(Day 4) a true old friend.

(Day 4) An old friend.

i've gotten in touch with a really really old friend.
though its been 11 years since i first met him.
but everything is almost the same.
its been such a long time since i had such a hearty talk with someone.
and thats more than enough to make my day!
i'm happy enough.
i'm pleased enough.
he saw through the disguise i had on that day.
he understood me without me having to speak.
now, i really understand what it means by..
some words need not be said so as to know what the other party is thinking.
okay. i think the phrase was somewhere along that line.
i cant really rmb. all i rmb is the moral behind the phrase.
but i do rmb one phrase that Aaron said that day.
the past is the past.
the future is the future.
now is a gift, thats why its called the PRESENT.
yeah yeah. i know that its lame too.
my old friend kept on nagging on this quotation.
but hey! i love this quote alrights!
its meaningful and
it emphasises on the importance on cherishing the present.
so why not rmb it and apply it in life?
it would definitely benefit us in some way or the other!
so old friend.
dont be so biase against these useful quotations.
they might bring us some good somewhere in our life after all!

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