Guides photo-taking!


this is probably going to really be the last time
i will ever touch/wear my Guides Uniform again.
i'll really miss wearing that skyblue uniform alot.
like every single year,
the photo-taking session was an annual thing.
well.. these photos are a few days late.
because i took them from Amanda. and she only uploaded them yesterday.
so in other words, i only got these photos yesterday.
she brought her camera to take photos of the guides.
and compared to my Sony Ericsson phone,
it really is a much much better device and appropriate thing for photo-taking.

i miss my dear JUNIORS so much.
thanks for that warm but embarrassing welcome (:
but erm..
try not to do it in the school hall next time.
really makes one blush like mad.
if you people are wondering what they did.
well, i shall be kind enough to spend a small portion of this post saying about it.
i went to the school hall to look for my guides for photo-taking.
found them. walked and stood infront of the company.
and out of nowhere they greeted me.
goshhhhh. although i've heard that for almost 8months but..
i'm still not use to it! makes me sound so oldddddd.
and to think i'm the youngest guide in the sec 4 batch.
before i went home,
i said my final goodbyes to my dear juniors.
and once again! they did it again.
old old old old old! its too MATURED for me.
but oh well. thats the appropriate way of addressing me.
so i've got to bear with it!

once again. me and pearl crapped in guides.
our dear juniors had to line up according to height.
so we started arranging them..
well, there were 2 juniors who were about the same height.
and we couldnt decide who was the taller one.
so we had a game of scissors, paper, stone to decide the fate of the 2 juniors
(proud to announce that i won the game!)
its really quite ridiculous as there were tons of people in the school hall.
and many were looking in our direction.
but still, as the crappiest girls in swiss guides inc.
that was a very expected thing for the both of us to do.

guides guides guides!
i'm mad over it.
had times that i'll never forget.
memories that will forever be cherished.
and i know deep in my heart,
that it'll forever be there for me.
swiss guides inc.

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