Photos from Bangkok


Did you guys know that the city "Bangkok" actually has the longest city name on Earth?

When hubby told me that, I shot him down with "Whaaattt?? I don't believe you."

I paused for 5 seconds, waiting for him to give me his usual "Ya.. I'm actually pulling your leg."

But no, all I got from him was this face:

"I lie to you for what?!"

That sent me googling for Bangkok's real name, and the original name of this city is:
"Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit".

What it means is:
"The city of angels, the great city, the residence of the Emerald Buddha, the impregnable city (unlike Ayutthaya) of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukarn".

IMO, "Bangkok" will do.

Short, sweet, and PRONOUNCEABLE.

No tongue twisting city names please



Macaroons from Twinings

After having had another go at tea-infused macaroons, I am more certain than before that such macaroons aren't my type of macaroons. (Standard flavours only, please)

My travel sleeping buddy - brought this little fella with me on both of my trips!

Spent Christmas 2014 abroad!
"You better watch out, you better not cry!
You better be good, I'm telling you why!
Santa Claus is coming to town!"

Bought food from the nearby 7-eleven and we had our own "Breakfast-in-Bed"!

Got called "cheapo" by my cousin (=.=) but okay la, I'd rather save the money for.. MORE CLOTHES!!!! :D

The "hidden" value of coins

Coins were so bloody important for transportation around Bangkok.

Hubby and I saved every penny we had, just so that we wouldn't have to queue to exchange our notes for coins! There was an occasion when we spent close to 40 minutes just to exchange for coins and then re-queue to purchase our train tickets.

Thankfully on our second Bangkok trip, we discovered the existence of the Rabbit card and thank god we bought it. NO MORE QUEUEING I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!

If you intend to go Bangkok often, do invest in a Rabbit card (it's like our local ez-link card).

We did our calculations and realised that the overall transport cost for temporary train tickets VS the Rabbit card was pretty much the same! Plus you get to save up on a lot of time having to purchase a train ticket from every station that you depart from. #makeeveryminutecount

"Sheng mian"? 生面 (deep fried noodles drizzled with starchy sauce) from MBK food court

The taste was alright, but a tad towards the cold side.

The noodles were pre-fried and the sauce wasn't piping hot either. The meat was pre-cooked and the vegetables pre-blanched. However one can't be picky over a dish that costs SGD 1.80!!! (Even cheaper than a plate of chicken rice LOL)

Ever had fried banana chips?

Honestly do not try this. It aren't worth your money!

We felt conned. We were expecting something a little bit more... special?

It tasted like tasteless over-fried potato fries that are both really hard and crispy on the exterior and the interior. Kinda like Jagabee without salt! (Bleach!!)

Banana chips

We relied a lot on the sauces given to provide flavour to the chips. They were sprinkled with salt but it doesn't have much effect on the fries.

The fries aren't that cheap either, mind you. Save those baht and spend it on better tasting roadside chicken wings!

Asiatique at Riverfront

We had dinner at Brew and Beers!

The pub had 2 floors and an outdoor veranda. We chose an indoor seat for the air-con.

The place was mostly filled with expats, and all of them chose an outdoor seat hence we had the whole of the pub to ourselves. The environment indoors was really romantic, what with the candles and all.

For the boys, if you have never treated your girlfriend to a fancy meal, this would be a good place to go and thanks to the exchange rate, the meal would be kinder on your wallet too! *HINTS*

Salmon steak

Look at the food! Really like fine dining eh?

It reminded me of the food served at Grand Hyatt Hotel! The salmon was grilled to perfection - thoroughly cooked, slightly crisp on the outside but utterly moist on the inside.

Beef noodles

Had this at Paragon after an exhausting trip to Chatuchak weekend market. I was so grateful for the air conditioner and that stomach-warming bowl of noodle soup.

Waffles and pancakes with dollop(s) of ice cream for breakfast

I know, we're crazy to have ice cream for breakfast. Meals with hubby are always crazy!

We had these at Paragon basement, and gee.. really must try man.

The waffles were so good that I was unwilling to spare him even a bite. The maple syrup was really fragrant and together with the vanilla ice cream, the whole combination was heavenly!

Pancakes came in a stack of four, drizzled with chocolate syrup and cinnamon powder. The pancakes are cooked upon ordering, and thus are served to you piping hot and fresh, fluffy and moist!

A polishaholic's paradise: Models Own @ Siam Center

The last time I checked, Singapore does not import Models Own polishes.

Or even if you do, they cost a bomb! Well now you know where to get yours (if you are a nail polish collector) at a much cheaper price.

If you squeal upon this discovery, don't worry I did too when I saw the store. I went a little cray cray in that small space LOL

Awesome fish steamboat


I got a choice of which fish meat I wanted and I chose the "Red Grouper" (红石斑鱼). If you have ever been with your mom/grandma to the wet market and have some decent knowledge of consumable fish meat, red grouper is one of the tastier fishes in the market and to buy AN ENTIRE red grouper is expensive in Singapore!

You have probably had this fish before at wedding dinners or if you have heard your elders saying "Ang Gor Li". Yup, this is that fish!

Unfortunately I can't give you the name of the restaurant because it is written in Thai! All I know is that it is in Central World, located on the 5th floor.

View from terminal 21's TOILET (wtf?!)

Why even their toilet view so nice??? Ceiling-to-floor glass window panes. *sad face*

I love room service

End of 2014 Bangkok trip



Bangkok 2015

Went with hubby's family. First ever overseas trip with them!

I was nervous initially, but it went well and I am thankful that they were there! I almost had my phone pickpocketed from my bag, if it wasn't for his aunt who yelled at the pickpocket. So bloody thankful that she was there

TigerAir's Soya Sauce Chicken Rice (tasted more like glutinous rice dumpling 肉粽)

Took TigerAir for my second trip. They had a promotion and inclusive of meals and baggage, the flight tickets were $300.

Mrs Field's

There was a ferrari road show going on in Paragon.

I had never seen so many Ferraris in my life ever! (You can spot one of the red ferrari at a corner of the picture!)

Made-to-order morning breakfast at the hotel!

We stayed in Citadines again, but on a different street. I think I prefer soi 8 more. I have to walk longer from Nana to get to my hotel but at least, it is quiet and less robust.

One of the reasons why I almost got pickpocketed was because soi 11 was FILLED with people. I was careless and took for granted that my belongings were safe. I trusted the morality of the citizens who lived in the country.

I am not saying that all of them are bad. I also know that those who are driven to commit such acts, were forced by the events of their circumstances.

I was so damn naive.

I remember crying really hard after I got back into my hotel room. I was shaken all over from the near experience. From then on, for the rest of the trip, I walked the streets carrying my bag pack in front of me and I hugged my bag really tightly.

All the stories of people being pickpocketed or their bags being slashed are true. So be mindful of your belongings, and don't be the reason for ruining your vacation. I was lucky. So damn lucky.

Sense of accomplishment from succeeding in doing this seemingly "innocent" hairstyle.
Took me about 5 attempts wtf

Pork soup from a hawker (no diarrhoea, thank god. LOL)

Bought dried shrimps from Farmers Market back for my mama. Felt like an auntie when I was paying for it -_-

Farmers Market is filled with fruits, dried products and hawker food. Very good for er.... aunties?

Or!!! Shopping for stuff for your mom or granny, if they love to cook.

Farmers Market is near Chatuchak. It is at the opposite end of the MRT station (NOT BTS)!

Farmers Market's hawker food!

Wah I tell you.. The roast pork, roast duck, satay and grilled chicken are super shiok!!!!!

The roast pork skin is super thick and cripsy (guaranteed crispiness!); the roast duck meat is so tender.. the satay is so savoury and well-marinated, and the grilled chicken... so brilliant with all of its spices.

Needless to say, because of where the place is, the price also super reasonable la! Super good meal.

MK Gold again

Probably the only tourist thing that we did other than to shop: DINE AT MK.

Not bad la the hotpot. Apparently it is featured as a MUST in the itineraries that I have read online??????

Mango ice shavings


I could only pick out a few of the mangoes to it. Didn't dare to try consuming even a bit of the ice. After my horrible food poisoning incident at Krabi, I have learnt that it is safer if I stay away from coconut milk entirely.

Century eggs in green and pink from their Gourmet market

This is how they pack soups for take-away. #amazed

I didn't know whether to be in shock or to be amused. Different practising standards I suppose. Hmmm interesting!

Super sweet umeshu!

Too. Bloody. Sweet.

I consumed 1/3 of it and gave up. I could feel the sugar levels within my body system rising, and diabetes was approaching. (Ok fine, I am exaggerating but it really is so damn sweet)

Baby hormones werking up!

(FYI I am not pregnant now)

I went to Toys"R"Us to find a toy for puffball. I came across this eeyore and I had this immense desire to buy it for my future baby, and so... I bought it!

I am thinking ahead for my future! TADAH!!!

To my dearest future baby, say hello to your very first toy!


TigerAir's Teriyaki chicken rice

What I had on my flight back home to Singapore. It is not too bad. Adequately seasoned but I found it too oily. I prefer the soya sauce chicken rice over this.

I heard the nasi lemak (from those who had it) tasted terrible, thus word of advice... don't ever succumb to the temptation of ordering nasi lemak. Come back to Singapore to have it if you really must!