.

Pre-order closes on 10 Feb at 12pm. Email to place your order.

Min damage: $65

Cherriesmitten: Facebook | Instagram

#6 | Fleur De Style


Valentine's Flower Bouquet

Priding on its name, Fleur de Style is able to create floral arrangements based on various themes, concepts and requests provided by their customers. They make use of premium imported materials while maintaining a price-competitive stand.

The most important factor of Fleur de Style is their stand on customer satisfaction level, and hence the importance they have placed on their "100% on-time schedule". If you have a time-conscious girl, pick your Valentine's Day bouquet from their VDAY collection here now.

Min damage: $39

Fleur De Style: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#7 | Floral Fingers


Petite Bouquet

At floral.fingers, Debbie (the florist and owner) believes that flowers are an important part of our lives. Flowers are able to add a touch of beauty in our everyday lives and thus they play an important role during the celebration of any joyous occasion held with our loved ones.

The floral styling by floral.fingers is inspired by the beauty of flowers, combined with a romantic modern influence of nuanced colours and textures. Each of their curation and styling is customised with the individual in mind, thus if you've got a vibrant girl on hand, get their petite bouquet to celebrate this Valentine's Day!

Quote discount code 'sophleow' for 10% off any orders

Min damage: $68

Floral Fingers: Email [] | Instagram

#8 | Flower Advisor


Valentine's Day Collection: Hearts Ablaze

So your girlfriend is abroad, no problem!

FlowerAdvisor is an international flowers & gifts e-commerce that delivers to more than 100 countries. They have a partnership with the local florists in the participating countries and has ensured that the best products are provided with a competitive pricing.

Fly your flowers to her this Valentine's Day from their VDAY collection here now.

Quote discount code 'SPREADTHELOVE' for 10% off, valid till 9 Feb

Min damage: $53

Flower Advisor: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#9 | Petite Fleur


Valentine's Day: The Flower of Love

At Petite Fleur, every bouquet is handcrafted using only their premium blooms, which are high quality flowers nurtured to last longer than average. Each arrangement is elegantly fashioned with an eye for detail and is individually a vibrant expression of art and beauty.

If your girl is the forgetful kind who might not remember to water her plants, check out Petite Fleur's VDAY collection here now.

Min damage: $49

Petite Fleur: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#10 | Amytfleur


Valentine's Day: White Hydrangea


A merger between two floral styles – one traditional and standard, another French and English inspired – amytfleur has found her own niche in the floral industry.

The young florist with an astonishing four years of experience under her belt, believes that "less is more". She uses a main flower and complements it with a few exquisite side flowers and leaves; she keeps her arrangements simple and not over-the-top. She looks to provide affordable floral bouquets to customers who might not have such a fat wallet like others!

If you're really tight on a budget but do wanna gift your girl with a unique bouquet, check out amytfleur's carousell page for more of her amazing VDAY fleur collection.

Min damage: $25

Amytfleur: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#11 | The Flower Factory

Rose Hand Bouquet

Flowerfactory 1

Flowerfactory 3
Sunflower Hand Bouquet

The Flower Factory is a lifestyle florist based in Woodlands. They aim to provide their clients with quality flowers in terms of flower bouquets, table arrangements, hampers, wreaths and etc. For more than 10 years in the industry, they catered only to corporate clients and private houses. In the recent years, they have opened up their doors to welcome walk-in customers and online orders.

When a customer heads down to their store to place a pre-order, The Flower Factory does their best in personalising the flower bouquet based on the recipient’s favourite colour and/or style, instead of insisting upon a fixed bouquet arrangement.

If you are looking for a wide collection of seriously affordable floral options to choose from, click here to check out their everyday bouquet collection.

Min damage: $25

The Flower Factory: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#12 | Fleur and Faith

Fleur n faith 2

Valentine's Day Special of the Month

Fleur & Faith is a monthly subscription flower box, for the time-poor flower enthusiasts. They serve as your personal florist, bringing you carefully sourced flowers from the market every month. The flowers are hand-packed in a box (with two packs of flower food provided) and delivered to your doorstep at no delivery cost.

If your girl prefers to arrange her own flowers, get her an affordable one-month subscription for her to try it out!

Min damage: $49

Fleur and Faith: Website | Facebook | Instagram