the t-shirt for TWINS. :)
comments on it please!
we can use some advise and corrections to our design.
hmm.. these few days i've been buzzing my ass off over TWINS.
from outside it looks like a perfect guild with no problems at all,
but upon entering i guess i was all wrong.
in my first hour of being recruited in,
problems started arising already.
had my first sight of an argument in TWINS. very nasty. not enjoyable at all.
i guess its because my first impression was very good.
and ever since i saw korkor in this guild,
i guessed it liked it alot too.
always hoped to be recruited in and i finally did! :)
well.. at least now they're clearing up the problem and
making adjustment which is a good thing!
been busy doing e t-shirt for TWINS with Genn..
really hope we can win this competition cause we 2 are completely exhausted already.
she woke up early just to finish the design,
and i work late into the night to complete the presentation of the t-shirt.
we finally finished the front of the tee[phew]
but we have no more inspiration for the back of the tee.
use until no more juice already.
lucky Ezra was "kind-hearted" enough to postpone the deadline
all the way till january.
what ii meant by kind-hearted was that
me and Genn had to conference with him
and persuade him to postpone the deadline all e way till january.
now, me and Genn also relax abit more and planning to slowly do the design.
been rushing like nuts cause we 2 were given only 2 days to complete.
but now since deadline extended..
BREAK TIME! our minds are set on the Member Check list.
seriously, some of the TWINS member are very not co-operative.
cant see the seriousness of the Member Check. RAWRS!
hope everything goes well and according to plan,
cause i'm leaving SG for my vacation lerrs.
hope to leave with a peace mind.


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