(Day 1) SCREAMS. for anger. for sadness. for despair. for joy..

(Day 1) SCREAMS! for anger. for sadness. for despair. for joy..

how dare you leave without calling me!
what did you promise me yesterday?
you said you would call me before you board the plane.
why are you always torturing me like that?!?!?
i'm not going to forgive you this time.
i cant believe you did this.
it isnt as if i didnt remind you to call me before you left.
you simply couldnt be bothered to call, could you?!
how dare you! trying to squeeze me dry of my tears is it?!
how could you ask your sister to simply send me an sms,
saying that you had left already.
and that she would be using your handphone
for the time period when you are gone.
what kind of nonsensical shit crap is that?!?!
i really do not know what to say alr.
you left without even giving me any kind of DECENT notification.
zoom! and off you went just like that.
take me as what huh!
you see if i wont kill you when i next see you.
i'll seriously strangle you to death this time.
i cant believe you did this to me! always leaving without saying.
you expect me to wait for you for 18days.
and yet you didnt even give me a goodbye call.

(taking heaps of deep breath to calm down)

its okay.. give me this kind of treatment right.
you good. you pro.
i shall upload that photo of yours which i took at your house yesterday
when i get my handphone back!
you now lucky. my dad took my handphone away for now.
but like what i said. its merely for now.
i'll get it back sooner or later.
and when i get it back. i'll post it up on my blog.
revenge is simply just so SWEET at times (:

burning with fury and madness now.
i kind of pity those who are talking to me on MSN now.
because i'm roaring at them for practically no fault of theirs.
i'm really trying very hard to control this bad temper of mine.
but i simply cant help it!
imagine you are me. what would you do in such case?
get mad and simply roar at anyone who talks to you right now isnt it?
okayokay. though i said that i'm mad at him.
though i said that i hate him.
but yeah. i still do love him.
i still do miss him. i wished that he could be back asap.
i guess thats the kind of helplessness
that is accompanied along with when you like someone.
it is very annoyingly saddening & irritating.
but oh well. its a price that you've got to pay!

its quite an amazement how much meeting up with him again,
made me so dependent on him now.
and to think he had to leave now. ( grumble grumble mutter mutter! )
got really used to his annoying but
addictive presence around me for those 3 hours.
just hoped he'd be back soon.
he promised me that he would come back as soon as he's done with his work.
he wants me to depend on him. i'll try.
he wants me to trust him. i'll try.
i just hope that history would not repeat itself again.
i'm just taking things one step at a time for now.
i'll walk the way the path shows.
i'll wait till i hit a forked-road then i'll wreck my brains & think again.
i'm simply cherishing the time now, just like what he says.

wrote quite long about him alr.
even i'm getting sick & tired of mentioning him.
i was supposed to be at PC Bunk at 2pm yesterday.
but i dont know which idiot dragged it for me till 4.15pm.
anyway anyway.
i reached PC Bunk at around 4.45pm.
honestly. my dear angie meimei.
you've got to stop being that addicted to the computer and
start answering the phone calls!
i called so many times and yet, no one answered.
lucky Nana told me what comp. they were at.
went over there saw angie so i joined her.
then i saw this guy beside her. [YEAHH! I FINALLY GOT TO MEET HIM~]
asked angie who it was and it turned out to be WINSTON!
i must admit that he wasnt quite what i imagined.
neither was he what i saw from the photos in angie's handphone.
but nonetheless. i was still very pleased.
he seemed quite shocked to see me. [so was i!]
that fella said at first that he wouldnt be going when i asked.
gave me the crap reason of.. "oh.. i changed my mind at the very last moment."
then he gave me an idiotic grin. typical korkor.
what i really regretted alot was not bullying him.
should have shooted him with his "copyrighted" word.
its okay. its alright.
i'll still get to meet him. and by that time.
i must remember to talk nonsense with my nonsensical korkor.
its the way we talk. its the way we communicate.
yeapp. 2 nonsensical people talking nonsense.
even i have no idea what i'm talking now. crapppp.
i think i better stop now. too confused.
all that i'm typing right now is simply complete rubbish and nonsense.
cant get back that typing mood.
that kind of mood whereby i am able to produce and express
my thoughts and feelings with a sense of maturity as i type.
actually. i'm really quoting from what lexus said.
sense of maturity.. good use of english language..
hold on.
i think i'm quoting that from my English Language teacher Mr Terence Goh.
that was what he wrote in my essay. was it?
i cant remember.. hell. break break break!
i dont even think neither of them said that!
what am i typing! seriously....

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